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Hi, we’re — a digital design agency

We’re a team of makers, thinkers and explorers. We’re serious about delivering great outcomes.

We offer a full, media neutral agency service with a focus on creating and building brands that work to build your business. We create solutions that aid customer engagement through qualified creative thinking to deliver the best result whatever the channel or media, from ambient advertising to bespoke publishing, mobile apps to look books. Our studio is located in central Pristina, from here we work with clients across the globe.

The startup agency advantage

Just-in-time expertise

Focus on one thing

Larger varied skill-set on demand

Reaching product/market fit & scaling

Straight to testing hypotheses

Reusable components

Customer development

Infrastructure, technologies

Reduce complexity

Consistently refining


“Startup playbooks�

We all about teamwork.

Our teams collaborate across disciplines. It leads to smarter work and stronger ideas. Designers, developers, strategists, and producers sit together and learn from one another every day. The work is challenging. The pace is fast. But it’s not all work teams give us ways to mentor, build culture, and escape the office for happy hours and outings.

We work hard (and it pays off).

We develop concepts, prototypes, and platforms, iterating in the pursuit of meaningful answers to tough problems. You’ll do amazing things here — by questioning the process and experimenting with a team that’s not afraid of change. And when you do great work, it gets noticed. Ours has been featured in a variety of publications and has garnered no shortage of accolades and awards.


We realize a new digital products and brand communication that change the way companies do business. Digital Experience

Brand Experience

We help innovative companies of all sizes create and refine

We develop intelligent strategies and create world-class brands

valuable new consumer offerings.

that speak to today’s consumer.

Website Design

Brand Look & Feel

Web Applications & Products

Brand Strategy & Position

Mobile Apps

Advertising / Campaigns


Product Design

Digital Experience We make the complex simple through digital strategy and design. We create products, platforms and campaigns that move products as well as culture.

Digital Strategy

Website Design


User Experience Design

Mobile Apps

Social Campaigns

User Interface Design

Web Applications & Products

Search Engine Optimisation

Brand experience We design with a purpose, to help brands engage their consumer so they can build wareness, create conversation and drive brand consideration.

Brand Strategy & Position

Advertising / Campaigns

Product Design

Brand Guidelines

Video / Photography

Packaging Design

Brand Look & Feel

Logos & Iconography




Investigating your sector and researching your

From this information we begin concept development.

competitors, the discovery phase identifies opportunities & enables us to formulate a compelling strategy.

Concepts are brainstormed and the best, most applicable and exciting are developed.

Brand Workshops Market Research Competitor Analysis

Research Analysed Brain Storming Ideas Developed



Example page spreads and layouts are produced.

Concepts are presented and your feedback and

Accompanying fonts and colour palettes are defined. Branding

comments are gathered. Designs are finalised and

and logo concepts are sketched.

presented for your approval and sign off.

Wireframing Example Layouts Presentation

Client Feedback Client Sign–Off



Our development team provides custom, coding to

Once the project has been built, we ensure a

ensure your product is optimized for favorable search

successful launch. now the fun starts as we get your

results across every platform & device screen size.

new gizmo in front of your audience.

Front-end Development Back-end Development Testing

Launch Marketing Strategy Content Creation


Creatively oriented. Process driven. Results focused. No matter what the ask, our process allows us to discover, analyze, create and develop unique solutions that cater to our clients needs.

Our values & the key to great relationships




Belive in digital

quality is king

be passionate

Digital isn’t the word of the moment. It’s the way forward.

Mass production is the quickest way to irrelevance.

The way to greatness is to believe in what you’re doing.




form with function

expect creativity


Design is only effective when it supports the experience.

Everyone has something to bring to the table.

Experiment and collaborate. Be ambitious, exceed expectations.

Seeing our clients happy is the best award for us!

We help brands make the complex simple through digital strategy & design.

— some of our digital works

We design with purpose, to help brands engage consumers & drive awareness.

— branding portfolio

Some things you may not (need to) know about us


Years of experience


Clients satisfaction


Projects completed

10000+ Lines of code


Client served



Tea to coffee drinkers.


+377 44 949 665 +377 44 112 272 50, Str. Eduard Lir no.5-1, Pristina, kosovo 10000

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