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Dear church, Is it better to give than to receive? Psychology professor Dr. Elizabeth Dunn, with help from her colleagues and a stuffed monkey, performed several studies to find out and the results are worth noting: In one study a toddler sits across the table from a stuffed monkey puppet, creatively named “Monkey.” The child and Monkey each have a small bowl in front of them, which is empty--a fact that would depress any toddler. The woman suddenly “finds” eight Goldfish crackers and places them in the toddler’s bowl. Shortly after she finds another Goldfish and gives it to Monkey, who pretends to eat the treat. The woman finds another treat, but this time asks the toddler to give it to

Monkey. Finally, the woman asks the toddler to give one of his Goldfish to Monkey – a sacrificial act – and the child does. Researchers repeated the same step with dozens of toddlers and recorded their enthusiasm during each step. The results were fascinating – toddlers exhibited the greatest happiness when they gave away one of their own treats. The monkey was happy, and they were too! This study points out something the Bible already emphasizes – we were created to give. We are most joyous and satisfied when we sacrificially give of ourselves rather than taking. Let’s continue to be a people that demonstrate 2 Corinthians 9:6-9.

Dr. Eric Herrstrom Lead Pastor


Each year it is our desire to ensure our financial processes and accountability are “above reproach” in all financial matters. To that end we have chosen to partner with local accounting firm, PSK, to alternate each year for a Financial Audit and a Financial Review. Audits are

much more detailed than reviews with the review still providing appropriate accountability into our administrative and financial processes. In the first quarter of 2019, PSK began their 2018 review. We will share the results of that review in the near future.


LIABILITIES $1,227,733

Investment Account


Accounts Receivable


Prepaid Expenses

Current Payables


Facilities Loan:


Bank of the West


Fixed & Long - Term Assets $8,623,042





FUND BALANCES Donor Restricted Funds


Gas Well Fund


Investment & Cash Reserve Funds $728,925 Church Designated Funds


Unrestricted Net Assets




TOTAL LIABILITIES & $10,448,273 FUND BALANCES The data on this page was collected from LABC’s internal financial statements ending February 28, 2019.








Impact Counseling Donations & Revenue



Recreation Ministry Revenue



Loan Retirement Donations



Gas Well Revenue



Event Revenue







Other Ministry Donations



Investment & Other Revenue



Tithes - #notyetfinished Missons Donations & Revenue

Fundraising Revenue Church Facility Use Revenue






Cost of Program Services Provided



Administration & Facilities Expenses



Missions Expenses & Support Given Out



Impact Counseling Expenses



Recreation Ministry Expenses



Loan Retirement Payments (P&I)







Gas Well: Capital Expenditures



Event Funds Expended











Gas Well: Legal & Property Tax Expenses Gas Well: Missions & Ministry Expenses

Fundraising Funds Expended Church Facility Funds Expended Other Ministry Donations Expended Other Revenue Expended



NEW PRIDE By David Chase In following Jesus’ example of loving and honoring children, our staff began praying in 2011 LIONHEART for ways that LABC could imTOTAL pact the KingIMPACT dom by serving Since 2014 more children and families. Salvations After hosting schools on our campus, we Church believed there Connections was more to be done, and Families God answered Joined LABC our prayers and brought two like-hearted organizations together. Fast-forward to 2013 as two men sat at a Starbucks, sipping coffee and talking about how the church could take back


2,764 9

the childcare industry. Recognizing that people were more receptive to the gospel at an early age, they dreamt of seeing a transformation in entire families and envisioned a childcare academy that would provide great jobs and a gospel-centered culture in a raucous industry. Believing that business can be a tool to advance the Gospel, LABC chose to dedicate real estate, personnel, and resources to help prove this childcare model. Lionheart was born, and LABC would now have the privilege to utilize our facility for children and their families during the week. Lionheart opened in August 2014 with 21 children and more than a dozen employees who were getting paid 15% above industry average and receiving retirement benefits – unheard of in the childcare industry. Our competent staff

was led by Lionheart’s secret weapon, Karin Laymance, in a role unique to our academy – to connect families to Jesus and the church! Four and a half years later, enrollment has increased tenfold, and LABC’s program supports over 60 employees with little turnover. The Lionheart model has been franchised over eight times with more to come in 2019. Most importantly, students are learning in a Christ-centered environment, entire families have been baptized, and the revenue produced by Lionheart can be put back into other LABC ministries. Two years ago, Lead Pastor Eric Herrstrom, along with our Counseling Pastor

Ed Laymance, began to dream about a new ministry focused on repurposing the lives of people. Upcycle, as this developing ministry became known, was designed to help adults re-define their lives in the Gospel story that Jesus has for them. In August 2018, the Upcycle ministry kicked off Celebrate Recovery, a program that walks with participants through their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Heather Craig has brought her passion and expertise to develop and grow this ministry which is fully funded through our Lionheart revenue share. We are thrilled to be a part of circular relationships that we believe glorify God and pursue people through His church.

One simple sentence can make a Kingdom difference. Would you please consider a planned gift by including LABC in your will? One sentence in your will can make a generous, legacy gift to LABC. “After all my bills are paid, I want 10 percent of my estate to go to Lake Arlington Baptist Church.�

To know Jesus and to make Him known By Bob Wood and Jeremiah Graham


eremiah and his wife Shelly felt a need to visit our church and he noticed that there was a men’s Bible study on an evening he was available. That was the first time I met him. He was faithful in his attendance and the men from young to old were friendly and supportive of him. I sat with Jeremiah at the same table several times, and we became acquainted. Jeremiah was clearly looking for a relationship with Christ but wasn’t sure what that looked like. At the last Bible study meeting of that fall of 2017, I asked Jeremiah if he would be interested in meeting with me outside of bible study, and I could explain what salvation was all about. He agreed, and we met at my house the very next Tuesday night. We have been meeting almost every Tuesday at 7 PM since that time. That first week we met in our home, Jeremiah was right on time. I began right

away with how to believe in Christ Jesus and walk daily with him. Jeremiah was ready to hear and was clearly being drawn into understanding and commitment from the Holy Spirit as he asked Christ to save him and to be his Lord. The next week, Jeremiah asked if he could bring His wife, Shelly, along to our next meeting. From that time forward, Shelly has been part of our relationship along with my wife, Judy. Shelly became a Christ follower that very night. The next week they brought their daughter, Kylie, who was a senior at Martin High School. I knew Jeremiah and Shelly had been talking with Kylie about their commitments to Christ, and that evening she also committed her life to Christ. We began a study of the gifts of the Spirit from Galatians that lasted several months. Judy and I wanted Shelly and Jeremiah to understand what Christ has in mind for

every person who becomes a disciple of Jesus. Our next study was the Gospel of John and that lasted several months. We went verse by verse through the entire Gospel. In all these weeks, Shelly and Jeremiah were faithful on Tuesday nights at 7 PM. We have talked about life, marriage, and children. Judy and I shared some of the hard-earned insights we have gained over our fifty years of marriage with Jeremiah and Shelly. In this time, Jeremiah also led his ten-year-old son, Jeremiah Robert, to Christ. Their whole family has become believers, been baptized, and are now members of LABC. We are now studying the Book of Acts together. We are not certain how long that will take, but Judy and I are committed to meeting with Jeremiah and Shelly as long as they desire. We are very thankful for the friendship we now have here on earth, and someday in Heaven, with The Grahams.

WHAT JEREMIAH HAS TO SAY Behind good stories, you can find good people. My family and I have a story to tell because we have been led to LABC, which is full of good people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of these good people. So, I’ll just start at the begin-

ning with our Men’s Bible Study. Max Graber, Norris Patterson, and Doug Elliot, just to mention a few, have all been incredible examples of Kingdom Men. Of course, our pastors are amazing. Both Pastor Eric and Youth Pastor, TJ Lewis, have been influential and amazing in their ministry to me and to my family. We are very grateful to have become personal friends with these men. I am also grateful for families that have accepted my family in Bible Study and in their homes. Some of these families are Chris and Alyssa Wyatt, Colby and Desiree Knight, David and Stacy Adjei, and Alan and Sara Branch. I do want to give special thanks to Bob and Judy Wood. Their wisdom, advice and, mostImportantly, their inspiring dynamic marriage has shown us love, as the scripture teaches. I can also say thank you to each and every one of you because you make up our church body, and the church we have is a great one! My family and I are forever changed.

DO YOU HAVE A WILL? Over 70% of Americans do not. Regardless of the size of your estate, a will is a way to support the people and causes that are important to you and ensure your wishes are known, saving your loved ones the stress and unnecessary cost of managing the estate. LABC members have access to create a free will through our partnership with the Southern Baptist Texas Foundation.

Here is your three-step process to create your own will: 1. Fill out online at 

2. Print out forms

3. Sign & keep safe

2018 Financial Update Generosity Challenge Last year, Don McCartney felt the Lord tugging on him with a call to address LABC’s loan. Don spoke with Dave Muzzy and their Connection Group about what they could do to reduce the loan, and together they pledged over $90,000 to match gifts given towards loan reduction.



8 FINA 201 N

The entire 2018 budget surplus and additional gifts designated to pay down the loan were generously matched by the Band of Believers connection group for a grand total of $61,318. The class will continue to match gifts given to loan retirement (up to $90,000) through June 2019. Even though the BOB group did not want the credit, we say a big thank you to their generosity!


GIVING By Charlie Cox I learned about giving from my dad, a lay leader in the Methodist church where I grew up. I was taught to tithe out of duty - it was something you did. You didn’t think about it, you didn’t talk about it, and you didn’t complain about it. You just did it. Tithing

was just another form of service to God along with prayer, praise, preaching and teaching. I continued with this same passionless giving once I became a Baptist. After my dad’s death in 2010, I was helping my mom clean out some of his

things when I found years’ worth of Father’s Day, birthday, and Christmas presents I had given him. They were all in their original boxes, unused. He’d written me countless thank you notes for each one because he was a kind and considerate man. My feelings were hurt. In looking over the brand new gifts, I vividly recalled the harried pre-Christmas shopping or the belated birthday rush. I remember having to take my lunch to work every now and then to pay for them. My dad didn’t need my presents - he could afford to buy ten of whatever I gave him. Whether he didn’t like them or didn’t need them wasn’t the point. The point was I needed to give them to him. Those memories – shopping, wrapping, celebrating, and the constant thank you notes are now all priceless to me as I wait to see Dad again in heaven. The hours and dollars weren’t wasted – they were invested, though I didn’t realize it at the time. It’s the same with God. He doesn’t need our offerings. We need to give them. We need to learn to trust Him, month after month after month. We need to develop memories of sacrificial

giving and blind trust because everything we have, beginning with our lost souls, belongs to Him. It’s easy to call Him Father. It’s not always easy to treat Him that way and to do as we’re told when we don’t think we can. Tithing shouldn’t be an obligation or a chore. Your tithe is so much more than your electric bill or house payment. It’s your chance, each pay period, to step out in faith. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably taken the step to get out of bed on your day off and go to church. If you’re part of a connection group or a Bible study, you’ve taken another step. If you’ve accepted Him into your heart, that’s another step. Tithing is simply another step in a lifetime journey. Whether you’re a wizened old man of faith such as my father, a middle-aged man such as I, or a young seeker, we’re all on the same journey to the same place. It’s not always easy when the outgo surpasses the income. It’s nearly impossible when the AC goes out midsummer. But it does get easier the longer you do it. It’s not about the money – it’s about the relationship.

2019 Generosity Goal: Above and Beyond To Missions I’m grateful that we ended the 2018 fiscal year around $25,000 in the black and were also able to put close to $500,000 toward our loans. As we look toward 2019, let me challenge you differently- God’s church is commissioned to impact lives through the transformative gift of the Gospel. That transformation happens as we continue to plant churches, serve our city, send missionaries to the field, and influence the marketplace. To do this, we will need more resources and need to be able to apply additional funds when opportunities arise. Therefore, I’d like to challenge us to give $150,000 over and above our budget this coming year, all of which would

go toward missions and ministry. I believe that through the collective efforts of every family we can reach this goal. For instance, if each family gave an extra $50 per month, we’d get there. One family shared with me that they were choosing to eat one less meal out a month and put what they would have spent toward the church. Another family talked about giving a portion of their tax refund. There are many ways to accomplish this goal, would you pray about your contribution? - Eric


It’s not about the money - it’s about the relationship. That statement is so straightforward and at the same time mysterious. While living in this world requires money, money doesn’t last. At the point we take our last breath and move to eternity, the single most important thing is our relationship with God. We will long to hear “well done,” but before we get to that point, we will have an accounting of our lives. The emphasis of the question we face in Heaven is one of stewardship. How well did we eternally steward the relationships and resources we were given on earth? Matthew instructs us to focus on eternity, on Heaven. “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” - Matthew 6:19-21 We heard through the story of Bob and Jeremiah an example of eternal, King-

dom-focused relationships. I admire the way Charlie explained gift giving and the role of stewardship in everything. “Everything belongs to God” is a tremendous lesson for us all. I am thankful to you the church: you are faithful in your generosity. And I want to encourage you to keep stewarding your relationships and resources towards Heaven. As you review or write your will, I encourage you to include the one simple sentence that will make a Kingdom impact for LABC. As you participate in the 2019 generosity goal, at what level can you help reach the above-budget goal of sending more to missions? As you give to Bottles for Life, consider that you will be helping to prevent abortions and giving children the opportunity to live for Christ. As you invest in relationships with people (coworkers, family, and friends), consider the eternal influence you have with them. As you work, know that all your work (paid and unpaid) matters. How you work impacts your employer and your witness. Thank you for being a generous and faithful church!

David Chase Executive Pastor


s e l tt o B FOR LIFE

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we are partnering with the Metroplex Women’s Clinic’s, Sanctity of Life campaign in supporting life and adoption. Starting May 12, pick up a baby bottle at any worship entrance, and return it filled with checks, cash or coins by May 26.


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