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hydro power Let’s be honest: sometimes more consultants are not the answer. Most Hydro facility owners and operators are faced with more regulatory requirements, and fewer qualified staff to initiate and manage the projects that will keep you in compliance. In those cases, delivery of a set of technical drawings, no matter how good, is a long way from a turn key solution. If what you really need are experienced colleagues, armed with modernization and construction know-how, consider working with the LaBella Hydropower team. Our technical solutions are enhanced by our long standing owner extension of staff services. Which means we can develop, design, and manage your projects all the way through construction and commissioning. The result? Our team as your colleagues. Fewer consultants. Projects powered by partnership.

design services for


With LaBella’s breadth of specialized engineering services, you can be sure of your design team before you’re sure of your scope. •

Interconnection Application

Automation Support

Dam/Spillway Rehabilitation & Upgrades

Intake & Water Conveyance Structures

Hydraulics & Hydrology

Gate Design

Environmental Monitoring & Permitting

Electrical Distribution/ Substations/Transmission

Facilities/Buildings Engineering ₀




Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection

Plant Control/Instrumentation & Monitoring

Fall Protection & Safety Engineering

Expanding a station located in the heart of a city? We’ve done it. Every project has unique constraints. For some, like Rochester’s Station 2 pictured above, it’s finding a way to expand a penstock within a city’s historic downtown district. For others, it might be the presence of unique biodiversity, or grappling with the after effects of a hurricane. Whatever your challenge, we have technical experts who will develop a customized approach to your facility and equipment needs.

owner support services Good consultants see things from your side of the table, and it’s a practice that LaBella has perfected. As technical project managers that can serve as owner’s representative and/or extension of your staff, we will drive projects so you don’t have to. All you have to do is steer.

Project & Program Management ₀

Scope & Solution Development

Procurement & Bidding Assistance

Scheduling & Cost Analysis

Facility Operation & Maintenance

Owner’s Engineer

Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

Agency Coordination (FERC, USACE, USFWS, NYSDEC, SHPO)

Dam Surveillance & Monitoring/Dam Safety Program

Planning & Public Outreach

Emergency Action Plans


Safety Inspections, Assessments & Improvements

Security Assessments & Improvements

LaBella’s hydropower capabilities extend beyond the standard design support. We offer services as an extension of staff to support Hydropower owners in all facets of owning and operating a hydropower plant.

Investigative services LaBella offers a variety of investigative services to discover and document the unknown. Our deliverables offer balanced assessments backed by our deep regulatory expertise. •

Historical Document Review

Environmental/RBM Testing

Dam Inspections

Wetland Delineation

Condition Assessments/ Inspections for Water Conveyance Structures

Endangered/Threatened Species Studies, Habitat Assessments & Species Survey

Feasibility Studies

Geotechnical Investigations and Studies

Site/Topographic/Property Boundary Surveys, GIS & 3D Surface Modeling

Materials Testing

Drone Survey & Visual Inspection

“The LaBella hydropower team is energetic, experienced, and well-rounded. Their multidisciplinary approach to design and project management provides their clients with customized solutions. Their engineers have the ability to go above and beyond traditional technical design and inspection services, and offer diversified support to meet all their client needs. This is what sets them apart from their competition, and why we will continue to hire LaBella in the future.” - Utility Client

Construction Support services •

Construction Administration Services

Construction Engineering ₀

Maintenance & Traffic Control Design

Erosion & Sediment Control

Cofferdam Design

Shoring Design

Field Construction Management

Environmental Testing & Oversight

Commissioning & Testing

Construction Vibration, Noise & Seismic Monitoring

At LaBella Associates, our job is to create—structures, plans, ideas, results. As a nationally recognized Design Professional Corporation, that’s a given, right? But here’s what really drives us: creating partnership between our team and our clients. So much so that we become one team, unified in the unrelenting pursuit of exceptional performance on each and every project. Reliability. Accountability. Collaboration. Respect. Not skills we went to school for, but innate in LaBella team members. The pursuit of partnership is embedded in our culture—has been since our inception in 1978. And it affects client outcomes in profound ways. It means we’re built to expertly execute projects from start to finish. That we have the talent and resources to take on any challenge. That projects are completed on time, on budget, and beyond expectations. And that we win awards— not just for our talent, but also for our ethics, employee culture, and growth. Today, our wheelhouse is broad, with four key service offerings: Buildings, Energy, Infrastructure, and Environmental. Our staff of over 800 team members is spread across more than 20 office locations. We’re headquartered in Rochester, NY—but our impact is seen, felt, and experienced around the world.




Transportation Engineering

Interior Design

Municipal Engineering

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineering

Construction Engineering

Structural Engineering

Planning & Grant Writing Surveying

Site Development Hazardous Building Materials



Electric & Gas Transmission and Distribution

Environmental Remediation & Compliance


Full Service Solid Waste


Air Permitting

Program Management

Environmental Contracting

Construction Management

Pipeline Recycling

Visit us at www.labellapc.com to get a glimpse of some of the things we’re working on right now. But don’t let us do all the talking—tell us about your goals by calling (877) 626-6606.

877.626.6606 | www.labellapc.com

Profile for LaBella Associates

Hydropower Overview  

Our hydropower technical solutions are enhanced by our long standing owner extension of staff services.

Hydropower Overview  

Our hydropower technical solutions are enhanced by our long standing owner extension of staff services.