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Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Thursday, April 4, 2013


RIES ~ You may feel an extra burst of energy this week. This is a good time for you wrap up any miscellaneous details on a project that you’ve been working on. Your vibrations are very conducive towards generosity and general well-being that you’ll want to extend to friends and family. Soul Affirmation: I find many things about myself that I really love. AURUS ~ Any nervous energy you may be feeling can be dispelled with some physical activity. You are doing just fine, so take long walks or try a yoga class and leave your worries behind you. Everything is working out in a perfect way. Soul Affirmation: Helping others is the true measure of my worth. EMINI ~ A conflict may arise, but you can handle it. Let your life be shaped by the choices you make, not through choices made by others. You’re a very independent sign, and you may be feeling downright feisty this week! Act with love. Soul Affirmation: This week I forgive myself for everything that has happened. ANCER ~ Love gets you back on an even keel, and you feel balance and much appreciation for all of the blessings in your life. Your creativity is soaring; let some of your wilder ideas free and watch them fly! Soul Affirmation: Success is mine because I feel successful. EO ~ This week your thoughtfulness and generosity is very evident among those close to you. Do something adventurous, and surprise & impress your lover. Try to sneak away at lunchtime together and enjoy each other’s company. Things will be looking even brighter for you in the next few weeks. Stay happy! Soul Affirmation: I face each week with a smile and the week smiles back at me. IRGO ~ Exercise your social skills in a new and inventive way at work. Make yourself noticed in a positive way. Buy a new scent or wear that daring red item that you’ve been too shy to put on! Try to resolve the conflict between two of your friends, but you might have to let them go through the motions of anger, and stay out of it. Soul

Apr. 4 - 10 Affirmation: Time is the greatest peacemaker of them all. IBRA ~ Nobody expects the world from you, but a little more effort would be appreciated. Let go of the grudge that you’ve been harboring and start living again! You’ll feel much more light-hearted and free when you forgive and forget about the past. Soul Affirmation: With my spirit I co-create my week. CORPIO ~ This week you will feel like you’re on top of the world when you finish completing the project that you’ve been working feverishly on. Take some time off and splurge on a vacation spot that has been tantalizing you! Soul Affirmation: I focus on the positive things that are happening in my life. AGITTARIUS ~ This week is a good week for remembering that without the help of your colleagues it would be impossible for you to expedite the tasks that need to be done. Thank them ahead of time. Thank them graciously and celebrate with them. Soul Affirmation: Appreciation leads to recognition. APRICORN ~ Little by little you will come to realize that you are too good to be second choice. This week don’t even think about why your recent romance failed. It wasn’t meant to be. There are many more fish in the sea ready for you to hook them. Go for it! Soul Affirmation: There are other fish in the sea waiting for me. QUARIUS ~ Offer a shoulder to cry on to someone you know that has been going through some difficulty. They need a friend right now, and you can be that person. Listen and don’t speak. Your sensitivity and compassion will mean a lot right now. Soul Affirmation: Newness of outlook helps me deal with the monotonies of life. ISCES ~ If you need some time to yourself this week, take it. You’ll be doing yourself an act of kindness. Since you do so much for others, why not treat yourself as well as you treat them? Your world is the way you are living. Live with love. Soul Affirmation: I let go of the old in order to make room for the new.







likely to exceed supply




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AP Photo/Matt York, File

This Aug. 5, 2008, file photo, shows the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services building Phoenix. The Homeland Security Department expects applications for high-skilled immigration visas to outpace the available supply in a matter of days, one of the fastest runs on the much-soughtafter work permits in years and a sign of continued economic recovery amid new hiring by U.S. technology companies.


April 4, 1928 Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri, on April 4, 1928. She grew up in St. Louis and Stamps, Arkansas. She is an author, poet, historian, songwriter, playwright, dancer, stage and screen producer, director, performer, singer, and civil rights activist. April 7, 1940 The first U.S. stamp ever to honor an African American is issued bearing the likeness of Booker T. Washington.

The Homeland Security Department expects applications for highskilled immigration visas to outpace the available supply in a matter of days, one of the fastest runs on the much-sought-after work permits in years and a sign of continued economic recovery amid new hiring by U.S. technology companies. The urgent race for such visas — highly desired by Microsoft, Apple, Google and other leading technology companies — coincides with congressional plans to increase the number available to tech-savvy foreigners. The race to secure one of the 85,000 so-called H-1B visas available for the 2014 budget year started Monday and requests will be accepted through at least Friday. If petitions outpace the availability in the first week, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services — for the first time since 2008 — will use a lottery to pick which companies get visas to award to prospective employees. “It will be a frenzy, because the cap ... is nowhere near high enough to meet demand,” said Robert Holleyman, president and CEO of the Software Alliance, a trade group for technology companies. Citizenship and Immigration Services spokesman Christopher Bentley said the agency won’t know for certain whether a lottery is necessary until next week. “We just won’t know until we answer the mail each day,” Bentley said. The agency warned businesses about the anticipated crush of applications last month. Each year 65,000 visas are awarded to companies looking to hire highskilled workers from around the world; 20,000 more visas are available specifically for foreign workers who have earned a master’s or another advanced degree from a U.S. university. Even if applications don’t exceed the availability this week, immigration attorneys and other experts predicted they would be snatched up faster than

in recent years. It took 10 weeks to hit the cap in the 2013 budget year that began last October and more than 33 weeks to dole out all the available visas the year before. A growing economy is contributing to the rush this year, but the scramble is also a sign that demand for the visas exceeds the available supply. Proposals to increase the number of available visas have been supported by lawmakers and political candidates in recent years and are now considered a key part of immigration reform plans in Congress. “Our current immigration laws do not prioritize immigrants based on the skills and education they bring to our country,” said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, RVa., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He said the U.S. selects only about 12 percent of legal immigrants on the basis of their special skills. Improving the system for foreign workers has been a sticking point among lawmakers. In November, the Republican-controlled House passed a bill to make green cards available to foreign students graduating from U.S. universities with advanced degrees in science and math while eliminating the government’s Diversity Visa Lottery Program. That program randomly awards 55,000 visas to immigrants from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the United States. Democrats have largely supported the diversity lottery, and the bill was blocked in the Senate. Holleyman of the Software Alliance said immigration reform and improvements to education in science, technology, engineering and math for U.S. students are the best ways to make sure U.S. employers have enough skilled workers. The rush for these visas will be another signal to Congress that an overhaul of the program is needed as part of a broader immigration plan, said Neil Ruiz, an associate fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program. “Once Congress comes back next week,” Ruiz said, “they will say, ‘Ahha, we need this and we need to do this now.’”

Thursday, April 4, 2013



Padilla, Dotson poised for new leadership Richardson-McGhee seals school board bid BY KENNETH MILLER ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR In an election that could reshape its municipal government for years to come, Inglewood voters sent a strong message to incumbent Judy Dunlap, and forged forward with Alex Padilla, George Dotson, Mike Stevens and Carliss Richardson McGhee on Tuesday April 2. Dunlap’s stronghold on Council District -2 took a tremendous blow when candidate Padilla

Photo by Robert Torrence for Sentinel

(L-R) John Mack, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, Wendy Greuel and son Thomas Schramm, Danny J. Bakewell Sr., Bishop Charles E. Blake and Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas.

Magic Johnson and Black leaders rally for Greuel West Angeles Church event is huge starting point BY KENNETH MILLER ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR

George Dotson ing board member Arnold Butler who ran unopposed. La Deidre J. Wilson 56 percent to 43 percent was defeating Margaret RichardBowers. The Sentinel endorsed Richardson-McGhee and RichardBowers in their bids for the Inglewood School Board.

Carliss Richardson-McGhee won 49 percent of the vote nearly winning the seat outright. In a low voter turnout, Padilla got 699 votes to Dunlap’s 450, but the Inglewood City Clerk office had yet to certify the results at Sentinel press-time. The Sentinel backed Padilla. Padilla could conceivably win the seat after the final tally or will force the 20-year councilwoman into a runoff. Meanwhile in Council District 1, two Sentinel endorsed candidates were forced into runoffs when George Dotson garnered 45 percent of the vote with 975, and Mike Stevens came in second with 31 percent of the vote (686). Daniel K. Tabor finished third with 366 votes for 16.9 percent. In local school board races, Richardson-McGhee easily won with 76 percent of the vote rejoin-

Alex Padilla Voters also decided to overwhelmingly to approve Measure P Publishing (Charter Amendment – Majority Approval Required) and Measure W Waiver of Further Reading — (Charter Amendment – Majority Approval Required). Measure P got 2,888 votes for 71 percent and Measure W got 56 percent of the vote.

Black April 6, 1846 Dred Scott and his wife Harriet filed suit against Irene Emerson for their freedom. The Dred Scott case was first brought to trial in 1847 in the first floor, west wing courtroom of St. Louis’ Courthouse. A black slave from Missouri who claimed his freedom on the basis of seven years of residence in a free state and a free territory.

Controller Wendy Greuel got one enormous assist from former basketball icon Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, that fueled her campaign for mayor of Los Angeles. “The Black community helped elect James Hahn and Antonio

Villraigosa to become mayor,” said Johnson as he embraced Greuel on the outside steps of Church of God in Christ West Angeles Church on Crenshaw Blvd. last Thursday. Then he emphatically said, “And we are going to elect Wendy Greuel as mayor of Los Angeles.” The crowd then erupted in applause. The race for mayor began right

after the March primary, but the fight for the City Hall seat has officially leaped into high gear nearly two months before the voters decide on May 21. An estimated 100 of the most influential leaders in the Black community shared Johnson’s sentiments in support of Greuel, and many of them held ‘Win Wendy’ placards above their shoulders See GREUEL, page 11


BY JEAN H. LEE ASSOCIATED PRESS SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Ratcheting up the rhetoric, North Korea warned early Thursday that its military has been cleared to wage an attack on the U.S. using “smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear” weapons. The Pentagon, meanwhile, said in Washington that it will deploy a missile defense system to the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam to strengthen regional protection against a possible attack from North Korea. The defense secretary said the U.S. was seeking to defuse the situation. Despite the rhetoric, analysts say they do not expect a nuclear attack by North Korea, which knows the move could trigger a destructive, suicidal war that no one in the region wants.

US missile defense shield to counter NKorea threat AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon

South Korean Marine K-55 self-propelled howitzers are on positions during an exercise against possible attacks by North Korea near the border village of Panmunjom in Paju, South Korea, Wednesday, April 3, 2013. The strident warning from Pyongyang is latest in a series of escalating threats from North Korea, which has railed for weeks against joint U.S. and South Korean military exercises taking place in South Korea and has expressed anger over tightened sanctions for a February nuclear test. Following through on one threat Wednesday, North Korean border authorities refused to allow entry to South Koreans who manage jointly run factories in the North Korean city of Kaesong. Washington calls the military drills, which this time have incorporated fighter jets and nuclear-capable stealth bombers, routine annual exercises between the allies. Pyongyang calls them rehearsals for a northward invasion. The foes fought on opposite sides of the three-year Korean War, which ended in a truce in 1953. The divided Korean Peninsula remains in a technical state of war six decades later, and Washington keeps 28,500 troops in South Korea to protect its ally. U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Washington was doing all it can to defuse the situation, echoing comments a day earlier by Secretary of State John Kerry. “Some of the actions they’ve taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the inter-

business card bulletin board

NKorea warns military cleared to wage nuke attack

Thursday, April 4, 2013

ests, certainly of our allies, starting with South Korea and Japan and also the threats that the North Koreans have leveled directly at the United States regarding our base in Guam, threatened Hawaii, threatened the West Coast of the United States,” Hagel said Wednesday. In Pyongyang, the military statement said North Korean troops had been authorized to counter U.S. “aggression” with “powerful practical military counteractions,” including nuclear weapons. “We formally inform the White House and Pentagon that the everescalating U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK and its reckless nuclear threat will be smashed by the strong will of all the united service personnel and people and cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means,” an unnamed spokesman from the General Bureau of the Korean People’s Army said in a statement carried by state media, referring to North Korea by its formal name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. “The U.S. had better ponder over the prevailing grave situation.” However, North Korea’s nuclear strike capabilities remain unclear. Pyongyang is believed to be working toward building an atomic bomb See NKOREA NUKE ATTACK, page 11



Jacquelyn Brown Social Security Disability Appeals Representative


(323) 756-3755

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel speaks at the National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington, Wednesday, April 3, 2013. Hagel labeled North Korea’s rhetoric as a real, clear danger and threat to the U.S. and its Asia-Pacific allies. He said the U.S. is doing all it can to defuse the situation, echoing comments a day earlier by Secretary of State John Kerry. BY LOLITA C. BALDOR ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon said Wednesday it was deploying a missile defense shield to Guam to protect the U.S. and its allies in the region in response to increasingly hostile rhetoric from North Korea. The North renewed its threat to launch a nuclear attack on the United States. The threat issued by the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army capped a week of psychological warfare and military muscle moves by both sides that have rattled the region. On Wednesday, the Pentagon announced it will deploy a landbased, high-altitude missile defense system to Guam to strengthen the Asia-Pacific region’s protections against a possible attack. Pyongyang, for its part, said that America’s ever-escalating hostile policy toward North Korea “will be smashed” by the North’s nuclear strike and the “merciless operation” of its armed forces. “The U.S. had better ponder over the prevailing grave situation,” said the translated statement, which was issued before the Pentagon announced plans to send a missile defense shield to Guam. The Pentagon had no immediate reaction to the latest statement, but earlier Wednesday Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel labeled North Korea’s rhetoric as a real, clear danger and threat to the U.S. and its Asia-Pacific allies. And he said the U.S. is doing all it can to defuse the situation, echoing comments a day earlier by Secretary of State John Kerry. “Some of the actions they’ve taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interests, certainly of our allies,

starting with South Korea and Japan and also the threats that the North Koreans have leveled directly at the United States regarding our base in Guam, threatened Hawaii, threatened the West Coast of the United States,” Hagel said. He said he believes that the U.S. has had a “measured, responsible, serious responses to those threats.” Deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System is the latest step the U.S. has taken to bolster forces in the region in a farreaching show of force aimed at countering the North Korean threat. In recent months, North Korea has taken a series of actions Washington deemed provocative, including an underground nuclear test in February and a rocket launch in December that put a satellite into space and demonstrated mastery of some of the technologies needed to produce a longrange nuclear missile. Then, several weeks ago, the North threatened to pre-emptively attack the U.S. In response, the Pentagon announced it would enhance missile defenses based on the U.S. West Coast, and it highlighted the deployment of B-52 and B-2 bombers, as well as two F-22 stealth fighters, to South Korea as part of an annual military exercise. As the exchange of rhetoric grew, U.S. officials this week said the Navy would keep the USS Decatur, a destroyer armed with missile defense systems, near the Korean peninsula for an unspecified period of time. Another destroyer, the USS John S. McCain, was shifted to the waters off the southwest coast of the Korean peninsula. Tensions have flared many times in the six decades since a truce halted the 1950-53 Korean War, but the stakes are higher now that a defiant See US MISSILE SHIELD, page 11

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Scientists find possible hint of BET experience VIP ticket packages dark matter Offer exclusive access during the BET awards weekend LAWT NEWS SERVICE For those who thought that they’d never get an opportunity to walk a red carpet or brush shoulders with their favorite celebrity, BET Networks, AEG and L.A. LIVE have teamed up to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—aptly called The BET Experience at L.A. LIVE. For the first time ever, public can purchase tickets to attend the BET Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE, which grants them exclusive access to the red carpet and special VIP entrance to performances during the BET Experience weekend, June 28-30, 2013. Even though Beyoncé’s North American tour kick-off concert at STAPLES Center is completely sold out, guests purchasing specially created VIP Ticket Packages can rest assured that they are guaranteed great seats for all of the sold-out weekend performances as well as numerous other events, receptions and programs taking place during the BET Experience. Fans are warned to buy early as these special packages are limited. The three VIP packages provide access to the entire STAPLES Center weekend concert series featuring Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Miguel, ScHoolboy Q, legendary artists The Jacksons, R. Kelly and New Edition. Packages also include intimate show performances by comedian Mike Epps, songstress Erykah Badu, The Roots & Friends, and a gospel showcase including Kirk Franklin over the

BET Experience weekend at Club Nokia. “The BET AWARDS weekend has evolved into a tremendous 3-day experience,” said Debra Lee, BET’s Chairman and CEO. “Attendees will be treated to a specially curated BET GRAMMY® Museum Exhibit; empowerment seminars that range from money and cultural to entertainment, family and health; a film festival; fan fest; the Music Matters stage, celebrity appearances and more.” Special hotel package pricing is available for the weekend’s events. The official host hotels for the BET Experience are the JW Marriott Los Angeles, L.A. LIVE and The RitzCarlton, Los Angeles. The BET Experience will offer special rates to consumers at more than 20 other hotels in the downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills areas. “I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than by enjoying all the sights and sounds at the BET Experience. Who wouldn’t want a chance to hobnob with the stars while sipping champagne on the red carpet in sunny Los Angeles? It just doesn’t get any better than this,” said AEG’s Sean Dee, President, Global Branding AEG Live. For more information on the BET Experience and access to the limited VIP packages, visit Tickets are also available at betexperiencevip. To receive updates and announcements, follow the BET Experience at L.A. LIVE on Twitter @betexperience.

Ford Motor Company announces nominations for Ford Freedom Unsung in Southern California LAWT NEWS SERVICE Ford Motor Company announced today its continued commitment to honor the outstanding achievements of ordinary people and organizations doing extraordinary things in the African American community by creating the national Ford Freedom Unsung program. Made possible by a grant from Ford Motor Company Fund, Ford Freedom Unsung salutes and honors those who have positively impacted communities and whose achievements serve to enlighten and inspire others. The Ford Freedom Unsung — Southern California will celebrate those who have made exceptional and impactful contributions to this region. Ford will recognize the winners at a special reception in their honor on June 19, 2013 at The Grammy Museum at L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles. “Ford is proud to honor the contributions of others who go above and beyond to positively impact communities but are often are not recognition for what they do,” said Pamela

Alexander, director of Community Development, Ford Motor Company Fund. “Whether it is a mother who tutors children, or a brother who sacrificed years serving his country, to a neighbor who leads a nonprofit organization or a father who dedicated his life to serving the homeless, unsung heroes surround us everyday and look for nothing in return.” Ford is bringing this event to Southern California as part of their ongoing commitment to honor distinguished Americans who dedicate their lives to improving the community where they live and the world at large. Award categories include Community, Education, Military, Youth and Organization. Residents of the Southern California area are invited to nominate their favorite living unsung hero who resides in this area. Nominations are due by April 29th. Please mail nominations to Ford Motor Company World Headquarters, attention Najah Woods, One American Road – 211 WHQ, Dearborn, MI 48126 or email to


GENEVA (AP) — It is one of the cosmos' most mysterious unsolved cases: dark matter. It is supposedly what holds the universe together. We can’t see it, but scientists are pretty sure it’s out there. Led by a dogged, Nobel Prize-winning gumshoe who has spent 18 years on the case, scientists put a $2 billion detector aboard the International Space Station to try to track down the stuff. And after two years, the first evidence came in Wednesday: tantalizing cosmic footprints that seem to have been left by dark matter. But the evidence isn’t enough to declare the case closed. The footprints could have come from another, more conventional suspect: a pulsar, or a rotating, radiation-emitting star. The Sam Spade in the investigation, physicist and Nobel laureate Sam Ting of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said he expects a more definitive answer in a matter of months. He confidently promised: “There is no question we’re going to solve this problem.” “It’s a tantalizing hint,” said California Institute of Technology physicist Sean Carroll, who was not part of the team. “It’s a sign of something.” But he can’t quite say what that something is. It doesn’t eliminate the other suspect, pulsars, he added. The results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, or AMS, are significant because dark matter is thought to make up about a quarter of all the matter in the universe. “We live in a sea of dark matter,” said Michael Salamon, who runs the AMS program for the U.S. Energy Department. Unraveling the mystery of dark matter could help scientists better understand the composition of our universe and, more particularly, what holds galaxies together. Ting announced the findings in Geneva at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the particle physics laboratory known as CERN. The 7-ton detector with a 3-foot magnet ring at its core was sent into space in 2011 in a shuttle mission commanded by astronaut Mark Kelly while his wife, then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, was recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. The device is transmitting its data to CERN, where it is being analyzed. For 80 years scientists have theorized the existence of dark matter but have never actually observed it directly. They have looked for it in accelerators that smash particles together at high speed. No luck. They’ve looked deep underground with special detectors. Again no luck. Then there’s a third way: looking in space for the results of rare dark matter collisions. If particles of dark matter crash and annihilate each other, they should leave a footprint of positrons — the anti-matter version of electrons — at high energy levels. That’s what Ting and AMS are looking for. They found some. But they could also be signs of pulsars, Ting and others concede. What’s key is the curve of the plot of those positrons. If the curve is one shape, it points to dark matter. If it’s another, it points to pulsars. Ting said

AP Photo/NASA/European Space Agency ESA. Keystone

This undated file image provided by the European Space Agency ESA on Wednesday April 3, 2013 shows the International Space Station in the sunlight. A $2 billion cosmic ray detector on the International Space Station has found the footprint of something that could be dark matter, the mysterious substance that is believed to hold the cosmos together but has never been directly observed, scientists say. But the first results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, known by its acronym AMS, are almost as enigmatic as dark matter itself. They show evidence of new physics phenomena that could be the strange and unknown dark matter or could be energy that originates from pulsars, scientists at the European particle physics laboratory near Geneva announced Wednesday April 3, 2013. they should know the curve — and the suspect — soon. The instrument will be measuring cosmic rays, where the footprints are found, until 2020 or so. Other scientists praised the results and looked forward to more.

“This is an 80-year-old detective story and we are getting close to the end,” said University of Chicago physicist Michael Turner, one of the giants in the field of dark matter. “This is a tantalizing clue and further results from AMS could finish the story.”

Emergencies Do Happen

Know your neighbors. Plan together. Be ready. Wind Storms, fires, earthquakes or floods can strike at anytime. These emergencies do happen, and it’s important to be ready. That means knowing your neighbors, making a specific plan and working together to be prepared. Take the first step today. Visit This project was supported by Grant/Cooperative Agreement Number 2U90TP917012-11 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the CDC.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

It had been eight years since the last Lakers NBA championship when general manager Jerry West pulled oơ the coupe of the century in trading for a super star center named Shaquille O’Neal in 1996. Shaq arrive at the same time West managed another brilliant maneuver in drafting a high school phenom from Lower Marion High School in Philadelphia we recognize today as Kobe Bryant. Few knew what to expect when O’Neal arrived from Orlando where he managed to lead the Magic to an NBA Final and also lead the league in scoring. After all many of us had become so spoiled by the five championship reign of Magic Johnson and the million dollar smile that Johnson wore that when he announced he had contracted HIV it was like losing a family member. So, when O’Neal arrive with an equally wide grin and a jovial personality to boot it was precisely what we needed, but championships are what we really craved. After all this is the Lakers we are talking about, Showtime, big parties and long parades. When O’Neal got the news that he was traded from the Magic where he won NBA Rookie of the Year during the 1991-’92 season, he thought it was a joke. He subsequently called Jeanie Buss to confirm what he thought was a rumor and, Jeanie passed the phone to her late father Dr. Jerry Buss, and he confirmed the trade and told him “we’re gonna take care of you big fella.” Unlike another former Orlando Magic center that nearly mirrors the fate of O’Neal, Shaq embraced coming to Los Angeles and the challenge to follow in the giant footprints left in the sand by Magic. The Lakers won their first title with O’Neal four years later in 2000 and three NBA championships later and a trio of NBA Finals MVPs, it turned out that O’Neal had actually taken care of the Lakers instead. There are many African American NBA millionaires who play in areas that sit center of blithe urban neighborhoods, community’s strife with poverty, gangs and drug abuse. For the most part, many of them rarely frequent those communities, they seldom embrace those com-





munities, they collect their fat NBA paychecks, and reluctantly sign autographs and peddle you over priced sneakers through Nike or one of the other shoe companies. But, not Shaquille O’Neal. He came to Los Angeles and gave it a big 7-foot-1 bear hug, not just the stars sitting in the courtside seats, but the kids who would not have enjoyed a Christmas gift if it weren’t for him. And, he didn’t do it for publicity. After all, he was raised by a mother and father who taught him the value of giving back. He identifies with the kids who didn’t have a father and those who were raised by a stepfather, because his biological dad left his home long before he was a two-time All America and National Player of the Year at LSU. He knew what it was like to have a stepfather who cared for him as if he was his own, thus he respected more than just the game of basketball---he respected life. If you were to randomly talk to the street hustler on the corner to the gang banger in the ‘hood, you will discover that Shaquille O’Neal was universally respected and loved because he respected them. It is not easy being a multi-million dollar super star athlete, playing a game dominated by Blacks and other Blacks feeling a belonging to you although they have never met you. Magic before him, who was reared by two doting parents in Lansing, Michigan, understood that. The eight years that O’Neal spent here as a player, he also spent here as a member of the Black community. He didn’t peddle Nike’s and Reeboks, he produced his own shoe the Dunkman with a silhouette of him dunking a basketball and they sold in Pay Less, not the

L.A. Watts Times WEEKENDER

high priced Mall. You could get a pair for less than $40 bucks. O’Neal gave the Lakers the best eight years of his life, he had matured into a grown man who realized there would be life after the ball stopped bouncing and understood that his legacy was defined by championships on the court. He dominated while Kobe matured just as he did, and then the Lakers traded him to Miami where he teamed with Dwayne Wade and won another title. However, it was a trade that hurt O’Neal personally and set the Lakers back. It was one that many thought and still believe was spurned by Kobe which is why he is not a revered as he should be. Shaq would move on to collect the $100 million contract the Lakers refused to pay from the Heat and at every opportunity would ridicule Kobe and even performed an infamous rap about his former teammate. He would go on to play with LeBron James in Cleveland, a stop in Phoenix and a last dance with the hated Boston Celtics. In each of those communities he was bigger oơ the court than he was on it. His power dunks had began to fade by then. Injuries to his massive frame piled up, limiting him to a bit player. His personality remained enormous, his smile seldom dimmed and so when he returned for his jersey retirement celebration on Tuesday April 2 it was only right the game against the Mavericks was an afterthought. Shaq hovered over Staples Center one more time, his No. 34 to be a lasting reminder of his lively personality, the candid jokes, the big rigs of Christmas gifts to the kids in the hood, and oh all those NBA titles. ALL FOR ONE: Lakers Hall of Fame members Jerry West, James Worthy, Elgin Baylor and Jamal Wilkes (far right) join Shaquille O’Neal for his jersey retirement ceremony at the Staples Center April. 2. O’Neal (center) is also joined by his former coach with the Lakers Phil Jackson.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


A FAMILY AFFAIR Shaquille O’Neal is pictured here with his mother, Lucille O’Neal (far left), along with his children and family members.

SHAQ STATS 2 NBA scoring titles First-team All-NBA selection

8 times

4 NBA Championship teams 3 NBA Finals MVP Awards 15 -time All-Star 3 All-Star Game MVP Awards 1 of the 50 greatest players in NBA history FORMER LAKERS COACH Phil Jackson speaks during the jersey retirement ceremony. Pictured here with Shaquille O’Neal and members of his family. DEVOTED FAN Jack Nicholson congratulates Shaq on this historic occasion for the Lakers.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Theus returns to college 1st Black heavyweight coaching at CSU Northridge champ’s family wants Reggie Theus

AP Photo/David G Pierre

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Reggie Theus is returning to college basketball to coach the men’s team at Cal State Northridge. Athletic director Brandon Martin announced the hiring of the former NBA player on Wednesday. Theus succeeds Bobby Braswell, who was fired March 17 after 17 years that included three 20-win seasons, two NCAA tournament appearances and a 251-258 record.

Martin calls it “a game-changing hire” for the Big West school, saying it will help the Matadors build a national profile. It’s also Martin’s first big hire since he officially began as AD on Monday. Theus signed a multiyear contract that takes effect April 15. He has coach of the Los Angeles D-Fenders of the NBA’s D-League since October 2011. “I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to get back into college basketball,” he said in a statement. “This is what I really want to do. To have an opportunity to coach in my hometown area is really a dream for me. This is what I really wanted.” He will be introduced on Friday. The Matadors were 14-17 this season, when they won their first seven games and then lost six of their final seven. They finished ninth among 10 teams in the Big West with a 5-13 record, and failed to make the conference tournament. “This is a program that everybody in the near future is going to be proud of,” Theus said. “If the team is willing to work, it’s going to happen.” Theus coached at New Mexico State from 2005-07, compiling a 41-23 record with one NCAA tourney berth. He was an assistant under Rick Pitino at Louisville from 2003-05. In Theus’ second season there, the Cardinals reached the Final Four. He also had coaching stints in the NBA, running the Sacramento Kings from 2007-09 and serving as an assistant at Minnesota from 2009-11. He played 13 years in the NBA after a college career at UNLV. Theus becomes the fifth men's basketball coach in the program’s 55-year history. He is the third coach hired at a Division I school in Los Angeles in recent days after UCLA hired Steve Alford and Southern California hired Andy Enfield.

pardon BY RAMIT PLUSHNICK-MASTI ASSOCIATED PRESS HOUSTON (AP) -Relatives and hometown supporters of the nation’s first Black heavyweight boxing champion are turning to YouTube to convince President Barack Obama to posthumously pardon him of a 1913 conviction for accompanying a white woman across state lines. Jack Johnson, nicknamed the “Galveston Giant” after his Texas hometown, was at the center of racial tensions after winning the title in Jack Johnson AP Photo 1908. When he defended his title by defeating white boxer Jim Jeffries in 1910, dubbed the “Fight of the Century,” the victory sparked deadly race riots across the county. Three years later, Johnson was convicted by an all-white jury for violating a Jim Crow-era law that made it illegal to transport white women across state lines for “immoral purposes.” He was sentenced to a year in prison. His family and other supporters say he did nothing wrong and that the century-old conviction continues to tarnish Johnson’s image. Lawmakers have asked for a pardon three times in the past decade, most recently in March, though none has been successful. The Justice Department has said its general policy is not to process posthumous pardon requests, and the White House declined to comment on the most recent congressional resolution. So on Sunday, to mark what would have been Johnson’s 135th birthday, his relatives and supporters gathered in Galveston to honor him and record a video to go straight to Obama. Leon Phillips, president of the Galveston County Coalition for Justice, which helped spearhead the effort, told The Associated Press on Tuesday the video adds another layer of support. “Not only is it coming from Congress, but it will be coming from the citizens of the United States if we can just get everyone to click on that like button,” he said. “President Obama’s father could have been convicted of the same thing because he was married to a white woman and they traveled all over the world and from state to state.” Johnson’s great-great niece, Linda Haywood, said Johnson was “railroaded” by authorities. “I didn’t know the man was my uncle until I was 12 years old, that’s how ashamed my family was of the fact that he went to prison. A pardon would erase the shame and the stigma and allow us to hold our heads up high because we know what a great man he was,” Haywood said in the video. “I’m asking President Obama as the first African-American president to give my uncle a pardon,” she said. “A lot of times when he would come to his sister’s house or his mother’s house he had to sneak at night with his white girlfriend or his wife because of the times that they lived in.” Authorities first targeted Johnson’s relationship with Lucille Cameron, who later became his wife, but she refused to cooperate. They then turned to his former mistress, a prostitute named Belle Schreiber, to testify that Johnson had paid her train fare from Pittsburgh to Chicago, for immoral purposes. Johnson skipped bail and fled the country following his conviction, but in 1920 he agreed to return and serve his sentence. So far, the YouTube video hasn’t had too many hits. But Haywood and other relatives are determined to get a pardon to clear Johnson’s name. “The color of your skin should not determine who you, or how you, love,” Haywood said in the video.

Black April 5, 1976 FBI documents, released in response to a freedom of information suit, revealed that the government mounted an intensive campaign against civil rights organizations in the sixties. In a letter dated August 25, 1967, the FBI said the government operation, called COINTELPRO, was designed “to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize the activities of Black nationalists, hate-type groups, their leadership, spokesmen, membership and supporters, and to counter their propensity for violence and civil disorders.” A later telegram specifically named the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference as organizations having “radical and violence prone leaders, members and followers.”

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Motown Records and EMI Gospel announce joint venture Partnership to create new label Motown LAWT NEWS SERVICE Motown Records takes a giant step into the ever-expanding Gospel music field as the result of a joint venture partnership with EMI Gospel, creating a new label Motown Gospel. The announcement was made by Barry Weiss, Chairman & CEO, UMG East Coast Label Group and Bill Hearn, President & CEO, Capitol Christian Music Group. “UMG’s acquisition of EMI music offered the ideal opportunity to merge the EMI Gospel label with the strength of the newly revitalized Motown Records,” said Mr. Weiss. “The new Motown Gospel label will offer broader Urban AC crossover potential and further opportunities and synergy between Motown Gospel artists and the Motown and Island Def Jam urban roster.” Motown Gospel was officially launched tonight, with a gala press reception and artist showcase at the Arc Theatre in Los Angeles. The evening featured performances by Gospel best sellers Smokie Norful, Tasha Cobbs, Tye Tribbett, and

Kierra Sheard. In addition to the artists who performed at the showcase, the Motown Gospel roster includes multiple Stellar Award winning artists VaShawn Mitchell, Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago and Grammy nominee Anita Wilson, among others. The structure of Motown Gospel will include Ken Pennell and the executive leadership of EMI Gospel, based in Nashville, coupled with new hires, particularly in the A&R areas. As such, the first appointment of Motown Gospel is VP of A&R, songwriter and producer extraordinaire Aaron L i n d s e y. M r . L i n d s e y, one of the most respected talents in gospel music today, has four Grammy awards and multiple Stellar and Dove awards. His songwriting credits include “Again I Say Rejoice,” “My Testimony” and “He Saw the Best in Me” and he has produced such bestselling artists as Israel Houghton, Byron Cage, and Marvin Sapp’s “Never Would Have Made It” from the platinum-selling album Thirsty. See MOTOWN, page 11

Dawn Robinson not involved with En Vogue legal proceedings LAWT NEWS SERVICE In response to current reports regarding the R&B group En Vogue and the legal proceedings between founding members Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron, and Maxine Jones, my client Dawn Robinson would like to make it very clear that she is not, nor has she ever been in a legal battle over the use of the En Vogue name. Ms. Robinson left the group many years ago, and at that time gave up the legal right to use the name En Vogue for personal performances. She is currently in production on the new reality series R&B Divas LA; a spinoff of the popular reality series R&B Divas Atlanta, she is also working on new music, and authoring a book. Although Ms. Robinson is saddened that her former band members are in the midst of court proceedings, she wishes all of the ladies well and

Dawn Robinson Courtesy of GICPR hopes they can move forward and allow the En Vogue brand to continue to represent talent, class, and dignity.

$40B civil trial pits MJ family against promoter AEG Live BY KENNETH MILLER LAWT CONTRIBUTING WRITER The jury selection for the trial of giant concert promoter AEG live began this week with Katherine Jackson, the mother of late music icon Michael Jackson and his children seeking $40 billion in damages. Nearing the four-year anniversary of the pop superstar’s death and following the manslaughter conviction of physician Conrad Murray, the latest and perhaps final legal saga will focus on the culpability of AEG in the hiring of Murray as Jackson’s physician. It was Murray’s ill-fated propofol treatment that led to Jackson’s death on June 9, 2009. While he is in prison for Jackson’s death, the civil trial will question if AEG should be held liable for the doctor’s criminal mistreatment of Michael Jackson. Katherine Jackson and Michael’s children are alleging that AEG Live should be held responsible although a contract between Murray and AEG was not signed until the final month prior to singer’s demise. The case is expected to last three months. Once the Los Angeles jury is empaneled it will be required to sort through medical records and contracts of both Jackson and Murray for the “This Is It” concert tour. At question is whether it was Jackson or AEG Live who hired Murray, and whether or not it was possible for AEG to predict that Murray would administer a fatal dosage of propofol. If the jury determines that AEG was responsible, then it would be required to determine how much in damages should be assessed against AEG. Katherine Jackson and her lawyers claim that AEG Live hired, supervised and controlled Dr. Murray, “putting its desire for massive profits from the tour over the health and safety of Michael Jackson.” AEG Live says that only Michael hired the doctor and it had no responsibility for how Dr. Murray treated Michael. Originally, the heirs’ attorneys brought many different wrongful death claims against AEG Live, its parent corporation, and others associated with it. But the defendants asked the judge to dismiss the claims for various reasons. The judge agreed that AEG Live breached no direct duties of care to Michael Jackson and could not be legally responsible for Dr. Murray’s actions as an employee. But the judge allowed one claim to proceed to trial. AEG Live will focus on Michael Jackson’s troubled past, including his child molestation trial, in an effort to shift the blame onto Michael. Its legal team will try to focus on Michael’s drug addictions and say he — not

AP Photo/C.F. Tham

Pop singer Michael Jackson performs during his ‘Dangerous’ concert in National Stadium, Singapore on Sunday, August 29, 1993. AEG Live — was responsible for compelling Murray to administer so much propofol. The Jackson heirs will rely heavily on key e-mails between AEG executives, including ones that stated that AEG, not Michael Jackson, was paying Dr. Murray, and another that stated that AEG had checked out Dr. Murray,

who was “extremely successful”. Further, other emails showed that someone within AEG was so concerned with Michael’s health and well being in the months leading up to his death that he recommended immediate psychological intervention. The head of AEG Live denied that request. Court resumes on April 10.

Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s mother.

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Supreme Court determined Guided by Bradley’s to kill Affirmative Action legacy, investing BY GEORGE E. CURRY NNPA COLUMNIST A decade after carefully ruling in two University of Michigan cases – striking down the undergraduate admissions procedures and upholding those implemented by the law school – the U.S. Supreme Court seems on course to strike down even the mildest form of affirmative action admissions in higher education. After oral arguments in a case brought by a White student who was denied admission to the University of Texas at Austin, the justices are expected to hand down a ruling in late June or early July. Rather than await the outcome of that case, last week the court accepted another challenge to affirmative action in Michigan, which will not be argued until the October term. The fact that the court accepted the Texas and Michigan cases, after higher education officials thought the matter was settled law, is a clear indication that the conservative-leaning court plans to eviscerate race- and genderconscious college admissions programs, no matter how conservative or narrowly drawn. If the court had other intentions, it would have left lower court rulings favorable to affirmative

George E. Curry action in the two cases stand. Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, the case the court is expected to rule on in late June, was brought by Abigail Fisher, a 22-year-old White woman who was rejected for admission in the fall of 2008. Under the University of Texas admissions pro-

gram, the top 10 percent of each high school graduating class was guaranteed admission to the state’s flagship university. When Fisher applied, 90 percent of the students were selected that way. The other 10 percent of applicants were admitted based on a variety of factors, including extracurricular activities, awards and honors, work experience, socioeconomic status, standardized test scores and race. Of all of those factors, Fisher decided to challenge admissions because the university considered race as one of many factors. “Race is only one modest factor among many others weighed; it is considered only in an individualized and contextual way… and admissions officers do not know an applicant’s race when they decide [who] to admit in UT’s process,” the university argued in its brief. University of Texas officials said if the modest affirmative action program had not been in place, Fisher still would not have qualified for admission. The district and appeals courts agreed, ruling against Fisher. But the Supreme Court decided to accept the case anyway. Even more surprising was the court’s decision to accept another See CURRY, page 11

45 years after King, struggle goes on BY REV. JESSE JACKSON NNPA COLUMNIST April 4 will mark the 45th year since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. Dr. King, 39, at the time, has now been gone from us longer than he was with us. A monument celebrates his life on the mall in Washington. He is remembered as the man with a dream at the March on Washington. In 1968, however, Dr. King was far from the favored celebrity he is today. He was under fierce criticism for opposing the war in Vietnam. Former colleagues were scorning his commitment to nonviolence. When he went to Memphis, headlines called him “Chicken a la King.” The St. Louis Globe-Democrat termed him “one of the most menacing men in America today.” The FBI was planning COINTELPRO operations to spread rumors about him and discredit him. The civil rights movement had succeeded in ending legal segregation. The Voting Rights Act had been passed. But Dr. King knew that his greatest challenges were still ahead as he turned his focus to poverty and equal opportunity. The war on poverty was being lost in the jungles of Vietnam as war consumed the resources needed. Dr. King went to Memphis to support African-American sanitation workers who were striking for equal pay and for a union. His first nonviolent march there was disrupted when some of the marchers started breaking into and looting stores. King decided to return to Memphis because he believed that nonviolence was now on

The Rev. Jesse Jackson trial. Dr. King was focused on organizing a Poor People’s Campaign to march on Washington, reaching out to impoverished white miners, Hispanic farmworkers, Native Americans, the urban poor. Injustice anywhere, Dr. King preached, was a threat to justice everywhere. Dr. King decried the unemployment that was so crippling to the black community. But he also knew, even then, that a job no longer guaranteed a way out of poverty. “Most of the poverty-stricken people of America,” he said, “are persons who are working every day and they end up getting part-time wages for full-time work.” So Dr. King went to Memphis to march with sanitation workers — and

there his life was taken from him. Now, 45 years later, his last mission is still unfulfilled. One in five children in America are at risk of going without adequate nutrition. One in three African-American children. Forty-six million Americans are in poverty. More than 20 million people are in need of full-time work. AfricanAmerican unemployment remains twice the rate of whites. Dr. King knew that these conditions would not change unless working people and the poor joined across lines of race and religion and region to demand justice. Nothing would change unless people disrupted business as usual, with nonviolent protest, expressing their own humanity while exposing the inhumanity of the current arrangements. On April 4, many will remember Dr. King. The news programs will rebroadcast parts of his sermon the night before he was shot when he promised those gathered that they would “get to the promised land” although “I might not get there with you.” The way to remember Dr. King is to pick up the struggle. Poverty and inequality, he taught us, are a threat to democracy and to freedom. And only nonviolent engagement by people of good conscience joining with those who are afflicted can possibly drive the change we need. Today, inequality has reached even greater extremes. Wages are sinking, poverty is spreading. In this rich nation, poor children go hungry. The Poor People’s Campaign that was lost in the wake of war and the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy is needed now more than ever.

in South L.A. BY WENDY GREUEL SPECIAL TO LAWT Two decades ago I started my career in public service, working with Mayor Tom Bradley. This man was a towering figure in my life who inspired me and taught me to put people first and find practical solutions to problems. It was during this pivotal time in my life that I came to know and love South Los Angeles. Twenty years later, as I run to be the next mayor of Los Angeles, I am humbled by the support I have received from influential leaders in this community like Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Magic Johnson, and the endorsement of faith and civic leaders like Bishop Charles E. Blake, Bishop Kenneth T. Ulmer, Reverend Chip Murray, and Danny Bakewell of the Sentinel. These leaders understand that Los Angeles voters have an important choice before them on May 21. They can either choose the paralysis and failed leadership that has left us with record unemployment, budget deficits, and depleted core services - or they can choose to make progress. This choice is critical for South Los Angeles, a region that cannot afford to be ignored or neglected. As your mayor, you have my commitment that I will always fight on your behalf. Together we’ll build a better city that dedicates itself to ensuring opportunity and equality for all. But you don’t have to take my word for it. While working at DreamWorks Studios, I helped create job training partnerships with churches in South Los Angeles. As City Controller for the past four years, I have fought to help minority-owned businesses and to root out fraud and abuse. As Mayor, I will never stop fighting for South Los Angeles. My office will have five priorities for this region that will revitalize our communities and get people back to work. First, we’ll focus on investing in job training programs and ensuring we are partnering with our community colleges to prepare workers for the jobs of today. Second, we’ll look at development block-by-block, supporting the businesses that are already here. That means making sure LA businesses get the first crack at doing business with the City. Third, we will improve our technology infrastructure. Every neighborhood should have the infrastructure to support innovative businesses, and innovation hubs throughout

Wendy Greuel the city will help businesses expand to new areas like South LA. Fourth, we will reinvest Community Redevelopment Agency Dollars in the community. The City is receiving tens of millions of dollars from the state from the dissolution of the Community Redevelopment Agency. These dollars ought to be devoted to communities like South LA, where the economic stimulus is most needed. Fifth, we will identify ways to increase neighborhood retail opportunities to create more jobs. We need to create incentives to encourage national retailers to move into underserved communities. And this plan is only the beginning. Education, public safety and access to public transit—including a Metro station at Leimert Park--will be important priorities for my administration. When I worked for Mayor Bradley, I helped start LA’s BEST, a nationally recognized after-school program that gives thousands of kids a safe place to be after school. As your Mayor, I will work to expand LA’s BEST to more schools. I will also invest in community policing, prevention and intervention so our children grow up safely. And I’ll fight to reduce gun violence and make mental health services accessible for everyone. This city’s future — and the future of South LA — depends upon us all making sure that our friends, our neighbors, and our relatives go to the polls and choose progress over paralysis. This is our chance to create a better LA. I need your support, and I will be honored to serve you as YOUR Mayor.

Black April 8, 1974 Henry (“Hank”) Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s major league baseball record, by hitting his 715th home run in a game at Atlanta stadium.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

CURRY Continued from page 10 Michigan case, Schulette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, while Fisher is still pending. After the Supreme Court upheld affirmative action in the University of Michigan law school case, 58 percent of voters adopted Proposal 2 in 2006, which prohibited discrimination or preferential treatment in public education, government contracting and public employment based on race, ethnicity or gender. It was modeled after a ballot measure passed by California voters in 1996. Supporters of affirmative action in Michigan, lodged a legal challenge to

GREUEL Continued from page 3 in demonstration. “When you can put together a group of people like this to support one candidate, then you know this whole community supports this candidate,” said Johnson. “We speak for a lot of these people who live here, all of these people standing here. “We love this woman because she loves us. We love this woman because she’s been in our community for manymany years and the fact that she is going to get the job done.” Johnson told Greuel that he is in her camp 100 percent and is willing to go door-to-door to make sure that she becomes the first woman mayor in history of Los Angeles. The former Lakers’ great and global businessman represents the present and future of Black political influence, and was joined at the podium by Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, John L. Mack of the Los Angeles Police Commission, Bishop Charles E. Blake of West Angelus, Watts community activist ‘Sweet’ Alice Harris and Sentinel Publisher Danny J. Bakewell Sr. Dozens of others such as former Congresswoman Diane Watson, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, former City Councilman Dave Cunningham and an array of noted constituents have pledged to elect Greuel as the next mayor. Bakewell preceded Johnson in speaking on behalf of Greuel and extorted the crowd to shout ‘Wendy Greuel— Wendy Greuel’ before settling into a more focused theme. “It’s not often the Sentinel comes out to support a candidate almost two months before the election, so this shows just how important this is,” said Bakewell. “You can’t judge people by what they are doing today, you have to judge them by what they have been doing and Wendy Greuel has always been in our community and advocated for our community.” Greuel thanked her supporters and pledged to continue her strong relationship with the Black community by ensuring their voices are heard and interests addressed if she is elected mayor.

Black April 8, 1990 Percy Julian, developer of drugs to combat glaucoma and methods to mass produce cortisone and George Washington Carver are the first African American Inventors admitted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the hall’s 17-year history.


Proposal 2, paving the path for the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati to rule 8-7 that ballot initiative, which amended the state constitution, violated the federal Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause. According to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the percentage of Black students enrolled at the University of Michigan had dropped from 6.7 percent in 2006 to 4.5 percent in 2010 as a result of Proposal 2. The permissible use of affirmative action was thought to be decided for good in 2003. In Gratz v. Bollinger, the court ruled that the University of Michigan’s undergraduate admissions program violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment when it assigned 20 points to minority applicants. But in Grutter v. Bollinger, the court ruled that when narrowly tailored, race can be lawfully used in combination with other factors as part of the University of Michigan Law School admissions process. In her written opinion, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor cited benefits of “obtaining the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body.” O’Connor, who has since retired from the court, said she did not envision affirmative action in place forever. In fact, she suggested 25 years, without giving a reason why it would not be needed beyond that point. Now, just 10 years later – and

DRIVERS WANTED CRYOGENIC TRANSPORTATION LLC is hiring Class A CDL DRIVERS out of Azusa, CA & Fontana, CA for our OTR (3 weeks out, home for 1 week) positions! We offer competitive pay, medical benefits for you and your family, paid training on product handling, paid uniforms, paid vacations, 401K & MORE! 2 years tractortrailer experience, Tank & Hazmat endorsements (or ability to obtain) & safe driving record required. Stop by the terminal to apply at 10787 Mulberry Ave. Fontana, CA 92337 (909) 275-7350 or apply online at

despite this nation’s horrible history on race – the conservative majority on the court seem unwilling to leave affirmative action in place for another 15 years. As Justice Stephen G. Breyer, a supporter of affirmative action, said last October: “Grutter said it would be good law for at least 25 years, and I know that time flies, but I think only nine of those years have passed.” George E. Curry, former editorin-chief of Emerge magazine, is editor-in-chief of the National Newspaper Publishers Association News Service (NNPA.) He is a keynote speaker, moderator, and media coach. Curry can be reached through his Web site, You can also follow him at www.

US MISSILE SHIELD Continued from page 4 North Korea appears to have moved closer to building a nuclear bomb that could not only threaten the South and other U.S. allies in Asia but possibly, one day, even reach U.S. territory. Even without nuclear arms, the communist North poses enough artillery within range of Seoul to devastate large parts of the capital before U.S. and South Korea could fully respond. The U.S. has about 28,500 troops in the South, and it could call on an array of air, ground and naval forces to reinforce the peninsula from elsewhere in Asia and the Pacific. U.S. officials have said that the Pentagon’s military response to Pyongyang’s threats has so far been aimed more at assuring South Korea and other allies in the region that

America is committed to their security. U.S. military leaders also have said that despite the escalating rhetoric, they have seen nothing to suggest that North Korea is making any military moves to back up its threats. Hagel told an audience at the National Defense University that there is a path to peace on the troubled Korean peninsula, but it doesn't include making nuclear threats or taking provocative actions. The land-based THAAD missile defense system includes a truckmounted launcher, tracking radar, interceptor missiles, and an integrated fire control system. The Pentagon said the system will boost defenses for American citizens in Guam, a U.S. territory, and U.S. forces stationed there.


DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (DBE) PROGRAM THREE-YEAR OVERALL GOAL & GOAL METHODOLOGY AMENDMENT FOR FEDERAL FISCAL YEARS 2013 – 2015 This announcement will serve as notice of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (Metro) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Overall Goal amendment of 27% for Federal Transit Administration (FTA) – assisted contracts. The overall goal is for a threeyear period from October 1, 2013 (Federal Fiscal Year 2013) through September 30, 2015 (Federal Fiscal Year 2015). Metro proposes to achieve its overall DBE goal by using race and gender neutral (raceneutral) measures and race and gender conscious (race-conscious) measures. Metro will achieve 6.11% of its overall goal utilizing race-neutral measures, and 20.89% of its overall goal utilizing race-conscious measures. The overall goal is expressed as a percentage of FTA funds Metro projects to expend for the triennial goal period. The goal methodology used is in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) DBE Program Final Rule, 49 Code of Federal Regulation, Part 26. The triennial goal is established to achieve a “level playing field” for DBE’s to participate in Metro’s FTAassisted contracting opportunities. The public may review and provide comments on the overall DBE goal for 45 days. Public comments will be accepted starting March 29, 2013 and ending May 12, 2013. The FFY13 – FFY15 amended overall DBE goal and goal methodology report (goal report) will be made available during regular business hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday for public review for 30 days from March 29, 2013 through April 27, 2013. Requests for copy of the goal report can be obtained by contacting the Metro Diversity & Economic Opportunity Department by phone, fax or US mail. To view the goal report, on the Metro website, visit deod/ and click on “Overall DBE Goal”. Submit comments by US mail, email or fax to: Metro Diversity & Economic Opportunity Department Attn: Public Comment Overall DBE Goal Mail Stop: 99-8-4 One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012 Email: DEOD Hotline: (213) 922-2600 CNS#2464301

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAMES FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 201304052 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Nile Valley Landscape Mainstenance & Sprinkler Repair, 3717 La Brea Ave. Suite 642, Los Angeles CA 90016, County of Registered owner(s): Tamora Neal, 4061 West Blvd. Unit A, Los Angeles CA 90008 This business is conducted by an Individual The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on N/A I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime.) S/ Tamora Neal, Owner This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Los Angeles on February 28, 2013 NOTICE-In accordance with Subdivision (a) of Section 17920, a Fictitious Name Statement gener-

GOVERNMENT INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) No. 1735-A THE RESTORATION AND PAINTING OF THE EXISTING WROUGHT IRON SECURITY DOORS AND WINDOW BARS The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) invites vendors to submit firm fixed price bids for the restoration and painting of the existing wrought iron security doors and window bars, perimeter fencing, handrails and guardrails at the following public housing developments located at: Rancho San Pedro Housing Development, 275 W. 1st Street, San Pedro, CA 90731, Estrada Courts Housing Development, 3232 Estrada Street, Los Angeles, CA 90023, Pueblo Del Rio Housing Development, 1801 E. 53rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90058, San Fernando Gardens Housing Development, 10995 Lehigh Ave., Pacoima, CA 91331. Copies of the IFB may be downloaded from the internet at under “Doing Business with HACLA”, then click on “Procurement Opportunities” and click “Construction Goods and Services”. Bids will be accepted by the General Services Department at 2600 Wilshire Boulevard, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90057, until 2:00 P.M., Pacific Daylight Saving Time, May 7, 2013. 4/4, 4/11/13 CNS-2463567# WATTS TIMES INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) No. 1734-A THE RE-ROOFING OF SEVENTY FOUR (74) BUILDINGS AT GONZAQUE VILLAGE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) invites vendors to submit firm fixed price bids for the re-roofing of seventy four (74) buildings at Gonzaque Village housing development. Copies of the IFB may be downloaded from the internet at under “Doing Business with HACLA”, then click on “Procurement Opportunities” and click “Construction Goods and Services”. Bids will be accepted by the General Services Department at 2600 Wilshire Boulevard, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90057, until 2:00 P.M., Pacific Daylight Saving Time, April 29, 2013. . 3/28, 4/4/13 CNS-2462016# WATTS TIMES INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) No. 1733-A THE EXTERIOR PAINTING OF SEVENTY FOUR (74) BUILDINGS AT GONZAQUE VILLAGE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) invites vendors to submit firm fixed price bids for the exterior painting of seventy four (74) buildings at Gonzaque Village housing development. Copies of the IFB may be downloaded from the internet at under “Doing Business with HACLA”, then click on “Procurement Opportunities” and click “Construction Goods and Services”. Bids will be accepted by the General Services Department at 2600 Wilshire Boulevard, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90057, until 2:00 P.M., Pacific Daylight Saving Time, April 29, 2013. 3/28, 4/4/13 CNS-2461983# WATTS TIMES


Continued from page 4 small enough to mount on a long-range missile. Long-range rocket launches designed to send satellites into space in 2009 and 2012 were widely considered covert tests of missile technology, and North Korea has conducted three underground nuclear tests, most recently in February. “I don’t believe North Korea has to capacity to attack the United States with nuclear weapons mounted on missiles, and won’t for many years. Its ability to target and strike South Korea is also very limited,” nuclear scientist Siegfried Hecker, a senior fellow at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University, said this week. “And even if Pyongyang had the technical means, why would the regime want to launch a nuclear attack when it fully knows that any use of nuclear weapons would result in a


ally expires at the end of five years from the date on which it was filed in the office of the County Clerk, except, as provided in Subdivision (b) of Section 17920, where it expires 40 days after any change in the facts set forth in the statement pursuant to section 17913 other than a change in the residence address of a registered owner. A New Fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed before the expiration. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a Fictitious Business Name in violation of the rights of another under Federal, State, or common law (See Section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). Original 3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/4/13 CNS-2458372# WATTS TIMES

devastating military response and would spell the end of the regime?” he said in answers posted to CISAC’s website. In Seoul, a senior government official said Tuesday that it wasn’t clear how advanced North Korea's nuclear weapons capabilities are. But he also noted fallout from any nuclear strike on Seoul or beyond would threaten Pyongyang as well, making a strike unlikely. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly to the media. North Korea maintains that it needs to build nuclear weapons to defend itself against the United States. On Monday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un led a high-level meeting of party officials who declared building the economy and “nuclear armed forces” as the nation’s two top priorities.

Continued from page 9 Platinum seller and multiGrammy winning CeCe Winans has also announced her intention to be the first new signing to the Motown Gospel label. The Gospel superstar’s first all new recording in more than five years is planned for an early 2014 release. “I’ve been a huge fan of Barry Weiss for years” said Mr. Hearn. “Through his leadership of the Verity Label in the past, he’s been responsible for much of the growth and artist development in Gospel Music today. I can't wait to partner with Barry, Motown through A&R collaboration, and promotion and marketing support from Steve Bartels and the amazing IDJ team. I’m confident Motown Gospel will now be even more effective at connecting our artists with their

fans and growing their fan base.” Motown Gospel’s strong 2013 release schedule was also showcased at the event with Tasha Cobbs performing her hit single “Break Every Chain” from her current Top 5 charting album Grace. Tye Tribbett introduced his new album and label debut, Greater Than which is set for June 4 release and performed his first single “If He Did It Before Same God” which debuted Top 20 on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs Chart in March. Kierra Sheard also debuted her new Rodney Jerkins produced song “Trumpets Blow” which will lead her new Karew Records release later this summer. And Gold selling, Grammy winning Smokie Norful debuted songs from his long awaited new album set for fall 2013 release.


Thursday, April 4, 2013


e v e n t LISTINGS

L.A. Watts Times Calendar, Compiled by Brandon I. Brooks, Co-Managing Editor THIS WEEK 4/6 MENTORING PROGRAM FOR AFRICANAMERICAN YOUTH: The Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles, a non-profit mentoring organization, offers a powerful series of youth mentoring workshops through its signature Welcome-to-Manhood Program, promoting education, career and life skills guidance, and instructions in the importance of self-mastery and personal achievement. Workshops and youth activities are free. Workshops are designed for youth 11 to 19 years of age. WHEN: Our next workshop College Life and What to Expect is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. WHERE: Exposition Park Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Regional Branch Library 3900 S. Western Ave Los Angeles, 90062, at the corner of 39th Street and Western Avenue. For more information please call (213) 359-3378 to preregister for yourself and friends.

7TH ANNUAL “DAY OF BLACK DOCS:” The Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers West (“BAD West”) is proud to present its Tanya 7th annual Kersey “Day of Black Docs.” WHEN: Saturday, April 6, 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. WHERE: American Film Institute,

Mark Goodson Theater, 2021 Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Three extraordinary documentaries Dedon Kamathi will be presented: ROBERT MUGABE: VILLAIN OR HERO? an epic personal journey by filmmaker Roy Agyemang who found himself in Zimbabwean President Mugabe’s entourage, on Colonel Gaddafi’s private jet, and among a host of prominent African leaders; VOICES OF LOVE: WHITNEY HOUSTON AND HER FAMILY, by filmmaker Gary Keys, a look into one of America’s most musically influential families, the Drinkard family, whose tradition of gospel produced such luminaries as Dionne Warwick, Cissy Houston and Whitney Houston; and ICEBERG SLIM: PORTRAIT OF A PIMP directed by Jorge Hinojosa and Executive Produced by Ice-T, which examines the tumultuous life of legendary Chicago pimp Iceberg Slim (1918-1992) and how he reinvented himself from pimp to author of seven groundbreaking books. Day of Black Docs is co-sponsored by the International Documentary Association and the California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators in collaboration with ECRC- the Education is a Civil Right Committee. The event is moderated

by Tanya Kersey, founder and director of the Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF). All day admission to the Day of Black Docs screening is $15.00. Tickets can be purchased on April 6th at AFI or in advance at

Inglewood, CA 90301. WHEN: Extended Sunday Matinee - April 7, 4:00 p.m. For more information and to reserve seating contact TuNook at (323) 552-8283 or Tenisha Webb (323) 251-9022. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!



Guest Poets and an eclectic and dynamic group of local poets (Honoring) The Memory of Florence V. Gilmore-Kersee poet, author, president of the friends of AC Bilbrew Library. WHEN: Saturday, April 6, 1:00 p.m. WHERE: AC Bilbrew Library 150 E. El Segundo Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90061. Refreshments provided by the Friends of AC Bilbrew Library. For more information please call (310) 538-3350 or visit For ADA accommodation, such as a sign language interpreter or materials in an alternate format, call 562-940-8462 (voice) or 562-940-8477 (TTY), M-F, 8-5, at least six days prior to event.

ROCKAYOURSOUL: LA’s Celebration of Gospel, Soul and Ailey: Inspired by the rich heritage of the African American community, this first-of-its-kind multi-dimensional festival lets visitors of all ages engage directly with dance, music and art as Ailey and The Music Center teaching artists lead dancing, singing and visual arts workshops in a green, urban setting. WHEN: Saturday, April 6, 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. WHERE: Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles (from Grand Avenue to Hill Street). Guests will also enjoy performances from some of LA’s highly acclaimed choirs, including the Colburn Children’s Choir, the Colburn Young Men’s Chorus, the LA Inner City Mass Choir and The Spirit Chorale of Los Angeles. The public will join together at 4 p.m. in the largestever public celebration and recreation of excerpts from Alvin Ailey’s seminal work, Revelations. As a special treat, Ailey artists will teach Revelations’ “Wade in the Water” right in the water, in the splash pad of Grand Park’s historic Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain. For more information, please contact Lisa Ducore at (818) 468-1135. 4/7 “SICK AND TIRED” THE FANNIE LOU HAMER STORY: Voting rights in 1963 vs. Voting rights in 2013. FANNIE LOU HAMER, PROUD, BLACK AND LOUD!!! Fifty years ago, African Americans in the South fought for their constitutional right to vote facing many hardships and trials due to racism; “SICK and TIRED” depicts the struggle Fannie encountered in her stand for voting rights during that period. Determined to make a difference, she stood firm on the front line against her oppressors; she was falsely charged, jailed and even savagely beaten by the police. “SICK and TIRED” boasts soul stirring Gospel and Blues music from the era, and award winning performers. “SICK and TIRED” will inspire, uplift, encourage and enlighten all who are in attendance. WHERE: The Performer’s Corner 214 r me Ha u Lo Fannie Hardy St.


annual “Hatitude” event where guests have the opportunity to be fashionistas or fashionistors, and showcase unique hats from their personal collections, as well as designing them while attending the event. Mauva Gacitua, a wardrobe stylist for StarHold Images, will lead a special fashion show. Gaucitua will showcase her haute couture collection featuring designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Narciso Rodriguez, Lela Rose, Carmen Marc Valvo, Burberry, Vera Mauva Gacitua Wang, Nicole Miller, Caché, and many more. WHEN Target Sundays at CAAM, April 7, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. WHERE: CAAM is located at 600 State Drive, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, 90037. Parking is available in the lot at 39th and Figueroa Streets and is $10 per vehicle. The event will be co-hosted by performing artist and choreographer, Ingrid Graham and actor Jeffrey AndersonGunter. In addition, “Haute Couture with Hatitude” takes the opportunity to celebrate the transition into the spring season with flair and fun for all ages. Men, women, girls and boys can compete in various categorizes and will be eligible for prizes based on their very own “Hatitude”. Guests are encouraged to bring their most chic hats, headbands, fascinators and headpieces or they may design an original masterpiece at a workshop prior to what is sure to be an exciting and amusing competition. All events and programs at CAAM, including “Haute Couture with Hatitude” are free and open to the public. Please visit for more information about other upcoming events and programs.

4/9 EIGHT WEEK ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAINING COURSE: The Mission of West Angeles Community Development Corporation is to increase social and economic justice, demonstrate compassion and alleviate poverty as tangible expressions of the Kingdom of God through the vehicle of community development. WHEN: Tuesday, April 9, at 6:30 p.m. WHERE: West Angeles CDC Conference Room 6028 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90043. Topics for the session include developing marketing strategies through research, securing start-up or growth capital and preparing a complete, fund ready business plan. Tuition is FREE / Training Manual and Course Materials only $50. For more information, please contact West Angeles Community Development Corporation (323) 751-3440 ext. 42.

ON GOING MONDAY’S FREE SMALL BUSINESS ADVISING: The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is conducting free advising for business owners

and new entrepreneurs. WHEN: The informational workshops are scheduled every Monday at 9 a.m. Some of the topics include how to start a new business, licensing and permits, the planning process, how to grow your existing business, and how to obtain a business loan. WHERE: St. Lawrence of Brindisi Church 10122 Compton Ave. Los Angeles. For more information or to confirm your participation, please call Martha G. Castro (562) 212-0312 or Email:


OF THE COSMOS: The Universe Language of Sun Ra - In 1969, Sun Ra’s first Los Angeles appearance was at the Dorsey High School Auditorium on Farmdale Avenue, just blocks from where The William Grant Still Arts Center is

today. To honor our neighborhood as well as Sun Ra’s groundbreaking career as a visionary jazz composer, ARKESTRY OF THE COSMOS: THE UNIVERSE LANGUAGE OF SUN RA will exhibit archives, art, and interviews on Sun Ra, members of The “Ark” and their quest to expand minds, music, and souls through musical experimentation for over a half-century. WHEN: Now – April 27. Culminating Youth Concert - Saturday, April 20, Time TBA. Center Hours – Tuesday – Saturday, Noon – 5:00 p.m. WHERE: William Grant Still Arts Center, 2520 South West View Street, Los Angeles, CA 90016. The cost is Free! For more information call William Grant Still Arts Center (323) 7341165.

UP & COMING 4/11 – 4/14 REVIVAL 2013, “SAINT STILL



Come and be revived and refreshed. WHERE: Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 9300 S. Crenshaw Blvd., Inglewood, CA. WHEN: Thursday, April 11 and Friday April 12 (7:30 p.m.), Sunday, April 14 (10:30 AM). For more information call the church at (323) 757-1739 or email and FACEBOOK at:

TO MAKE A CALENDAR SUBMISSION: Include event name, date(s), time, location, contact/RSVP information and admission price, if any. Use BRIEF paragraph format (no lists, line breaks, or all caps). All calendar submissions are space-permitting and may be edited for brevity. Send submissions, along with any images, to with the subject heading “LAWT Community Events.” Please include text in the body of your email, not in an attachment.

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