Memphis Urban League Young Professionals 2018-19 Annual Report

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ABOUT MULYP Memphis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP) is a service oriented leadership organization designed to support the objectives of the


National Urban League, Memphis Urban League, and National Urban League Young Professionals. Our mission is to promote the development of young professionals (ages 21-40) in the Memphis area and to serve our affiliate through social and community action.

Ayanna Perkins, Membership Chair

Erica Williams, Parliamentarian

Ashlee Hafford, Secretary

Aramis Jones Health Literacy & Advocacy

Jessica Wright, Financial Literacy & Advocacy

Josh Lonzo, Personal & Professional Development

Our empowerment platform includes five main areas: ~Financial Literacy and Empowerment ~Youth Mentoring and Development ~Civic Engagement and Advocacy ~Personal and Professional Development ~Health Literacy and Advocacy We also strive to make a positive impact in the Greater Memphis area through the efforts of young, committed, and talented Memphis residents.

Joshua Perkins, President

TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome to Memphis: Urban League Empowering the Memphis Community & Changing Lives Leadership Development Affiliate Service Community Impact Join Week 2018 Membership Development Fund Development Communications: Media Outlets Southern Region Volunteer of the Year Nomination NULYP Chapter Awards Submission Sister Chapter Support

Empowering the Memphis Community & Changing Lives


Bluff City As I reflect over my first year as President for Memphis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP), I am inspired to continue the work. MULYP has granted me the opportunity to work with some amazing people, while changing lives. We are fighting a never ending battle, but we must not get tired. We must be the voice for those that feel like they have no voice. We must be that resource for those who have lost all hope. We must be the calm for someone after their storm. Quite often we see the picture but not the story behind it. I’m glad that MULYP has been a part of the story behind the picture in so many lives. MULYP Is truly, “Empowering Communities, Changing Lives.” Thank you to all the members and leadership team for entrusting and believing in me to lead such an amazing organization. Joshua Perkins MULYP, President

Tonja Sesley-Baymon President & CEO, MUL

Joshua Perkins President, MULYP

Rhonnie Brewer President, MUL Guild


Empowering the Memphis Community & Changing Lives Memphis Urban Leaague Young Professionals 2018-19 Strategic Plan Engaging Diverse Populations: Teens & Young Adults (Ages 13-21) Parents of school-aged children Stimulating Multiple Opportunities for Fund Development and Fundraising Improving Branding & Marketing Leadership-Capacity Building


Empowering the Memphis Community & Changing Lives

4972% Increase in Affiliate Give

87% Increase in Membership



Increase in Affiliate Service Hours

Increase in Community Service Hours



Increase in Corporate Partnerships

Increase in Community Partnerships



Founder CEO & President, Black Millennals 4 Flint Board of Directors, MUL Board of Directors, Humanities Tennessee Inaugural MUL Rock Star Award 2018 Featured on BET Finding Justice HERoine Legacy Awardee 2019 Black Millennial Political Convention Unbossed & Unapologetic Visionary Award Launched "The Water Box" with Jaden Smith & First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church Creator and First Chair, Lead Prevention Commission of Shelby County CBC Green Room Award of Excellence 2018 Maudine Cooper Award for Community Excellence 2018 Launched LDA Designs 901


New position with the Univesity of Memphis School of Education JOSHUA PERKINS New position with Shelby County Schools Board of Education Conexion Americas Mosaic Fellow 2018-19 JOSH LONZO Launched new Independent Liberty Mutual Insurance Firm TIMOTHY GREEN Profound Gentlemen Unity Award 2018 BRITNEY THORNTON Founder, JUICE Orange Mound Bridges Award 2018 Candidate, Memphis City Council 2019


Empowering the Memphis Community & Changing Lives ENGAGINGÂ DIVERSE POPULATIONS: TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS (AGES 13-21) The majority of MULYP members are millennials, however, we see the value in establishing a strong leadership pipeline for the next generation. We have both short-term and longterm programming to support the needs of teens & young adults. In partnership with our affiliate, The Memphis Urban League's Memphis Restorative Justice Coalition, we piloted a social emotional learning & restorative practice youth mentoring program called The Dividend

Affiliate Services Hours

40 Students 2 Volunteers

90% of students had at least 1 letter grade improvement at the end of the programming year


Empowering the Memphis Community & Changing Lives PROGRAMMING GOAL: ENGAGINGÂ DIVERSE POPULATIONS: PARENTS OF SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN MULYP identified that parents in Memphis were experiencing challenges with engangement due to parenting. We decided to incorporate "family-frielndly" programming to be more inclusive of all YPs.

607 Parents Reached



Recognizing the large population of black millennials in Memphis, we invested in improving the leadership pipeline focused on YPs and Generation Z

Black Millennial Political Convention Tennessee Regional Convening

City of Memphis Youth Services MPLOY College Professional Development Conference






Leadership Development GENERAL BODY MEETINGS Each month, MULYP hosts professional development event topics aligned to our chapter specific programming goals, NUL goals & general interests of our general membership.

<<<Highlights Memphis Black Millennial Agenda: March & April 2019Â 74 Attendees | 222 Hours Black Equity in Census May 2019 35 Attendees | 70 Hours Standing Ovation: Celebrating Charter Schools Academic Excellence | December 2019 98 Attendees | 120 Hours Students Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.) August 2019 | 46 Attendees | 57.5


Community Impact: Affiliate Service Approximately 88% of all of our programming is in direct partnershp with the Memphis Urban League. Our most significant achievement was the launch of the Memphis Restorative Justice Coalition & The Memphis Restorative Justice Insitute which is a training program to create more positive and preventive measure for youth as opposed to suspensions & juvenile detention



Other Affiliate Programs Include: Curtis Givens Annual Scholarship Fund Local Election Candidate Forums Jobfairs and Resume Building


Community Impact: Political Advocacy in Action In an effort to keep the millennial voting bracket engaged and in tune with politics, we have establish a great relationship with both current and aspiring candidates for local and state office through our community forums. We are also aligned to NULYP's focus on advocacy. Here are highlights: Judicial Candidate Forum 125 Attendees | 375 Hours City Talk with Memphis City Council 57 Attendees | 171 Hours Your Voice, Your Vote: What's the Civic Health of Tennessee? with Think Tank Tennessee & Humanities Tennessee 15 Attendees | 45 Hours


NULYP Initiatives Join Week January 27th - Take'em to Church - 9 members participated January 27th - Save Water Drink Mimosas - 30 participants January 28th - The Winter Social - 45 participants January 30th - School to Professional Pipeline - 32 members + 28 college students February 1st - MULYP Progressive Dinner - 30 members February 2nd - The Glow Up - 28 members + 20 guest

NDOS- Inspiring the Future through STEAM 60 - total attendance 45 - student attendance 15 - volunteers (12 members) (3 attendees) Partnered with Advantage 1 Technology and Leadership Prep Charter School NDOE- Securing Generational Wealth 32 - total attendance 15 - members 12 - guest 05 - volunteers Partnered with Crosstown High - Reid Reality

| 10

Membership Development 60




21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40

Men 12%

To maintain excellence in the movement, we provided the following membership development training: --Advisory Leadership Council Board Quarterly Board Retreat 13 members | 416 Hours

--New Member Quarterly Orientation 40 New Members | 160 Hours Women 88%

67% of membership are NOT from Memphis or the surrounding area

| 11

Fund Development $30,000 Conexion Americas Grant

$2500 Curtis Givens -scholarship

$1500 Simmons Bank

$10,000 Black Millennial Political Convention

$885 Membership dues and executive give

TOTAL: $44,885 | 12

Sister Chapter Support

Greater Baltimore Urban League & Thursday Network #LeadFreeBaltimore Day of Action : Kickoff to Lead Prevention Week 2018 October 2018 BET Finding Justice: Lead Paint Crisis Screening April 2019 Attendee: LaTricea Adams [both events]

| 13

NULYP Awards Submission 2018-19 Joshua Perkins 901-721-5571 2003

May 31, 2018May 31, 2020

46 46 N/A 1344 886 1 32 0 10

86 40 30 6796 44,885 17 49 3 43

6,038 638 57 112 N/A

6721 1346 107 577 N/A 1 Yes 3

Chapter Award Considerations National YP Chapter of Excellence Affiliate Service Award Southern Region YP Chapter of Excellence Southern Emerging Chapter of the Year Award

| 14