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Twitter is one of my favorite websites on the planet.  I would say that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google pretty much make me smile daily! Twitter is a great site to market on if you know how to connect in your marketing and not be solely a broadcaster. What I mean by that is that if you open up a twitter account and you simply post tweets about you, your website, and your products and services no one will want to listen. Do you know how many marketing messages people see on a daily basis? It's ridiculous! If you use Twitter for marketing like me then you need to differentiate yourself and position yourself as a leader and expert in order to even be heard among the thousands of tweets that some people see daily. The reason that I use Twitter for marketing is because the site is extremely viral.  I could tweet something and the next thing you know it could be re-tweeted by several people exposing my message to new people that I have never talked to or heard of in my life. That is the beauty of Twitter. Twitter has what I call a "Viral Factor" that is higher than any other social media website on the planet. Can you Re-tweet in Facbook, MySpace, YouTube or linkedin? Not last time I checked! And that is one of the reasons that I absolutely love Twitter. Let's now dig into the meat of this so that you can take away some valuable information that I have learned while spending hours upon hours on twitter and updating over 14,648 times. Here Are some key points that you need to keep in mind when marketing in twitter.

Don't "Market" too much, if you post more tweets about your marketing message than 50% than you will be seen as a spammer and people will un-follow you. Find your target market through networking and you need to find them in order to connect. Market Indirectly more often than directly marketing! what i mean by that is if someone tweets about you or your business Re-tweet their tweet to give them exposure while indirectly marketing yourself! make sense? I do this more often than marketing for myself because someone promoting me will build my brand much better than i am building it myself.

Ask for Referrals, recommendations and people to connect with! I have connected with so many people simply by asking if they know anyone that they think that i should know.  don't be afraid to ask! Continue to follow new people and interact with them! If you don't follow new people you will not grow your network, influence and overall twitter exposure! follow new people, interact with them and help them out and you will see a fan base grow up around you and a huge profitable network overnight if you do it right. Take these tips and use them, I have built a large twitter network that allows me to drive targeted traffic to websites whenever i want.  Build viral exposure for my business and most importantly help people out and grow my network with new web business owners and web marketers.

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==== ==== Amazing Guide to Build THOUSANDS of TARGETED FOLLOWERS in few days! "This is hands down, the most natural Twitter tool I have seen to date" ==== ====

Top Secrets When Using Twitter For Marketing  

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