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Since 2000 Editorial La Bohemia offers publications of literary and graphic quality for different readers. Although born devoted to poetry, it is currently known for the production of books for children and youth and training materials for teachers and reading promoters. Apart from books, it also publishes the magazine Cultura LIJ (dedicated to the cultures of Children) and organizes events around reading. Bohemia is proposed as a producer and disseminator of perennial ideas, leaves do not fall from the tree and remain evergreen.

“Communities” collection holds traditional stories from ethnic groups around the world in fully bilingual editions. The ancient stories are re-written and then translated again into their original languages. “Communities” aims to resemble our present multicultural society and to establish a dialogue between the traditional and contemporary issues. This collection targets are social inclusion, promotion of diversity and integration, and it has been praised by many institutions which specialize in children and youth literature.

Doce pescadores (Twelve fishermen)

Bilingual EspaĂąol- MapudungĂşn, (mapuche) Author: Franco Vaccarini Ilustrated by: Vanina Starkoff ISBN: 978-987-1069-70-0 Pages: 28 Size: 17 x 23 cm

Young Funcamil daily insists: want to go fishing with his father and his men. When will he be allowed to be part of the twelve fishermen? Twelve fishermen is based on the stories the Mapuche people tell about the Pincoya, the fish sower and protector of shipwreck survivors. By Franco Vaccarini y Vanina Starkoff.

Y otra vez, y otra vez (Again and again)

Bilingual Español-Gallego Author: Ángeles Durini Ilustrated by: Josefina Wolf ISBN: 978-987-1069-71-7 Pages: 28 Size: 17 x 23 cm

Trasno feels himself at ease with his adopted family. He is making himself a new broom when he meets Meiga, the old witch. She wants to take the house’s girl with her but Trasno is going to prevent that from happening. And again and again is based on uncountable galician stories that have been orally retold from grandparents to grandchildren. By Ángeles Durini and Josefina Wolf.

Por una noche (Just for one night)

Bilingual Español-Aymará Author: Mario Lillo Illustrated by: Cubillas ISBN: 9789871019465 Pages: 24 Size: 17 x 23 cm

In those times when bolivian Altiplane habitants didn’t have nights, two little ones –Amaru and Kusi – borrowed the cuy, the puma and the armadillo’s nights. Searching for night at its adecuate time, they’ll explore the universe immensity.

Alacrana para armar (Scorpions to build)

Bilingual EspaĂąol-Zapoteca Author: Graciela Bialet Ilustrated by: Istvansch ISBN: 9789871019588 Pages: 24 Size: 17 x 23 cm

Scorpions were those of befote! Huge, beautiful, with antlers. But one day, the earth quaked, the wind blew, the rain fell and one big transformation happened.

La invitación (The invitation)

Bilingual Español-Chino mandarín Author: Mónica Melo Ilustrated by: Katana ISBN: 9789871019472 Pages: 24 Size: 17 x 23 cm

Wang Li’s 10th birthday is close and for such big occasion he wants to invite the Dragon that lives in the nearby mountains. Wang Li will dare to make a trip and find the truth by himself.

Te quiero más que a la sal (I love you more than the salt)

Bilingual Español-Armenio Author: Luciano Saracino Ilustrated by: Daniel Roldán ISBN: 9789871019625 Pages: 24 Size: 17 x 23 cm

When the king asks his young daughter how much she loves him, she answers “I love you more than the SALT and the water”. The king doesn’t reply, water and salt have nothing special. The princess has to get away from the palace, but in doing so she will find love. And thanks to love, she will make her father understand how important is taste in one’s life.

Cabeza hueca, cabeza seca

Bilingual Español-Tupí Author: Franco Vaccarini Ilustrated by: Pablo Picyk ISBN: 9789871019540 Pages: 28 Size: 17 x 23 cm

Chosen by for the contest “A tale to arming” Moraiá loved to boast about his hunts: monkeys, toucans, macaws, all were caught by his arrows. But the Caipora, the cunning protector of the forest, is watching him. And he is ready to teach Moraiá a lesson.

serie Brújula Brújula Norte Authors: C. del Faro, M. Lillo, M. Melo, D. Sorín. Illustrated by: E. Brugues ISBN: 978-987-1019-65-6 Pages: 80 Size: 20 x 14 cm

Ready for the trip? We are waiting for you! We will be riding with stories along the Andes Mountains to the last part of Latin America together with the Cabécares, the Lencas, the Mayas and the Aztecas. Do you hear? Guides have just started telling these stories about love, fear, adventure, friendship and heroism.

serie Brújula Brújula Sur Authors: L. Carreras, M. Lillo, G. Machado, M. Melo. Illustrated by: L. Demidovich ISBN: 978-987-1019-52-6 Pages: 80 Size: 20 x 14 cm

Ready for the trip? We are waiting for you! We will be riding with stories from the South of Latin America through the Mapuche, Quichua, Aymará and Guaraní nations. Do you hear? Guides have just started telling these stories about love, fear, adventure, friendship and heroism.

serie Brújula Brújula Este Authors: S. Comino, M. Melo, M. Méndez, M. C. Ramos. Illustrated by: E. Arroyo ISBN: 978-987-1019-55-7 Pages: 80 Size: 20 x 14 cm

Ready for the trip? We are waiting for you! We will be riding with stories along the East part of Latin America: from Caribbean Sea to River of La Plata; together with the Taínos, Yanomamos and the Charrúas. Do you hear? Guides have just started telling these stories about love, fear, adventure, friendship and heroism.

serie Brújula Brújula Oeste Authors: G. Machado, F. Montaña, M. Melo, L. Carreras. Illustrated by: L. Biscione ISBN: 978-987-1019-53-3 Pages: 80 Size: 20 x 14 cm

Ready for the trip? We are waiting for you! We will be riding with stories from South to North along Andes mountains to meet the west of Latin America: their peoples, their hills, the Quichua, the Shuar, the Chibchas, the Nasa and the Wayuú. Do you hear? Guides have just started telling these stories about love, fear, adventure, friendship and heroism.

Una siesta antes de comer Author: Sandra Comino Illustrated by: Yael Frankel ISBN: 978-987-1019-57-1 Pages: 24 Size: 15 x 23 cm

Juanita is hungry, sleepy and misses her mum. Together with Tiopo - her great-uncle - are waiting for lunch to be ready. And if Tiopo falls asleep, Juanita finds the right moment to sneak in under the kitchen table and start to play. What a mess! Adults are portrayed from a child’s view.

ColecciĂłn AbraLaPalabra

Our collection of essay on children’s literature. A valuable reference material for teachers, librarians and reading facilitators.

Políticas de lectura Miradas y aportes desde

cultura lij

Authors: D. Allerbón, L. Demidovich, V. Díaz Ortíz, M. L. Miretti, M. Rubalcaba, V. Sorín ISBN: 978-987-1019-64-9 Pages: 144 Size: 20 x 14 cm

It underlies the strategic dimnesion behind each reading, be it at a national or municipal level. It undertands the reading as a means to strengthen the social network and deepen the democracy. In this sense, to be attentive to the multiple dimensions of the reading and the necessity of the apropiation of words by the readers allows them to think of the daily actions of librarians, teachers, professors, heads, and agents at their most.

Leer desde el contexto Miradas y aportes desde

cultura lij

Authors: U. Argañaraz, D. Azulay, V. Cantelmo, S. Chera, L. Demidovich, V. Díaz Ortíz, A. Lago, M. Melo, A. R. Moyano, V. Sorín, E. Vega ISBN: 978-987-1019-66-3 Pages: 144 Size: 20 x 24 cm

Is Reading totally independent from the context in which it occurs? Is the appropriation of the word the same during a war or when one is homeless? This book compiles published articles from the magazine Cultura LIJ, and it invites readers to reflect upon the importance of context in reading.

Leer desde el aula Authors: J. Baez, A. Casale, L. Cook, L. Demidovich, V. García, M. Melo, L. Murzi, P. Quinteros, C. Sticca, V. Sorín, V. Wolinsky, V. Zorzano. ISBN: 978-987-1019- 72-4 Pages: 128 Size: 20 x 24 cm

To read is not an easy verb to conjugate. To read is to put what is said in relation to the environment. To read is to distinguish between concepts. To read is to stablish connections. To read is to build bridges. Teaching how to read is an ongoing task which can’t be reduced to the amount of classes taken at school. A person learns how to read before and after knowing how to decode letters. The projects presented in this book have been carried out in kindergarten, primary, secondary and university classrooms. They provided with tools to assess and know our reality causing the inner world development. They are an invitation to reflect on the important role that Classroom Reading can play in the building of a community of critical readers.

Esto no es para vos Author: Sandra Comino ISBN: 978-987-1019-44-1 Pages: 208 Size: 20 x 24 cm

This book invites readers to reflect upon the role of reading promoters such as teachers, professors, librarians, editors in the field of children and youth literature as well as all the taboos we are attached to. The author examines the role and exercise of mediators articulating between childhood and the literary world. Sandra Comino says: a new literature is possible where death, age, illness are not seen as a defeat.

PoĂŠticas para la infancia Authors: V. Sardi, C. Blake ISBN: 978-987-1019-49-6 Pages: 160 Size: 20 x 24 cm

This book analyzes the poetics of the main LIJ authors in Argentina: the changes and breakups they have introduced with their writing which made possible to shape the actual view of literature in Argentina. ALIJA AWARD (IBBY) 2011 Technical essay on LIJ.

Decir, existir Authors: A. M. Machado, T. Colomer, G. Bombini, L. Blanco, M. T. Andruetto, A. Origgi, M. Averbach, Istvan Schitter, L. Lardone, P. Bombara, A. Moyano, U. Argañaraz, S. García, S. Comino, L. Devetach. ISBN: 978-987-1019-42-7 Pages: 208 Size: 20 x 24 cm

Acts from the I Congress of Children Literature: production, edition and circulation. Lectures and speeches from the most distinguished specialists who participated in the I Congress of Children Literature: production, edition and circulation. National Library, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ana María Machado, Teresa Colomer, María Teresa Andruetto, Laura Devetach among others, leave us their research and contributions to the reading, the criticism, and state and publishing policies in terms of children literature.

El jorobadito Author: Roberto Arlt Illustrated by: Luis Scafati ISBN: 978-987-1019-56-4 Pages: 80 Size: 15 x 23 cm

To deserved (or not) to be loved is the central focus of this tale. It’s about one of the Argentinian classical authors, Robert Alt, magnified by the great artist Luis Scafati. For those who love for the first time. For those who keep searching.

Pequeñas Teorías sobre el

Comportamiento A n i m a l

Author: Andrés Sobico Illustrated by: Josefina Wolf ISBN: 978-987-1019-61-8 Pages: 80

This book parodies travellers’ diaries and XIX naturalists who sought understanding nature. With a sophisticated humour, these microtales (almost tweets!) re think animal behaviour.... though any resemblance with humans is not a mere coincidence.

La Escuelita Author: Alicia Partnoy ISBN: 978-987-1019-50-2 Pages: 80 Size: 20 x 14 cm

A testimonial account of one of the survivors of a concentration camp during the military dictatorship in Argentina. Owner of a powerful voice, Alicia Patnoy, describes the little spaces of resistance that carried the prisoners towards survival and mental sanity.

cultura lij

Revista Cultura LIJ, publicación bimestral.

Children’s literature updating and training might seem a neverending process taking into acount the vast array of trends and experiences related to reading all over the world. The Cultura Lij team has been publishing essential content for librarians and teachers for seven years turning our magazine into a reference publication in this field. Cultura Lij is an easy and entertaining way of being informed. Cultura Lij has been awarded the Pregonero al Periodismo Gráfico Prize by Fundación El Libro (2010)

Contact information: Conesa 4381 CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (CP 1429) Phone: 5411-3534-1975