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Taking the World By Storm

Tokyo´s Top Model Yuco Takahashi and Tokyo´s Wild Card Eccentric Photographer Ivan Toscanelli

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Global Fashion Industry From New York To Vancouver

Winter Fashion Tips 2016 LA.MODE




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COVER STORIES 38 Taking The World By Storm With Tokyo´s Top Model Yuco Takahashi and Tokyo´s Top Photographer, Ivan Toscanelli

18 A Collaboration Amongst Professionals Wilhelmina´s Top Models, Top International Stylist Jason Pillay and Top International Makeup Artist Micah Gilbert Show Their Commitment to EcoFashion

12 More than Meets The Eye From Manhattan, New York to Vancouver: We See How International Cultures Shape the World of Fashion


LA.MODE Winter 2016

09 Mutant Silkworms How Fashion Technology Revolutionizes the Fashion Colour Palette

FASHION 06 A Universal Language That Connects Us All International Fashion Blogger Shares her Insight

28 Winter Trends Top Fashion Stylist Shares with Us the Current Winter Trends

MAKEUP 35 Rising Stars In The Makeup Industry Whether Soft or Striking, We Have the Right Makeup Pro for You

TALENT 48 Alfred Ho: International Luxury Lifestyle Music Icon Excentric Lifestyle Icon Talks about His Creative Endeavours

52 Success Or Failure Fashion CEO & Model Shares The Secrets to his Long Term Success

54 Fashion News With Our Fingers on the Pulse, the Fashion Stories of the Moment

56 Nathan Ozee: Making It Big In The Iranian Film Industry A Rising Star in the World of Middle Eastern Film

38 " I AM A Reflection of a young japanese girl. A Girl Who Shares The Essence Of Freedom."


60 Daniella Evangelista´s Personal Mantra To Success Los Angeles Actress Shares the Secrets to Keeping her Life Full and Happy

64 Yuri Buzynnik: International Music Producer – Genius On The Rise Having Grown Up with Music from Around the World, Yuri Buzynnik is the Backbone of Many Major International Tunes

INTERNATIONAL 68 Austrian Avantgarde Austria is Rich in Culture, Art and Music. Its Burgeoning Fashion is Gaining a Rapid International Reputation

78 Ankara Fabric African Prints, Known as Ankara, are both a Celebration of Fashion, Art and Individual Spirit.

ART 86 HAJNI YOSIFOV: THE DISCOVERY OF YOUR OWN VERSE Vancouver Based Artist Talks About Art Enriching her Self

Wilhelmina aT iTS BeST geneTic Silk

New Fashion Technology

Taking The World By STorm

Tokyo´s Top Model Yuco Takahashi and Tokyo´s Wild Card Eccentric Photographer Ivan Toscanelli 27


Collaboration Amongst Top Industry Experts

gloBal FaShion induSTry From New York To Vancouver

Winter Fashion tips 2016

LA.MODE Dezember 2016

OUR COVER PICTURE Tokyo´s Top Model, Yuco Takahashi, inspires us with beautiful long flowing curls, glistening in the wind. Top Photographer Ivan Toscanelli communicates the essence of international beauty – some even call it freedom. It is different. Simple, pleasing, pale, clever, sharp and not as innocent as it seems. Well calculated? LA.MODE



Is it really Beauty or is it Envy ? Maybe even both?  – Yasmin Pirani


LA.MODE Winter 2016

NOTE FROM THE Editor BEAUTY. AN INTERNATIONAL PHENOMENON. In Toscanelli's exposé, he reveals beauty, that some would say of the traditional type and others would say it's beauty of another kind. And from his endless masterpieces, he evokes a strong emotional response. Whether it's awe, jealousy, anger or love, his pieces raise the question of "What is Art" and "What is Beauty?"  From Japan to Korea to the Champs Elysées and even French Revolution Versailles, we can see the Power of Beauty.

Is it beauty or envy that provokes us? Maybe even both? If we go back to the days of Sigmund Freud, we might understand it better. And which is which? Beauty and Envy– is it psychological? Go ahead and be inspired! Be inspired by whatever you find in these pages. Beauty…Envy…Power…Fashion…or Art. With each page you will disover new ways of artistic communication. Communication that will inspire you to create as well. LA.MODE EDITOR Yasmin Pirani

Beauty: It's Ageless…it's Powerful…it's International.   But is it also an oxymoron? Examine the images. – – – –

It's Pretty and it's Ugly It's Strong and it's Weak It's Ethnic and it's Westernized It's Unique and it's Conformist

Beauty is in all of us to express. We all have different experiences and thus we all have different interpretations of what beauty really is. It's beauty in my eyes and not in yours. Or does beauty need to be shared? If you feel it – then I feel it. If it´s true beauty in Korea – then it´s true beauty in Japan. If it´s beautiful to men – then its beautiful to women. Beauty in Art. In Fashion. In Life. We want to see your interpretation. As you flip through these pages you will find beauty in all its form internationally. And my interpretation of true beauty: Check it out!   But is beauty one thing for men and another for women?

Team Dream Vision CEO Alex Smith Executive Assistant Masami Smith Art Director Subha Seifert Executive Editor Yasmin Pirani Marketing Director Davy Chen Content Coordinator Peter Quenter Production Designer Murray Johnston Web Producer Afsaneh Golchin Digital Coordinators Sheryl Drake, Stacey Wu Junior.NET Developer Farideh Lamee Editorial Interns Voke Oshevire, Sabine Uwibambe Contributor Sriram Kumar Sankaran

La-Mode Fashion Magazine lamodefashionmagazine LA.MODE




LA.MODE Winter 2016

Photo by Eydis Einarsdottir


Photo by Alex Smith


By Marilyn R. Wilson

Fashion from analog and local to digital and global Fashion. Many years ago this was a much more structured industry and designers approached their work in an entirely different way. What was in each season was dictated by elite labels located in European fashion capitals. Everyone else just followed their lead. Non-European designers had to fight the misconception that they were merely home sewers and any who tried to step outside the lines had a tough road ahead. In a 2010 interview, 92 year old Lore Marie Wiener shared what her 40 year career as a designer was like. Clients would come in to order new garments, but there wasn't a lot of freedom. "What we produced each season was dictated by the top designers. If they said you did short skirts, you did short skirts." Only a small amount of personal variation was allowed. When she retired at the age of 72, things were just beginning to shift. Home computers, the internet and cell phones have probably been the biggest game changers for this industry. Everyday people gained access to fashions more varied

than we were being shown in our local newspapers and magazines. The fashion blogger was born and quickly became a voice to be reckoned with. They offering a more personal take on everything from style to trends and their articles attracted readers worldwide. Conversations around fashion became more diverse and international. Consumers began to share their thoughts. Unique looks from other cultures enticed us. Brand new labels caught our eyes. Thanks to digital platforms that reached around the globe, designers like RozeMerie Cuevas of JAC by JC found new international markets opening up. After 30 years of focusing mainly in the Vancouver market, in 2013 she successfully launched her brand in the Asian market. Only three years later, there are now 70 signature JAC stores in China with more to come. Travel anywhere in the world and you'll most likely find yourself next to someone who is willing to discuss fashion. Why? Fashion is a part of everyone's life. What we wear is the first way we communicate with strangers. The clothing we don each morning is a reflection of both what our mood is and what we will be doing that day – friendly, severe, business, sporty, frivolous, fashionable, comfortable, sexy. Our look can open up conversations or push people away – set us up for success or hinder us from reaching our goals. LA.MODE


Photo by John Gurcharan Nijjar


As our access to information increased, fashion lovers began to learn about the negative impact of current industry practises. Global discussions on sustainability soon became a part of daily conversations. The term slow fashion gained momentum. Small run, eco-conscious brands, vintage re-sellers and artists who turned their hands to one-of-a-kind recycled and up-cycled garments started to be featured regularly in the media. Vancouver based textile artist and sustainable designer Katherine Soucie of Sans Soucie played a leading role. She makes it clear that this change can start with the consumer. In a 2015 interview, she put forward the idea we should ask ourselves what relationship we want with our clothing. It's a topic that bears serious thought. It is time to let go of the wear it a few times and throw it away mentality. It is time to consider buying less, focusing on quality and being more thoughtful in our purchases – each a cherished investment. WEARING SUSTAINABLE ART Walking into any party or event wearing a statement making, well-crafted garment sewn from beautiful fabric is a conversation starter. People will notice and want to know more. Who is the designer? How did you come to own it? Why do you love it? Denise Brillon of Artifaax – a First Nations producer and designer – calls these garments our regalia. Sharing their story is part of the joy of owning these special pieces. Another is knowing that instead of eventually being discarded in landfills, they will become sought after vintage garments in years to come.


LA.MODE Winter 2016

There has also been a growing interest in professionals who create wearable art. In the past, custom-made couture garments from top design houses defined this type of clothing. While couture's artistry continues to draw us, the media is increasingly featuring textile artists whose work is creating waves both on the runway and in curated art gallery shows. Instead of seasonal collections, these artists offer labour intensive and hand-made garments as an art series. Once sold, they are not reproduced. STUNNING VINTAGE SHOW For example, in 2013 a stunning show of vintage garments called Future Beauty: 30 years of Japanese Fashion toured North America galleries. Here the timeless work of Issey Miyake stood out, particularly the display of his Origami dresses. A set of three of these garments were folded and laid flat on a coffee table as artwork. Behind this, three more were opened up and hung on mannequins – soft, geometric sculptures created from fabric. Like any works of art, they offered complete strangers an opportunity to connect through their mutual love of fashion. While fashion has become more diverse through the years, it has also brought us together. Having our own personal style lets us present who we are to the world. An increased awareness of the impact of disposable fashion has opened new avenues for designers and consumers to explore. Choosing quality garments with long-lasting appeal helps not only express ourselves today, but also for generations to come. Fashion is now a universal medium that connects us all.

FashionTechnology Fashion


Spin Fluorescent Silk in 3 Colors By Nadia Drake

Wedding gown made from fluorescent silks, designed by Yumi Katsura, shown in white and UV light LA.MODE


Glowing clothing, created from silk produced by transgenic silkworms.

GLOWING SILK from the lab Silkworms in a Japanese lab are busy spinning silks that glow in the dark. But these silkworms, unlike others that have been fed rainbow-colored dyes, don't need any dietary interventions to spin in color: they’ve been genetically engineered to produce fluorescent skeins in shades of red, orange, and green. Now, scientists have tweaked the silk production process and made it possible to turn these somewhat freakish threads into useable fabrics. The resulting silks glow under fluorescent light, and are only ever-so-slightly weaker than silks that are normally used for fabrics, scientists reported June 12 in


LA.MODE Winter 2016

Advanced Functional Materials. Already, the glowing silks have been incorporated into everyday garments such as suits and ties, and Japanese wedding dress designer Yumi Katsura has designed and made gowns that glow in the dark. This isn't the first study that has genetically modified silkworms (Bombyx mori). Scientists have previously engineered silkworms to produce a variety of substances, including spider silk, human collagen proteins, and glowing proteins. "When we produced green fluorescent protein in transgenic silkworms, we obtained very beautiful silks," said study coauthor Toshiki Tamura, a molecular biologist at the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences. "We extended the method to produce three different colored fluorescent silks in large amounts."

Article and Pictures from


FashionTechnology Fashion

Creating the glowing silks meant borrowing from organisms that already produce fluorescent molecules. Scientists inserted the DNA sequences that produce these foreign fluorescent proteins into the silkworm genome, creating what’s called a transgenic animal. One batch got a red, glowing protein normally found in Discosoma corals; another got a glowing orange protein from the Fungia concinna coral. The third strain incorporated the green fluorescent protein derived from jellyfish.

In the end, they found that a combination of slightly lower temperatures, an alkaline solution, and a vacuum produced softened cocoons that could be reeled.

When the silkworms started spinning, the glowing sequences turned on and produced silk in three different colors — and the colors stayed vibrant and glowing for more than two years. Scientists bred and reared more than 20,000 of these transgenic silkworms in the lab, feeding them mulberry leaves, harvesting their shimmering threads and working out how to turn the raw, glowing cocoon silk into a functional material. Because the processing steps for normal silk — such as cooking cocoons at 100 degrees Celsius — destroy fluorescent proteins, the scientists needed to find a slightly different way to produce the fabrics.

Malcolm Fraser, a molecular biologist at the University of Notre Dame, suggests that while the fluorescent silks are interesting, they would be even better and more practical, if the colors were much more robust. In 2011, Fraser and his colleagues engineered a silkworm that spun spider silk. "The coloration conferred by these fluorescent protein sequences is not strong enough to impart a significant coloration in visible light," he said. "Coloration using dyes is much more versatile in terms of the color palette, and certainly more practical in terms of creating fabrics."

Now, the team hopes these glowing fabrics will find a use in other areas, such as medical technologies. The silks, if commercially available, would only be a bit more expensive than normal silk, Tamura said, noting that additional costs are derived from the different processing steps. LA.MODE




THAN MEETS THE EYE Fashion Week From East To West

New York Fashion Week Centralizing the World of Fashion

The ultimate goal is to centralize the world of fashion. PLITZS is soon projected to also partner with agencies in Africa, South America and Russia. Alas, a unified global industry – How exciting.

PLITZS is a production marketing company based out of the Fashion district in Manhattan, New York. The company produces fashion shows during New York's esteemed fashion week. More recently, the company has diversified internationally. By partnering with agencies in Beijing, Paris and North Carolina, PLITZS now has a global influence.

More locally, the company has had a large influence in New York Fashion. The company provides the industry with a platform that is both professional and affordable to seasoned and new designers. The fashion shows PLITZS affords entertain audiences of up to 200. They are high volume shows with 25 – 40 brands being

2 12

LA.MODE Winter 2016



Photographs by PLITZS Fashion Marketing Company

Fashion LA.MODE





exhibited per day. There are 5 showcases per day, each holding 5 – 9 designers. High yield for a fast-paced environment, as you can imagine. Besides producing fashion shows, PLITZS has also developed a keen interest in developing the industry from the inside-out. In particular, there has been an initiative to develop young women and men in the New York modeling industry.  PLITZS essentially encourages diversity, affordability creativity and a strong body image – elements to real success.


LA.MODE Winter 2016


The results are already showing up. They encourage young adults to follow their dreams with yearly "Model of the Year" awards, and ongoing training in modeling, posing, strutting the catwalk etc. … To see such a supportive and friendly environment in a background of high pretense is refreshing. In terms of future goals and direction, PLITZS will continue to improve and evolve. And as a like-minded entity, we support their work. Work that encourages affordable creativity in a background of conformity. We wish you, and ourselves of course, pure success!

1 – 3 Cheyma By Chayma Ben Hassine 4 – 6 Nadiaka By Nadia Karimu-Yessoufou 7 Te Amo Couture By Leyla Oskanova Magomedovna and Fatima Yandieva Magomedovna


Page 17 – 18 Photos by Alex Smith

Fashion LA.MODE



TO BE OR NOT TO BE Vancouver Fashion Week La.Mode Editor Yasmin PIRANI about her experience in Vancouver… Having travelled all the way from New York to London to Los Angeles and Paris, attending a Vancouver-based Fashion Week was; for me; an entirely different experience. From low key sneakers and jeans in New York, to bohemian chic in LA and sophisticated elegance in London, Van-


LA.MODE Winter 2016

couver Fashion Week, believe it or not, was a completely different and overhelming experience on its own. So, what could the 3rd largest Canadian city offer to the world of fashion? We see a strong Asian Flavour, impeccable Chanel plaid suits with porcelain skin and strong makeup. Then we see punky eccentricity with glamourous dresses paired with punk chains and leather shoes. And finally, we see a large Mediterranean influence with classic clean suits in novel colors, such as maroon and dark blue. In the end, Vancouver Fashion Week was a unique conglomerate of cultures, with Russian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian flair. The runways were similarly vibrant: full of diversity in clothing, jewelry, and makeup.


What can we learn from Vancouver Fashion Week? We can learn how to combine the elements that make Vancouver style a success. The aforementioned partitioned but unique styles are what make Vancouver unique. But to make Vancouver a major international fashion center, we would have to foster each other's creativity to combine these unique elements into a new entity. We look forward to seeing what next year's Vancouver Fashion Week brings. And we hope‌ no, we know that CREATIVITY as an entity in itself will be supported by the critical mass. LA.MODE



LA.MODE Winter 2016


A Collaboration Amongst Professionals By Jason Pillay LA.MODE


Fashion EcoFashion

EcoFashion – It´s Here To Stay

Urban Wilderness: Eco-Friendly Souls

As the creative director and stylist for this editorial, I am inspiring the world of fashion with two very important themes. The first is the importance of treasuring and discovering eco-friendly fashion. The second, is to help protect endangered elephant souls in Africa. Why is this important? Read on and discover the beauty of elephant souls, and the depth of eco-friendly fashion. In order to make this shoot a success, I collaborated with unique, inspired, and creative international designers. The first designer, Danny Reinke uses very rich, textural silhouettes with lots of detail – all devised from up-cycling. He makes this new trend a success in the eco-friendly world of fashion. His templates serve as a strong inspiration for future designers. His materials are novel and unique- coming from anywhere and everywhere. The endless possibility of materials he devises builds excitement- its a new combination of synthetic with non-synthetic; promising even more texture, lustre and sparkle. The second designer is an amazing organization known as Elephantasia. Elephantasia is a collaboration of 13 different designers internationally. The purpose of Elephantasia is to raise awareness about endangered African elephants. The strength in physique and soul that these animals represent needs to be well-recognized and well-respected. Ultimately, African Elephants need our protection. Danny Reinke, also has a strong and sensitive side. He collaborated with Elephantasia to create one unique piece. Danny created a beautiful haute-couture dress inspired by the richness of these soulful animals. I combined various pieces from all the Elephantasia collections to create a distinctive storyagain all from up-cycled fashion. In the end, the shoot is mindful. We need to support and create awareness towards both the endangered African elephants and towards the creative capacity of eco-friendly fashion.


LA.MODE Winter 2016

Photographer: Sabrina Liu Wilhemina Models: Mekhi Fester, Jessica Wilson Creative Director & Fashion Stylist: Jason Pillay Hair & Makeup: Micah Gilbert Designers: Danny Reinke & Elephantasia

Fashion LA.MODE




LA.MODE Winter 2016

EcoFashion LA.MODE



Jason Pillay TOP INTERNATIONAL Stylist

Ambiguously Me Working as a stylist is great because not only do we get to create a story through clothes, but we also play a strong role in every step of the planning process. We select models, create mood boards, scout locations, work with a creative team, plan every stage of a photoshoot, ultimately molding a final product. Although stylists are mostly behind the scenes, sometimes I like to change


LA.MODE Winter 2016

it up in front of the camera. I had this idea of shooting something dark, bizarre, edgy, and mysterious, so we got wardrobe, scouted locations, and casually got in front of the camera. And this was how we got depth in black and white. This editorial is to feature fall and winter styles in a peculiar way. Inspired by the outside streets and cold December nights, we created a monochromatic story. Each look was inspired by my personal style. As Joel Sternfield says, “Black and white is abstract; colour is not. Looking at a black and white photograph, you are already looking at a strange world.� And so this is mine.


Photographer: Kuna Lu Creative Director & Model: Jason Pillay LA.MODE




LA.MODE Winter 2016

Fashion LA.MODE



WINTER TRENDS By Rafael Basilla As the end of 2016 approaches ever so quickly, the fashion weeks too have come to a close, providing us with a number of fall and winter trends from this year. 2016 has been a vibrant mixture of styles that have taken hold of the upcoming seasons as well as trends spilled over from 2015. Here is a comprehensive list of what we’ve seen thus far.


LA.MODE Winter 2016




Max Mara


Bold stripes Stripes have been a staple in fashion dating back countless years. But straying from your typical idea of stripes, this year’s linear trend has us combining a range of colors as stripes, and in different proportions and textures at that! LA.MODE



Upgraded Everyday Outfits

2. 30

LA.MODE Winter 2016


Jil Sander

Stella McCartney

Because these garments are cut in such unique manners and made of the finest fabrics, you wouldn’t exactly call this a minimalistic trend. Labeling them “lux everyday clothes” would better describe what their designers might be going for. Extravagant subtlety becomes the statement with this trend.





Dolce & Gabbana

Cats With the continued dominance Instagram has had in the social media sphere, cats have become a constant presence in viral Internet contents. This infectious feline theme has since spilled over into the realm of runway fashion. The return of cat-themed prints mixed in with jewelry made in the likeness of kittens, cats have definitely become a trend this year. LA.MODE



Power dressing to make a statement is back, however it is now more centred on eveningwear. This can be evidenced by the use of satin, tons of gold jewelry, fishnet tights and, of course, the spiked stilettos. Leather, lace, and latex take center stage as further



LA.MODE Winter 2016

evidence of the 80s influence on this 2016 trend. Hedi Slimane’s show at Saint Laurent showed off his vision of exaggerated sleeves contrasted against slim waists and huge belts, further paying homage to the 19th century culture.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini



Back to the 80s


5. Erdem

Sonia Rykiel

Vanessa Seward

Haider Ackermann

Velvet Now being used in vibrant color hues, velvet is no longer seen as purely gothic or as romantic, eveningwear. The lively colors it is now found in have been used in everything from trouser suits to dresses and from handbags to boots. LA.MODE





Extreme Sports into Fashion

Louis Vuitton


LA.MODE Winter 2016

Just as the biker jacket has made it into many fashion enthusiasts’ wardrobes, 2016 has brought forth the next level of sport luxe. Full leather jumpsuits, reminiscent of the jumpsuits worn by Formula 1 racecar drivers have found themselves on fashion runways. Hiking boots have also returned to high fashion with Louis Vuitton premiering a boot with an allterrain sole at the toe end mixed in with the highest of heels.




Rising Stars in the WEST COAST


In our last issue, we discovered the international expertise of the world famous Minn Lee Makeup Artist. In this issue, we discovered the world of makeup artistry at several different levels. Min Lee, an expert international fashion icon is famous for her avant guarde looks. Here, we interviewed several makeup artists, both novice and established, to learn from different perspectives. We identified the two most successful makeup artists in their domain (novice vs expert). Ariana Zhang, a commercial makeup artist, is taking the industry by storm. She focuses mostly on weddings, although she is available for soft pleasing looks in the photofashion world as well. Tianna Tran, on the other hand, is more established in the world of fashion and magazine photography. Her looks are more striking and bold. Whether you want soft or strong, we have the right makeup artist at the tips of our fingers. Read On LA.MODE




Ariana Zhang Taking The Industry By Storm Ariana Zhang’s extensive beauty makeup career evolved through different kinds of makeup industry, including Wedding, Cosmetics, Film, Prints, Music Videos, Commercial. She started professional training for makeup artistry and fashion styling from MGPING designer school in 2008, Shanghai, China. After immigrating to Vancouver, she keeps herself upgraded from Blanche Macdonald Centre and Vancouver Film School to refresh her knowledge about current trends. She sets up her website as:, which is always open for booking wedding makeup and hair services and commercial prints, private beauty makeup services. Working as a Freelance Makeup Artist, She provides on-location luxury makeup services to her clients. She maintains a loyal referral network of brides, event planners, directors and photographers, venders, musicians, actors and clients. As a result, she has experience for different races and concepts of makeup skills. She is focusing on wedding industry because she wants to make people really become happy because of the extra beauty adding on their biggest day. Â


LA.MODE Winter 2016


1 Makeup Artist: Adriana Zhang, Photo by Kick Chen, Wilson Raisin, 2–3 Makeup Artist: Tianna Tran


TIANNA TRAN TRIED, TESTED AND TRUE Tianna first fell in love with makeup artistry after following her mother to a Toronto hair and makeup course. Stumbling upon her first fundamentals class at the age of 12, she discovered her calling. Encouraged to pursue her natural talent and evident passion, Tianna began her professional career working with local partners in Vancouver. Her tenacity, adaptability, charm and professionalism made her successful with companies such as Estee Lauder, Lululemon and Tonic Athletic – all who praise Tianna for her unique presence and natural flair. Although Tianna is one of Canada´s esteemed Make-Up-Artists, she remains pationate about weddings as the intimate opportunities, challenge her to bring out the beauty in real individuals. She is a contributing makeup artist for Vancouver Fashion Week, Eco Fashion Week and La Biosthetique Trend Show. She has also worked behind the scenes for designers Gabriel Lage (Argentina), Pascal Millet (Paris) and Jacqueline Conoir, as well as at the Flare World Runway Tour, Times of India Film Awards and New York Fashion Week.  In addition, Tianna currently teaches at New Image

College, sharing her talent for high fashion and bridal makeup. She is also the founder of the non-profit organization, A Wish To Wed, restoring beauty through life for terminally ill patients. Ironically, Tianna believes that the application of makeup takes away rather than adds something to somebody’s life. She believes that people are born with beauty and makeup is an instrument that sheds away fear, doubt and the insecurity – unveiling the underlying truth – a natural and beautiful you. Quite beautiful. LA.MODE

3 3


Models: Masaru Matsuda and Keisaku Kimura


Models Masaru Matsuda and Keisaku Kimura 38

LA.MODE Winter 2016



All Photographs of this Article by Ivan Toscanelli

a wild card photographer and a wild soul Model LA.MODE



Amongst Tokyo’s Top Photographers Worldwide IVAN TOSCANELLI

Bursts of Creativity to reckon with Although my name might suggest otherwise, I was born in cologne, Germany, where I also began my professional photography work more than 20 years ago. Tokyo, Japan, has been my home since 2003, but my assignments and projects also take me around the globe. My main commercial business covers beauty and fashion photography with a specific focus on cosmetics. You can find campaigns for Wella, Schwarzkopf, Shiseido, and Amatora-Japan in my portfolio, as well as series of fine art photography. Personal art projects can turn into exhibitions and photo books, which satisfy my own creative experimentation and can also bring the photographic experience to a wider audience. A statement, or call it a review, made about me by one of my long-term staff members, best sums up my approach to creative photo work: “No matter how long one has known Ivan Toscanelli, one can never be sure about what to expect next from him. Getting a call for a test shoot from Ivan could mean anything from getting tied up and chained in a dog cage to smoking shisha while dressed in a disheveled kimono. Or it could simply mean loitering the night streets and alleyways of Tokyo with a camera, waiting for the magic moment to fall out from out of the crowds and buildings. After a year or two of knowing Ivan, I stopped trying to guess what would be required from me when I receive a call from him. Just shut up, show up, and enjoy the wild ride. His signature style using sharp focus, dazzling lights creating visuals of stunning beauties exude decadence, while his latest project focusing on the men and women of the world famous Tsukiji fish markets grabs the attention with their raw and unadorned humanity. No matter what


LA.MODE Winter 2016

Feature LA.MODE




LA.MODE Winter 2016


the subject or the style, one thing is for sure, Ivan Toscanelli is an unpredictable and bursting force of energy to reckon. Those who have not heard his name yet will no doubt know of it very soon.” You can find me at: Read on and discover some of Ivan Toscanelli’s work with one of Tokyo’s Top Models, Yuco Takahashi!

Ivan Toscanelli LA.MODE



TOKYO’s TOP MODEL reflects on the essence of freedom YUCO TAKAHASHI

Yuco Takahashi is not just your run-of-the-mill TOP International Model. She is different and unique on multiple levels. First of all, she is not from Mars, Jupiter or Pluto. She is Japanese to be exact, and one of the few to make it big from the megacity of Tokyo. Despite her unique cultural and aesthetic phenotype, Yuco is also a very different person on the inside. Where we would expect raw edge, punk rock, and ultimate snobbery, we are surprised to hear her spirit ring through. Read on to see how Yuco Takahashi is not only arousing the world with her pictures, but arousing the world with her soul. LA.MODE: Who is Yuco Takahashi? Yuko Takahashi: I am nobody special. (joking) Since childhood I have understood the concept of life being transient. That is, everyone who is born will eventually die. Why am I, Yuco Takahashi, here on earth? What difference am I going to make in this world? Even though I may not know the truthful answer to these questions, I feel content because at least I know who I am. I am Yuco – This is me. I am not Tara, Tanya or Tom. I am happy with who I am – because I am an individual. But like so many other "Yuco's", we lead stressful, repetitive lives; hopefully learning with each movement. Who is Yuko?… I am a human being. I am a human being with tremendous passion and drive. Passion and drive to create – not just pictures – but to create art itself. And this, maybe this is why I am here, and maybe this is the way I will make a difference to others.


LA.MODE Winter 2016

Model Yuko Takahashi Assistant Photographer Maximillan Wohlaib Hair and Makeup Sayuri Yamashita


Feature LA.MODE



LA.MODE: What makes you different from the "other Yuco's". What makes you a Rising Star?

LA.MODE: You are a very educated, smart and strong person. Why did you choose modelling for your career?

Yuko Takahashi: All of us are human beings. Only me, I am a little bit more crazy. Other models suffer from the anxieties of the industry. They suffer when they are made to play hurtful characters, when they feel competitive or when they face obstacles. But for me, I make sure I not only feel, but deeply feel the highs, lows, the depths of my experiences. Whether positive or negative, I strive to feel freely and deeply. That is how I am able to release myself to each character – even when it causes me great pain. I am not afraid. I will feel the pain and I will be better for it.

Yuko Takahashi: Reasons for me to model are simple: • It is FUN. I love it. • I like acting. I like creating a dream world where we can celebrate creativity, beauty, individuality and art. • Fashion is my vehicle for communicating with an audience. I like to create artistic pictures that provoke thought and potentially influence change – for better or worse! • When I am successful, I feel so much happiness, that I am compelled to do it again. And this is the positive feedback that drives me forward.


LA.MODE Winter 2016


" NO MUD, NO LOTUS." LA.MODE: How do you feel when creating and looking at your pictures? Yuko Takahashi: I am a perfectionist. I will be very mad when things are not exactly right. To make a picture right then, it is important to know how to work with a team. I have learnt the magic of capitalizing on the talents of the people around me. To be able to guide a team towards creating a piece of art rather than just a picture drives me. I strive to become "A Piece of Art"- not just a model in a picture. And when I see the latter, then yes – that is what dissapoints me. When I look at my pictures, I know that their impact and influence will never be lost. Unlike myself, a piece of art is influential for eternity, whether it is in the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim or even in a famous restaurant or hotel. I do hope that my audience can appreciate and learn from my art… And sometimes I even hope that they will listen.

from the west. There is no need to prove to people that I am better with a clothing based hierarchy. My clothing is fun, charming and unique.

"My style can be coined as The Essence of Freedom."

In these pictures, you can see some of my style – Am I am styled to the T? At least I am shining with confidence. There is brilliance in my raw truth. There is comfort in knowing my simple identity. There I am, a young Japanese girl, and my arms – They should be arms flung into the air! LA.MODE: What is your ultimate dream?

" I am a human being with tremendous passion and drive. Passion and drive to create – not just pictures – but to create art itself. "

Yuko Takahashi: I just want to be able to share my art with the world. To have an impact in my town, country, in society – internationally. To create art that is easy to understand and to share it with people around the world. Even more, to be an icon, not only as a model, but as an artist. To be a superstar and to be able to say, YES, FASHION IS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE, and YES, I AM PLAYING MY PART. LA.MODE: Who inspires you?

LA.MODE: What is your favorite fashion style, photo, outfit and why? Yuko Takahashi: My style can be coined as "The Essence of Freedom". It is a reflection of a young Japanese girl who feels just that – FREEDOM. And that is why I love it! My style is a complete supplication to the demands of my own personal spirit… It is not, in juxtaposition, something that is simply based on previously established fashion based conformist regimes. To be more specefic … some of my clothes are old, others are new. Some are expensive and some are cheap. I have traditional clothes from the east and eccentric ones

Yuko Takahashi: My favorite artists have diverse ways of expressing themselves. • Takahashi Ryutaro, is a modern art collector • Yayoi Kusama is also one of my favorities • Ivan Toscanelli is a phenomenal photographer. He in particular is a magician with light. Ivan has more ingenuity than anyone else I have worked for. He is essentially my artistic soulmate. • Herman Hesse is my favorite German-Swiss poet • Hikaru Utada – She is my favorite singer. LA.MODE: Thank you so much for sharing, Yuko! LA.MODE




LA.MODE Winter 2016


AlfreD Ho: International Luxury Lifestyle Music Icon

An Interview with Alfred Ho LA.MODE: Alfred Ho – Can you give us a brief synopsis of how you became interested in the World of Entertainment and in Music Production in particular?

signer or entertainer. I started thinking of how I could use this to my own benefit. People were genuinely fascinated by me and hey – I was just being myself! I didn't realize music as being my creative outlet until after I met my music producer, Yuri Buznyik. Then after I slowly started exploring my musical side on my own. LA.MODE: Where did you draw inspiration from?

Alfred Ho: Although I am of Asian descent, I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. My mother was a graphic de-

People were genuinely fascinated by me and hey – I was just being myself!

Alfred Ho: My style is strongly influenced by two of my favorite celebrities – Michael Jackson and Liberace, They are both uniquely and boldly extravagant. Although

signer. This gave me exposure and appreciation for culture, art and design. As I aged, I started to enjoy fashion. I would put different types of clothing together and developed my own personal style. I enjoyed being over the top and different. After having developed a unique look, I started to get more attention. I remember random people approaching me on a daily basis asking me if I was a celebrity, fashion de-

Alfred Ho's look is unique and different, combining excentric elements from various cultures Organisation and planning has always been essential to Alfred's career LA.MODE



From a young age Alfred's individual style was all about luxury

they exude loud, showy and "over the top styles", they are still refined and classy. From personal appearances, to couture to travelling internationally, they continue to inspire awe, curiosity and a flair for the exotic. What I like best about their style is that they aren‘t being flashy for the sake of being flashy. Each detail of their clothing plays an essential part in establishing a complete look. LA.MODE: How do you bring your own personal style, identity and creativity to music?

Music is a form of escape for me, it is a vehicle through which I can relax and lose myself.

Alfred Ho: I like all kinds of music, my favorite being pop, R&B, rap and electronic music. I love music that is happy, motivating, uplifting and "catchy" . Music is a form of escape for me, it is a vehicle through which I can relax and lose myself. I strive to share this same feeling of emancipation in my music. But I combine it with emancipation with a background of luxury and opulence, to generate an even better high. I am currently in the process of directing music videos.


LA.MODE Winter 2016

They will combine all of the individual elements of my music into a very rich and powerful visual expression.  You‘ll be able to see my style and hear my creative lyrics. And the videos are being shot in exotic and luxurious locations. I know when people watch my music videos they will be entertained. They‘ll be able to appreciate the passion and attention to detail I put into everything.

LA.MODE: Describe your musical accomplishments.

Alfred Ho: I was first attracted to the luxury lifestyle entertainment world. I really liked it. But after meeting my music producer, Yuri Buznyik, I was inspired and taken away by his creative talent. Together, we created my first album and have released several songs already. He creates the beats, while I focus on the lyrics. We go through everything thoroughly, adjusting instruments and deciding which effects to use. I really love the whole process and how the songs comes together.


At the end of the day I am out to have fun, be entertaining, and put a smile on people‘s face

I think fashion, art, music and entertainment can unite and help bring people together. They can influence and overcome barriers.

LA.MODE: Your pending trip to Dubai to film your music video "Asians in Vancouver" seems interesting. What draws you to this region? Alfred Ho: I love the Middle East. Everything is beyond " Over The Top" and " Opulent", They have the most unique architectural structures such as the Burj Khalifa (the worlds tallest building), the Burj Al Arab (7 star hotel), the Palm Islands (artificially made islands shaped like a palm tree), and The World (artificially islands shaped as a world map), the Ferrari World and the Dubai mall-living in the lap of luxury, in its true sense.

Dubai‘s commitment to excellence and extravagance is what drew me to film my music video "Asians in Vancouver" there. I saw the common elements of luxury, excellence, refinement and class. My song " Asians in Vancouver" is a parody/remix. LA.MODE: Is Asians in Vancouver, your favorite out of your entire music panel? Alfred Ho: It‘s definitely one of my top tracks, and it is the one I spent the most time on. It took me about 2 months to come up with the lyrics. What made it challenging for me is that the lyrics had to rhyme, fit a beat and make sense. We had to match a certain number of syllables into each stanza.

they will be able to see the passion and attention to detail I put in the whole project. Especially Vancouverites, as a lot of things I sing about is in Vancouver so it will be very relatable to them. At the end of the day I am out to have fun, be entertaining, and put a smile on people‘s face. LA.MODE: What do you think of the concept of Fashion being an International language? Alfred Ho: I think fashion, art, music and entertainment can unite and help bring people together. All of these platforms are being used to express creativity. They can influence and overcome/avoid barriers that wouldn‘t be possible by other means. It is something that can be enjoyed regardless of associates or ethnicity. LA.MODE: Is there anything else you would like to mention? Alfred Ho: I sing and dance every morning – It’s my wake up routine!

Alfred Ho .. ... • Born in Vancouver, Canada • • Origin North Korean • • MOTTO Love everything that is opulent, luxurious and over the top • • Favourite Hobb y Singing and Dancing • • FAVOURITE MUSIC Rap and R&B • • I LOVE The Middle Eastern Architecture • • I HATE Boredom and Lassitude • • IMPRESSED BY Michael Jackson & Liberace • • LATEST SONG Asians in Vancouver!•

I truly believe when someone watches my music video LA.MODE




Usman Tiger Javed is a CEO/model within the Fashion Industry. He moved to the US approximately 5 years ago, and literally built his empire overnight. When asked about his concept of success he helps us to understand what his life and philosophy is all about. "Success does not happen quickly – it is a process – it is the result of everlasting endurance and hard work. People who have tasted success will want to taste it again and again. People say success is a combination of thoughts, words and actions. But the ultimate truth is that success is – in fact – A Frame Of Mind. So what do my images represent? They represent my own personal success. As a man, as a warrior, as a young and single bachelor, as an international fashion icon, as a


LA.MODE Winter 2016

CEO, and foremost, as a leader." And if this was true, he would be the most eligible bachelor in the world. Let's think about success further, he continues to extrapolate on the topic: "Luck has no role – only hard work and determination pays. And I know that is what makes a man happy. It is the pursuit of success that is more enjoyable. And it is sharing that success with people you love that makes you happy. A man who has lived well, laughed often and loved well knows success. A man that has the trust of pure women, the respect of intelligent men and the love of children, feels successful. And once he is gone, it is that man whose life was an impression, whose memory a benediction – this is the man who is rendered as successful." "But dreadfully, success is a limited experience – it is not final. What makes a man even more successful, is having the courage to face failure directly. Having the courage to


What makes a man even more successful, is having the courage to face failure directly. Having the courage to feel the pain, anger and sorrow of having lost

feel the pain, anger and sorrow of having lost– Of Having Made The WRONG choices. Of having destroyed the world, and everything good in it. To be able to rise up to the challenge of realizing that the aforementioned image of you is a complete myth. And that, in fact, you have succumbed to the 7 deadly sins of Lust, Greed, Laziness, Envy, Wrath, and Pride – that is true courage. These are things that people hate, but the seven together, are detestable to both the fashion world and god. Having haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devices wicked schemes. This is when I know that my feet are too quick to rush into evil. To pour out lies, and kill innocent women, just to unify and create dissension amongst brothers. That is my definition of failure. Rising

up to the challenge of making yourself better – both for yourself and others is integral then, to recreating yourself. And it is integral long-term sustained success. Even if Usman Tiger Javed has experienced success – so many times – he understands that success alone is never enough. His ultimate motto is thought provoking. "In the end, I should try not to just become a man of success, maybe a slightly selfish term, rather than a man of value." Usman Tiger Javed is looking forward to continuing his pursuit of success and value in an increasingly international world. And if he encounters failure. I am sure we will all remind him that failure, as he described it, is a detestable thing to most people in the fashion world – It is detestable to both those that are both here on earth and elsewhere. LA.MODE



By Rafael Basilla

What to look forward to!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 October has come and gone and we are now just about a month away from this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 2016 will be the 22nd year of the spectacle’s storied history. It is scheduled to be taped on November 30th in Paris and is slated to be broadcasted on December 5th on CBS at 10pm. “The Grand Palais is an iconic, amazing building” Monica Mitro – the show’s executive producer, said of the venue in Paris. “It’s a fashion capital and we’ve been changing and moving, and we felt like the logical next step was Paris, the City of Light. It’s so sexy and everyone is so excited about it.” The iconic venue isn’t the only thing to be excited about. The show’s musical headliners are all, as per usual, heavy hitters in the entertainment industry. The Weekend, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars are all scheduled to perform alongside the Angels. Mitro has also confirmed that 52 girls will be walking the show this year, far more than any other year in the history of the show. Out of those 52, eighteen will be making their Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debuts, including the show’s first sister duo in Bella and Gigi Hadid.


LA.MODE Winter 2016

What to look forward to

H&M – And It´s Online!

Lululemon Bolsters Up!

New Theory & Marc Jacobs Hires Lululemon, the Vancouver-based athletic and lifestyle brand, continues its surge towards the top of activewear market boasting new hires from leading fashion establishments such as Theory and Marc Jacobs. The company has just announced the appointment of a new senior vice president of men’s design with the addition of Ben Stubbington on Monday. Stubbington boasts a long list of industry experience including seven years at the helm of Theory’s creative direction. He has also previously worked at Calvin Klein as men’s director of specialty retail and wholesale, as well as Banana Republic as a senior designer. Stubbington will take on the highest-ranking men’s design position at the company, reporting only to creative director and executive vice president, Lee Holman. Lululemon also hired Sun Choe, who will serve as senior vice president of global merchandising. Choe joins the company from Marc Jacobs where she held the title of chief global product merchant. She has also previously plied her trade through merchandising positions at West Elm and Urban Outfitters. Under Holman – who came to the company in 2014 after holding creative director positions at Nike Sportswear and Burberry – Stubbington and Choe hope to only advance Lululemon’s design and innovation.

Canadian consumers and fast fashion enthusiasts can rejoice at the fact that they can now make their H&M purchases from the comfort of their own homes. Up to this point, Canadian fans of the fast fashion giants had to be physically present at the brand’s various locations in order to make their purchases. However, as of Thursday, October 27th 2016, customers from all across Canada can do their H&M shopping at The brand’s online store will offer all the same clothing pieces and items as featured in-store to ensure that online customers have just as broad of a range to shop. The online store will provide customers with access to the full collections of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing as well as “online only” exclusives. H&M Home and H&M Beauty products will also be available on their website. To celebrate the arrival of the online store in Canada, H&M Canada is also providing customers with numerous offers online with free shipping for a limited period of time! LA.MODE



Nathan Ozee Making it Big in The Iranian Film Industry


LA.MODE Winter 2016


A PERSIAN HERO ON THE RISE NATHAN OzEE ABOUT HIMSELF… After 2 years of working as a model/actor in the Vancouver Film and Fashion world, here I am. A 25-year-old bachelor, being molded into the world of Iranian films. I guess it was the right look, the right background and the right time. I am excited. I am nervous. But most of all I am curious. Curious to discover a culture that is actually my own. So here I am learning. Learning: A new language. A new dress code. A new skill. But most of all I am learning about life in Iran. Here is my 3-Week diary:

On the first few nights, we learnt how to eat new foods, such as kalapache (skull of a lamb). On my dishes, I found brain, tongue, cheek bones, eyes, and even the foot of the lamb in a soup. It is a popular traditional dish for Iranians, and it was exquisite! (Not so much food for the eyes.) But the week got better when I met the famous Iranian movie producer Morteza Shayesteh, and I hope to work with him on multiple occasions in the future. He is established in both Iran and Los Angeles as a famous movie scriptwriter. I can’t wait to be able to work with him. It will open my doors to an international audience! • Week 2 • This week has been full of adventure!

My first week of Iran alone has been eye opening and complex! I feel so much love and affection. It’s the Iranian way.

We travelled the north of Iran to the city of Rasht. Everyday was a new adventure; we traveled to the Mousuleh near Rasht – a village in which houses are stacked on top of one another. There are supermarkets, hookah lounges, restaurants, and spaces available for rent. The higher you go, the better the view.

The first week there, I wanted to immediately start to learn how to act in the Iranian way – how to read, write, and speak in Farsi. I am here to play in Iranian films.

Berim Darya, let's go to the beach was next. My 12-year-old cousin just grabbed a car and we said khodahafez goodbye, speeding across the beach as everyone watched her.

• Week 1 • LA.MODE




LA.MODE Winter 2016


My first week of Iran alone has been eye opening and a complex! I feel so much love and affection.


Eventually they taught my 15-year-old sister how to. And then I rode horseback during my trip to Mordab Anzali (a lagoon near Rasht). It is only the second week here in Iran and the city of Rasht has made me feel at home. I plan on visiting really soon. Now I understand the Iranian geography, maybe soon I will understand the women as well…. • Week 3 • We live near the city of Karaj and this is where I will be studying for the next month. I need to be able to read and write fluently in Farsi. The community around me is hel-

ping me practice my Farsi through either text or talking to me everyday. So many ups and downs being here in Iran. It definitely is a love-hate relationship here. And now I just met with the second big Persian Film Producer – Names being kept anonymous. He wants me to spend more time with him, to build my portfolio up for Iran. I will not be meeting with Shayesteh again until my school is finished in one month. And then, I will be playing in multiple films to build an Iranian film industry resume. As of now, we have a four-day holiday in Iran. Then it will be straight off to work with school and film. These stories will be built for me – creating my name in Iran. Let the fun begin! Check out my snapchat ozee7301 or my Facebook page for updates! LA.MODE


#Talent fashion insider

15 LA.MODE November 2016 60

LA.MODE Winter 2016


Daniella Evangelista's Personal Mantra for Success "It's Got to Be Fun"

Goofball inspired by creative Win-Win adventures

She could easily be talking about herself, structured but strong. She is one part wild child and an equal part professional. We notice she has that thing we see in a lot

Model Daniella Evangelista Photography Sean Day Michael

“I’m not an actor, I’m a goofball,” she said to the man in the street. And after being scouted that day at 4 years old, Daniella has never looked back. Now amassing over 150 episodes of T.V. credits, alongside many other well known celebrities, Daniella could not have been so successful without her ongoing personal mantra. No mat-

ter what you do,"Its got to be FUN.” And Daniella's street style backs up her claim. Showing up today in a signature pairing: an A-line dress with a plaid pattern cropped top. “Anything works… If you see the fun in it – others will too. I like sparks, a bit of wildness, and then you match that with something that's entirely the opposite – structured but strong.” LA.MODE




LA.MODE Winter 2016


# fashion insider

For Daniella it is always important to be structured and strong. With a little twist, of course…

of successful stars… this endless appetite for creative adventure, a lively curiosity, alongside a closet A-type that needs to categorize and understand the human experience. We asked Daniella if she agrees.

One of my few rules in life is to always create a WIN-WIN situation. This is what gives me inspiration.

“A-type? Hmmm. I know what you mean: that part inside of us that is driven to create order out of chaos. I definitely have that. As I work more, I meet so many amazing people. PeopIe I grew up watching – I see how you start to have a sense of responsibility towards the world and the culture surrounding you. I see how people experience life and how they give inspiration to others.” But Daniella's question still is: "But are these people having fun?" That

is, are they enjoying their lives – as a sibling, partner, employee and/or even a citizen. Are these people leading personally joyful, purposeful, fulfilling and successful lives? What is the point? “One of my few rules in life is to always create a WIN-WIN situation. I see people striving for a good life, keeping their lives exciting, no matter what they are doing. I see people feeding off others for inspiration, empowerment, knowledge and wisdom. And you can feel their energy – they are having fun living their lives. It’s like a great dinner party – they cook this great meal for everyone, but they also get to eat it and share it with them – having an incredible evening.”  And yes, in her spare time, Daniella is both an artist and a chef. Wait, do you cook, too? “ALWAYS. You can’t keep me out of the kitchen. I love food. I love a fridge full of possibilities. It is like having all this paint as a painter – endless creative possibilities and good people to share it with them." Cheers to that! LA.MODE



Yuri Buzynnik: International Music Producer

An Interview with YURI BUZYNNIK


LA.MODE Winter 2016



on the Rise

Yuri Buzynnik Yuri Buzynnik is a young and talented music producer. With roots from St. Petersburg, Russia, and travels across Europe, the Middle East and India, Yuri developed a key sense for sound, rhythym and melody. From house music, to R&B rap, to classic instrumental, Yuri has developed a niche as an up and coming music producer to

and accordion lessons, but I didn’t like it enough to finish all of the Royal Conservatory levels properly. Then, at age 17, I started making music in my room. Ultimately, I was inspired by a whole bunch of house music from Europe and American rap, R&B and pop in 2000s. I remember trying to make similar stuff. I made a beat very similar to Neptune’s ones, I played it for some of my classmates in music school, they said it’s really good and it could be a hit. So this was the beginning of my talent: that of making beats for people. Now, after having completed music school, I have developed the talent to make any genre of music. It is great to be flexible in such a vast industry.  LA.MODE: What aspects of music are you drawn to and why? 

many talented artists. Read on to discover more about this talented young artist in our exclusive interview with him.

LA.MODE: What first drew you towards a career in music? Yuri Buzynnik: The answer is very simple. Just like everyone else, I love music. It is an expression of yourself, of life and of different experiences. If you think about it, most of our favourite life experiences co-occur with music. Whether you are watching a movie, a ballet, a fashion show, or simply riding in your car with your favourite girl, music always plays a huge role in how you feel and respond to different experiences. 

Yuri Buzynnik: For me, the most important factor is "catchiness". If the song is not "catchy", there is no point in finishing it. Just throw it out and make a new one. The second aspect: I have to like the song and the people around me need to like it too. Otherwise what’s the point?  The third aspect is marketability. It has to be a good product which will be sellable, radio friendly and good enough for competition on the charts. I guess these are the main aspects for a music producer, they are generally necessary to succeed in this business. It is great working in Canada, as there is a lot of influence from the U.S. In order to be successful, I make tons of hip-hop, then pop and R&B. My favourite album is FutureSex/LoveSounds by Justin Timberlake and favourite song – What Goes Around… Comes Around again from Justin Timberlake.

I love music. It is an expression of yourself, of life and of different experiences.

LA.MODE: What instruments did you play growing up and how did you get into electronics and beats in particular?

LA.MODE: Who have you worked for in the past?

Yuri Buzynnik: When I was growing up I took some piano

Yuri Buzynnik: So far, I have been successful in wor- LA.MODE


International Talent

king for a lot of local people. Again, mostly hip hop and R&B. They include "KR, J-mon, Moses, Eledgy, Aly, Alfred Millions, T-Kay, Yung Reese, Aman, 20 bands, Killaammzz, Leanne Lapa " amongst others. I am hoping to travel and be discovered more internationally. First in the U.S. (starting in LA and Seattle) and then even to Europe and St. Petersburg. I want this to happen. 

am currently working on a new mixtape for "Eledgy", a new album from "Alfred Millions" and I am also going to produce some tracks for Aly’s EP, which is called “Shiroi cho”, hope you can find it in the stores in January. I keep myself busy with projects.

The most important part for me is that people feel good when they hear songs which I’ve made.

LA.MODE: What are some of your past productions? Yuri Buzynnik: Most of the stuff I am working on is in the process of being published. Tracks that you can look up include T-Kay-Road to Riches, Moses amongst others. I


LA.MODE Winter 2016

LA.MODE: What cultural influences make your music unique?

Yuri Buzynnik: I am Russian, and my country is full of historic musical influence. Although I started out classical, I was drawn to house music, mostly from Russia and Europe. However, sometimes I like to use percussion, samples and melodies from different countries like India or the Middle East. The Arabic scale is


If the song is not "catchy", there is no point in finishing it. Just throw it out and make a new one.

my favourite – it sounds so exotic. My music is therefore diverse and unique. LA.MODE: Do you communicate to an audience through your music, almost like a subliminal language? Yuri Buzynnik: I think I do. The most important part for me is that people feel good when they hear songs which I’ve made. LA.MODE: Is there a relation, for you, between music, entertainment and fashion? Any common themes?  Yuri Buzynnik: Of course, because it is all Art. It is all interrelated. For example fashion shows always need music. If there is no music it’s kinda boring and you can’t fully appreciate the show. Plus, music is entertaining. Fashion is also really important in music videos. The artists should look good with new trends, it is all there to entertain you and provoke a certain sensory experience. LA.MODE: Have your travels through Europe, Russia, or anywhere else influenced your music?  Yuri Buzynnik: I get a lot of inspiration through my travels. Russia, mostly Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in particular

are huge sources of inspiration. In Europe it’s Germany and Sweden, where a lot of euro-dance music was made that has influenced me the most. The UK as well has so much good and varied house and pop music. It's just not the same here! There is a lot of growth potential in the industry.

If the song is not "catchy", there is no point in finishing it. Just throw it out and make a new one.

LA.MODE: Can you comment on "The International Music Scene"? Yuri Buzynnik: The international music scene is mostly dominated by the US charts, so they dictate the rules I would say. But not everywhere! For example, pop music in Japan is very independent. Most of the songs in Japaneses charts are from Japanese artists themselves – which is incredible! But the US music charts dominate in most countries: sometimes less and sometimes more. Here in Canada it is just a mix of 70% US music and the rest from some local stuff. LA.MODE




USTRIAN vantgarde


LA.MODE Winter 2016

By Subha Seifert



The Fashion Scene in Austria is full of surprises. Over the last decade the design circles of the city have been witnesses to a lot of unconventional influences and this movement has created some truly remarkable talents.


burgeoning fashion city Vienna. The capital city of Austria might provoke associations with the legendary Mozart and Wiener Schnitzel and the infamous coffeehouses that bred the city's intelligentsia like Gustav Klimt and Freud. Wrong? No, but Vienna has become a unique place that provides the old-world civility and compassion fitted to a modern decor. Right next to the traditional Viennese Cafes one finds a plenty of flamboyant boutiques; bustling a high variety of fashion surprises. From avant-garde to modern, casual or trendy readyto-wear, these designers are making a strong case for Austria's booming creative scene.

Fulani LA.MODE




The Vienna Fashion Week this September proved the fact just one more time! Located at the city center nestled between historic art-nouveau and contemporary buildings, for the eighth time the Museumsquartier turned into a unique setting for the eagerly awaited show. The large cultural area became the highlight for the city as fashionistas from over 80 national international designers lit the walkway presenting their latest collections. In contrast to previous shows, this years main focus was put on domestic fashion creators. LaMode took a closer look and will introduce you to some of Austrias top newage designers!

ROEE Out of passion for fashion, Rene Pomberger and Michael Mairhofer launched ROEE in 2013. The label is characterized by its sophisticated, extraordinary cuts and stands for futuristic Street Style fashion. Made of high-end materials, they featured an array of muted colours. Furthermore, the idea behind ROEE seems to captivate people with impressive creations but also raise awareness for highend


LA.MODE Winter 2016



garment process technologies. Rene Pombergers openness to experiments is a source for his new ideas and whenever he falls in love with a new processing technology, he creates a story around each piece.

TrueYou TrueYou is more than a brand or a fashion label. It is the epitome for a lifestyle that is shaped by openness, courage and self-confidence. “Be who you really are” is the message that Ilja, Roland and Rene wanted to convey and therefore founded the label. Today the team counts seven young, creative members who regularly cooperate with Parisian designers. While meeting the best possible quality standards, the elaborately handcrafted pieces ensure that each design and its concept is revolutionary while yet identity-centered. To enable as many people as possible to purchase a TrueYou product, the creations are divided in two categories: TrueYou Astat, consisting of single pieces and providing personal individual designer items while TrueYou Elementa, forming the counterpart,

includes designs that are produced in bulk making for an affordable selection.

MILK “Clothes that will never be dropped to the bottom of the drawer”. This and nothing less is Nicole Komitov's approach. After completing her commercial education she dedicated more of her time into designing. What started as a hobby resulted in a serious passion. In 2013 Nicole created her own label MILK. The factual contradiction attributes to simplicity and drama fuse into each another and establish MILK as an avant-garde fashion label. The combination of the characterizing black, clear shapes and intricate cuts make her designs stand out of the crowd and renders a real panache. Nicole finds her inspiration in her daily activities. With her exceptional clothing items she intends to address brave, self-confident women who are looking for a wear with an individual touch. Lately Milk expanded its collections with remarkable handbag designs. LA.MODE



LA.MODE Winter 2016

Page 73 – 76 Š 2016 by ROEE I Rene Pomberger Photographer Vanessa Hartmann Creativedirector & Styling Rene Pomberger


Production Michael Mairhofer Assistent Katharina Eggler Hair&Makeup Jenny Bladek Model Sigrid Renner, Markus C. Ender Location COMOD

International LA.MODE



As the smog fills the room, what stands tall and stark is TrueYou.


LA.MODE Winter 2016

International LA.MODE

TrueYou 75

FULANI Omatu and Sandra attended the Vienna Fashion School (Modeschule Hetzendorf) when they first met and decided to collaborate to put their ideas into solid work. The 2003 created label FULANI, named after a nigerian tribe, gained soon international recognition. Today celebrities would wear the brand on the red carpet, in music videos and at live performances. The dedicated FULANI team already dressed prominent stars such as Victorias Secret Angel Selita Ebanks and the singer Michelle Williams. Representations at tradeshows in New York, Paris or L.A. became part of the brands everyday life. Personifying sex appeal, elegance and grace, the label captivates women who are looking for timeless and feminine designs. With a background and experience in the music scene, Omatu and Sandra will let all their talents influence their unique creations.




LA.MODE Winter 2016

Who would not know the cult figure Helmut Lang? Born in Vienna, his cultural austrian background accompanied with a hyper-attention to details marked his creations through and through. It was him who defined the luxe minimalism in the nineties. Famous for his sharply cut suits and later his jeans creations, his designs became famous among power brokers in the creative industry. Lang's extremely elegant silhouettes were not just of very high quality but often made of high-tech fabrics. The additional use of Latex or PVC as well as applications of canvas ribbons would not be uncommon. In 1999, after moving and setting up his company‘s headquarters in New York, Helmut Lang entered into a partnership with Prada Group. Five years later this resulted in the complete acquisition of the label by Prada and subsequently Langs' departure from the brand. Followed by a turbulent time and another acquisition by Link Theory Holdings the Helmut Lang brand got relaunched in 2007. Soon the brand

A Woman Wearing a Helmut Lang Romper Suit by Maegan Tintari –



would be presented at the New York Fashion Week again and stores around the world will be selling Helmut Langs' latest collections. Even though the designer himself has not returned to his hometown, the label preserved its outstanding reputation. The latest collection proves this fact over and again: Raw-edged slip dresses, cargo pants and cargo minis with snap-front patch pockets, head-totoe monochrome dressing – this all and much more let the label-lovers heart beat faster!




Art meets fashion, fashion meets art – in the true sense of the word. The duo behind the Austrian luxury women’s wear brand FEMME MAISON consists of the fashion designer Franziska Fürpass-Kermani and her husband, the artist Sia Ali-Pour-Kermani. Together they created the international popular brand which is famous for its minimalism and innovative wearable design costumes made of hand-picked exclusive pre- mium fabrics while fulfilling highest manufacturing standards and maintaining local craftsmanship tradition. Maison – the house, embodies the metaphor for the human body and forms the basic theme of all creations. The body and dress are hereby the main elements of what the designer calls “poetical architecture”. Pure shapes, soft and rich colours, sensual garments create the house for the woman, while conveying a specific mood or telling a story. Beside authenticity and elegance, comfort is a must feature of every produced design element. LA.MODE



Ankara Fabric

Traditional design and process for modern wear Ankara Fabric is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs. It is also a very versatile fabric and many items can be made such as hats, earrings, blazers, and shoes to name a few. To make Ankara an even more versatile fabric, companies have most recently included Ankara prints on chiffon for clothing such as kaftans & socks. Ankara print Fabrics are made through an Indonesian wax-resist dyeing technique called Batik. In this technique, methods are used to “resist” the dye from reaching all the cloth, thereby creating a pattern. The lack of divergence in color intensity helps with the determination of the (front) right and (back) wrong side of the fabric. Ankara print fabrics are sold in 12 yards as “full piece” or 6 yards as “half piece”. The fabric company/ producer, the type of fabric/product and registration


LA.MODE Winter 2016

number is printed on the selvage of the fabric, to notify people of the quality and to protect the designs from imitators.    The wax fabric can be sorted into categories of quality due to the processes of manufacturing. The colors comply with the local preferences of the costumers.  Some wax prints can be named after personalities, cities, building, sayings or occasions. Some people wear it as “asoebi” for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, balls etc. “Asoebi” is a Nigerian word and means “clothes of the family”. Family members, relatives and close friends usually dress up in similar attire for a special occasion.   Even though Ankara Fabric is associated with the African culture, it’s origins are not authentically and wholly African. Dutch wax prints started out as cheap mass-produced imitations of Indonesian batik fabric. It was originally intended for the Indonesian market but found a more enthusiastic market in West Africa, where it became symbols of traditional and high quality fashion. From West Africa, this fabric spread to other parts of Africa and all over the world.

International LA.MODE



LA.MODE Winter 2016

Rihanna in Stella Jean Barbara Layered Sheath dress to White House in Washington, D.C.



Definition of Ankara? .

100% cotton cloth


Vibrant Patterns




Usually Colorful


Made Through a Wax-Resist Dyeing Technique called Batik


Origins are not authentically and wholly African


Intentionally made for Indonesian market by Dutch but found a more enthusiastic market in West Africa


It is also the capital of Turkey! LA.MODE




LA.MODE Winter 2016

Designer Yao Zheus Mohamed

Photographer Pages 82 – 84 Alex Smith

International LA.MODE




LA.MODE Winter 2016

International LA.MODE



HAJNI YOSIFOV The Discovery of Your Own Verse

Hajni Yosifov Hajni Yosifov is a seasoned artist from Romania. Since her move to Canada in the 1990’s, she has participated in more than 270 exhibitions in diverse regions such as Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia amongst others. She started a new chapter in North Vancouver called "My Painted Diary in Vancouver: Silk Purse Gallery". She holds postings and exhibits in West Vancouver, the Delta Arts Council, the Arts Council of New West Minister Gallery and the Seymour Art Gallery. She has been awarded the North Vancouver Honourable Mention for the Arts. Hajni's public collections are available for preview.

Hajni yosifov about herself… I started out as a Jewelery Designer back in Romania. It was the early 1990s, and I designed well balanced Gold Pieces. They were unique, intricate and thought provoking. But it also had to be very exact. Misplacing one linear element could evoke a completely different meaning. Eventually, I left Romania to discover Vancouver, Canada. And then, of course, there was outbreak of war in Romania, and there was devastation…


LA.MODE Winter 2016

Even though I lost everything, I found a necessary outlet in my paintings. It was here that I really cultivated a new way to communicate. I developed an urge, a passion, a necessary outlet in painting- I needed my art. It became a coping mechanism, an addiction, and so there were more and more and more paintings. Painting, was for me, lifesaving. It essentially gave me the courage to be vulnerable. It was a bridge for communication in a world where I felt confined/isolated. And it was when I was painting that I was the happiest. There was inner peace and clarity of mind. Interestingly enough the

My painted diaries together with my poems endeavor to build a bridge between me and the world.

end result is an image, an art-form in constant conflict. Just even a piece called "The Struggle for Beauty" – Examine it. You see the conflicts, the positive and negative elements, the thicker and thinner mood palette. It is not straightforward. There are many incongruencies and conflicts. There is no “Cinderella in her beautiful ballgown, glass slippers, purple wand with a horse and carriage”– we are so easily fooled! Because Cinderella’s experience was not beautiful at all. Nor was the pale color of her dress, or the transparency of her slippers. She was a woman – in constant conflict, in constant struggle. So, what is beauty then? And does beauty really have to struggle? It is a new perspective… And it sounds like an oxymoron.




As a traveler in this lifeI dive deeper into my soul's journey –

the journey of self-understanding. On the edge of abstraction – I use elements from nature to concretely express my feelings. My painted diaries, together with my poems, endeavor to build a bridge between myself and the world. My recent work captures shreds of self-discovery and moments of struggle. Painting is a process through which I can make sense of life, conflict, struggle, pain and loss. Each painting is a moment in my journey... All of which cascade from moments of difficulty. With layers of paint, I dare to soar with the highest and most ideal forms of composition – what a beautiful expression of human existence! And then I deepen into the dark regions – And there is no path. I'm a traveler between dreamscapes.  I'm a medley of thoughts and moments. This is an irreversible passage of time.  Are there sparkles of light and hope? 


LA.MODE Winter 2016


As for creating mood in my pieces, it is my passion for curiosity, creativity, and invention that drives me to create each new piece of art. The mood is pre-eminent, there are strikes of good, and underpinnings of evil. Each painting is passionately present, like my thoughts – shapes and shades that come to life effortlessly. I don’t consider my art as abstract. Abstract art strives to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colours and textures- It does not represent an external reality. I call mine "dreamscapes", because when I paint, my intention is to touch an emotional chord with such intensity that I can’t distinguish if it’s pain or happiness. Maybe I am tricking

you by evoking both – an interesting sensory experience. Currently, I’m collecting bits of nature, human forms, and sparkles of light. I am putting them back into my artwork romantically. The awakening of life is an endless wonder. My art gives me the courage to be vulnerable, and to be myself. What a precious privilege to be here in Vancouver among so many talented artists, so many forms of art! And I'm so grateful for the gift of passion. I am grateful for endless creative journey! Nothing, believe it or not, compares with THE DISCOVERY OF YOUR OWN VERSE. LA.MODE



LaMode wishes you a Merry Christmas!


LA.MODE Winter 2016

Dream Vision Productions

DVP is an ambitious and rapidly growing company based in downtown Vancouver in which a variety of professionals and businesses work together in the creative fields of film production, imaging, design, fashion and event coordination. By connecting, integrating and centralizing the talent in these fields, we provide every company, designer, model and/or actress with a voice, a stage, a spotlight and an audience.  Essentially, we provide what is necessary to optimize creative capacity: we provide SYNERGY.   We have a diverse team of qualified talent including film makers, videographers, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, models, artists, designers, wedding dress stores, venue providers and many others. Notwithstanding, we are constantly looking for fresh talent; we are continually evolving to stay au-courant; we are perpetually looking for inspiration.  With our company, your integrated medley of talent (students, designers, artists, singers etc) will have the opportunity to gain: 1. Recognition 2. Connections 3. Work Portfolio 4. Experience: (fashion shows, magazine editorials) Here at DVP we offer you not only the stage, the spotlight, the voice, but we offer you a unique audience. We offer you SYNERGY. LA.MODE Fashion Magazine We are currently in the process of generating more opportunities for our clients through the platform of a fashion magazine titled LA.MODE. La Mode is about creative collaboration; it provides the industry with synergy, inspiration and exposure. For our next issue, we would like to partner with you and offer you inclusion. We invite you to showcase your advertisements, research articles, and/or talent. We want to provide photographers, models, writers, journalists, editors, and companies with a creative outlet. Fashion and acting schools can write articles about their services or school to inspire emerging young talent. You can submit images and documents to for publishing consideration.  If you are interested in building talent, connections, improving skills, or being showcased or if you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to us at We can offer you our media kit-our vision for the magazine, the fashion show and DVP in general.  Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to building talent, connections, improving skills, our magazine will meet your need.  With kind regards,  Alex Smith

Dream Vision Productions Inc.

617 – 938 Howe Street Dream Vision Productions Inc. BC, Canada 617 – 938 Howe Street Vancouver, BC,Vancouver, Canada V6Z 1N9 V6Z 1N9 tel: 604.688.6658 tel: 604.688.6658 toll-free: 1.888.988.6658 toll-free: 1.888.988.6658 fax: 604.688.6659 fax: 604.688.6659

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LA.MODE Winter 2016

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