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Rachel Vallori, Next Models NYC photo by Mel Sauerbeck

Editor’s Letter “Music and fashion represent the raw truth.”

La MODE Magazine is… INSPIRATION: For the third edition of la Mode

eternal infinite world — a world full of love and

magazine, we only have to have a look at music,

passion. But in each melody, that world keeps

both in the East and West, to provide us with

being destroyed by dissident, hatred, cruel power,

a creative, different, novel type of inspiration.

immoral conflict and sinful lust. But most of all

When we compare the musical genius of A.R.

we are beings destroyed by love, beauty and by

Rahman with that of the infamous Coldplay,

camouflaging pain, insecurities and weakness.

there are too many similarities to ignore. Both as creative geniuses in their own right, with their productions full of raw strength, cruel passion, rich history and eternal emotion. From Hymn for The Weekend to A.R. Rahman’s Raunuq, we feel the souls of not only the artist but of various ethnic continents, of people gone by and of people still present. We see God, we see the Devil, we see sultry lust, and we see bitter pain. How beautiful is it, that the masterpieces of Britain and the deep southern Indian continent continue to both evoke so much raw passion and mystery. In the end, we are taken to an

2 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

Beautiful would be the product of Coldplay and A.R. Rahman being able to produce and

influence each other. To share their instruments,

beginning of time. If music and fashion can touch

their subtle sounds, the nuances of different

the world, the souls of the gods, then I am sure

notes and voices. Together, they would create

they can positively influence the world as well.

something so special, that I am sure, even the

Let’s see if we can share or even recreate these

gods would cry. Let’s hope then, to be able to experience something like this form of a shared international art can be just as strong, beautiful, influential and awesome as anything else. And what does this have to do with fashion? Music and fashion represent the raw truth. These songs are the historically documented ups and

experiences through photography, production and fashion. This is our challenge. We start with the Golden Goddesses. Then we travel all over the world with musical and artistic masterpieces. Go ahead and enjoy the music. And write to us for any further contributions. Yasmin Pirani Editor-In-Chief, la Mode

A.R. Rahman


downs of human experience — literally since the

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 3

La Mode Yasmin Pirani Editor-In-Chief

Table o

Murray Johnston Production Designer

Alex Smith Dream Vision CEO


La Mode North America pages 8 - 39

Cover Photo Rachel Vallori, Next Models NYC photo by Mel Sauerbeck

World Fashion News Dream Vision Productions Inc. 617 – 938 Howe Street Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z 1N9 tel: 604-688-6658 toll-free: 1-888-988-6658 fax: 604-688-6659 info@dreamvisionproductions.ca www.dreamvisionproductions.ca

4 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

pages 6 - 7

f Contents SECTION TWO

La Mode International pages 40 - 89

Events & Locales pages 90 - 103

World Fashion Week Resource Directory pages 104 - 111 Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 5

World Fashion News Models of 2017 Nowadays we are looking at how young or how old models are. We need only look to the Versace show Spring 2017 and we see Gigi Hadid, a young hit on the runway;

The Women Who Are Redefining the Business of Style

but then we see Naomi Campbell, looking

Take a look at the recent cover image of Time Magazine. Aimed at the executive, intellectual, non-conformist group of discerning thinkers — people who essentially mold and influence the world into what it is today. The cover image is beautiful, masculine and absolutely flawless — some would say even “perfect.” But to me, it reinforces the importance of fashion on a global scale. Fashion is everwhere — from magazines, to the airport to malls to restaurants. You cannot escape it. Everyday people decide to wear a suit, a professional hat, or a certain pair of shoes. And what they choose to wear has a large impact on who they are as individuals. But more importantly, it has an impact on the observer, whether it be a friend, a spouse or an enemy. What people wear makes such a profound statement in society. And whether others decide to accept that style of fashion or choose to repel it with vengeance, this is how fashion influences the world. We can make worldwide decisions based on the tone of a woman’s lipstick…We can influence the stability of countries based on the flare of a pant…We can even launch nuclear bombs based on the highlights in a woman’s hair… Is this the truth? It’s the International Language of Fashion.

diversity again on the runway. So whether

Yasmin Pirani 6 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

just as sultry and streamlined as ever. From such dramatic contrast in age, style, complexion and origin, we are celebrating you are 13 or 32, get out of bed and celebrate the arts and fashion. There is no age cut off in this era of fashion — only space for increasingly shocking elegance. Come and create with us. Celebrate with us, some of us are new and others are only tried, tested and true! Y.P.

Global Runway Spring 2017! We explored the multitude of global runway

Oriental fuchsia velvet by Gucci, and in a subtle

shows this Spring 2017 Fashion Week.

soft mix of weaved prints by Missoni.

From Chanel suits, to Balenciaga bags that work

And it didn’t stop there. Dolce and Gabbana

as small stools, to Missoni prints and Gucci’s

celebrated in the streets of the runway, and

extravagance — there was a decidedly edgy and

Versace stuck to its more traditional cuts. And

unique style to each designer’s show.

the second common theme was in the bursts of

That is, each designer established herself/himself

colours seen. Pink, singularly, was everywhere!

as unique and different; they confined them-

Whether it was pale, fuchsia or nearly red with

selves to previously developed and expected

crushed velvet seams, pink predominated the

styles: Gucci with a panel of stripes, Balenciaga

runway, making us feel energized and creative

with leather bags, Versace with similar cuts and

in our vetements.

seams, and Chanel with their decidedly elegant

We were decidedly excited to see how the

suit dress.

runways of NYC transformed the streets. Will

But even amongst each designer’s previously

it continue to be ugly, or will it be chic? We

established couture, we saw two common

only hope that it stays positive, shocking and

factors in their new presentation. We, for one,

strong — as fuchsia made its dramatic return.

saw ugly chic everywhere. We saw ugly chic in

Let’s stay positive and surprising…!

metallic by Chanel, in whites/creams by Dior, in

Y.P. Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 7


Amir Amor World 14

Golden Goddesses 10

La Mode Nor

Dip Hop 28

LA Xeniya Sha 34

German-based Fashion 22

Grace Wang 18

rth America



Gordan Dumka 30 Ingrid Rodd-Nielson 26

La Mode North America

Golden Goddesses Mel Sauerbeck Explores the Inner Strength & Passion of a Woman critical to achieving the overall vision. In planning the shoot, the team receives a creative brief that outlines the look and feel of the shoot. So, when the model arrives they know how their makeup and hair should look — and they have already acquired the clothes and jewelry to complete the look.” “When the model steps onto the set, she/he now looks and begins to feel the part. And this is when I am able to achieve the satisfaction, exhilaration and excellence that drive us all in the world of fashion.” “Go ahead and experience the Golden Goddesses! Our experience was strong, raw, inspiring and passionate.” “From music to photography to production to fashion — it’s all art, and it’s in all of us to share.”


Katrina O’Conner, Wilhelmina NYC, photo by Mel Sauerbeck

“From a small town in southern Virginia, I’ve spent the better part of my life traveling the world: from Asia to Africa; from Canada to the southernmost tip of South America; from the United Kingdom and most of Europe to India.” “Every experience along the way has added another rich layer to an imaginary spectrum of possibilities.” “A good day for me is when I am in the midst of a good shoot. When I’m most centered, in my quiet self, is when my creativity and inspiration run the show. And later, it is the satisfaction that drives me.” “The satisfaction is achieved when the viewer shares a glimpse of my conflict, truly experiencing the theme through feeling, seeing, thinking and integrating the images within themselves.” “Of course, having a professional team is

10 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

Katrina O’Conner, Wilhelmina NYC photo by Mel Sauerbeck

Golden Goddesses

NYC Golden Goddesses come in many sizes, shapes and colours. Let’s celebrate diversity in NYC, where we aren’t judgmental about you, but we may be judgmental about your shoes.

Rachel Vallori, Next Models NYC photo by Mel Sauerbeck

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 13

Rachel Vallori, Next Models NYC photo by Mel Sauerbeck

La Mode North America

Re-Discovering Zen in NYC Amir Amor World After a long day of hustle and bustle at the office on her new job she welcomes the solace of her own private sanctuary: her warm resting place called home. Equipped with her comfy, cozy slippers and pjs, and the unconditional love and affection of her two puppies who greet her religiously upon her arrival, she yearns to see them while the Arabesque aroma welcomes her to an inviting, hearty cup of fresh brewed chai tea latte or her favorite blend of fresh roasted coffee. Finally, who doesn’t love to be nestled by the fireplace with a plate of soft and fluffy Velvi French macaroon and, of course, the latest fashion magazine to propel her? Transport her without Lyfe, without Uber, from her hum drum day-to-day existence to some outer body experience. A much needed escape into its dreamy glossy pages of luxury, opulence and unapologetic aristocracy. With each visit she is transported to some far away adventure to hobnob with the eccentric, the A-listers or the tastemakers in a too-good-tobe-true profession. She is here, you are here, to save the world.

Imagine not having to stress on where you could find the finest one of a kind evening gowns or cocktail dresses made to order. Custom delivered fashions in time for that special event or vacation: now that’s epic! Sure, maybe you’re even secretly determined to upstage your old high school ‘frenemies’ at the high school reunion upcoming this fall. Weddings bells in your not-so-distant future? If either of these are the case, the only question left to ask is, “when’s your Cinderella day?” Look no further than Amir Amor World, your online oasis for beauty fashion and luxury lifestyles for everything you need to turn your dreams into reality. From the farthest reaches of the earth you can discover rare and exotic gift items sure to tantalize the senses while entertaining your guests or fabulous fashions to make a grand entrance to your next affair. Whatever your choice of decadence, Amir Amor World is sure to please. Amir Amor World is the brainchild of award winning style icon, designer and fashion CEO known as Scorpeo to his peers. Visit Amir Amor World online today and see ‘who’s who’ in the industry, what five-star events are to be added to your must attend list and what’s hot and stylish on the runways at ‘fashion week’ or ‘to-die-for’ this season. It’s all there at your one-stop for everything luxe. Journey with us every month to different exotic locales with international models and see it all unfold through the lens of some of the finest photographers, stylists and designers. Now the very best is at your fingertips; discover what’s new within Amir Amor World. Visit the site today: www.AmirAmor.World

model: Julie Ling on location: Taiwan Temple photographer: Brian Liu makeup: Vivi Hsun

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 15

Discover what’s new within:

www.AmirAmor.World Only Name for Glamour:


16 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 17

La Mode North America

From Beijing to Vancouver Grace Wang, former Miss China Tourism Becoming a Full-Blown Actress “My name is Grace Wang. Although I am of Chinese origin, I’ve been living in Vancouver since 2007. I started my modelling career in China because of my love for art and fashion. Makeup, in particular, was a lot of fun for me. Makeup and costume has such a transformative quality! It is used so much in acting and modeling. Essentially, your makeup allows you to become so many different people — to play so many different characters.” “To live so many different lives and to learn from them is fulfilling and transformative — no matter where in the world you might be. Having started my career in China, I found the Chinese entertainment industry to have so many different facets. The Chinese Entertainment Industry fosters a lot of traditional artistic concepts, such as opera and theatre. And then there are more mainstream vehicles of media, such as television and the movies. Fashion with art and photography though, are my favorites. And through the vast Chinese Entertainment Industry we are able to reach huge populations! You can imagine how many opportunities there are.” “The Chinese entertainment industry is still today both full-blown and thriving. In China, there is an underlying culture dedicated to cultivating specialized and exemplary talent. It is important to be the best at what you’re doing — one of the things China is known for, I guess.” “The entertainment industry has not been overly Westernized, as would have been presumed. You still see many artists perform for the love of art rather than for chasing fame and fortune.” “The potential in China is ridiculous. In the Province of Henan, for example — where I come from - there are over 100 million people! Millions 18 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

“And I just landed a new role, an extended contract on TV. Maybe you will recognize me again ;)”

and millions of people! If you can access even a fraction of those people, it’s like reaching a national level on a large scale in North America.” “Thankfully, in 2007, I was able to do this. This was the year I was voted as No. 1 for Miss China Tourism. After that, I became successful and started modelling professionally. For awhile you could see me everywhere — on the streets, on the billboards, everywhere! And then, one year later, I came to North America.” “Modeling and acting in North America are more recent things for me. I wonder if I will ever reach the same level of fame here. To be able to be known, appreciated and integrated as a Chinese model and actress would be my ultimate aspiration.” “Vancouver, in particular, has been interesting. There is a vibrancy to the Vancouver entertainment industry. With such a wealth of available talent — it really forces you to bring your ‘A’ game to the table every day. And I feed off of that!” “I love being around talented people - pretty much anyone I can learn something from. I’m not naive to the challenges of being a minority actress. I know there are a lot of hurdles to overcome.” “My biggest goal is to land non-ethnocentric roles. To be able to play those characters that aren’t defined by their race but by their personality and demeanor instead.” “When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so whether in China or Vancouver, I really cherish being able to live through all of these characters. It’s like being able to live multiple lives! I think that this is what essentially drives me towards both acting and modeling. I am always seeking out really stylistically different shoots and concepts. With a greater appreciation for life and what it has to offer, I’ve achieved a richer lifestyle than I could have ever imagined!” “And I just landed a new role, an extended contract on TV. Maybe you will recognize me again ;)”

G.W. Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 19

20 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

“My biggest goal is to land non-ethnocentric roles. To be able to play those characters that aren’t defined by their race but by their personality and demeanor instead.”

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 21

La Mode North America

The Re-Rise of German-based Fashion Yenifer Ubiera Part 1: Overview of Designer The German-based brand has recently been featured in Elle and Vogue magazines. The combination of class, femininity, strength, simplicity with rich royal colors and fabrics excites women, and reminds them of luxurious days gone by. To be adorned in fabric that is so strong and richly embellished gives a woman an inner sense of strength and power. Some may call it an intrigue that leaves passersby feeling mystified, intrigued and subliminally drawn to character. The German-based designer, “Plakinger,“ got it right then. And it is just these factors that make this brand top on the winter clothing list — both in Vogue, Elle and la Mode. Read on, and discover how the international team, stylist, designer and model, capture the essence of rich elegance with a seductive flair.

Part 2: Stylist Stylist: Yenifer Ubiera Who is Yenifer Ubiera? Yenifer Ubiera is a freelance Producer/ Wardrobe Stylist based in New York. She has experience in Fashion Shows, Editorials, Look

22 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

Books, ADS, Personal Styling, Product Styling, and Film & Marketing. Ubeira has worked with well-known brands such as Nike, Jordan & Levi’s, and also with emerging designers such as Andreeva, IZA, Priscavera, Echtego, Plakinger, JPapa & Nika Tang. In New York, Ubiera is well-known for her collaboration with international designers — from London, France and Australia. Ubiera have been published in Genfacio, Sheeba, Disorder Uk, La Bella Kidz, Moob, Kaltblut, Institute, Huf, Non Name, Zoom, McGlory Fashion Magazine, etc. She has done covers in Moscow, New York & Model Citizens Magazine in Melbourne, Australia. She completed commercial projects for suchi.com, Voodoo Australia, Barts couture & Wishi Fashion App. Ubeira’s ultimate goal is now to develop her own personal edgy style — something not so simple, not so straightforward. But something that people will associate with confidence, class and character. Read on to discover her journey to the top. Yenifer, a well known New York stylist, spends her days between Pennsylvania, during the

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 23

weekdays, and New York. “I am in NewYork most of the time during weekends and Pennsylvania otherwise. I am always travelling back and forth in between the two states.” “Although I love New York, a cultural metropolis, I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. And my nationality is actually Dominican — trust me, I have great taste in food. I only came to America five years ago, but I have loved my journey ever since.” “I have been interested in fashion all my life. I think I first became inspired at nine years old, fascinated by Barbie in her different outfits and ethnicities. I was really attracted to her clothing and style, even as a child. But I knew the industry is difficult in terms of success, so I didn’t transform my passion into my career until later in life.” “I completed my first bachelor’s degree in marketing while I was in the Carribean. When I moved to North America, I worked assisting well-known magazines such as Vogue-Australia, Hope and Schon Magazine, and I assisted celebrity stylists such as Jenny Hapaala and Pauliene Castro. I also worked backstage in numerous fashion shows for Gen Arts, Amconyc and Plitzs

24 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

Fashion Marketing. Working for all of these exciting brands made me re-realize my passion, and I finally struck the courage to establish myself in the industry.” “The first step was to get more training under my belt. I decided to pursue my second degree, a Bachelor in Fine Art at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California. The degree gave me both the contacts and skills to make it as an artist in the industry. From color theory to economics, I was definitely better prepared to succeed.” “Currently, as a New York and Pennsylvania based Fashion Stylist, I’m booked for editorials into the end of the year for Jute magazine, TTT magazine, Pump magazine and Damaged magazine.” “My plans for the future are to develop my name as a brand, and to establish my own personal style as signature. Eventually, I’m planning to go to Japan & London to continue my studies and also expand my skills with different cultural elements.” “Currently, my greatest strength is the uniqueness of my style. My aesthetic is even more unique, because I’m always thinking out-of-the-box and

against traditional rules. You can never predict what I’m going to style and how I am going to do it. I’m spontaneous, creative, and versatile, but my style always incorporates the common thread of ‘being bold with hard edge’.” “As a Fashion stylist, New York has been extremely inspiring. It’s not just the skyscrapers/ building structures, the people or the events. It’s just the “je ne sais quoi” of the city. Everything from fashion years gone by, to museums, to the unique cultural medley - everything is influential. The best part of New York is that you are the only thing or person that can limit yourself. I am making the most of it, surrounding myself with creative people - painters, stylists, photographers. Everything that involves Art. New York, being a fashion capital, has given my style new intrigue, history and structure. The city has enabled me to bring my aspirations to an international level.” “The hardest part of my work as a stylist is that you need to have a lot of people skills, patience and organization. I use my phone to the utmost capacity. I am constantly using social networking, making constant phone call requests/pulls from brands showrooms. I also have a source list on my phone, where I write down all my events, fashion brands and the contact info of every person that I have worked with. The most important factor is the lasting impression you leave with your client. I like to leave people feeling inspired and confident. And that’s what it feels like when you find the right people to work with.” “My favorite team took me years to find, because I was wishing to have people that enhance m creativity and listen to my ideas, so that we better each other. Right now I’m blessed to work most of the time with extremely inspirational artists in the industry. Most of my collaboration is with Duo Linn; she is new in the industry, came from China, but her aesthetic is unique, and the quality of her images is incredible. I also work a lot with one of my favorite makeup artists. Her name is Mika Omura from Japan. She is an awesome, hard working person, really easygoing and very talented. My favorite hairstylist is Sergio Estrada; he is from Mexico. Sergio was the last to join the group, but his

creativity is endless. I respect and admire the passion in his work; he is amazing.”

Part 3: Small Comment on Model Model: Emily Canfield is a 24 year-old model “I am a person who loves fashion, traveling and photography. Modeling has allowed me to experience new places, wear different styles and learn more about photography.” “I started getting into modeling around the age of 14. I was tall, thin and awkward. Modeling helped me gain the confidence that I never had growing up and has helped me become the person I am today.” “My greatest accomplishment was actually graduating college; education is important to me. It was the most challenging, but rewarding four years of my life. I gained lifelong friendships, pushed my limits and was then able to pursue my passions after earning my degree in psychology.” “In terms of modeling, I have done lifestyle, glamour, commercial and high fashion shoots. I have had some experience with runway modeling as well. I also did some background work in movies and on televisions shows.” “This shoot was particularly interesting to me because of my styling. I found these clothes through our stylist Yenifer, and as soon as she put the outfits together for me, I fell in love with them. The clothes for this shoot were so beautiful — they made me feel so confident. I felt as if I could accomplish anything in them! And I now really know I can.”

Part 4: Makeup and Hair Brooke Housenick is a New York hairstylist and make-up artist Brooke got her cosmetology license from Schuylkill Technology Center, while still in high school. At the young age of 15, she knew she wanted to work in the beauty industry, and she has loved it ever since. Her goal is to make everyone look and feel their most beautiful. With that said, she’s currently a freelance artist that does many different services and is available for events.

Yenifer Ubiera Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 25

La Mode North America

Ingrid Rodd-Nielson International Model “Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamed of being a model. I used to turn our living room into a catwalk every time I received new clothes, parading around in second-hand clothing and pretending that there were crowds of people watching my every move in adoration.” “I would always look up to the girls who looked so flawless and confident in the fashion magazines. I would read them in the doctor’s waiting room and wished that I could be one of them. I’ve always had big dreams for myself and have always been very determined to succeed, and I am very excited to start my journey in the world.” “Around the beginning of last year, I really became enthralled with the world of fashion. I loved experimenting and creating my own unique looks and being able to showcase them to the world, even if it was just by going to school or running errands. Somewhere along the way, I had stopped caring about what other people thought about how I dressed.” “This opened up so many doors, and helped me gain a lot of confidence. I ceased thinking about clothes as simply a way to cover you, and began thinking of them as a way to express who I was as an individual, and no one could take that away from me. I think this really helped renew my interest in modelling from my youth, and pushed me to start modelling.” “I believe that modelling should be a subject of empowerment: that a model should be responsible to spread the virtues of self-confidence, self-love, creativity and individuality through his or her work, and I will try my hardest to showcase this ideology to the world in every way I can.”

I. R-N.

26 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

“I believe that modelling should be a subject of empowerment�

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 27

La Mode North America

The Founder of DIP HOP Internationally Evolving Genre of Music What is DIP HOP MUSIC ? “Dip Hop refers to both a Record label and a Musical style or Genre. There isn’t a specific explanation for what DIP HOP means. It actually means many things — the obvious part is that it’s a play on the genre “Hip Hop” — changing the first letter H in the word Hip to D has given reference to the racial slur “Dipper” or “D.P.” We have used it in a different way so that Dip Hop can also mean Desi Hip Hop, which means hip hop from the mother land — India.” Where is it based out of, who are you collaborating with, what productions have you made, and what are your ideas for the future? “I actually go by the artist name DJ HMD Dhillone. Dip Hop was founded by me and my Rap Coleague “BattleKATT.” Both of us were from South-East Vancouver. We connected and established this Dip Hop movement together back in the late 90’s.” How did you get interested in this line of work? “Music became an interest for me at the young age of 5 years old. In kindergarten, my father was a taxi driver and one of his clients left a microphone in the back seat of his cab. My father brought it home and my brother and I somehow figured out a way to dub our voices over my dad’s old VHS.” “We began making Bollywood cassette movies — it was so much fun playing with this new toy! In those days there were no computers at home and no internet. It’s crazy how I was able to figure out ways to record my voice on a VHS — wish we had karaoke!” “It was all very magical for me in those days, and so I became obsessed with it and I still am!”

28 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

What is your background in music? “At first music was a hobby. From the age of 5 up to 13 it was an experimental type thing. I actually was DJ’ing on cassette tapes and cutting and pasting sounds if you will by pressing play and record on various tapes. A cousin noticed that I was showing signs of DJ interest and introduced me to a DJ company. From there I started DJ’ing various parties. I would be doing 3 events per week for 5 years. At the age of 18, in grade 12, I released my first Remix Album or Mix Tape titled “Nasha 2000.” “I was only in grade 12 and this album suddenly became an international phenomenon — a hit single in the album title “Jindua” went on to be an iconic song which changed the scope of the entire Punjabi music industry. It introduced a brand new fusion sound of West Coast Gangsta funk beats from Dr Dre blended with Bhangra.” “All this led to what I am today! Thankfully, a full-on Music Producer/

Sound Engineer/Rapper/Poet and Actor!” “I created my brand, blending the sounds from Canadian hip hop roots with my ancestral sounds from the Punjab. But I also mix and blend many other genres of music. I produce House, Electro, Trap, Reggae, Rock and also Film Score and Sound Design.”

How would you like to be projected in this magazine, internationally? Anything you would like to share? “In the end I am a multi-dimensional, multi-talented artist. Literally my titles are MUSIC PRODUCER | RAPPER | WRITER | ACTOR | DIRECTOR.”

You are in India now. Have you been able to tie east and west together? In what way? “I’m like a compass, I am directing myself constantly to new places, tying the knot from east to west and from north to south.”

How would you compare yourself with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, A.R. Rahman or JZ? “Well, even though I am technically doing Indian music mostly, I wouldn’t categorize myself with Rahat, AR Rahman or JZ. You could maybe categorize me as similar to Dr Dre, Punjabi MC and so forth. Honestly, I think that the real artists are the ones who generate their music from the heart. Not those that are guided for a particular market. All of us are so and we have our own unique styles.”

What cultural influences is your music based on? “My music is mostly based on American West Coast Hip Hop, Bhangra and Bollywood. I also have taken a lot of influence from Europe with all the EDM music and U.K. sounds.”


Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 29

La Mode North America

A Doll’s House: Shaken or Stirred? Photographer Gordan Dumka

30 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

A Doll’s House:

Shaken or Stirred? Photographer Gordan Dumka Gordan Dumka is a top internationally renowned fashion/ entertainment and documentary photographer. His work has taken him around the world and back again. His diverse experiences allow him to create each photograph or series of images into a story that details the inner soul of the subject and the story being told. Never sacrificing quality or creativity, Gordan’s goal remains that the viewers can interpret the image or series according to their own experiences and hopefully be moved in some way through a connection of what they are seeing and what they are imagining. Take a look through the next few pages. It is Gordon Dumka’s most recent re-enactment of Henry Ibsenès infamous psychological play, A Doll’s House. Only this time, we ask you the single question: SHAKEN or STIRRED?

Yasmin Pirani

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 31

La Mode North America


It’s Victoria’s Secret! Who Knew the Value of Undergarments?

During the last decade, Victoria’s Secret has seen many transitions. From a generation of new models, with new attitudes and looks, to new CEO’s, the company has managed to keep their clientele stable despite tremendous changes in their infrastructure. One of the most interesting concepts to understand, however, is that the expected clientele in the store, is not a man — it is a woman. What kind of woman? A young woman, a middleaged woman, a short woman, a fat woman, a black woman, an Asian woman. How does Victoria’s Secret maintain such a diverse clientele despite so many changes in the world, so many changes in society and so many changes in their infrastructure?

32 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

The answer is, for me, pure, simple and obvious. Buying an underwear or bra at Victoria’s Secret is not only about keeping up with your essentials. It is not just about looking pretty. It is not just a cool fad. With each piece of clothing, each beauty essential, and each fragrance, a woman is buying herself both power and emancipation. So how do you mass-market power and emancipation? You make sure your infrastructure relates to female emancipation and female strength. With a female CEO, female spokespeople, female clients, and female power shows, Victoria’s Secret remains a quintessential staple in a woman’s wardrobe — and maybe even in her life.

Here we are, in all of our differences, in all of our skin colors, and in all of our heights. Somehow, in a strange kind of chaos, we are unified. As women of the world, we are drawn to the store. And when the world is plagued by poverty, abuse, racism, etc…we women — we remain both stoic and strong. If a store can provide us with the independence, power and emancipation we continue to crave, then it is definitely worth our while. In fact, I would say that Victoria’s Secret is both ridiculously underrated & underpriced.

Yasmin Pirani

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 33

La Mode North America

Quirky Chaos of Alice in Wonderland Xeniya Sha To Be Able to Play Alice’s Character Is Every Girl’s Dream “So, of course, when this opportunity came along, I was happy to re-live my childhood dreams and work with such a talented team. It was extra special fun. I was allowed a total freedom of expression in order to portray Alice. I hope that I have managed to reflect her main characteristics — her curiosity, vulnerability, strength and adventurous character, brilliantly represented and manifested through her careless, clueless charisma.” “My Alice has a doll-like unkempt appearance. But don’t be fooled by it, because she is fierce as a lion!” “Now that I am older, playing this character taught me so much more than I ever anticipated. In life, there is so much turmoil that one has to face in order to succeed. As a woman, you need to constantly be brave with your decision making, despite being ignored, underestimated and slightly abused. It is only then, that you truly grow as a person. When you are able to succeed and be content when every living creature has turned their back on you. Then you know that the level of maturity you have built will enable you to succeed in the next challenge.” “By nature, I am very creative and always look for opportunities to work with different people. I challenge myself with different projects, even when it’s uncomfortable. The other day I had a shoot where I had to hold a real piece of raw meat in my bare hands. This was for a magazine submission story, so I just got on with it. Never complain, never explain — that’s one of my favorite quotes from Kate Moss. I am always up for an adventure! Maybe that’s my fatal flaw!” “Modelling aside, I am also involved in putting together a contemporary ballet production of Othello 21 and Ballet soul charity. The ballet 34 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

focuses on helping to bring diversity into the industry and also help children from underprivileged backgrounds to chase their dreams of being artists themselves. This is something that is very close to my heart as there was nothing like that when I was growing up.” “So, it was hard; I had to seek out my own opportunities. I feel very privileged to be involved and hope to spread the word, so we can raise sufficient funds to get the ball rolling.” For more info or if you would like to get involved, please visit: http://www.balletsoul.org/

Xeniya Sha

“My Alice has a doll-like unkempt appearance. But don’t be fooled by it, because she is fierce as a lion!” Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 35

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Satya Paul Tying Traditional to Contemporary in India & Abroad Satya Paul was founded in 1985 and is known for its originality in fabrics, and in combining elements of both Eastern and Western cultures, both in India and abroad. Satya Paul’s continuing success is based on the quality and originality of the printed fabrics and garments used. Although Satya Paul revolutionized Indian Fashion through new silks, new printed fabric, and modern concepts (such as ‘pop art sarees’) the brand continues to devise stunningly beautiful traditional pieces as well. Satya Paul is basically a brand that celebrates life — taking concepts from all around this beautiful world. Some of the designs originate from elements of movement and dynamism, from trees, birds, rain, music, paintings, sculpture and existence itself. Satya Paul’s designs depict many moods of the day, creating a new sophistication, a harmony, a refinement in the art of living. The playful colour combinations and innovative fabrics enhance the beauty and elegance of the enterprising, sensitive and desiring woman of today.

Thus, known for elegance, class, sophistication and originality, we celebrate with Satya Paul as they expand their stores from India to the North, West (including stores in Toronto, Surrey, and all over the U.S). Congratulations, Satya Paul. We look forward to seeing you influence and revolutionize not only Indian Fashion, but Western Fashion as well. Whether you are looking for an original and different salwar, sari, lengha or western dress, or whether you simply want to celebrate an occasion in traditional attire, Satya Paul will always promise you unique originality, quality and class. If you are a Westerner, visit Satya Paul, and add an element of unique Indian class by adding a printed scarf, piece of traditional jewellery or handmade silk embroidered tunic. And so Satya Paul continues to transcend both Eastern and Western worlds through its unique existence today.

Yasmin Pirani

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Turkish Design 42

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Turkish Design Designer İbrahim Sinan Beşe

Born in Elazığ Ağın, Turkey on the 2nd of March, 1969, İbrahim went to primary and secondary schools in Istanbul. In 1999, he graduated from Mimar Sinan University in the Fine Arts faculty — in textile and fashion design. During his student life, İbrahim earned degrees and honorable mentions in the pattern and costume design fields. Some of his designs were featured on the cover of magazines, with articles, published in the USA. In his university years he also carried out acting and art directing positions in film — on various series, short films and feature films. Presently, İbrahim continues his artistic work to produce design; at the same time, he takes part in projects in the music and acting industry.


We Are Not Chained to Sweet Innocence Re-experiencing Edgar Allen Poe Designs by Ibrahim Introducing designs by Ibrahim. As we descend deeper and deeper into his Turkish winery vaults we experience an increasingly seductive flair. We start off light, with whimsical tunic dresses, made of stiff material and white laced-up boots. Fun, stylish, with a mild allure of seduction. As we experience Twiggy to her fullest, we descend further into the vaults. We are intrigued by a strong metallic sheen and further allured by soft crushed velvet. We become even more intoxicated by a divine and rich “elegance”. The “je ne

42 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

sais quoi” of style becomes increasingly irresistible until we descend further into the vaults, finally meeting the deepest and darkest of wines: the Amontillado — that is what I call this stylish and seductive red lace number. The pinnacle of seductive fashion, deep burning red, like the deepest of red wines. And a seductive lace pattern set just to complement the most white and beautiful of womanly parts — this is the Amontillado. Don’t be discouraged. Go ahead and experience Ibrahim’s designs to the fullest.

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Romanian Twist Designer Bogdan Teodorov

48 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

From Lemons to Lemonade Looking at these pictures is like tasting a palatable sorbet. These images are so beautifully sharp, pretty and fresh. It’s almost as if we had experienced the sharpest, tangiest lemonade — refreshing and energizing our palate. These images are clearing our mind. They make us feel clean and in control, hopefully cleaning us so we can experience another work of art in its full expression. In terms of themes we see Romanian culture in a new light. There are newly expressed German, Austrian and Swedish influences with strong colour blocking, perfect exactness in clothing and makeup, and refreshing springtime colours of tangerine and lime. And the model herself is the most Romanian part of this shoot. The beautiful perfection of her milky skin, juxtaposed with the classic colour/ cut of her thick brown hair. It’s all slightly incongruent. Her vivid stripes — with her Romanian class: it’s a Romania with a twist of Eastern European influences. The Romanian Twist: it’s just a spark of chaos and energy in a background of traditional Romania. Just what we ordered. And the photography is the best part. Such sharpness, exactness juxtaposed with vivid colours and patterns, is difficult to achieve. We feel as if we have transgressed to the late 60s and early 70s. Only this time, we are in control. We experience the same styles, but with a new perfection, a new exactness and a new silhouette in everything from styling, to posing, to angles. It is something familiar, but something new, definitely of this millennium. And so we have refreshed our palette. We have experienced traditional Romania with Swedish and Germanic influences of

exactness — perfection and control. This is all very new, very fresh, very energizing. It is very pleasing to the palette — familiar themes, only with more control. We are not quite ready to experience what comes next. Let’s savor this one for awhile: The Romanian Twist.


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“The Romanian Twist: it’s just a spark of chaos and energy in a background of traditional Romania.”

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Romanian Twist

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Passion for A New Indian Desig “I have been naturally inclined towards fashion design and following the latest trends right from my childhood. Back then, I used to draw rough sketches on paper after studying the different fashion shows of renowned designers.” “However, coming from an Indian middle class family, I did not have the financial support to study fashion design from a reputable school and so I pursued engineering instead.” “In my grad school I still had the zeal and passion for this art and participated in various fashion shows. But due to lack of fashion jobs in India, I had to take up a role of a Business Development Manager in a design start-up where I came even closer to creativity and art.” “I wanted to make my designs come to life; I wanted them to be ALIVE! These are designs that I have been imagining and styling in my mind

56 La Mode Spring Edition 2017


r Fashion, gner in the Works

forever. Creating each of these dresses in a real way was too expensive for me. So, I picked up this art of fashion illustration and brought my designs to life through fresh, unique and hand drawn paintings.” “All of the illustrations that you will find on my page are original. The art images were appreciated by a huge number of people — we gathered more than 3000 ‘page likes’ within two months!” “It is my wish to study fashion design from a reputable school in the future and later open my own label. As of now, I am just teaching myself, making myself better and polishing my skills.” “Attached are some of my designs. Please help me to bring my passion for creativity to life!” “Here are my designs, they inspire me and I hope they inspire you as well.”

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A Telegram Straight from Paris The Business of Fashion Regular incoming calls and emails, all from more or less developed fashion brands. A recurrent leitmotiv appears: how do we develop our sales? There is a little bit of everything: cautious emails from fashion brands that already got their first media success as well as cries for help from overwhelmed designers. In the overcrowded fashion market, independent brands work hard in order to stand out. And yet, there is no miracle. Among these brands, only some will manage to get people’s attention. But then, is there a golden rule and if so, what is it? I believe there is none. There is nonetheless some sort of fashion common sense, the main logic of which I shared in my book, “The Fashion Business Plan.”

Principle 1 – Breathe Fashion or Die A few years ago, it would have seemed odd for me to have to say this out loud. However, at the peak of the era of DIY successful newcomers from other sectors gave hope to many other aspiring fashion entrepreneurs. And yet, not every aspiring fashion entrepreneur actually grasps the philosophy of this industry. I would say that fashion is characterized by its capacity to create desire and strong emotions. To break into the fashion industry, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that, even more than in other sectors, the ability to touch people using design, fabric, crafts, images, music, etc is essential. The quality of the pieces, the visuals, the photographs and the website must be excellent. Besides, the designer’s fashion point of view must absolutely show as a theme, to touch the brand’s customer.

Principle 2 – Know Thyself The Socratic philosophy also applies to fashion design. Successful brands are those that are mature enough to synthesize the essence of their work in a concept, a state of mind. Once the brand understands what constitutes its DNA, it has to stay in line 58 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

with it. Whether when launching new collections, doing photo shoots for a look book, communicating with fans, decorating a booth in a retail shop, selecting other brands to collaborate with and even when raising funds, fashion brands need to be consistent with their blueprint. The brand identity must be perceptible from the beginning and at any level. For example, I recently had the case of a menswear brand that’s sold truly beautiful pieces. However once the pieces were put side by side, it looked as though they belonged to very different brands and meant to be worn by very different customers. Hence quality products are fine but it is not enough to make an impact.

Principle 3 – Identify the Target Customer and Understand How He Lives There are still too many fashion brand owners who come to me and say they target everyone. Unless they sell basics or the new equivalent of the jeans, products that can be considered as democratic are rare. Which means that the brands must absolutely target their customers, understand their culture and lifestyle, and address them with the right product using a strategy that appeals to their lifestyle.

Principle 4 – Value Well-being & Awareness You undoubtedly read it in the press or perhaps even observe this phenomenon around you. These last years, a new kind of customers has emerged. They are concerned by their impact on the planet and their environment and they expect the brands they buy to act correspondingly. When I attended the ‘Who’s Next Paris Trade Fair’ last September, I noted fashion brands were always asked the same questions: is the fabric organic? What about the dyeing process? Where was this manufactured? The customer of today is clearly both extremely well informed and conscious. This growing concern also shows in the new initiatives conveyed by large corporates of the

fashion and luxury industry. Kering launched an app that enables any designer to measure his ethical impact. Additionally, today’s customer is also more focused on well-being. That explains in particular why interest for plus-sizes increased as much in 2016. The state of fashion report by Business of Fashion and McKinsey states that the number of mentions of plus-size brands tripled in 2016 compared to the previous year. However, whatever the trends of the moment, it is necessary to find a coherent way to combine those with the DNA of the brand. If not, it will just look like another meaningless trend added to a random fashion brand.

Principle 5 – Let the Customers Cocreate with the Fashion Brand and Customize the Pieces They Buy Among the fashion brands that stand out, some are very smart with customization. For example, ‘Prints All Over Me’ offers to customize the designs of a large number of products marketed on their website. In 2015 the French brand, “Le Slip Français,” dedicated an evening with fans to co-design what would be their new signature underpants for Christmas. Or the other French brand, Habit Cactus, sells emoji stickers, which can be stuck as much as you want on their black Velcro products.

Principle 6 – Understand How Your Brand Vision Translates in Terms of Design and Image Once all that is assimilated, fashion brands need to understand how it can be expressed in terms of design and image. Fashion and graphic design are like foreign languages. There are specific words to say feminine, rigor, audacity or extravagance in terms of volume, cut, colors, fabric texture, the way a garment falls. A fashion piece speaks for itself, it tells a life, a philosophy, a state of mind, and the time and love it took a dressmaker to make it.

terms of emotion. What captivates your customers? In what kind of world do you want to take them? To succeed in fashion, it is above all about being able to tell a story unique to the brand in different languages, the languages being fashion and graphic design, photography, web design, social media, etc. And it is essential that the same message is expressed, whatever the language, in order to mesmerize your customer.

Printsesy Bako Rambinintsoa

About the Author Descending from a Malagasy princely family deeply involved with high-end craft, Printsesy Bako Rambinintsoa, also known as Bako Rambini, is an entrepreneur, author, blogger and founder of Fashion Cross Functional, empowering fashion brands. Bako has helped many fashion designers reinforce their fashion businesses. More info: www.fashioncrossfunctional.com

Principle 7 - Offer True Brand Experience It appears essential to know how to translate the promises and the values of a fashion brand in Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 59

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Japanese Expose Throughout this magazine, we have examined North American fashion, with an emphasis on our multicultural heritage. Essentially we are seeing North American artistic expression through fashion, with the ultimate manifestation of our multicultural mosaic. But to travel to a more insular region and experience rich traditional culture of another country‌

We present to you: a Japanese Expose! Let’s experience beauty, strength, pain and awe, under a different umbrella. And here it is, in its pure form. Rich Japanese hertiage through models Yuri, Kanako and Wu Yun. Enjoy, be inspired and send us your thoughts.

Yasmin Pirani

Yuri Maeda

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Japanese Expose ...continued...

Kanako Shimoji

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Japanese Expose

Yuko Hojo

76 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

photographer: Daijirou Hata; hair & makeup: Etsuco


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photographer: Daijirou Hata; hair & makeup: Etsuco

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Taiwanese Expose And then we move to Taiwan, where we experience pure, rich and traditional Asian culture, strongly influenced by early 1900s-based European style. Observe the diversity within the entire Asian Continent. From Japan to Taiwan, we see such a great difference in elegance, beauty, style, attitude and flair. Imagine what we could find next. Asia, and its untapped potential. It’s inspirational. Enjoy, be inspired and send us your thoughts.

Yasmin Pirani

Wu Yun Xuang

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Events & Locales

RAW Vancouver 2016 An Evening of Edgy Arts & Fashion December 8th was a big night for spotlighting local artistic talent in Vancouver. The Plaza of Nations was rented out for an evening of inspiration. From visual art to fashion design, music, performing arts, hair & makeup artistry, photography and so forth — each one of us took a deep breath in as we were transcended into a different world. The evening was brought to another level with decadent tasty cupcakes, a full-stocked bar, a live band and artistic lighting. The crowd was diverse and international. From wellestablished designers, to local graffiti artists, to RAW Punk and eternal warriors, the RAW exhibit was a real meeting of the arts, in all of its capacities. Bringing in more than 600 people at this one event, we encourage the international talent that we work with at La Mode to participate in RAW INTERNATIONAL, at https://www.rawartists.org/what-is-raw. What is RAW? Well, it’s basically a full artistic exhibition, appealing to all the senses. It is held in a different international venue every other month. RAW carries people’s artwork from Japan to New York to London to San Francisco and ultimately to Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, amongst other Canadian cities. Art is a world of expression. But it is meant to be seen and appreciated by a broad audience. There is no broader audience than the international audience that RAW projects to. So don’t waste this opportunity! Make sure to make an impact at the next International RAW exhibition. Thank you for your opportunities this far! Looking forward to what is coming up next. Yasmin Pirani

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Events & Locales

Little Black Dress Gala An Evening of Poiret’s Extravagance The Vancouver Fashion Scene flocked to the Grand Crystal Ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on November 25, 2016. It was the venue for the Fall 2016 Little Black Dress Gala. The Gala (held twice a year to raise funds for Help Change My City’s programs in schools and with underprivileged youth in the community) is becoming an absolute necessity for Vancouver’s fashion and social elite. Held under a backdrop of extravagant beauty, in a hotel inspired by the palace Versailles, models and top fashion elite lingered amongst drooping chandeliers. The strong golden lions peeking

94 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

through the classically accented ceilings were comforting. The revolutionary vividly patterned carpets continually imbibed us with energy and lust! In the end, the Gala was ‘Opulence At Its Best.’ And then the show began. The audience was first humbled with an ode towards charity by Help Change My City Founder, Alpha B. Kirabira, and President, Christine Michelle, drawing the crowd’s attention towards the purpose of the event, our city’s youth! Then the festival began with beautiful Indian songs, Middle Eastern dancing, and a strong oriental flavour.

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 95

The Fashion Show that ensued was divine. The models were internationally unique and exotic. With Oriental, Middle Eastern, Indian and Russian flair, the designers influenced their audience with contrasting designs. But what we remember most about the night was not just the opulence, but the international audience. From New York’s prestigious fashion crew to famous actresses from Los Angeles — Vancouver is now earning its reputation on the international fashion scene. Opulent, uniquely international, haughty, beautiful and divine. This is where the evening began and how it ended — at least we surmise! We look forward to the Spring 2017 event, where we are sure that the Little Black Dress Gala will surprise and entertain us again. Great Work and a Great Evening!

Yasmin Pirani

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“Wake up, look in the mirror, and smell the roses.”

100 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

“Facts or facts. Lies are lies.” “and PROJECTION is just that indeed.”


Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 101

Events & Locales

Prohibition Bar An Evening of Class, Glamour and Decadence Rosewood Hotel on Georgia Are you looking for a night out on the town, something combining elements from New York, L.A. and Chicago? We have the perfect venue for an evening of class, glamour and decadence! As you walk down the glamourous winding staircase into the Prohibition Bar, you can’t help but be impressed by the glamourous Russian inspired velvet and the massive drooping chandelier. This is it; this is the pinnacle of Vancouver lounge nightlife. Open six days a week, the Pinnacle Bar offers excellence in its champagne selection, creative cocktail list — and in its patrons. Dressed to the tee, we see people mostly ranging from the late 20s to 50s. Although full of class and glamour, the environment is pleasantly open. It is easy to start a conversation with the groups next to you, and enjoy a night on the dance floor. In terms of music, the Prohibition Bar is similar to a night out in Chicago. A live band will be performing a different genre of music each night. You will feel like you’re on the top of an old exclusive Chicago hotel. So go ahead and experience something different. Full of class, glamour and decadence, the Prohibition Bar is something I have never seen in a Vancouver bar/lounge before. Enjoy a unique cocktail or clean champagne — and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to wear your best classy outfit as you will be on display, along with the rest of the crowd.

Yasmin Pirani

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World Fashion Week By Voke Oshevire It is no secret that Fashion Week is the most anticipated week for all players in the fashion world. However, what many people do not know is that there is much history behind this well-anticipated fashion event. The first ever fashion week was held in New York, but the event itself was drawn from “fashion parades” and “salon shows” held in Paris. Fashion shows were already being held in Paris in the early 1700s. The shows then also did not quite look as they do now; the runway models were mannequins and the shows were only for clients who desired to actually purchase items. It was not until the 1800s that fashion shows and the runway began to change and gain recognition in New York City. The global “Big Four” fashion capitals today are Paris, Milan, New York and London, which all have their own Fashion Week. The Fashion Week event calendar starts with New York, followed by London, Milan, and ending in Paris.

The Big Four Paris Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week, one of the “Big Four” in the world, is held bi-annually in venues all over the city. The shows dazzle with designers showcasing their spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, which we love to add to our closets. Men’s and haute couture shows for spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons are also one of the events PFW can rightfully be proud of. Haute Couture, the style of high sewing, was created by Englishman Charles Frederick Worth. In the mid 1800s Mme Pauline von Metternich, an Austrian Princess and wife to the Ambassador of Paris, saw one of Worth’s sketches and employed him to make her a gown. He gained much recogni-

104 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

tion through his powerful clients and opened his own haute couture house in Paris in 1858, which sold luxury fashion to upper class women. In 1868 the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture was created to set the specifications to determine what constituted a ‘couture house’. The group decided that to be defined a piece of haute couture the clothing must have been: custommade to fit the wearer; hand-sewn by multiple skilled artisans in the separate fields of embroidery, stitching, and beading; and only the most high quality of materials may be used. Fifty-three years after the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture was created, in 1921 the French press created L’Association de Protection des Industries Artistiques Saisonnieres, or PAIS to protect couture designs from being copied. To ensure the copyright of the designers, their creations were photographed on a model or mannequin from the front, back and sides to catalog the design. In 1945 the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture established another set of rules to regulate and determine haute couture houses. In order to meet the criteria, the house had to ensure they followed the updated rules with one of them being that in each season a couture house must present a collection of at least 35 runs with both daytime and evening wear to the Paris press. Others included having at least 20 members on staff, and that every design must include fittings and be made-to-order for the clientele. The following biannual events of haute couture houses in accordance with the new guidelines set by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture have been seen as the first pair of fashion weeks in Paris. The first recognized Paris Fashion Week was held in 1973 and organized Haute Couture, Ready-toWear, and Men’s Fashion into one grouped showing by the Fédération Française de la Couture. The event

was a fundraiser held at the Palace of Versailles to restore the palace.

New York Fashion Week Since 1943, twice a year, for 7 to 9 days, usually in February and September, New York is host to NYFW. Created by Eleanor Lambert, press director of the American fashion industry’s first promotional organization, the New York Dress Institute, it is one of the main four global fashion capitals. At the event, buyers, press and the general public have the opportunity to view and keep up-to-date on international fashion collections. In 1993, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc., CFDA, created the modern version of a centralized “New York Fashion Week,” although already since the 1980s Fashion Weeks in other cities, such as London, were already including the city names in the naming the event. NYFW is actually based on a much older series of events called “Press Week,” founded in 1942. Press Week was the world’s first organized fashion week, principally created with the goal of attracting attention away from French fashion during World War II, when fashion industry insiders were unable to travel to Paris to attend fashion shows in France. Press Week also advertised American designers to fashion journalists. It was a success, as magazines such as Vogue, which were normally filled with French designs, began to also feature American fashion. This event was referred to as “Press Week of New York” by the mid-1950s.

Milan Fashion Week Also one of the big four fashion cities, MFW, established in 1958, Milan holds its bi-annual shows for fall/winter in February/March and spring/summer in September/October of each year. Milan Fashion Week is partially organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (The National

Chamber for Italian Fashion), a non-profit association that disciplines, co-ordinates and promotes the development of Italian fashion and is responsible for hosting the fashion events and shows of Milan. The Camera Sindacale della Moda Italiana was set up on 11 June 1958. This was the forerunner of the body, which subsequently became the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Proprietors of the most important establishments in Italy, including some private establishments, which, in those days, played a crucial role in the promotion of this sector, were present at the Memorandum of Association: Roberto Capucci, Emilio Schuberth, Maria Antonelli, Princess Caracciolo Ginnetti, Alberto Fagiani, Giovanni Cesare Guidi, Germana Marucelli, Simonetta Colonna Di Cesarò, Jole Veneziani, Francesco Borrello, Giovanni Battista Giorgini, and the lawyer Pietro Parisio. The events dedicated to women’s fashion are the most important (Womenswear/Milan SS Women Ready to Wear, and Milano Moda Donna being the major fashion shows). The summer events dedicated to men include Menswear and Milano Moda Uomo. In 2013, the fall/winter Milan Fashion Week started on January 20 with Paola Frani, and was followed by shows from major fashion houses such as Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Fendi, Ferragamo, Gucci, Jil Sander, Marni, Max Mara, Missoni, Moschino, Philipp Plein, Prada, Pucci, John Richmond, Tod’s, Versace, etc. but also by shows from new labels and younger designers such as Au jour le jour, Cristiano Burani, Gabriele Colangelo, Marco De Vincenzo, Stella Jean, Chicca Lualdi, MSGM, N°21, Fausto Puglisi, Francesco Scognamiglio, etc. On 20 November 2013, Giorgio Armani announced he has decided to join the Italian Chamber of Fashion. In April 2015, Carlo Capasa was named president

Spring Edition 2017 La Mode 105

World Fashion Week

of the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana. Certain shows are not held in conjunction with the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana, including Dolce & Gabbana. The Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana has also been sharply criticized by designers such as Cavalli.

London Fashion Week London fashionistas have been bringing their best fashion foot forward in February and September every year with mesmerizing designs gracing each runway. In Spring 2010, London Fashion Week became the first of the Big Four fashion weeks to offer designers showing collections on the catwalk at Somerset House the opportunity to broadcast their shows live on the internet. Organized by the British Fashion Council (BFC) for the London Development Agency with help from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, London Fashion Week first took place in 1984. It currently ranks alongside New York, Paris and Milan as one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks. It presents itself to funders as a trade event that also attracts significant press attention and benefit to taxpayers. Currently, Mercedes-Benz and Toni & Guy sponsor it. It states that it is attended by over 5,000 press and buyers, and has estimated orders of £40 million or £100 million. A retail-focused event, London Fashion Weekend takes place immediately afterwards at the same venue and is open to the general public. The current venue for most of the “on-schedule” events is Somerset House in central London, where a large marquee in the central courtyard hosts a series of catwalk shows by top designers and fashion houses, while an exhibition, housed within Somerset House itself, shows over 150 designers. However, many “offschedule” events, such as Vauxhall Fashion Scout and On|off, are organized by other private-funded groups

106 La Mode Spring Edition 2017

and take place at other venues in central London.

Fashion Around the World Africa Nigeria Lagos Fashion and Design Week “Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) is a multiday fashion event platform that aims to drive the Nigerian and ultimately the African fashion industry by bringing together buyers, consumers and the media to view current collections of African designers. As a major fashion event on the African fashion calendar, LFDW leads the way with initiatives that support, strengthen and develop the fashion industry. Beyond the runway, the annual event provides a physical platform that continues to re-position fashion as a useful commodity and outlet for commerce and creativity in Nigeria.” It first took place in 2011. The 2016 LFDW was held from October 26-29 at the Federal Palace Hotel, in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Malawi Malawi Fashion Week Fashion Malawi Edition or “F.A.M.E” is the first organization in Malawi that works to market and develop the Malawian fashion industry through capacity building and professional development training. It was founded in 2010 by Zilanie Gondwe Nyundo and Inge Knapen to build a fashion industry in Malawi. They are Malawi’s leading fashion organization and a pioneer in Malawi’s fashion industry. They regularly host national fashion shows in Malawi that have received public acclaim. This includes the Kia Malawi

Fashion Show. They are credited for creating an industry which created space for fashion-related businesses to grow in Malawi. They are credited for launching the career of fashion designer Lily Alfonso. In November 2012, they announced that they would host Malawi’s first “Malawi Fashion Week.”

Asia Bangladesh Dhaka Fashion Week (DFW) DFW is one of Bangladesh’s most anticipated fashion weeks. Having received a lot of publicity from media houses such as Dawn of Pakistan and The Times of India, DFW establishes a global foothold for the capital city.

China China Fashion Week This international event, dating back to 1997, is held twice a year at varying locations in Beijing. With more than 960 fashion shows held in Beijing, models, designers and photographers from France, Singapore, Korea, Russia, Japan, United States, Italy, Britain, Sweden, Switzerland and Netherlands have all contributed to making each event memorable. vChina’s Fashion Federation determines the dates for the March and October fashion weeks.

Shanghai Fashion Week This fashion week event is part of Shanghai’s International Fashion Culture Festival, lasting a whole month. The Shanghai Fashion Week runs twice a year. The 2016 SFW featured well-known designers Nicole Zhang, Boundless by Zhang Da, and Black Spoon by Moti Bai, and others.

Hong Kong Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter HKFW, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Develop-

ment Council (HKTDC), has been attracting large numbers of clients for over 40 years. Also noteworthy, it is the second largest of its kind worldwide, making it the largest in Asia. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center is the venue for the event, which is held yearly in January. Exhibitors from all over the world are featured in the event which seeks to offer business opportunities and provides ease of access to items ranging from bridal & evening wear, sewing supplies, children’s wear to fashion accessories.

India India Fashion Week IFW is a bi-annual fashion week organized and promoted by the Fashion Design Council of India. Wills Lifestyle sponsored it from 2006-2014 before Amazon became the sponsor. The first event in 2000 featured the work of 33 designers. There were also over thirty presenters at the Spring Fashion Week in March 2013. In 2010, fire permits were not secured in time for the first day events, which caused an extra day to be added to accommodate the presentations that had been cancelled on the first day. The WIFW autumn-winter 2014 started on March 26, 2014 with actress Shilpa Shetty walking the ramp wearing the collections of designer Tarun Tahiliani. The WIFW spring-summer 2015 event started on October 8, 2014 at New Delhi. The Indian fashion industry has become a growing industry with international events such as the Indian Fashion Week and annual shows by fashion designers being held across major cites of the country.

Pakistan Pakistan Fashion Week PFW is a fashion event held annually in Karachi, Pakistan. The event is organized by the Fashion Pakistan

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World Fashion Week

Council (FPC), an organization based in Karachi. The FPW was first launched in 2009 in Marriott Hotels, Karachi. FPW Autumn/Winter 2014 was held from November 25-27 in Karachi. Mohsin Ali, Nauman Arfeenshowing, Ather Ali Hafeez for Sana Safinaz, Ishtiaq Afzal Khan’s “Aurora”, Nida Azwer, Shehla Chatoor, Deepak and Fahad, Ayesha Farooq Hashwani, Maheen Karim, Maheen Khan, Levi’s, Sadaf Malaterre and Faraz Mannan were among those showing at the event.

Philippines Philippine Fashion Week The “Olympics of Fashion” is what it is known as in the Philippines. Held bi-annually, held in Manila, PHFW has fashionistas pumped up because it is the longest running fashion event of all. Dates for the After-Holiday collections are determined in May, while the dates for the spring and summer collections are decided in October.

Singapore The Singapore Fashion Festival Originally, from 2001 to 2008, the annual event in fashion haven Singapore was named “Singapore Fashion Festival.” However, Audi Fashion Festival replaced this name in 2009, and today, after it was re-launched in 2010 is titled Asia Fashion Exchange.

Europe Denmark Copenhagen Fashion Week In Denmark, you can visit three large fairs held bi-annually: Revolver at Øksnehallen, CIFF at Bella Center, and a diverse range of shows held at City Hall and the Royal Academy of Music. This Danish Fashion Institute owned week is always one to look forward to.

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Germany Berlin Fashion Week BFW offers bi-annual fashion opportunities in the months of January and July. Since its foundation in July 2007, it has increasingly received worldwide consideration for its numerous and innovative youthful originators who are prospering in Berlin’s fashion industry. Since July 2011, the event is held at the impressive front of Brandenburg Gate. A vital occasion for youthful originators is the Designer for Tomorrow Award, which is held each summer. A jury, which includes renowned designer Marc Jacobs, picks a lucky winner who will be ready to present his own show in the following winter season. Since Spring/Summer 2012, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week highlights youthful talents from around the world in a special event in participation with Elle.

Spain Madrid Fashion week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, known as Pasarela Cibeles until 2008 or Cibeles Madrid Fashion week up until 2012, is the principal platform to promote fashion in Spain. Based in Madrid and often taking place twice a year, in September 2008 held its No. 48 edition. The No. 49 edition, which lasted two weeks, was held in February 2009. It is organized by IFEMA, the trade fair in Madrid. In the edition organized for September 18, 2009 they celebrate the 50th edition of the former Pasarela Cibeles. Some of the notable attendees at MBFWM are Spanish national treasure, Duchess of Alba, socialite and tabloid fixture Carmen Lomana, French socialite Beatrice D’Orleans, Russian model Irina Shayk and also athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Kaka, Higuain, Ozil and Figo.

Hungary Budapest Fashion Week BFW is a fashion week trade show held annually in April [1] and October in Budapest, Hungary, usually after the five major fashion weeks. It is still aspiring to the level of Big Five fashion weeks (New York City, London, Paris, Milan and Berlin). Based on the concept of the international fashion week series, TONI&GUY Fashion Week Budapest is an event where the leading Hungarian fashion designers and international designers gain the platform to introduce their seasonal collections twice a year for the Hungarian and international fashion industry and the public as well. The event is usually held in the Palazzo Dorottya.

North America Canada Vancouver Fashion Week The VFW in Vancouver, British Columbia, is held twice every year at the Chinese Cultural Center of Greater Vancouver. The event runs for seven days. Both local and National fashion designers showcase their collections for fall/winter and spring/summer in March and September. Jamal Abdourahman currently runs VFW. Jaime Shulman was VFW’s executive director from 2005 2008. Fashion designs by Dorinha Jeans Wear, Queena Yan and Ezchelle have appeared at VFW. Sanjana Jon won the International Rising Star award at VFW one year. In 2008, VFW was held on the other side of the street from Oppenheimer Park in a warehouse. In 2011, the tenth anniversary VFW was held in False Creek’s Masik Studios. Both the female and male winners of the 2013 Supermodel of the Bahamas competition appeared at VFW in September 2013. Sini

Moilanen said that having her designs shown at VFW that year was one of the highlights of her career.

Toronto Fashion Week TFW (also known as World MasterCard Fashion Week, WMCFW, and formerly known as LG Fashion Week) was a semi-annual fashion week held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It occurs during the month of March to showcase fall and winter collections, and again, during the month of October to showcase spring and summer collections. It is the largest fashion week held in Canada and the second largest fashion week in North America, after New York City. The fashion week was founded by the Fashion Design Council of Canada, which is currently operated by Toronto entrepreneur Robin Kay. Due to its semi-regular name changes, which occur as a result of rotating title sponsorships, the fashion week can most easily be recognized as simply, “Toronto Fashion Week.” On August 8, 2012, it was reported that Robin Kay and the Fashion Design Council of Canada sold the Toronto Fashion Week brand to IMG World, which is the same organization responsible for operating New York City’s fashion week. World MasterCard Fashion Week or WMCFW, formerly known as LG Fashion Week is an event held in Toronto, Canada in March (for fall/winter collections) and in October (for spring/summer collections) by IMG Fashion. It is the biggest fashion week held in Canada and it is the second largest fashion week in North America after New York. It is a very important Fashion week in Canada and in the world because it shows Canadian culture and fashion. It also has a lot of media attention.

Alberta Fashion Week The AFW was held first in February 2009 and is a bi-

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World Fashion Week

annual event. The first shows where held in October 2009 at the Bank of Nova Scotia, on Stephen Avenue in Calgary. Most of the designers involved were women, showing a mix of ready-to-wear and haute couture.

United States Los Angeles Fashion Week Fashion Week in Los Angeles occurs bi-annually. Multiple show producers hold events throughout the Greater Los Angeles area each March and October. Traditionally, the City of Los Angeles identified the third weekend of those respective months as the beginning of its Fashion Week. However, new independent event producers have been transitioning Fashion Week related activities to coincide closer in time with the L.A. Fashion Market Week. Los Angeles Fashion Week was an evolution of “press week,” which has been around since the early 1970s. Independently produced events, working alongside designers began inviting fashion journalists to see collections from Southern California. Since the late 1990s, Fashion Week has been represented and coordinated by a consortium of L.A. fashion designers, journalists, and marketers interested in its success. Los Angeles’ Fashion Week has traditionally been characterized by the diversity of independent productions operating throughout the metro area. As of October 2016, main productions actively producing multi-brand runway shows are: LA Fashion Week (LAFW), Art Hearts Fashion and Style Fashion Week.

Latin America & Caribbean Argentina BAFWEEK (abbreviation for Buenos Aires Fashion Week, also stylized as BAFWeek) is a bi-annual clothing trade show held mainly in La Rural fairgrounds,

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Buenos Aires. Argentina’s most important fashion event, BAFWEEK showcases both leading brands and emerging designers. In addition, the Semillero UBA BAFWEEK (English: Seedbed UBA BAFWEEK) competition is held, where fashion design students from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) are chosen by a panel of experts to present their collections at the event with financial support from Paseo Alcorta.

Jamaica Kingston Bridal Week KBW is Jamaica’s first and only annual Bridal Week. The event was founded in 2012 by Kibwe McGann, Sean Lyn and Kara-Ann Anderson, and was produced by Intuit Concepts. In the second year, Nicola Barbar of Phoenix printery became an official partner and was added to the directorship. In September 2013, for the second staging of Kingston Bridal Week, and for the first time in Jamaica, Kingston, Bridal Week hosted Randy Fenoli, TV star of TLC ‘s “Say Yes To The Dress” and “Randy to the Rescue” and author of “It’s all About the Dress.” As part of Kingston Bridal Week’s Lifestyle and Honeymoon fashion shows, the event has featured international designers Rebacca Ansah (UK), Kesia Eastwick (Barbados), Cedella Marley (Jamaica), Spokes Apparel, Roger Gary (Guyana) and Lubica (Slovakia). Kingston Bridal Week has hosted three charity events as part of annual bridal week: In 2012, a charity dinner in partnership with Angels of Love, a Jamaican charity for children was hosted by international recording artist Tami Chynn, sister of Jamaican singer Tessanne Chin; Brides for Haiti, charity dress drive; and Baggage Claim charity movie premiere. Today, fashion lovers all around the world come together to witness and celebrate designer’s creative imaginations on the runway! Source: Wikipedia

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LA MODE is... a contemporary and vibrant fashion magazine designed to connect, integrate and centralize the thriving world of fashion. ​ As...

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LA MODE is... a contemporary and vibrant fashion magazine designed to connect, integrate and centralize the thriving world of fashion. ​ As...

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