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LET US BUILD THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES The following article is taken from a speech made by a member of a Dominican Marxist-Leninist party in New York City

Good afternoon comrades, First of all I would like to give a warm greeting to all the participants at this important meeting and to thank the group that organized this event for allowing me to present some ideas on the need to build a genuine Marxist-Leninist party in the United States. There is no doubt that the lack of a communist party is the greatest debt that the revolutionary movement in the United States has with the U.S. proletariat and people. In spite of the continuous and deep crisis of capitalism, the truth is that the system will not fall by itself. An organized detachment of the workers is needed to direct the final blow to the system of oppression, to orient the progressive movement and make viable the necessary social transformations. I do not intend to review here the historical causes that prevented the formation in the U.S. of a communist party that is strong and coherent. These causes run from government repression to the betrayal or degeneration of leaders of the revolutionary movement. I would rather emphasize the positive existence of groups and people throughout the country who feel the need and are in position to form this detachment. The road to the formation of the Communist Party can begin with a small number of cadres in one area. It could take place by fusing dispersed nuclei throughout the United States or it could adopt another method. But whatever the road, there is a decisive element and that is to achieve cohesion with common views by those who decide to undertake this noble task. These common views can only be achieved by studying Marxism-Leninism, since it is a philosophical science that not only shows the inevitable disappearance of capitalism but is also a guide for political action and establishes the organizational principles that govern the activity of the party. If there is no cohesion and single will, if clear organizational principles are not established, one runs the risk of dissension and divisions in the group which in the end will lead to more frustrations in the revolutionary movement and the people in general. There is a valuable experience I had in my country that will help us understand why it is necessary in principle to achieve unity of thought. As you know I am from the Dominican Republic. I was a member of Dominican Popular Movement (MPD) there, a party that considered itself MarxistLeninist and was made up of very valiant, heroic, combative people. The organization had broad ties with sectors of the workers in the city and the countryside. It carried out certain political tactics that at certain times had a preponderant influence on national political events. Its members fought heroically in the streets and the mountains and resisted the most cruel repression of the reactionary forces supported by U.S. imperialism. But that great party had a continual problem of splits. Every two years or so groups or factions appeared with tactical or methodological disagreements that divided the ranks of the party, throwing away the political and organizational advances and the great sacrifices of the members. At one point there were two or three factions, with different tactics and leaders, all using the name MPD. It was impossible to bring the different factions together. Under these conditions the official leadership wisely decided to begin an internal study to seek the roots of these divisions, and after studying the history

This poster shows the type of mass propaganda produced in the United States when there was a powerful Communist Party. In many cities communists were elected to public office. We can do it again today! of the Party under the light of Marxism-Leninism we realized that the splits were due to the fact that the life of the party was not governed by organizational, philosophical or theoretical principles. We then decided to stop all political activity and form a cadre training school to restudy the classics of Marxism-Leninism. We learned that we had to build a party that in spirit, political action, organization and name reflected our commitment to our theory. That was when we formed the Communist Party of Labor (PCT) in the Dominican Republic. This was in June, 1980, and in the more than 30 years since then the party never split again. Despite repression and difficulties, the PCT has remained united, coherent and at the front of the struggle for the liberation of the Dominican people. I think this experience can help us take solid steps to begin the efforts to build the communist party here in the United States. We should begin to form a school for the study of Marxism-Leninism in order to overcome confused interpretations a give solidarity to the unity of will and action in order to take up the commitment to build a vanguard so that the workers and people in the U.S. can count on a political instrument that defends them and leads them to power. There are thousands of people interested in Marxism-Leninism, in socialism, in the dictatorship of the proletariat, but there is no cohesion. They have many different abilities but they are not united in one organization. Therefore I think it is of vital importance for this group to work for the formation of the communist party. It is encouraging that among those attending this event there are people of the different nationalities that make up the people of the U.S. and people from other countries. In a country of immigrants like the United States, we all have the same duty to form an organized detachment of workers. We have many opportunities to achieve our goals. We are not starting from scratch. There is political capital accumulated. Many of you are old fighters with experience in the popular movement, others have studied Marxism-Leninism and some have taken part in organizations calling themselves communist. This political capital will allow us to move quickly in our task that must be taken up immediately, not in the future. We must set to work and make all efforts so that, as soon as we agree on principles and ideological questions, we can begin with the formation of the Communist Party. We must also take positions on major national and international events, showing our solidarity with

all the oppressed and condemning every imperialism that seeks to continue subjugating and exploiting the people. It is crucial to understand that this party must be a detachment of the working class and therefore our work has to be mainly in the factories. But we should also work with the protest movement of young people, women and other oppressed people fighting against an unjust system. And in a country of immigrants, we must ensure that the U.S. workers and people understand that it is imperialist policies that create the forced exodus of poor people from oppressed countries to the big cities. In the beginning there may be differences on tactics. But that is no reason for a division among those of us who take up this project. Differences can be overcome if we take them up with Marxist-Leninist criteria. All these tasks require serious and sustained work. We need dedicated revolutionaries to build a new society without injustice. We need an organized detachment that really takes up the task of seizing political power, to move from ideological and political discussions to revolutionary action in order to win the hearts and support of the U.S. working class and people. We have the opportunity to remind the world that the U.S. people also have a rebellious spirit, that this was the country in which scores of women burned to death in a factory due to a fire caused by employers when they protested against injustices; this was the country which saw the massacre of the workers who marched in May 1886 for the 8-hour day and it is to honor their sacrifice that May 1 Day is celebrated as International Workers Day. That in the United States capitalism was also born dripping with the blood of the martyrs. In large parts of the world, many people do not know there are millions in the U.S. who are for the freedom of the peoples, who oppose the wars and are also oppressed by the same imperialist system.

In the 1930s and 40s the communists were able to fill Madison Square Garden Maybe some of us do not realize the positive impact on the international progressive movement when the world learns that there is a strong organization of workers in the U.S. that has picked up the torch of the struggle for freedom and the peoples of the world have a fraternal organization that defends them. Imagine the honor it would be for us to be the founders of this historic and redemptive necessity. Comrades, to fulfill this responsibility, with enthusiasm together with the U.S. working class and people, let us build the Communist Party in the United States ! Thank you all for listening to this humble message. Speech made at the first Conference for the Building of the Communist Party of the United States. June 2013, New York


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