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Tools and cable accessories Connection and crimping • Crimping tools for conductor end sleeves

PEW 8.87 crimping tool


• Square crimping profile with four profiled

• For the easiest handling when space is

limited (control cabinets, machinery/ internal wiring) • Covers a wide cross-section range of 0.08 -10 mm2 (PEW 8.87) or 0.08-16 mm2 (PEW 8.87 Plus) • Made in Germany • Leverage boosts crimp power for tireless working

Classification ETIM 5.0 Class-ID: EC000168 ETIM 5.0 Class-Description: Crimping tool cable lugs/ties, conductor end sleeves, shielded connection General Pressing length up to 16 mm Crimping profile: Square

Product features • Burnished

Design • PEW 8.87: With front and side insertion (up

to 2.5 mm2) PEW 8.87 Plus: With front insertion


Application range • Crimping tool for crimping conductor end

sleeves (square pressing) • Self-adjustment to the desired conductor end sleeve size

Article number PEW 8.87 crimping tool 61813742 61813744

Technical data

crimping surfaces

• Crimp conductor end sleeves up to max.

16 mm length - for longer lengths we recommend the use of the PEW 8.185 and 8.186 (crimping several times in succession) or the PEW 12 with the suitable insert

Article designation

For mm²

Crimping profile

Weight (kg)

Length (mm)

Pieces / PU

PEW 8.87 PEW 8.87 Plus

0.08 - 10.00 0.08 - 16.00

square square

0.475 0.475

190 190

1 1

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Accessories • Conductor end sleeves insulated refer to page [P1268]

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