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I have sent you this self-promotion pack because I have selected you as an agency in which I would like to be given the opportunity of employment. I am a graphic designer currently work for Litro Magazine after completing University and finishing two London-based internships.

The reasoning of my selection is not only my personal desire to work with you, but my belief that I can offer you high-quality services as a young creative with industry experience and high levels of skill, potential and ambition.

Luke Bright | Designer



VOLUME 12 Volume 12 is a London based talent management agency specialising in musicians and DJ’s. They approached me while I was freelancing for LiTRO to create their brand master-head and guidelines. I delivered a guideline booklet, a master logo and business stationary. As the company grows I expect to create other aspects of their brand.






LITRO MAGAZINE At Litro I’ve had a role as an intern designer and now a freelance designer. My responsibility is to design the entire 56 page magazine of each monthly issue. It’s something that I really love doing and seeing my end product on the streets of London is a fantastic feeling and drives me to do better design and really push myself. I’m also starting to create promotional material for events and adverts for the LiTRO and LiTRO LIVE! brand.

Steven Appleby Paul Beckman Ryan Buynak S. E. Cohn Kele Okereke Louise Phillips Mark Saba Janice Shapiro






housing brochure and for the life of him couldn’t think of the word for the bump that went from the road surface to the sidewalk.

into his head and he knew they were wrong, and he also knew that he had thought of the right word when he began to write the copy but the harder he tried to think of it now, the farther from his grasp it slipped.

years old and this was another in a series of words that he’d been

and a fairly rapid talker so while he’d observed this behaviour in other couples, it was a new experience for him. He laughed about it with Elaine when it started, and even later on when friends or co-workers began doing it to him too. No one thinks much of tossing a word into another’s sentence; it’s a common phenomenon, and has been forever, probably.

came to the end of a sentence. Then he realized that he’d really and

“What do you call this part of the subdivision road?” he asked,

quiz on her. 15 | LITRO

HEADER FONT This is a magazine supplement for Job Wouters (LETMAN) and Roel Wouters. It includes an atricle on each brother with custom headers linking to their styles. There is also a closing page with custom lettering. I created the type with a mixture of hand drawings and Illustrator vectors.

MAPLE MAGAZINE I decided to make a magazine that has ties to digital media to enhance the users experience and utilize qualities from both print and digital formats. The main point was to use QR Codes that can be scanned my iPhone’s, Blackberry’s, Andriod’s, iPads and other multimedia devices; giving the reader more content.

LOVE This was a D&AD competition brief that was to brand a concept of a touring art gallery within hospitals. The idea I had was to call it ‘love’, as it’s something you’re surrounded by and is already present in hospitals. To make the brand interactive I produced stationary that visitors and patients could take away to create their own art. One being a packaged wallet that contains a pencil and drawing paper


A nationwide touring art gallery showcasing a range of work including fine art, sculptures, and sound installations produced by come of the UK’s most famous contemporary artists.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00 Sunday 10.30 - 18:00 Admission FREE

love 15 City Road, Winchester Hampshire, SO23 8SD 01962 652849

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John Smith Manager

1 Address City County PO5 7CD





As a young designer I’m very excited about gaining the chance to help shape the future of design and contribute to the history of it. After graduating from Winchester School of Art, UK with a BA Degree in Graphic Design I am looking to pursue a career in interactive, editorial, branding and advertising design. I’m driven by a passion for all things creative and taking inspiration from everything around me, whether it’s the people, the cities or a shop sign. I have completed two internships with magazine publishers giving me a range of professional experiences and qualities. Running them side by side I learned how to prioritze projects and work to strict deadlines, as well as expanding my skills. After three months I was offered a job at LiTRO Magazine as Lead Creative Designer and continue to freelance with mainly branding projects.

I consider myself to be a highly motivated person that thrives under the pressures of unfamiliar situations, constantly pushing myself to gain more experience, better my current skills and broaden my design ability. I always have the intention of helping others develop their work and give them advice and ideas which inturn will help me. Feedback is something that’s sometimes hard to come by from peers but something I encourage. During 2010 and my second year at University I spent January until May studying in Barcelona in Graphic Design and Typography. I went there not knowing a word of Spanish and very quickly had to adapt to the situation using language tapes and a translation book. Coming away from the experience I’ve learned that anything can be done as soon as you get over the initial nerves. The realisation has made me push myself harder and throw myself into unfamiliar situations but remain calm and comfortable.

EXPERIENCES Volume 12 Bristol November 2011 - Present Freelance work for a start-up talent agency based in Bristol. Volume 12 approached me to do branding work for them that will get them started and they could continue to build a public image for their business. I created a master-head with logo, business cards, letter head and website. As the company grows I will continue to work with them; refining their image, the image of musicians and acts they hire and achieving their goal to become a nationally known agency.

Litro Magazine London July 2011 - Present Litro is a free monthly literary magazine that publishes new, original short fiction that offers an alternative to disposable news papers. It publishes 100 000 copies around London on the Underground, in libraries, galleries, bars and cafÊs. After completing an internship at Litro I was made the Lead Creative Designer with the responsibility to design the entire 56 page magazine for each monthly issue and other brand objects, such as promotional material for a Hyde Park festival in February 2012 or adverts for brand sponsors. It’s something that I really enjoy doing and seeing my end product on the streets of London is a fantastic feeling and drives me to do better design and really push myself.

Verge Magazine London July 2011 - October 2011 Verge is a national magazine in the UK that is distributed to all UK Universities. It carries advice, gossip, fashion and news on anything to do with University or a young adults life. At Verge I was working as an intern in a team of designers to produce the quarterly magazine. My main role was to produce layouts of spreads and pages for the magazine. I also offered my help to create apps that can link to the magazine and enhance the users experience. I was working as a part of a team of young designers at a studio in Battersea, London. From my time there I gained a lot of experience in how a studio works and interaction between the team.

Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton Winchester October 2008 - July 2011 Graphic Design BA Degree At University I undertook new briefs every other week that ranged from editorial design, web design, branding, packaging design, typography and advertising. Being given this variety of specialisms has given me the ability to become a versatile designer with an understanding in many design platforms.

Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny Barcelona January 2010 - May 2010 Erasmus study exchange in Graphic Design and Typography

CONTACT 07834 178 042 Find me on LinkIn

Thank you for taking the time to look through my promotional portfolio. Please use the above contact details if you would like to arrange an interview or appointment to discuss any opportunities you may have.

Copyright Š 2012 Luke Bright

Copyright Š 2012 Luke Bright

Luke Bright – Promo Pack  

A mini-portfolio showing samples of work over the previous two years. Include a resumé and contact details also. Copyright Luke Bright 2012

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