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Safe storage of your documents Store your documents in a specialised storage facility

Safe storage specially designed to meet your requirements: centralized or customized storage space. Free your offices and premises of documents by entrusting Labgroup with the storage of your physical archives. Focus on your key business activities by outsourcing the processing of your document flows, whilst ensuring ready access to all stored documents. Once your documents have been stored and labelled in storage boxes specially designed for frequent handling and mass storage, they will be transferred to our “shared” or “personalised” warehouses. Labgroup has a total of 27,000 square metres of storage space across seven different sites situated within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

How can documents be packaged on the basis of consultation rates and requirements? What solutions should be adopted in order to ensure that your more important business documents are constantly updated? How should sensitive documents, or those essential to business continuity, be stored? How can the confidentiality of your documents be guaranteed? How are documents to be sorted, packaged and referenced? When and how should they be destroyed?

Our archive boxes

260 mm

625 mm

In the long term, the storing of archives becomes a costly business. The volume of documents that have to be kept in order to comply with egal requirements, or simply to ensure the running of a business, can be extremely costly in terms of space, and difficult to manage on a day-today basis.


360 m

Labgroup offers answers to all of these questions: the collection and transportation of your archives to strong rooms is based on 35 years of experience in the market. We take great care in order to guarantee the confidentiality, security and traceability of your documents and data, which are protected and safeguarded throughout their entire lifecycle.


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Safe storage of your documents

Should you opt for shared storage, your archives will be anonymously located to various different storage sites, together with those of our other customers. We manage, on your behalf, the physical flows of such documents, from their collection through to their referencing, transportation, return and, if necessary, destruction. Operational costs being shared among customers, you benefit from lower fees. If you do not want your archives to be stored in our shared storage facilities, we can offer personalised strong rooms, where you may manage by yourself access or alternatively entrust us with this task.

Labgroup offers: the anonymous identification of your archives; the traceability and recording of each operation; storage sites protected against major risks (intrusion, fire, etc.); authorization management services; secure, computerised facilities. Main advantages: Labgroup offers : the anonymous identification of your archives; the traceability and recording of each operation; storage sites protected against major risks (intrusion, fire, etc.); authorization management services; secure, computerised facilities. Lower costs : optimisation of office space ; flexible storage based on requirements. Increased efficiency: complete handling of archives (indexing, storage, return and destruction of documents) ; rapid access to information, either through their return or through the scanning of the original copy; collection and transportation of archives in specially-designed, tracked vehicles. Risk management : modern, secure facilities; certified sites and services; compliance with standards, regulations and legal requirements; confidentiality and traceability, in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. Operational expertise: assistance, training and support; Records Management methods; qualified, experienced staff.

Preparation/ classification




Storage Customer requirements request





Secure transportation

Database Storage


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Structured and secure archiving using Arcstore速

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Safety and Quality Commitments: ISO 9001-certified Quality Management; Financial Sector Professional status granted in 2004 by the Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory ommission (CSSF).


Dematerialization of documents view, process and store your information more efficiently.

What is dematerialization? Dematerialization involves converting information stored on an analogue medium (paper, microfilm, etc.) into digital format (CD, application servers, among others). Document scanning and processing is highly secure and carried out according to the most scrupulous of internal standards. Preparation and scanning Document scanning consists of several stages: collection, preparation and digitization via an adapted scanner and processing software (correction and enhancement). Classification/indexation This stage comprises automatic or manual identification of the documents’ type. It also enables useful information to be extracted as and when required.

Digital processing

The life of any company is shaped by the creation, recording and exchange of information. As a result, access to information must be smooth, secure and confidential. Paper documents are notoriously cumbersome when it comes to retrieving information, while access to them is not always controlled and their confidentiality always in question.

Our specialized dematerialization department is also able to process your digital files, enabling them to be indexed. It can also convert their format and incorporate them into an EDM or legally compliant archiving system.

Labgroup offers its clients more than 35 years of experience in the area of information management. Its dematerialization services are tailored to meet specific requirements, offering clients both ready access to their sensitive data and maximum security at all times.

The various structuring, classification and optical character recognition tools mean this stage is fully automated, thereby enhancing quality and reducing production times.

Document return and storage The scanned documents are hosted by Labgroup or returned to the client.

Our dematerialization services may be combined with electronic document management (EDM) and data backup solutions. These are implemented and hosted from our Data Centres in Luxembourg, offering all the necessary guarantees in terms of high availability and disaster recovery.


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Dematerialize your documents

Three options are available to you once your documents have been scanned:

Quality Control The ISO 2859-1 international standard is used throughout the industry to quantify production quality.

Scan to Store: if you would like to store your scanned documents over the long term for legal reasons or to comply with regulations governing your sector, our Scan to Store system preserves your documents on the IT platform, guaranteeing their security and integrity for as long as you require.

Labgroup applies this standard in the area of dematerialization to monitor and measure the quality of its scanning services. Doing so enables quality to be measured via statistical sampling over a number of production batches.

Scan to Use: this service enables your scanned documents to be hosted on a highly secure IT platform. Any information you deem authorized will be made available to your users via several applications tailored to your needs, namely ArcStore (search and display) and Secure Dataroom (secure sharing).

By applying this rigorous methodology, Labgroup continuously monitors and improves its production tool while boosting the quality of its batch production.

Rapid and secure access to information 24/7 Convenient, yet highly secure document sharing Less clutter in terms of paper storage Ready extraction of key information from your documents

A highly reliant, secure and optimised process chain: QUALITY CONTROL















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Archives in PDF/A-1b

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Scan to Deliver: if your paper archives are hosted by Labgroup, this on-demand service enables you to dematerialize documents you wish to view, by replacing paper archives with their scanned equivalents. For more information see our E-Delivery services.

Key Advantages



ArcStore – a helpful interface for all aspects of your archiving procedure. Ordering boxes Order archive boxes online with ease, according to your document packaging requirements. Creating documents Use the ‘Document manager’ module to create, modify and edit the labels used for identifying and locating the document or archive. ‘In-house’ module Manage your archives in-house thanks to the ‘In-house’ module. Organise and safeguard the archives you store on your premises. Thanks to this module, you will always be able to find and locate your in-house documents. Transferring documents to secure Labgroup repositories Use the ‘Document manager’ module to make an online request for your new archives to be collected and transferred to secure Labgroup repositories. Searching for archived documents: Use the search module to find your documents The simple keyword search enables you to rapidly draw up a list of all documents indexed in the module. The advanced search enables you to narrow your search by combining several index fields.

Whether entrusting all or some of their archives to a specialist third party, organisations wish to have a simple, efficient and secure tool which enables them to manage their documents, browse the electronic inventory of their paper archives, search and view their digital documents and trace their backup media. ArcStore, the fruit of many years’ development by Labgroup, is a modular solution for managing physical and digital archives. Closely linked with Labgroup’s various other services, ArcStore makes it possible for organisations to carry out a wide range of actions simply and quickly, such as searching for and displaying a scanned document, searching for a paper archive box, or requesting the delivery of archived documents from Labgroup. It is also possible to make specific requests, such as for media to be collected, archives to be destroyed or specific documents to be managed. ArcStore is a powerful search tool for digital documents; each document can be found by keywords (metadata) or content (full-text search in PDF with the ‘Powersearch’ module).


Fiche produit


Managing scanned documents: ArcStore is also a solution for managing electronic documents, designed to help you search for, extract and display digital documents. Compliance, security:



ArcStore is the perfect tool to help your organisation meet compliance requirements. It guarantees the security and traceability of your digital documents and archives. It allows you to generate reports easily in the event of an audit or a legal request.

ArcStore is entirely web-based; therefore no installation is required on your own IT systems. It is easy to use and can be mastered after a brief initial training session. ArcStore boasts powerful functionalities in terms of managing access and traceability of actions performed on archives. It therefore helps your organisation to comply with legal and regulatory provisions. Integrating proven and sustainable technologies, ArcStore is hosted in Labgroup’s data centres thus enabling it to benefit from all high-availability and data-backup guarantees. ArcStore users benefit from Labgroup’s Service Desk, available from Monday to Friday, in French, English, Luxembourgish and German. A Labgroup specialist consultant takes care of the initial configuration of ArcStore, in line with the needs and requirements identified together with the client.

Advantages Unique interface for managing your archives and backup media Database structured by module Web-based system requiring no installation Easy and convenient to use Based on proven technologies Powerful search engine Security and traceability

ArcStore is a powerful and modular solution to manage all your professional archiving tasks.

Document Manager

In-House Manager

Document Imaging

Media Manager

Destruction Manager

Asset Manager

Stock Manager

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In just a few clicks, you can submit an online request for an archive (scanned document) to be returned to you physically or electronically. Your documents will be returned to you within half a day following your request.


Looking up archived documents:


ArcStore® Power Search

Full-text search & retrieve within scanned documents

ArcStore® Software ArcStore® is the prime software package developed by Labgroup to manage all physical archive, media and records of scanned documents. With ArcStore, users can retrieve a particular file in an archive, request the delivery of a physical archive from Labgroup’s storage facilities and even search full-text to retrieve a scanned document.

Power Search PowerSearch is an option for the Image Manager module in ArcStore®, which allows users to perform full-text searches within records of scanned documents. Through Power Search, businesses are able to take maximum advantage of the digitisation of paper documents.

Save time and money In average, employees spend 15% of their working time searching for information. Using Power Search, they increase productivity when at the same time businesses gain competitive advantage in the growing move towards paperless processes.

To ensure long term preservation and readability of scanned documents, Labgroup’s scanning system produces standard PDF/A files, to be stored in ArcStore® document repository or brought to the customer’s own information system.

PDF/A (A stands for “Archive”) is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specialized for the digital preservation of electronic documents. In order to make its content searchable, Labgroup not only includes the image of the digitised document and relevant metadata tags (indexes) in the resulting PDF/A, but also the corresponding text which is extracted through an effective OCR software (Optical Character Recognition). Power Search is available in ArcStore® software version 7 and higher.


Product Sheet

ArcStore Power Search

Benefits of PDF/A

ArcStore® search capabilities

PDF is a standard for encoding documents in an “as printed” form that is portable between systems and is widely used for distribution and archiving of documents.

By scanning the documents using advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) as well as automatic indexing and learning features, Labgroup is able to enhance the scanned documents with valuable information which can later be used during indexing or advanced search functions. In principle ArcStore® offers two types of search capabilities for scanned documents:

PDF/A differs from PDF by omitting features ill-suited to long-term archiving, such as font linking (as opposed to font embedding). It also allows the use of encryption and whether to preserve additional metadata such as title, author, subject. The ISO Specifications are available to design PDF/A applications in the future, which therefore guarantees readability in the future.

> Standard Search - allows the user to search for scanned documents based on indexes as defined by the customer before scanning. These indexes are for example: document type, name, date or category. Indexes are generally aligned with the client’s document management practices and policies. > Power Search - allows the user to perform a full-text search within the scanned documents. This feature is similar to searching for text in a standard office (electronic) document. PowerSearch is a two-step process based on the results from the standard search.

Step 1

Standard Search By Index PDF/A

Optional for clients Step 2

Power Search By Text


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ArcStore® Power Search - Full-text search within scanned documents.

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Secure digital recovery of physical archives

A first step towards the creation of your electronic archive E-Delivery is a service in addition to the document archiving solutions. E-Delivery replaces the physical delivery of archives and traditional transport with the digital recovery of documents accessible via secure Internet sites. The E-Delivery service consists in: The search for, and release of, warehouse boxes; The digitalisation of documents called for by our scanning workshop; The delivery of digitalised docu-ments by ArcStore (or alternatively by Data-room); The restocking of the boxes should they not be destroyed Access to, and management of, the Data-room (optional); Digitalised long-term archiving of scanned documents (optional).

Put an end to arduous handling operations, requesting the delivery of archives, taking out and opening boxes, avoid having to make photocopies for the members of your meeting, having to reclassify, re-box and re-archive them afterwards. E-Delivery is an additional service to Labgroup’s archiving services, enabling you to retrieve your documents stored in PDF/A, via a secure website, instead of having them delivered physically in paper format. The E-Delivery service not only enables you to eliminate unnecessary handling operations, but also offers a whole series of additional services: The provision of your archives in a highly-secure environment suitable for all types of use Control over the disclosure and sharing of your documents in a customised manner adaptable to the needs of the board members, coworkers, partners or customers


Product sheet


The creation of electronic archives, stored in a secure, robust environment which will enable you to considerably reduce storage costs as a result of the physical destruction of your paper archive

Advantages No more handling of paper archives Rapid and secure access to the information Long-term documents preservation with PDF/A format Easy and secure sharing of documents Optimise information retrieval through indexation and full-text OCR Environment-friendly by reducing paper-archive transportation.

The indexation of your documents according to subject matter and semantic content The immediate selection of pertinent documents in support of a textual search in the requested archive. And that’s not all … ! In accordance with the regulations and guidelines in force (European Directive 1999/93/EC of January 19, 2000 ; NF Z42-013, CADES, PADES, ETSI, ...) the E-Delivery Service guarantees you secure access to, and the sustainability of, your documents, together with the «Management of Probatory Documents» by furnishing time-dated, sealed «True Electronic Copies of the Original» certified by an authorised certifying body.

Secure 5 provision of the electronic document

3 Digitalisation of archives

4 Return to the warehouse

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2 Preparation at the warehouse

Request 1 for archive restitution

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Fast, easy and secure information retrieval


IN-HOUSE ARCHIVING On-site archive-management service

In-house service: a made-to-measure document-management service Analysing your requirements: A Labgroup specialist consultant will analyse the state of your archives, together with you, and define your filing plan and archiving policies and suggest a solution based on an extremely thorough archiving procedure. Implementing the service: The technician in charge of the project will take care of the following steps: auditing your archives, quantification and planning. defining your filing plans and indexing models according to your departments, units, clients and projects. mapping your archive storage areas. sorting and boxing up your documents. drawing up an inventory, indexing and labelling your archives in ArcStore. locating your archives in your storage areas. managing incoming/outgoing documents on a daily basis. providing reports and statistics. training your users (archiving procedures, ArcStore).

Whatever the nature of their business, all organisations have to cope with an increase in volume of the documents they use. Managing such a quantity of heterogeneous documents requires a substantial amount of resources and time. Organisations need to use the information contained in their documents and are facing growing pressure in terms of legal and regulatory compliance; as a result, they need their documents and archives to be managed rigorously. To help them with this, they often entrust the offsite storage and management of their paper archives to specialist third parties. However, in reality, it is impossible to archive all documents offsite due to legal requirements or simply practical reasons. So, how can organisations ensure that their documents archived on-site are treated with the same care and attention as those archived with a third-party specialist? Labgroup’s In-house service makes it possible for organisations to maintain the level of quality required for document management while focusing on their own business activity. Labgroup specialists carry out


Product sheet

documentary-management tasks on site, according to the frequency and rules of procedure agreed with the client.

ArcStore ‘In-house’ module: Manage your archives in-house on a daily basis thanks to the ‘In-house’ module. Organise and safeguard the archives stored on your premises. Thanks to this module, you will always be able to find and locate your in-house documents.

Our expert consultants analyse the client’s documentary environment as well as the legal and professional requirements. Labgroup’s specialists generate an inventory of the documents in the ArcStore application and manage the document movement requests made by the client. In this way, the client benefits from all the experience and specialist tools offered by Labgroup.

Your main advantages Optimisation of archive space Regulatory and legal compliance Ready-for-use indexed data Traceability of archives (movements, location) Reduction of document-related risks (loss, deterioration)

All document management, research and recovery is done by using the Arcstore software. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL












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In House_FEN_003

Furthermore, Labgroup staff also manage and implement the entire logistics chain associated with the archiving of documents (packaging, inventory, transport, etc.). By using joint ‘in-house’ and ‘off-site’ document-management methods and procedures, the client can naturally benefit from Labgroup’s other services, such as scanning, destruction, long-term archiving, etc.

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Labgroup’s In-house service makes it possible to define and apply a homogenous documentary management policy for all documents, whether stored on the client’s premises or archived in Labgroup’s repositories. When defining the service, a Labgroup consultant pinpoints all of the archiving locations on the client’s site (archive rooms, cabinets, shelves). Each of these locations is listed in ArcStore. As such, each archived file is stored in a unique location and any movements relating to it are recorded, thus guaranteeing total traceability. We also manage the transfer of files stored in an ‘In-house’ archive location to an ‘off-site’ Labgroup repository.


Confidential destruction of documents and archives Take full control of your information security

Confidential and secure destruction Whatever the size of your business, Labgroup defines a planning, the type and the quantity of containers required. The process of destruction of your documents covers all the steps, from the placement of aluminium containers at your premises to the confidential recycling of the shredded paper. The service includes The placement of sealed containers in your premises, according to your requirements The replacement of containers at adaptable intervals. Transportation by secure, monitored vehicles The sorting, weighing and destruction of documents The recycling of shredded paper The issue of a certificate of destruction

Every business produces confidential information of various kinds, including financial data, personal files, accounting records, legal documents, tax files and business correspondence. Complete control of document destruction is becoming increasingly important in terms of both the protection of companies’ assets, and of their business compliance. The secure destruction of documents is an aspect of information management that is often forgotten. Labgroup offers companies a confidential document destruction service while ensuring optimal security. Our services are perfectly suited to businesses that wish to protect their information and their reputation in conformity with legal requirements. Our fully secured process management ensures that your documents remain completely confidential from the moment they are placed in our sealed containers until their destruction. The same holds for the destruction of obsolete archives. A certificate of destruction indicating the nature and weight of the documents is issued after each destruction process.


Product sheet

Confidential destruction of documents and archives

The environment is a key priority at Labgroup and is the reason why we recycle and enhance the value of the waste produced.

Archive Destruction Labgroup’s service also extends to those archives you have stored in our warehouses or on your premises. We can take charge of all your filing cabinets, files, storage boxes, listings, from their transportation to their complete recycling.

Our containers enable you to organise the recycling of your confidential documents in conformity with best practices. Variety of sealed containers:

Main benefits of our destruction services:

120 Liters

535x435x650 mm

80 Liters

435x385x650 mm

240 Liters

Lab Group Boxes

1000x700x600 mm

260 mm

Highly secured processes Adaptable services Professional and qualified staff Confidentiality assured from start to finish Statistical reports and certificates Considerable destruction capacity Level 3 security (documents cannot be reconstituted) Waste recycling

A4, medium and large format

625 mm


360 m








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Secure and certified destruction


Secure storage of your backup media Protect and access your critical data at all times

Better protection, safekeeping and tracking of your business data. Protect your business data from any accident or natural disaster by choosing our «remote site» storage solution for your backup media. In house storage of your backups is not optimally secure. Labgroup offers a complete data protection service. We collect your media support in specialised vehicles and store it in our specially designed media rooms using the ArcStore system. When you need it returned, we deliver in a timely manner. Your media backup is always safe and protected.

The increase in the quantity of information and new legal and business requirements call for improved protection and safekeeping of data. Traditional internal backup methods are no longer sufficient. The planned collection and archiving of backup media represents the best way of managing the safekeeping and protection of your vital data. Our backup experts will help you define the level of service and the frequency of visits that best suits your needs. Labgroup’s highly qualified data protection and handling people constitute the key element in our service. Our engineers and drivers manage your daily service and guarantee that your storage media are collected and stored in a safe location, and that they are delivered to you on time. They comply with very strict rules and our procedures are certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and in accordance with the specifications set down by the Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory Commission. Our engineers use state-of-the-art equipment such as temperature-


Product sheet

Secure remote storage of your backup media

controlled vehicles and GPS systems permitting the real-time localisation of your media, specialised metal media boxes, fire-resistant walls and steel doors at the storage facility, 24/7 surveillance system, and instruments constantly controlling variations in temperature and humidity. Labgroup’s operations team is on call 24/7 and we have a national fleet that guarantees there is always a vehicle near your company’s site. Each client is managed by a dedicated account manager. Labgroup’s service desk is available 24h/24 by phone or e-mail to answer your requests.

Secure collection, transport and storage Customer

1-Collection / return of media

2-Protection of media

3-Safe transport

4-Safe remote storage

Luxembourg Dublin Gibraltar -

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Availability of highly-qualified and experienced staff Provision of aluminium or plastic boxes of various sizes Transportation of your data media in secured and geolocalised vehicles Storage volumes adaptable on request Analyses and reports available on movements of your data media Audit and inventory via our ArcStore online data media management system Optimal storage conditions: video surveillance, highly controlled access, temperature and humidity management Supply of data media in timely fashion with scheduled visits or urgent visits in cases of business continuity plans Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF) Status ISO 9001 certified quality management system Confidentiality and traceability guaranteed by strict, constantly monitored control procedures (ISO 27001) Physical destruction of magnetic tape and other media


Our storage main benefits


Labgroup Data Center

High-end infrastructure and professional services

What we offer

Managed Services IAAS Services Turn-key solutions Dedicated client care

Why Labgroup Up to Tier IV data centers Flexible and powerful data center infrastructure ISO 9001, 27001, PSDC (pending) PSF status (Professional of the financial sector supervised by the Luxembourg CSSF) Serving Financial, Industrial and Public Sector Operations in Luxembourg, Ireland and Gibraltar.

Extended Service Offering Professional Hosting Services (IaaS, PaaS, Virtual Servers). Disaster recovery and business continuity. Enterprise backup & recovery. Information Lifecycle Management: Document Management Solutions, Physical storage, document scanning & digitization, records management, legal archiving, secure destruction

ŠLabgroup Data Center Contern, Luxembourg

Labgroup’s data center combines high-end infrastructure with dedicated services to host your IT systems in the most professional way. Our innovative on-demand architecture uses an open building-block approach which fully integrates power, cooling and environmental management within a rack optimized design. We build, deliver, maintain and monitor - you use it as a facility.

Technology Partners High-end Infrastructure: Located at the heart of Europe, Luxembourg has positioned itself as a high-technology data hub combined with attractive and very stable business conditions. Our data centers provide low latency with multi-tier connectivity for unmatched reliability and performance.

Professional Service: Our concept lets you install only what is required today, yet easily scalable to meet future demands. Combined with multilingual client services, Labgroup provides you with professional expertise to help you with your IT infrastructure needs.


Product Sheet

Labgroup Data Center

Luxembourg the data hub of Europe

Flexible and powerful datacenter infrastructure

High end technology hub: Low latency, at the heart of theinternet hubs of Europe: Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Frankfurt and Paris. Redundant high-capacity fiber optic. Ultra-high bandwidth First class Telco networks Ultra modern Tier-IV and Tier-III, high availability and state-of-the art infrastructure. Attractive business place:

Managed Services

Premium Design

Power & Cooling


Attractive IP and Tax Laws Skilled multilingual workforce Strong R&D environment Political stability Central location in Europe

Power & Cooling > Green energy. > Dedicated backup generators and transformers on-site. > Hot-swappable UPS modules. > Scalable chilled-water cooling system without Ammonia (NH3). > Low PUE. > InfraStrucXure™ in-row RC Air Conditioner for optimum cooling. > Live monthly tests. Security & Safety > Fire and smoke detection using optical smoke and fire ray beam detectors. > Argonite® extinguishing system with minimum impact. > Rack Environment Monitoring. > Triple security access. > Security 24/7/365. Connectivity > Multi-tier communications. > National : LuxConnect, TERAlink, Luxembourg Telecom, Cegecom, Belgacom. > International : Verizon, Cogent, BT, AT&T, Colt, Level 3, Hibernia Atlantic. Premium Design > High density racks > Tool—less mounting into NetShelter® SX 19” enclosures. > Redundant metered PDUs per rack > Direct Power Monitoring > APC Technology

Luxembourg Dublin Gibraltar -

Lab_FT_Data Center_EN_004

Managed Services > Dedicated IT Services. Rental, private space, racks. IaaS services. > NOC (Network Operations Centre). > Client service 24/7 in 5 languages.

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Security & Safety



backup, recover and protect computer data

Protect your data PCProtect enables you to secure the data on your mobile devices - Mac OS or MS Windows. PCProtect offers you a simplified backup and recovery system for your work stations, laptops, tablets and smartphones. In the event of loss or theft, PCProtect enables you to locate your device and remotely delete its contents.

Analysts estimate that each week hundreds of laptops get lost or stolen, exposing their owners to serious professional, business and financial risks. The significant probability of the exposure of data stored on mobile devices demonstrates the vital importance of securing such data. PCProtect is exclusively designed for the backup of mobile devices, by permitting the user to maintain control of the stored data. PCProtect automatically centralizes data stored on mobile devices in a safe manner, in order to back them up after they have been encrypted on Labgroup’s own Cloud servers in our data centres located in Luxembourg. PCProtect makes data backup and recovery simple for users. For companies, PCProtect increases the general level of security, permitting IT managers to set predefined data backup rules, as well as the centralised management of all mobile devices. In the event of loss or theft, PCProtect enables the mobile devices to be located, and to remotely delete any data.


Product sheet



Daily use Worry-free Backs up as frequently as you wish, and automatically recovers data from work stations and laptops, without this affecting your productivity in any way. Safe and flexible Automatically exports backed-up data to the Cloud, and protects you in the event of a disaster. No interruption Continuously backs up your files without interfering with your daily tasks. Simple and quick No help is required in recovering your files instantly. Deletion of data In the event of loss or theft, it remotely and definitively deletes the data contained on your mobile devices. Geolocation In the event of loss or theft, it geolocates the position of your mobile devices, your PC connected to the backup server. Connection to the Cloud Immediately backs up all additional or modified files to the Cloud. Supported platforms MS Windows and Mac OS

Secure Datacentre - Labgroup

Encrypted data

Encryption Compression

Bandwidth Optimisation

Customers running PCProtect

Modified files Global Deduplication

In partnership with

Basic Backup

Full Featured Backup

Backup and recovery in blocks



Constant data protection



Global deduplication at source



Local Cache



Simplified recovery interface



End-to-end encryption



Encryption on local disk



Blocking of USB ports



Remote data deletion






In conjunction with ServerProtect (server backup), Labgroup provides a comprehensive solution to secure the data on all of your devices.

Luxembourg Dublin Gibraltar -



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Two editions



Solution for backup, recovery and protection of server data

The first step towards a business recovery plan ServerProtect is a professional online backup solution for small and medium-sized businesses, which enables you to safely backup your physical or virtual multiplatform servers, on secure systems in our datacenters. ServerProtect guarantees the recovery of your critical data, and complies with your backup requirements whatever operating system you use (MS Windows, Linux, Novell, Netware, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, or I Series, VMWare). ServerProtect is a perfect first step towards a business recovery plan.

Each year, the loss of electronic data means an incalculable loss of earnings for companies. The creation of an IT infrastructure has to comply with the requirements of a given data protection policy. ServerProtect enables you to manage and centralise the data backup and recovery policies of all your servers according to the degree of sensitivity and the nature of the data (office files, databases etc.). After an initial copy of your data to our datacenters, ServerProtect agents automatically backup your data online, following the established planning, without affecting your production in any way. Only the blocks of modified files are transferred, thus enabling you to gain storage space while reducing the number and duration of backup windows. ServerProtect is an end-to-end secure solution, encrypted before, during and after the transfer of data. You supervise your backups and manage all of your data, via a multilingual, intuitive web interface available 24/24.


Product sheet



Daily usage Automatic Simple, automatic, customisable data protection. Secure and easy The first step towards a disaster recovery plan (ISO_IEC_27031). No interruptions Hot backup of your files and applications, with no interruption to services. Rentable No prior investment required. Supports various platforms MS Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-LUX, IBM AIX, I Series, VMWare. Reduced backup windows, always complete thanks to Delta Pro technology. Simple, quick recovery Expert assistance Systems monitored 24/7. The Labgroup Service Desk available every day in 5 different languages.

Secure datacenter - Labgroup

Encrypted data Deduplication


Customer Systems with ServerProtect agent

Online backup and recovery service designed for small and medium-sized businesses with substantial data archives and strict compliance requirements.

Off-site data retention

Daily backups retained for 5 days, weekly backups retained for 1 month, monthly backups retained for 1 year, or custom solution.

On-site data retention (option)

Daily backups retained for 7 days.

Safe replicated on the second site


Open file management

VSS, MS Exchange (Mailbox and DB), Oracle, MS SQL, MS Sharepoint, MS Cluster Services, VMware.

Bare metal restore


Platforms supported

Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, IBM i and VMware.

Customer service

ServiceDesk / Hotline access, ticket registration, ANS 4 Hours.

Other optional services

Appliance ServerProtect Recovery, management service

Modified blocks

In partnership with

By combining ServerProtect with Labgroup’s IT Recovery service (, you can restart your business quickly and efficiently. Our solutions enable you to protect your strategic data and achieve your business recovery objectives. Labgroup, the complete Business Continuity Plan that conforms to the ISO_IEC_27031 Standard’s «Guidelines for information and communication technology readiness for business continuity»

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Description of the service

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IT Recovery

Quickly recover your critical systems and data

IT Recovery Solution Hosted service to help you quickly recover your key servers and data after a site disaster, and remotely access them in a secure virtual environment. State-of-the-art technology and a team of experts that prepare you for and guide you through the entire recovery process.

Disaster Recovery Planning is the factor that makes the critical difference between organizations that can successfully manage crises with minimal cost and effort and maximum speed, and those that are left picking up the pieces for untold lengths of time and at whatever cost providers decide to charge. IT Recovery helps you where data, software or hardware have been damaged or lost. We guarantee your recovery times with our different SLA (« Service Level Agreements ») and assist you with our DR specialists in the execution of your DR process. You get the same high level of security as with ServerProtect for online backup & restores, satisfying your industry’s specific requirements for regulatory compliance. We supply and maintain your DR site, with less service costs than collocation or dedicated hardware and resources. You maintain full control of your data and get our expert guidance as part of the service.


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IT Recovery

At a glance : Complete system snapshot, restored on demand in Labgroup’s Cloud environment, accessed from Labgroup’s DR premises or securely via the Internet.

Key Benefits Single solution for both standard data protect and disaster recovery service Protection for wide Server platforms Top tier Data Centre environment Secure, remote access to recovered systems via VPN SSL Experienced team of DR specialists at your service. Over 17 years of experience in providing DR services

Labgroup’s Disaster Recovery activities date back to 2001 and since then have grown substantially. We are able to provide in addition the following client services: Dedicated Server Rack - Multiple server hosting service per Client. (PSF, financial customers) Shared Server Rack - Individual servers hosted in shared rack environment (non PSF customers) Dedicated or Shared Disaster Recovery Positions

With our solutions, you protect your critical data and achieve your goals in terms of recovery. Labgroup, a complete solution for Business Continuity within the guidelines of the standard ISO_IEC_27031 “for setting state of communication technologies and information for business continuity“

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As an extension to our ServerProtect Solution, IT Recovery delivers a single, integrated solution for standard data protection and compliant disaster recovery.

Labgroup’s Disaster Recovery service is built on a rock-solid technology platform and leverages state-of-the-art Data Centre facilities to host and protect your critical data. The facilities feature a virtualization platform that provides best-in-class redundancy and performance, high availability and superior storage efficiency to dramatically reduce the cost of achieving a disaster recovery environment.

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Top tier facilities that protect your data, giving you quick access to the systems required to keep your operations running after a disaster.


Cumulus Flexible, safe and tailored private cloud solution

Keeping pace with today’s fast IT infrastructure requirements is becoming more and more difficult. Due to ever increasing complexity, the main IT investments of businesses are allocated in maintenance, not in R&D. Dealing with short customer response times and the permanent need to reduce costs, IT departments must find new ways to adapt. Cumulus, Labgroup’s Cloud Computing solution, dramatically reduces IT complexity by using server resources in a virtual infrastructure. This infrastructure can be used on demand and as a service (IaaS). Cumulus provides flexible resources (networks, servers, storage, software and services) via a network connection (web, private network) and is easily accessible, on demand, anywhere. Our services require only a minimal effort to be deployed, updated and deleted.


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Main benefits


Modularity Possibility to easily adapt the infrastructure to the client needs Reliability Redundancy architecture on our data centers (Tier 3 and Tier 4), PSF certification, and trusted IT partners (VMware, Datacore, Citrix, Nexsan, Dell, Juniper). Efficiency Best IT equipments and expertise while reducing infrastructure costs Security Infrastructure security (restricted building access, fire control), safe architecture (high availability of the electrical and communication network, cooling machines), highly secure data access (firewall, antivirus), maintenance and data/ system recovery. Expert support Systems under technician control 24/7 Service Desk Available every business day, in 5 languages

The architecture is based on Labgroup’s know-how: our service goes from virtual machine allocation (IaaS) to the complete IT integration within the cloud (PaaS). For each project, a specific solution is discussed with the client in order to define the best suited architecture.

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Labgroup offers complementary solutions as the IT architecture validation by our engineers, the cloud deployment, the network and hardware management, the patch management, the system security (antivirus, antispam), the online backup, the system recovery and the archiving system.

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Our cloud solution offers: Labgroup’s IT infrastructure (buildings, racks, supply, cooling...) Private and secure network (VLAN) with “High available” redundancy (switches, firewall, VPN-SSL), operated by Labgroup. Connectivity (High Availability Internet access and Meshed Internet). Physical servers (Blades) or virtual machines (VMware) Duplicated storage units Backup solution (ServerProtect) Licences (VMware, Microsoft, TrendMicro, Citrix...) Operating Systems (Microsoft, Linux) Middleware and RunTime softwares Client softwares and services (Anti-Spam, DNS, RIPE)

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