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The advantages of IP camera IP camera - a surveillance camera with a built-in internet server, network interface (Ethernet or Wi-Fi), and which is able to get connected to Web networks. IP cameras are not just a recorder of guarding video observation systems, but additionally a modern video transmitter anywhere in the world by using the Internet Process. In addition, the majority of today's IP-cameras hold the additional functionality such as: - Dynamic speaker for listening to videos with audio, - Microphone for hands-free abilities - Movements sensors, - Connect to any special detectors, - Sending e-mails, - Work together with the modem. Today the number of individuals who are utilized ip camera surveillance has been progressively increasing and for most users ip surveillance video camera is not really a novelty. IP-video cameras users are able to use in utilizing ip cameras not only standard web browsers but also specific software for network video, which normally will come in a set with the video camera. Remember that every user, depending on the video camera options and their individual and network security , can create access to the video data from your IP-cameras. And conversely, the camera may be with the public access to all network users. IP-video cameras allow the execution of visual control, not only on independent local objects but additionally on totally distant object. So you can solve any difficulties by using automatically working equipment, like under the ground inside the mine, also on the large areas in which the IP-Surveillance process solves the trouble of total visual control of events which occur in the absence of people. IP-video cameras have the features to evaluate and check the video, identification, audio, risk detection, movement detection, as well as the signaling function of the security alarm. Each IP Camera possesses its own Ip online, it is actually assigned to the camera during installing. Because of the option of addresses on the web, video cameras users can deal with IPvideo camera settings from the Internet remotely from around the globe. This advantage of network cameras can be utilized when necessary to set up video observation imperceptibly from individuals, the owner of the video camera can perform its control remotely. Consequently, the hidden IP video cameras using their individual IP-address from the Web makes surveillance simple, convenient and unsensible. For ease of use network cameras, there are numerous particular application that could supply display pictures from video cameras in real time, or record from the video cameras and work together with videos. It is possible to configure the network cameras so that they quickly send the video stream to become saved in a central laptop or computer, or utilize the identical computer software for automatic searching for information from ip-cameras on the Internet. Contemporary IP cameras have superior features and incredible image quality. It ought to be noted that many frequently happens that users, following the buy and installing of modern network cameras, see saved camera pictures and admire that picture, they see, its quality and realistic colours. These capabilities has IP camera, and this allows them to come to be more popular then ever in a range of programs.

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