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Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Thursday, December 20, 2012


RIES ~ Someone in the family is ready to give you something. Open yourself up to it. Home improvement –mental, physical and spiritual– is this week’s best theme. Seek the simple pleasures from a neglected hobby this week. Soul Affirmation: I love charming, positive head games. AURUS ~ How efficient you are this week! Your busy mind is focused on productivity and achievement. Both come easily to you, so take your advantage and press forward. Soul Affirmation: I see myself as a finisher rather than a starter this week. EMINI ~ Entertainment and companionship are high on your list of things to enjoy this week. Use your mental gifts to speed carefully through your work so that you’ll have more time for fun this week. Soul Affirmation: This week silence speaks loudest and truest. ANCER ~ Your only real caution this week is to watch your budget. Other than that, happiness remains the focus, as relationships heat happily up. Your family is very supportive and loving right now; let them meet your new admirer. Soul Affirmation: I speak my mind knowing that truth is my best defense this week. EO ~ Romantic daydreams may distract you from work this week; try to stay focused, but also enjoy your mental trips to romantic sunnier spaces. These images will inspire you to take action regarding a trip or get-together with your honey. Soul Affirmation: I let my dreams take over my mind to provide enjoyment. IRGO ~ Partnerships continue to be featured this week. This week is especially favorable for a fresh start or a new beginning for you in love. Avoid distractions at work this week and you’ll get much accomplished. Soul Affirmation: There is a funny side to everything I see. IBRA ~ Friendship remains highlighted; you may be attending a social event with good friends, or may be planning one.


Dec. 20 - 26 Whichever, it will be a very happy occasion. Be happy! You’ve got many loving friends. Soul Affirmation: Hope is a beautify jewel. I enjoy owning it. CORPIO ~ You may find out this week that the project you didn’t really want to work on has been scrapped. That leaves you plenty of time to finish up the stuff you want to work on! Money concerns ease up. This week a romantic get-together will remind you of what bliss really is! Soul Affirmation: He who asks might seem foolish for a while. AGITTARIUS ~ Keep an eye on your budget this week, but also indulge your creative senses with the visual and the tactile. You might find yourself wanting to “feel” something new in your hands. Just the feeling may be enough; you don’t necessarily have to spend money to satisfy your artistic urge this week. Soul Affirmation: Happiness is my only goal this week. APRICORN ~ Call early in the week and make a date so you can catch the person that you want to spend time with this week. An old love may turn up in your romantic mix, and romance will be very sweet if you rise above the temptation to remember why you split in the first place! Soul Affirmation: What I need to be is fully present inside of me. QUARIUS ~ Your vibes are calling to you this week to think fondly of all the love you are now giving and have given. Love itself makes you a better you. So act the fool and love with all your big sunny self. If things get stressful repeat your magic word to yourself: LOVE! Soul Affirmation: Freedom of mind is the greatest gift for me this week. ISCES ~ Some quiet time could fill the bill nicely for you this afternoon. You need some space to let your creativity spread out, so enjoy the moments of solitude and make your necessary phone calls later. Relax! Soul Affirmation: I let myself be the cheerful me.









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One of the most treasured Urban League affiliates in the history of one of the nations oldest civil rights organizations, The Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL) will soon name Nolan V. Rollins as its new president. Rollins has a deep-rooted history in the Urban League, having served the organization in a variety of capacities, including most recently as president & CEO of Urban league of Greater New Orleans. He will replace Blair Taylor, who after seven years as president resigned in July 2012 to accept a global executive position for Starbucks in Seattle, Washington. The LAUL is among the affiliates in 100 U.S. cities for the Urban League, which is 102 years old and considered one of the nation's leading civil rights organizations. Rollins will assume an LAUL staff of over 300 and a budget in excess of $25 million; the 90-year-old Los Angeles Urban League is one of America's largest civil rights entities. Rollins has held positions such as senior vice president of economic and community development for the Baltimore affiliate where he successfully implemented all economic and community development strategies. He worked with corporations and foundations to support financial empowerment programs, and was instrumental in fostering business partnerships to increase local minority business. He also drafted bond bills for capital build-outs and rehabilitation, and oversaw $2.5 billion for economic and inclusion opportunities. From 2001-2004, Rollins served on the Board of Directors of the Baltimore affiliate while concurrently serving as the eastern region vice president and

Nolan V. Rollins treasurer of the National Urban League Young Professionals (NULYP). He was a founder of NULYP and served as its first president. Rollins currently represents NULYP on the National Urban League Board of Trustees, where he serves on the Program, Affiliate Services and Strategic Planning committees. Rollins earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from Virginia State University and was honored with the Community Service Award and the Outstanding Public Administrators Award. He earned his Master of Arts degree in Legal Ethics and Historical Studies from the University of Baltimore, and received his Juris Doctor degree from Florida Coastal School of Law. During law school, Rollins was associate justice of the Honor Court, a member of the Judicial Review Board and a Student Bar Association representative. A native of Baltimore, Rollins is See NOLAN ROLLINS, page 3

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LA Urban League to appoint Nolan V. Rollins as president




Inside This Edition December 23, 1867 Madame C.J. Walker, born Sarah Breedlove on this day, starts a Black hair-care business in Denver, CO; she alters curling irons that were popularized by the French to suit the texture of Black women’s hair. She is arguably ther first woman millionaire in the U.S.

December 21, 1959 Delorez Florence Griffith Joyner TRACK & FIELD Birthplace:Los Angeles, California December 21, 1959 - September 21, 1998 Florence was married to Al Joyner, sister of Jackie Joyner-Kersee. She earned two gold medals and the world records in the 100m (10.49 sec) and 200m (21.34 sec) at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. "Flo-Jo" also earned a third gold medal in the 4x100m relay and a silver for the 4x400m relay team. With her achievements in the 1988 Olympics, she earned the title "World's Fastest Woman" and she became the first American woman to win four medals in one Olympic year. President Bill Clinton appointed her to replace Arnold Schwazeneggar as chair of the President's Council on Physical Fitness in Sports. This established her as the first woman to recieve this position. On September 21, 1998, Florence's husband could not awaken his wife and called 911. She was pronounced dead upon the arrival of the ambulance. She will be truly missed but not forgotten. December 20, 1956 On this day the African American community of Montgomery, Alabama voted unanimously to end its 385 day bus-boycott.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Reported sex assaults spike The tragic media coverage of tragedies at military academies BY LOLITA C. BALDOR ASSOCIATED PRESS

BY THANDISIZWE CHIMURENGA LAWT CONTRIBUTING WRITER By the middle of December, most of us are supposed to be engaged – full throttle – in the ritual of preparations for Christmas Day, the week of Kwanzaa and the New Year that follows: gift shopping; work-and-school-and-homeschedule rearranging; house cleaning; menu planning; mini-vacation/getaway maneuvers; out-of-town-family-and-orvisitor readiness; menu/meal prep, and resolutions to make (and undoubtedly break). It is supposed to be a time of merriment and cheer. It is not supposed to be a time for the funerals of children. The tragedy that occurred on Friday, Dec. 14, when Adam Lanza walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., killing 20 children and six adults has dominated news coverage and our collective consciousness on a daily, almost non-stop basis. Speaking at a vigil for the victims at Newtown High School on Dec. 16, President Barack Obama stated, “I can only hope it helps for you to know that you’re not alone in your grief; that our world too has been torn apart; that all across this land of ours, we have wept with you, we’ve pulled our children tight. And you must know that whatever measure of comfort we can provide, we will provide; whatever portion of sadness that we can share with you to ease this heavy load, we will gladly bear it.” Grief, sorrow and empathy with those who have experience tragedy are all natural, normal human emotions. Weariness and resentment are also normal human emotions – weariness over the constant exposure to such tragedies and resentment over disparate, sometimes racist treatment of the victims of tragedy – and the perpetrators of it – by the media. “There will never be an appropriate time to say that this nation only stands at attention when the majority of victims are white Americans, as was the case at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, so I might as well say it today,” wrote Kirsten West Savali in the online magazine Clutch on Dec. 17. A mental health professional and commentator, Savali noted that “It is horrifying what happened to those babies … the thought of what transpired within the confines of Sandy Hook conjures up not just “visceral” emotions, but “primal” urges …,” but that also, “White American children in

this country who become victims of gun violence are a sign of shattered innocence, an anomaly that must be analyzed and dissected to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Black and Brown American children who become victims serve as an indictment of our communities, our homes and our parenting.” But why is this the case? “Because white victims are perceived to be the most compelling crime victims … they have emerged as focal points of crime reporting,” wrote Nadra Kareem Nittle in October of this year. Nittle interviewed and quoted Sonia R. Jarvis, a distinguished lecturer in the school of public affairs at Baruch College of The City University of New York, to gain an understanding of why so much media attention is focused on the white victims of heinous crimes. Nittle’s article, “White Crime Victims Favored in Mainstream Media Reports,” was written for the Maynard Media Center for Structural Inequity, a project of the Robert C. Maynard Institute. A local scholar Nittle spoke to is Travis L. Dixon, an associate professor of communications studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, who gave an economic reason for disparate racial coverage. “Journalism operates as a business and news editors and producers tend to create content to cater to their audiences … the assumption is that most people who are watching tend to be white, tend to be women, tend to be moderate to somewhat conservative and maybe over 30,” Dixon is quoted as saying. Such a “package” often results in news editors choosing coverage that may resonate most with a predominantly white audience which will – hopefully “translate into higher ratings, which translate into bigger profits,” according to Dixon. Not all subscribe to the economic angle of disparate media coverage however. Indeed, many critics of media point to what they call “humanizing portraits” of white perpetrators of violence versus the “criminal, pathologizing” of Black and Brown perpetrators as nothing more than good old fashioned white supremacy. Son of Baldwin, a New York Citybased blogger whose site of the same name is described as a “literary, sociopolitical, sexual, pop culture blog,” wrote on the site’s Facebook page on Dec. 15, “It seems that we do this, all the See MEDIA COVERAGE, page 5

sought medical care and advocacy services but did not seek an official investigation. According to the report, all three academies are now meeting department policies and requirements for training and the appointment of sexual assault response coordinators.

Metro Briefs Holiday Eve Free Fares To help you enjoy the holidays safely, all Metro buses and trains will o=er free service on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Speci>cally, no fare will be charged from 9pm on Monday, December 24 until 2am Tuesday, December 25 and from 9pm on Monday, December 31 until 2am on Tuesday, January 1. Have a safe holiday. Go Metro.

Go Metro To The Rose Parade To really enjoy this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, use the Metro Gold Line and skip the tra;c and parking hassles. All Metro Rail lines will run overnight on December 31 to help you make your connections. Plan your trip at

Metro’s Division 5 Turns 100 Metro’s Division 5 is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month. The bus division at 54th Street and Van Ness Avenue in LA’s Chester>eld Square neighborhood began life in 1912 as a streetcar yard for the Los Angeles Railway.

Metro Ridership Increases

NOLAN ROLLINS Continued from page 2 accompanied to New Orleans by his wife, attorney and legislative expert Michelle Burks-Rollins, and their son, Mason. He was active on the boards and committees of several civic, cultural and philanthropic organizations including the Walters Art Museum’s African American Steering Committee, One World Cultural Arts Center Board of Directors, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Henry Simmons Lodge #379. While in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, Rollins urged for more Black inclusion during the recovery period. “(Blacks) don't see themselves as being a part of the recovery economy and getting real opportunity," Rollins said then in 2005. A formal announcement of Rollins appointment will be soon confirmed by both the National Urban League and the LAUL.

Rising gas prices, an improving economy and new service on the Metro Expo and Orange lines have all contributed to boosting Metro’s ridership numbers. Riders on Metro Rail soared by 23% while bus ridership increased nearly 5% in October 2012 as compared to October 2011.

Metro Runs Weekends ‘Til 2am All Metro Rail lines, along with the Metro Orange and Silver lines, provide extended service running until approximately 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. Catch the overtime action, stay for the encore or take time for a bite to eat and still count on Metro for your ride home! For exact schedules, check

If you’d like to know more, visit

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Photo courtesy of Gary Hunter

A Memorial for those killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.

Reported sexual assaults at the nation’s three military academies jumped by 23 percent overall this year, but the data signaled a continued reluctance by victims to seek criminal investigations. According to a report obtained by The Associated Press, the number of assaults rose from 65 in the 2011 academic year to 80 in 2012. However, nearly half the assaults involved victims who sought confidential medical or other care and did not trigger an investigation. There were 41 assaults reported in 2010. Reported sexual assaults have climbed steadily since the 2009 academic year. The Defense Department has urged the academies to take steps to encourage cadets and midshipmen at the Army, Navy and Air Force academies to report sexual harassment and assaults in order to get care to everyone and hold aggressors accountable. The number of assaults reported by the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., and the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., increased, while reports at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., declined. In addition to the sexual assault report, the military also is releasing the results of its biannual anonymous survey of academy students, which showed that 12 percent of the women said they experienced “unwanted sexual contact” and 51 percent said they were sexually harassed. Of the men, 2 percent experienced unwanted contact and 10 percent said they were sexually harassed. Officials are concerned whenever the number of reported sexual assaults goes down while the anonymous survey suggests that unwanted sexual contact goes up or stays the same. That's because military officials want victims to feel comfortable going to their superiors to report incidents. The report divides the assaults

into two categories, restricted and unrestricted. Unrestricted reports rose slightly from 38 last year to 42 this year, and those are provided to either law enforcement or military commanders for an investigation. Restricted reports jumped from 27 last year to 38 this year, and in those cases victims


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Will cigarette makers jump into pot market? Obama to send Congress Will makers of cigarettes jump into the legal marijuana markets in Washington and Colorado?

But if major tobacco companies are not going to supply the new markets, it appears there are some ready Will the Marlboro Man light up a to step in. joint soon? The Washington State Liquor The states of Washington and Control Board is receiving plenty of Colorado legalized possession of applications from people who want to small amounts of recreational maribe certified to be able to grow pot juana in the November elections, but legally, even though the agency is not it is unclear if any cigarette makers yet soliciting such applications. plan to supply either market. Agency spokesman Brian Smith said Marijuana remains illegal under Tuesday that some applications so far federal law. President Barack Obama have come from people who have indicated last week that going after long been growing marijuana when it individual users won’t be a priority, AP Photo/Ed Andrieski, File was against state law. but there’s no firm indication yet what This Nov. 8, 2012 file photo shows mari“We’re getting a lot of interest action the Justice Department might juana plants flourishing under the lights at from people that want to be productake against states or businesses that a grow house in Denver. President Barack ers,” Smith said. “Some say they have participate in the nascent pot market, Obama says he won’t go after Washington been growing it illegally until now.” which has the potential to be large. Indoor growing operations appear state and Colorado for legalizing marijua- to be the most productive and secure For example, analysts have estina. In a Barbara Walters interview airing mated that a legal pot market could for marijuana, Smith said. bring Washington state hundreds of Friday on ABC, Obama is asked whether “But we could have outdoor millions of dollars a year in new tax he supports making pot legal. He says, “I grows in eastern Washington,” he revenue for schools, health care and wouldn’t go that far.” said. basic government functions. Since no state had previously Bill Phelps, a spokesman for Philip products.” legalized marijuana possession, Less mysterious was Bryan Washington must invent a production Morris USA, maker of Marlboro, based in Richmond, Va., was vague when Hatchell, a spokesman for the second- system from the ground up, Smith said. asked about the future intentions of the largest cigarette maker, Reynolds Colorado did have a licensed system American Inc., maker of Camel and for growing medical marijuana, but nation’s largest tobacco company. “We have a practice of not com- Pall Mall, among many others. that was very tightly regulated and “Reynolds American has no plans probably more stringent than menting or speculating on future business,” Phelps said, adding “tobacco to produce or market marijuana prod- Washington needs, Smith said. companies are in the business of man- ucts in either of those states,” Hatchell “We don’t need to get to the level ufacturing and marketing tobacco said. “It’s not part of our strategy.” See POT MARKET, page 8

gun proposals in January


AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

President Barack Obama stands with Vice President Joe Biden as he makes a statement in the Brady Press Briefing Room about policies he will pursue following the Newtown, Ct., school shootings, Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012, at the White House in Washington. BY JULIE PACE ASSOCIATED PRESS Declaring the time for action overdue, President Barack Obama promised on Wednesday to send Congress broad proposals in January for tightening gun laws and curbing violence after last week’s schoolhouse massacre in Connecticut. Even before those proposals are drafted, Obama pressed lawmakers to reinstate a ban on military-style assault weapons, close loopholes that allow gun buyers to skirt background checks and restrict high-capacity ammunition clips. “The fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing,” Obama said in his most detailed comments on guns since the December 14 killing of 20 schoolchildren and six adults in Newtown, Conn. “The fact that we can’t prevent every act of violence doesn’t mean we can’t steadily reduce the violence.” Gun control measures have faced fierce resistance in Congress for years but that may be changing now because of last week’s violence. Since then, Obama has signaled for the first time in his presidency that he’s willing to spend political capital on the issue and some prominent gun-rights advocates on Capitol Hill — Democrats and Republicans alike — have expressed willingness to consider new measures. Still, given the long history of opposition to tighter gun laws, there is no certainty the legislation Obama backed Wednesday or the proposals he will send to Congress next month will become law. Obama tasked Vice President Joe Biden, a longtime gun control advocate, with overseeing the administration-wide process to create those proposals. Beyond firearms’ restrictions, officials will also look for ways to increase mental health resources and consider steps to keep society from glamorizing guns and violence. Obama’s January deadline underscores the desire among White House officials to respond swiftly to the Newtown shooting. Obama aides worry that as the shock of the shooting fades, so, too, will the prospects that pro-gun lawmakers will work with the White House to tighten restrictions. “I would hope that our memories aren’t so short that what we saw in

Newtown isn’t lingering with us, that we don’t remain passionate about it only a month later,” said Obama. He pledged to talk about gun violence in his State of the Union address. Emphasizing the need to take action, Obama said eight people have been killed by guns across the U.S. since the Newtown shooting. Among them were a 4-year-old boy and three law enforcement officers. The president has called for a national dialogue on gun violence before, after other mass shootings during his presidency. But his rhetoric has not been backed up with concrete action. And some of the gun measures Obama has signed lessened restrictions on guns, allowing people to carry concealed weapons in national parks and in checked bags on Amtrak trains The president bristled at suggestions that he had been silent on gun issues during his four years in office. But he acknowledged that the Newtown shooting had been “a wakeup call for all of us.” The shooting appears to have had a similar impact on several longtime gun backers on Capitol Hill. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a conservative Democrat and avid hunter, has said “everything should be on the table” as Washington looks to prevent another tragedy, as has 10-term House Republican Jack Kingston of Georgia There was little response from Republicans Wednesday following Obama’s statements. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent who has been sharply critical of the president’s lack of action on gun issues, called the effort a step in the right direction. Obama, seeking to ease the fears of gun owners, reiterated his support for the Second Amendment. And he said no effort to reduce gun violence would be successful without their participation. “I am also betting that the majority, the vast majority, of responsible lawabiding gun owners would be some of the first to say that we should be able to keep an irresponsible, law-breaking few from buying a weapon of war,” he said. He also challenged the National Rifle Association to do “some selfreflection.” The gun lobby is a powerful See GUN CONTROL, page 5

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Pasadena police officers acquitted Prosecutors state officers acted lawfully in the shooting of Kendrec McDade BY BRIAN W. CARTER LAWT CONTRIBUTING WRITER The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has ruled in favor of Pasadena police officers, Jeffrey Newlen and Mathew Griffin, in the shooting of 19-year old Kendrec McDade. It has been determined that the police officers responded with necessary force when they fatally shot the unarmed teenager. A letter, received Monday, from the district attorney's Justice System Integrity Division stated an investigation concluded the officers acted in lawful self-defense and in defense of others. On March 24, McDade was shot after a false 911 call from Oscar Carillo who claimed assailants had robbed him at gunpoint. It was stated that McDade was seen reaching for his waistband during a pursuit. Prosecutors stated that McDade was shot twice, one officer having wounded him, the second from the other officer believing Mcdade had opened fire. Carillo, an undocumented worker, stated in the 911 call eight times that the men who robbed him were armed. It was later revealed that he admitted to having lied about the suspects being armed to garner a quicker response. Carillo was arrested on manslaughter charges but prosecutors declined to charge him.

Kendrec McDade Caree Harper, attorney for McDade’s father Kenneth McDade, has stated she didn’t agree with the D.A.’s ruling, especially concerning Carillo. “You can’t have both, either (Carrillo) is responsible or he’s not, you can’t have it both ways,” said Harper. “You can’t slice the story, cut and splice it the way you like it; you argue out of both sides of your mouth. Either he is responsible for making a false report and he should be held accountable and officers should have responded code three with cameras activated, or they didn’t believe the false report.” The McDade shooting happened after the controversial Trayvon Martin shooting, which raised even more ire earlier this year.

MEDIA COVERAGE Continued from page 3 time, without fail: Whenever one of these white male patriarchs goes on a rampage, we start to investigate and promote all the positive qualities they had prior to the shooting to explain why we never expected it. … If he was nonwhite, the word ‘genius’would NEVER appear in any story about him. Instead, we’d be talking about the projects he grew up in and his run-ins with the law.” Dave “Davey D” Cook, Bay Areabased Hip Hop journalist and radio show host, also took the media to task in his “Open Letter to the Media about the Sandy Hook School Shooting Coverage,” on Dec. 18 on his popular blog “Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner.” Writing sarcastically to thank the media for the ways in which they sympathetically told the story of Newtown mass murderer Lanza and his mother Nancy (Lanza’s first victim, killed with guns she had purchased because she feared the collapse of society), Davey also thanked the media for its future coverage of communities of color. “Next time there’s a call for gang injunctions, stiffer prison sentences etc., thank you in advance for bringing on experts to discuss the mindset of young folks at risk and what steps we can take to turn them around. Thanks in advance for humanizing folks who are having diffi-

cult times in our communities the same way you did Adam Lanza, his mom Nancy and the rest of his family. Imagine if Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin and their families had gotten such wonderful coverage?” No parent should have to experience such a horrible event as losing their child. And yet, it happens every day, in every city of the United States and other parts of the world. Despite the hypocrisy of lack of media coverage of those such tragedies, Kirsten West Savali noted in her online essay that, “ … the close to 300 Chicago Public Schools students killed by violence over a 3 year period still deserve a vigil; the 27 Palestinian children killed by U.S. and Israeli funded weaponry in this latest conflict deserve a vigil; the 178 children killed by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen also deserve a vigil.” Savali is correct: all of those children senselessly murdered in Chicago, Gaza and elsewhere deserve vigils and media coverage that recognizes their humanity just like the children of Newtown, Connecticut. More importantly, all of those children – collectively – deserved a world where vigils and media coverage would not be necessary. All of those children deserved better.

Video footage found of Woodard’s killer BY SHANNEN HILL LAWT INTERN Police have found security video footage of the alleged gunman who killed Brandon Woodard, the Los Angeles man who was shot in Manhattan last week. Police believe that the alleged killer is a professional hit man because of his calm demeanor during the shooting. Providing more evidence for their claim, cameras showed the gunman arriving to the scene at least 30 minutes before the shooting. “The man could be seen exiting – and carefully pulling the hood of his jacket over his head – the passenger side of the parked Lincoln sedan and pacing as he waited,” according to an NYPD officer. Detectives are tying the shooting to Queens. Cameras captured the get away car speeding through the Midtown Tunnel to Queens, where it was found, parked on Wednesday December 19. After a license plate reading, police found that the Lincoln Sedan was rented from Avis Car Rental, in Huntington Station. Avis was already investigating that particular site after noticing their employees renting cars on behalf of unidentified third parties. Police have also searched Woodard’s California condo, but were unable to find any drugs, weapons or evidence. Detectives are examining three phones carried by Woodard when he flew to New York as well. The gunman has not been found and NYPD continues to investigate.

AP Photo/Wellington Family

This undated image provided by the Wellington family shows shooting victim Brandon Woodard, left, and his mother, Sandra Wellington. Woodard, 31, was shot in the head Dec. 10, 2012, in the New York City borough of Manhattan, in what looked like a professional killing.


GUN CONTROL Continued from page 4 political force, particularly in Republican primaries, and previously has worked to unseat lawmakers who back gun control measures. The NRA, in its first statements since the shooting, pledged Tuesday to offer “meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.” The Biden-led task force will also explore ways to improve mental health resources and address ways to create a culture that doesn’t promote violence. The departments of Justice, Education, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security, along with outside groups and lawmakers, will all be part of the process. Biden will start his discussions Thursday when he meets with law enforcement officers from around the country. He’ll be joined by Attorney General Eric Holder, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Biden’s prominent role could be an asset for the White House in getting gun legislation through Congress. The vice president spent decades in the Senate and has been called on by Obama before to use his long-standing relationships with lawmakers to build support for White House measures. The vice president also brings to the effort a long history of working on gun control issues, having chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee and leading the original effort to ban assault weapons. The ban expired in 2004, but Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., says she plans to bring it back for a vote early next year.

EXIDE E XIDE Technologies Te echnologies operatess a battery recycling plant at 2700 Indiana Indiana Street, V Vernon ernon California, 90058 900 058 which emits lead into the atmosphere. atmos sphere. Persons within the approxima te area shown above are exposed to lead approximate and cadmium at a level determined determ mined by the State of California to require r a warning. Lead is a chemicall known to the State of California to o cause birth defects or other reprodu uctive harm and cancer mium is reproductive cancer,, and cadm cadmium known to the state of california california to cause cancer. cancer. For more information inforrmation you may contact EXIDE at (323) (32 23) 262-1101 262-1101 ext. 259.


EXIDE Technologies Te echnologies operatess a lead oxide manufacturing plant at a 5909 East Randolph Street, Comm Commerce, merce, California which emits lea lead ad into the atmosphere. Persons within witthin the approximate area shown above are exposed to lead at a leve level el determined by the State of Califo California ornia to require a warning. Lead is a ch chemical hemical known to the State of Califo California ornia to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm and cancer

For more inform information, mation, call EXIDE EXIDE at (323) 262-1 262-1101, 10 01, extension 259


Thursday, December 20, 2012

By Shirley Hawkins | LAWT Contributing Writer African Americans across the country and throughout the global African community are celebrating the arrival of Kwanzaa, a pan-African holiday that celebrates family, culture and community. Kwanzaa is a time of remembrance, reflection and recommitment in which family, individuals and community remember the legacy of the ancestors, reflect on life and critical issues, and recommit themselves to excellence, especially values and practices which lead to a good and prosperous coming year. Kwanzaa is organized around the Nguzo Saba, The Seven Principles, which serve as cultural grounding and guidance for millions, not only during Kwanzaa, but also throughout the year in their lives and work . For seven days, from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, a candle is lit to represent one of seven principles of Kwanzaa which are unity (Umoja), self-determination (Kujichagulia), collective work and responsibility (Ujima), cooperative economics (Ujamaa), purpose (Nia), creativity (Kuumba), and faith (Imani). One of the main symbols of Kwanzaa is the Kinara (the candleholder) with seven candles, each candle standing for one of The Seven Prin-



ciples and the lighting of the candles represents an ancient African ritual called “lifting up the light that lasts,” the enduring ethical and spiritual values that anchor and inform the lives of the people, especially the Seven Principles The candles are black, red and green. The center black candle symbolizes black people. The three red candles on the left of the Black candle symbolize the struggle of the people for good in the world. And the three green candles on the right symbolize the hope and future forged in struggle. The celebration also incorporates drumming, singing and dancing, pouring libation to honor the ancestors, telling cultural stories, and holding a community-wide Karamu (feast) on December 31, the day before January 1, which is the Day of Meditation on the meaning and obligation of being African in the world. Participants also wear African clothing to celebrate their cultural roots. Dr. Maulana Karenga, professor and chair of Africana Studies at California State University, Long Beach and executive director of the African American Cultural Center (Us) founded the holiday in 1966. Dr. Karenga also wrote the authoritative text on the holiday, Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Family, Community and Culture¸ Los Angeles, Sankore Press. Dr. Karenga, who each year establishes the theme of Kwanzaa in his Annual Founder’s Message, said this year’s theme is “Kwanzaa, Us and the Well-being of the World: A Courageous Questioning.” He states that it calls on to remember the ancient African ethical teach-

L.A. Watts Times WEEKENDER

ing that we are chosen to bring good in the world. Also, Dr. Karenga says that “to honor our obligation to constantly bring good in the world, we must have a world-encompassing concept of ourselves and our responsibility and answer not only the call of the vulnerable, the poor, the ill and aged, the widow, or-

phan, prisoner and oppressed, but also answer the call of our injured earth, constantly subject to plunder, pollution and depletion.” This means, he states, that “we must practice the ancient African ethical principle of serudj ta, that is to say, the moral obligation to heal, repair, renew and remake the world, making it more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. In Los Angeles, the Kwanzaa Ujima Collective, founded by Dr. Karenga with several community organizations, annually holds celebrations each evening at a diơerent venue where community members reflect on one of The Seven Principles and conduct activities of celebration of the holiday. Nzinga and Jackie Kimbrough of Zambezi Bazaar in Leimert Park, members of the Kwanzaa Ujima Collective, h a v e b e e n practicing Kwanzaa for over 30 years. “We were one of the first participants,” recalls Nzinga, adding that her progres-

Thursday, December 20, 2012

sive parents began celebrating the holiday in the ‘70s. “Kwanzaa is about us, it speaks to our culture and tradition,” explained Nzinga, who said that Zambezi Bazaar will celebrate Kwanzaa on the evening of Dec. 27. “Within the collective, we hold a ceremony and light a candle for the second night of Kwanzaa, called Kujichagulia, which means self-determination. We usually have fruit, oranges, dried corn, and apples on display,” said Nzinga. “We dress in African clothing to bring forth our African culture and we usually have either a drummer, singer, dancer, storyteller to perform, or someone might give a speech—anything that is positive and expresses our culture.” With households across the country struggling with the troubling economy and the lingering recession, Nzinga feels that practicing the reaƥrming principles of Kwanzaa will prove to be more important to African Americans than ever. “Kujichagulia focuses you and purifies you,” she reflected. “You are able to join hands with other African Americans and people around the world in a show of unity.” Reverend Richard “Meri KaRa” Byrd, founder of the KRST Unity Center of African Spiritual Science, said KRST will celebrate the principle of “Nia” (purpose) on the evening of Dec. 30. “We come together based on the principles established by Dr. Karenga and the Organization Us,” said Byrd. “Kwanzaa raises our consciousness as African Americans with the reality of our ability to make things better.” Community Activist Ngoma Ali is busy preparing for the 11th Annual Kwanzaa Heritage Festival to be held from 10 a.m.

to 6 p.m. on Dec. 29 in the Vision parking lot in Leimert Park. The festival will feature drill teams, reggae bands, poets, drummers, a children’s village, the Queens of Kwanzaa and cheerleaders from Susan B. Dorsey High School. “The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Dream It, Believe It, and Achieve It,’” said Ali. “Kwanzaa reinforces our self-esteem as African Americans in terms of our cultural past and it gives us strength for the challenges of the future.” Charmaine Jeơerson, executive director of the California African American Museum, said that the museum celebrated pre-Kwanzaa in early December, but that the holiday continues to resonate with its patrons throughout the year. “Kwanzaa is important to us as a people because we have suơered through the loss of generations and the loss of culture as well as through the horrors of slavery and segregation,” she said. “Kwanzaa is significant for us as a cultural tradition because we have had our traditions stripped away from us. We come to Kwanzaa knowing that we pass along a tradition that pays respect to African traditions, even though we can’t speak to our specific African heritage.” Pausing, she added, “As Christmas decorations continue to arrive earlier and earlier every year, Kwanzaa is about going back to basics. It makes us think and reflect about how we lead our lives every day. It gives us a framework to think about, ‘Did I do business with a black business today? Have I attempted to be all that I can be? Have I learned all that I can learn?’ Kwanzaa reflects being the best you can be for your community and the community being the best it can be for you.”



Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 90 that built LA exhibit makes its debut The Museum of African American Art showcases its latest installment

Photo courtesy of Malcolm Ali

BY CHELSEA BATTLE LAWT CONTRIBUTING WRITER If you’ve ever strolled down the aisles on the 3rd floor of Macy’s at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, chances are you’ve passed right by The Museum of African American Art and didn’t even notice it. The truth is, it’s one of LA’s best-kept secrets. Now, more than ever, is the time to

do a double take as you exit the elevator near the museum entrance. Look for it! That is because LA’s hidden jewel is now showcasing one of its most interesting attractions ever: “The 90 That Built LA” exhibit. The 90 That Built LA is a free exhibit sponsored by the Los Angeles Urban League and Time Warner Cable. The league will use this project as a platform to celebrate not only it’s 90

plus years of service to the community, but 90 dynamic individuals who have helped to shape our fair city. From December 13 until February 28th patrons will be able to view an impressive collection of historical artifacts, artwork, and photographs chronicling the contributions of individuals who have helped to shape Los Angeles in the areas of entertainment, education, politics, and community development.

H ‘‘ onest and

hilarious . Drew McW











MOBILE USERS: For Showtimes – Text FORTY with your ZIP CODE to 43KIX (43549)! No charge from 43KIX, Msg&data rates may apply. Text HELP for info.

“For several years, the Urban League has dreamed of putting together this exhibit, but we could not make it happen until we had a committed partner, Time Warner Cable,” said Los Angeles Urban League Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Chris Strudwick-Turner. “Like us, they saw the vision of what this exhibit could be and they have been with us every step of the way as a presenting sponsor to put this exhibit together for the community.” Given the countless numbers of people who have dedicated their lives to making a difference, whittling the selection down to 90 was doubtlessly a challenge. At the exhibit’s grand opening last Thursday, project coordinators emphasized that there are certainly more than 90 individuals who

have contributed to LA. However, having designated the number of spots, they made the decision to allow the community and project board members to choose the notorious 90. Some of the honorees include Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Councilman Bernard Parks, former mayor Tom Bradley, dance choreographer Lula Washington, community organizer Cesar Chavez, and Danny Bakewell, the publisher for the Los Angeles Sentinel. It would be hard to come up with a reason to miss this exhibit. From Kwanza through Black history month this free, local exhibit will provide an in depth history lesson that you won’t find elsewhere. As you plan your visit, remember to grab a child’s hand and bring them along too.

Musical about rise of a superstar heads to Vegas In this Feb. 24, 1988 file photo, Michael Jackson leans, points and sings, dances and struts during the opening performance of his 13-city U.S. tour, in Kansas City. Some key figures who helped manage Michael Jackson’s career are teaming up to create a musical about the behind-the-scenes making of a superstar that producers call a cross between "Goodfellas" and "Dreamgirls." “The Man,” with a book by Lamica and Grammy Award-winning composer Hart, is expected to open in Las Vegas in the late fall of 2013. AP Photo/Cliff Schiappa, File

BY MARK KENNEDY ASSOCIATED PRESS Some key figures who helped manage Michael Jackson’s career are teaming up to create a stage musical about the behind-the-scenes making of a superstar that producers call a cross between “Goodfellas” and “Dreamgirls.” Producers Mark Lamica, Quincy Krashna, Jerry Greenberg, Raymond Del Barrio and Larry Hart will join forces to present “The Man,” a fictional show inspired by the rise of Jackson, Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston. The story will be told through the eyes of a manager. “We want this project to be a compelling, gritty, entertaining tale, that tells the story of the price of fame in a new way,” said Lamica, who served as a partner with the late Frank Dileo, who was Jackson’s manager.

POT MARKET Continued from page 4 of oversight Colorado has in medical marijuana,” he said. Washington’s new law decriminalizes possession of up to an ounce of pot for people over 21. But selling marijuana remains illegal for now. The initiative gave the state a year to come up

“The Man,” with a book by Lamica and Grammy Award-winning composer Hart, is expected to open in Las Vegas in the late fall of 2013. The show will have all original music and will follow the superstar from the 80s to 2005. The producing team last combined to create “Larry Hart’s Sisterella,” a pop-rock update of the Cinderella fable that Jackson was an executive producer on before his death. Greenberg was president of Jackson’s jointly owned record label with Sony Music for 11 years. Krashna is another Dileo partner who also worked with Jackson. Lamica, in a statement, called the musical an “epic, music driven dramatic work” and said he is drawing widely from personal experiences. “This is a fictional template and story that, with some variation, fits a number of global celebrities,” he added.

with a system of state-licensed growers, processors and retail stores, with the marijuana taxed 25 percent at each stage. In Colorado, a 24-member task force began work on pot regulations this week. The state’s Department of Revenue must adopt the regulations by July, with sales possible by year’s end.

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Jamie Unchained Jamie Foxx the “Django Unchained” interview Academy Award-winning actor, talented Grammy Award-winning musical artist and comedian Jamie Foxx is one of Hollywood's rare, elite multi-faceted performers. He was last seen in “Horrible Bosses” and also recently lent his vocal talents to the popular animated adventure RIO, as a canary named ‘Nico.’ Meanwhile, Foxx recently executive produced a sketch comedy series called “In the Flow with Affion Crockett” as well as “Thunder Soul,” a documentary chronicling the achievements of Houston’s Kashmere High School Stage Band. In addition to his outstanding work in film, he has enjoyed a thriving career in music. In December 2010, he released his fourth album, “Best Night of My Life,” featuring Drake, Justin Timberlake, Rick Ross, T.I., and other artists. In January 2010, Foxx and TPain’s record breaking No. 1 song “Blame It” off of his previous album, “Intuition,” won “Best R&B performance by a duo/group with vocals” at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. In 2010, Foxx delivered a hilarious cameo appearance in “Due Date,” and appeared in the hit romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day.” The year before, he starred opposite Gerard Butler in Overture Films’ dramatic thriller Law Abiding Citizen. He demonstrated his affinity and respect for fictional portrayals with “The Soloist” in which he played Nathaniel Anthony Ayer, a real-life musical prodigy who developed schizophrenia and dropped out of Julliard, becoming a homeless musician who wanders the streets of Los Angeles. Prior to that, he played the leader of a counter-terrorist team in “The Kingdom.” In December 2006, Foxx was seen in the critically acclaimed screen adaptation of the Broadway musical, “Dreamgirls.” That came on the heels of his Best Actor Academy Award-winning performance as the legendary Ray Charles in “Ray.” He first rose to fame as a comedian, from which he initiated a potent career trajectory of ambitious projects. After spending time on the comedy circuit, he joined Keenan Ivory Wayans, Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans and Tommy Davidson in the landmark Fox sketch comedy series, “In Living Color,” creating some of the show's funniest and most memorable moments. In 1996, he launched his own series, “The Jamie Foxx Show,” on the WB Network. Here, he talks about playing the title role of slave-turned-bounty hunter Django opposite Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.” LAWT: Hi Jamie, thanks so much for the time. I’m honored to have another opportunity to interview you. Jamie Foxx: [Playfully clears his throat, before answering in a very refined tone] Why thank you. [Chuckles. Then, speaks in his normal voice] What’s happening with it, Kam? LAWT: I suppose I should start by asking if you’d like to comment on the recent shootings in Connecticut?

JF: I got two daughters, man, and all I want people to do is to mourn the loss of these precious kids and their teachers and to pray that their families heal. LAWT: What interested you in Django Unchained? JF: Quentin Tarantino… Leonardo DiCaprio… Samuel L. Jackson… Christoph Waltz… Kerry Washington… Oh, man! It was like an all-star team. What’s funny is that I didn’t know anything about Django, and I was hearing all this buzz and then I saw online how the biggest actor in the world, Will Smith, was going to work with Quentin Tarantino. And I was like, “Damn! There’s another project I didn’t know nothing about.” But luckily, I somehow got a chance to meet Quentin and read the script which I thought was brilliant. Next thing you know, I was in a room talking with him about trying to make it happen. LAWT: Did you have any reservations? JF: I didn’t have a knee-jerk reaction like some people did to the language and the violence. My stepfather was a history teacher at Lincoln High School in Dallas. So, I was already familiar with the N-word and the brutality of slavery. What I was drawn to was the love story between Django and Broomhilda and how he defends and gets the girl in the end. I thought it was just an amazing and courageous project. LAWT: Children’s book author Irene Smalls says: In this film you turn the docile stupid black man myth on its head. You also portray the enduring love of a black man for his woman. JF: Most definitely! When you see the slave who’s been chained and whipped with no way out, and he finally catches up to this, some people call that revenge. But I say, “No, it’s righting a wrong at that time.” You’ve been wronged for so long, and here’s your karma personified, standing in this funny blue suit. And on the end of that suit is your maker. You’ve never seen that in a movie before, at least not when it comes to slavery. Ordinarily, when the slave gets a chance to hold the whip or the gun, they start singing a hymn or doing the speech about “If I do this, I’ll be as bad as you.” We come out with a mix-tape, and that’s it. But with Quentin Tarantino, it’s just like a regular Western. The bad guy has to pay, and the good guy gets his woman. LAWT: Have you seen the film with a black audience? Were people talking back at the screen? JF: Yeah, they were yelling like crazy. LAWT: Irene also says: In both your stage name and your career choices you’ve paid homage to great black artists who have come before you. Is this film another acknowledgement of that legacy? JF: Absolutely! I know this might sound strange, but some of the people I actually studied for this film were a little more contemporary. Of course, I started with the original film “Django” and Clint Eastwood’s “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” but I also watched Wesley Snipes in “New Jack City,” and Denzel Washington in “Glory” and “A Soldier’s Story.” Those performances moved me in a way that I cannot

explain. So, you’re seeing me tip my hat to those guys in this film. LAWT: Film student Jamaal Green says: Jamie, you are such a talent in so many areas, it seems like there isn't anything you can’t do. Is there any chance that directing will be something you may try next? JF: We’re doing a directing thing with Canon and Ron Howard, a special where we have people send in pictures. I would also like to direct some comedies with people like Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps, and go to work with them on some fun stuff. LAWT: Nick Antoine was wondering whether you’re ever going to get around to doing Skank Robbers, that long-rumored film based on the characters Wanda and Sheneneh that you and Martin Lawrence played on “In Living Color?” JF: No, that’s not going to happen. LAWT: This question is from your co-star Kerry Washington: If you were an animal, what animal would you be? JF: Wow! If I were an animal, I would be an eagle. LAWT: The Melissa Harris-Perry question: How did your first big heartbreak impact who you are as a person? JF: Guys don’t adapt as well as women do to getting their heart broken for the first time. It’s tragic. I really wanted to be in love, get married, have

Credit: Andrew Cooper, SMPSP / The Weinstein Company

Christoph Waltz as Schultz and Jamie Foxx as Django in “Django Unchained” kids and buy a wood-paneled station wagon for the family. But it didn’t work out, and, boy, it wrecked it! LAWT: Would you mind coming up with a Jamie Foxx question I could ask other celebrities when I interview them? JF: Hmm… [Thinks] If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do? Would you do the bad stuff, you never got a chance to do, or would you do good stuff to make sure you make it into heaven? LAWT: Great question! Thanks! Harriet Pakula-Teweles says: You have so much fun singing. What would be your dream band, if you could select the

members from any group? JF: My dream band? Jesus Christ! I would start with Prince, and then Questlove and Buddy Rich on the drums, Rick James on the bass, and Herbie Hancock on the piano. The horn section would be Miles Davis on lead trumpet, with Wynton and Branford Marsalis. I’d have Santana on lead guitar and Sheila E. doing percussion. My hype man would be Jerome [Benton] from The Time, and my singing group would be New Edition. There it is! LAWT: Great band! Thanks again for the time, Jamie, and best of luck with the film. JF: Thanks, Kam.















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e v e n t LISTINGS

12/2012-1/2013 happening this month

L.A. Watts Times Calendar, Compiled by Brandon I. Brooks, Co-Managing Editor 12/22 “GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH” HOLISTIC HEALTH DAY: Get a head start on preventing and/or reversing diseases during 2013. Walk into these shops and experience health-filled ideas. Medi-Generics (3430 W.43rd St.) and The Herb & Vitamin Shop (3415 W. 43rd Pl.) will have free samples, mini-lectures/Q&A, biophotonic scanner and ionic detox machines, gift baskets addressing various illnesses, gift certificates and supplements for loved ones. The Academy of Martial Arts (3305 W. 43rd St.) will demo mixed martial arts, self-defense techniques for children and fitness regimens to combat childhood obesity, and more. Adassa’s & Ackee Bamboo (4305 Degnan) will feature delicious vegetarian foods. Divine Design Healing Center (4337 Degnan) will show health films and a presentation on using Crowdfunding to relieve financial stress (the no. 1 cause of illness). WHEN: 12 noon - 5 p.m. WHERE: Leimert Park. Info: PACTA at (424) 222-1565.

12/25 TYRON JACKSON PRESENTS - THE GIFT OF GIVING-CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST CELEBRATION!: On Christmas Morning, TyRon Jackson with the help of the community will host and serve an All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast Buffet to families living in a local motel, and the homeless. WHEN: 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. WHERE: Sunland Motel in Santa Ana, CA (2111 E 1st St, Santa Ana, California 92705) and homeless living on the street. This is going to be an amazing event all to help those in need on Christmas Day! We will be feeding and touching the lives of many families and people in need. We would love for you to attend this inspiring event! If you would like to volunteer or want more information please call TyRon Jackson at (714) 3636621. Together we can make a difference! Together we can touch lives!

12/26 YOGA WORKSHOP: CG Yoga Studio invites children of all ages to participate in a Winter Break Yoga Workshop. Offering three sessions: Elementary, Middle School, and High school it's an uplifting, noncompetitive, mind-expanding, and fun way for children to build strength, spirit, and self-esteem. WHEN: Session A (Elementary) 12/2612/28/12, 9:00-11:00 a.m. Session B (Middle School) 1/2-1/4/13, 9:00-11:00 a.m. Session C (High school) 1/2-1/4/13, 12:00-2:00 p.m. WHERE: 223 S. LaBrea Ave Inglewood, CA 90301. The workshop fee is $30.00. Please visit our website: to register online or call (310) 673-9643. 46TH ANNUAL KWANZAA CELEBRATIONS: In celebration of the 46th Anniversary of Kwanzaa, the Kwanzaa Ujima Collective has again this year organized citywide Kwanzaa Week Celebrations. WHEN: 6:30 p.m. - Umoja (Unity) Night Candle Lighting Ceremony and Celebration. We invite and urge you to join us in celebration. The

Kwanzaa Ujima Collective is comprised of a broad spectrum of community organizations and institutions dedicated to the principle and practice of unity, and sharing the central Kwanzaa message of celebrating family, Dr. Maulana Karenga community and culture. Music, refreshments and good wishes from community leaders and organizations to mark the beginning of Kwanzaa. WHERE: African American Cultural Center (Us) 3018 W. 48th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90043. Please bring clean, warm blankets and clothing for the needy. Sponsored by: Kwanzaa Ujima Collective *Supported in part by a grant from Park Mesa Heights Community Council. For more information call (323)-299-6124 or visit



CA 90008 (Located on the 3rd floor of Macy’s at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall). For more information call (323) 294-7071 or visit For more information on the Museum of African American Art, visit

NOW – 4/7/13 HILLS: Beverly

Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau and the City of Beverly Hills celebrate the holidays with the city’s first ever full-scale, public ice rink located in the Golden Triangle. WHERE:

Positioned in front of the iconic Beverly Hills City Hall building on Crescent Drive between North and South Santa Monica Boulevards. The ice skating rink will operate seven days a week, Sunday through Thursday 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Skate admission and rental is $15 (adult) and $11 (children under 12) per hour session (session times vary, visit for schedule). Bottled water, gloves and socks will be available for purchase and the rink will include viewing areas for those who wish to watch the skaters and lockers for personal belongings.

CAAM Presents Go Tell It On The Mountain: The California African American Museum (CAAM) presents the exhibition “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” The exhibit showcases 24 artists who examine Christianity’s role in fostering political action and social engagement. The exhibition’s curators, Nery Gabriel Lemus and Mar Hollingsworth, utilized James Baldwin’s 1953 novel of the same title, “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” as a point of departure to select a variety of pieces. The selections celebrate faith and, at times contrast, the oppositional forces within Christianity and the underlying tensions of religious control as well as human hypocrisy. WHERE: CAAM is located at 600 State Drive, Exposition Park, Los Angeles. For more information visit or call (213) 744-2024. Parking is $10 per vehicle and available on 39th and Figueroa streets.

UP & COMING 12/31/12 JSPOT COMEDY CLUB: Funnyman J. Anthony Brown Announces the Holiday Line Up of Laughs for

NOW – 3/ 7/13 The Los Angeles Urban League presents: “The 90 That Built L.A.,” an exhibit at the Museum of African American Art. This multi-layered exhibit chronicles and celebrates the League’s 90 plus year milestone of serving the city of Los Angeles, in addition to honoring 90 champions for change and equality, past and present. The exhibit will include personal artifacts from honorees; a retrospect of the social, economic, political and civic challenges and triumphs for Los Angeles residents of color and the League’s leadership and unwavering commitment to the community. WHEN: Museum hours are Thursday -Sunday: 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday –Wednesday the exhibit will be closed. Admission is FREE! Where: Museum of African American Art 3650 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Los Angeles,

Anthony Brown

the JSpot Comedy Club. Headlining the New Year Eve’s festivities is comic/actor Esau McGraw. The evening will be hosted by comic Evan Lionel. Other FAN FAVORITES: Annie McKnight and Derrick Ellis. Other comics slated to appear include the crowd-pleasing, up-and-coming comics Brandon Wiley , Memphis Will and Skillz Hudson. WHEN: The doors open at 7 p.m. The show and after

party begin at 8 p.m. Tickets prices vary from $30 to $55 in advance and $40 to $75 at the door. WHERE: The J. Spot Comedy Club is located at 5581 Manchester Ave. in Los Angeles. For xx more informaFo Ian by oto Ph tion about special events and offerings at the J. Spot Comedy Club, call 310.337.9057 or visit to purchase tickets online.

1/5/13 MENTORING PROGRAM FOR AFRICANAMERICAN YOUTH: The Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles, a non-profit mentoring organization, offers a powerful series of youth mentoring workshops through its signature Welcome-to-Manhood Program, promoting education, career and life skills guidance, and instructions in the importance of self-mastery and personal achievement. Workshops and youth activities are free. Workshops are designed for youth 11 to 19 years of age. WHEN: Our next workshop Prim, Proper, and Prepared is scheduled for Saturday, January 5, 2013 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. WHERE: The Exposition Park - Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Regional Branch Library 3900 S. Western Ave Los Angeles, 90062, at the corner of 39th Street and Western Avenue. Please call 213-359-3378 to preregister for yourself and friends.

1/19/13 MENTORING PROGRAM FOR AFRICANAMERICAN YOUTH: The Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles, a non-profit mentoring organization, offers a powerful series of youth mentoring workshops through its signature Welcome-to-Manhood Program, promoting education, career and life skills guidance, and instructions in the importance of self-mastery and personal achievement. Workshops and youth activities are free. Workshops are designed for youth 11 to 19 years of age. WHEN: Our next workshop Prim, Proper, and Prepared is scheduled for Saturday, January 19, 2013 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Hyde Park Miriam Matthews Library 2205 West Florence Avenue, Los Angeles at the corner of Florence and Van Ness. For more information please call 213-359-3378 to preregister for yourself and friends.

TO MAKE A CALENDAR SUBMISSION: Include event name, date(s), time, location, contact/RSVP information and admission price, if any. Use BRIEF paragraph format (no lists, line breaks, or all caps). All calendar submissions are space-permitting and may be edited for brevity. Send submissions, along with any images, to with the subject heading “LAWT Community Events.” Please include text in the body of your email, not in an attachment.

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Investigation into Chiefs LB killing complete When Crennel arrived, Belcher said, “You know that I’ve been having some major problems at home and with my girlfriend. I need help! I wasn't able to get enough help. I appreciate everything you all have done for me with trying to help ... but it wasn't enough. I have hurt my girl already and I can’t go back now.” Belcher asked that Pioli and team owner Clark Hunt take care of his daughter. The Chiefs staff pleaded with Belcher to put down his gun, but he only lowered it to load a round. “You're taking the easy way out!” Crennel told Belcher, according to the report. As a police officer approached, Belcher knelt behind a vehicle, saying, “Guys, I have to do this. ... I got to go, can’t be here and take care of


Redskins’ RG3 fined $10K for wearing Adidas ASSOCIATED PRESS Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has been fined $10,000 by the NFL for wearing Adidas at his postgame news conference December 16. The NFL on Wednesday confirmed the fine for “unauthorized apparel.” Griffin was inactive for the game because of a sprained knee, and he

wore an Adidas T-shirt and sweat jacket when he addressed reporters afterward. Griffin has a sponsorship deal with Adidas, but the league has a deal with Nike. It’s the second time this season Griffin has been rebuked for his attire, but it’s his first time he’s been fined. He covered up the Nike swoosh on his official team warm-up shirt before the regular opener against the New Orleans Saints.

In this Oct. 7, 2012, file photo, Kansas City Chiefs inside linebacker Jovan Belcher smiles before an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Kansas City, Mo. gunshots, she ran to the bedroom and saw Belcher kneeling next to Perkins’ body, saying he was sorry. After kissing Perkins, his baby daughter and his mother, Belcher drove to Arrowhead Stadium, breaking off his Bentley’s rear-view mirror on the way, the police report said. Chiefs general manager Scott

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Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher apparently was worried he would lose his baby and money to his longtime girlfriend before fatally shooting her and killing himself, according to newly released police reports. Belcher also complained about Kasandra Perkins, the mother of the couple’s 3-month-old daughter, in conversations and text messages sent to a woman he was dating on the side, the reports show. In one text message sent in late October or early November, Belcher wrote he “would shoot” Perkins “if she didn’t leave him alone.” The girlfriend told police that Belcher said “his child’s mother threatened to take all his money and his child if they split up” and “knew exactly how to press his buttons and make him angry.” Belcher shot Perkins multiple times in their home on Dec. 1 and then drove to team headquarters, where he killed himself in front of his coach and general manager after telling them he “wasn’t able to get enough help.” The Jackson County prosecutor’s office reviewed the police reports, which first were obtained by The Kansas City Star, before closing the case Friday. It formally ruled the deaths of Belcher, 25, and Perkins, 22, a murder-suicide, prosecutor’s office spokesman Mike Mansur said Tuesday. The reports provide new details about the final days and hours leading to the tragedy. The night before the killings, Belcher went to a club with the woman he was dating while Perkins attended a concert with her friends, the reports said. A friend of Perkins has told The Star that the couple argued around 1 a.m., about Perkins being out late, although it wasn’t clear whether the argument happened in person or on the phone. The police report, which doesn’t mention this dispute, said that after Belcher kissed his girlfriend and she went inside her apartment, he fell asleep in his car. About two hours later, police roused Belcher after someone called 911 to report his idling Bentley as suspicious. The report said Belcher was legally parked and didn’t smell of alcohol, but officers asked if he could stay inside the apartment for the night. Belcher tried to call the girlfriend, but she didn’t discover the missed calls until the next morning and didn't hear him at her door. Two women who were up late invited Belcher to wait inside their apartment after he explained his plight. They said Belcher “appeared to be intoxicated” but “seemed to be in good spirits, laughing, joking.” After taking him to a gas station to buy a sports drink, they gave him a pillow and blanket and he slept on the couch for a couple hours, leaving at 6:45 a.m. so he could make it to a team meeting planned for later that morning. Upon arriving at the home he shared with Perkins, the couple began arguing over “one or both of them going out as in to a club or partying,” said Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd, who had moved in with them about two weeks earlier. When Shepherd heard multiple

my daughter.” He made the sign of the cross on his chest and fired a bullet into his head, the report said. Crennel said Belcher had blamed Perkins for missing a team meeting a few weeks earlier, saying he had to watch the baby after Perkins didn’t come home the night before. Crennel said he thought the couple had “trust issues” and Perkins expected “a better life” with an NFL player. Crennel said Belcher, whose base salary this season was more than $1.9 million, “didn’t live outside his means.” He said he thought Belcher was talking to an attorney about getting custody of his daughter. Shepherd, Belcher’s mother, attributed the couple’s relationship problems to “financial issues associated with Perkins’ spending habits.”

Pioli saw Belcher holding a gun to his head and jumped out of his vehicle so he could find out what was happening. “I’ve done a bad thing to my girlfriend already,” Belcher told Pioli, according to the report, adding that he wanted to talk with Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel and defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs.



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