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As you've probably heard already, Twitter is the future of social networking. Alongside Facebook, these websites hold a huge potential to boosting traffic for smaller businesses looking to establish their presence on the web. A lot of articles give detail on different ways to get twitter followers but indeed very few provide adequate information that's actionable or indeed helpful to your business. Twitter Marketing. A twitter marketing service helps you get twitter followers in heaps. Choosing the right service that meets your budget can be a little tricky but once you've found one, the process is very easy. You'll be asked for login details to your twitter account and the twitter marketer takes it up from there. Of course, if you don't already have an account, they'll create one for you. And you can always change your password if you feel like once the job is done. Advertise your Twitter Page. By putting up links to your twitter page in places customers can see, you can be sure that a lot of people will follow you even if it's out of mere curiosity. If you continue to deliver good quality service to customers, a little reminder after transactions could help. After all customers want to get the latest updates and be made privy to special discounts as soon as you roll them out. This is a great technique that has worked for many. Talk about your Twitter Page. If you have loads of people you meet every day, this strategy is definitely one to try. You'll build a steady stream of twitter followers to your account. Every time you give a speech at a conference or maybe participate in lunch talk with associates, making mention of your twitter link is just a slick way of persuading them to follow you. Of course you shouldn't expressly say 'follow me' except the person is someone known to you and they have something to gain which you can pitch to them also. Start a Twitter Contest. The promise of free giveaways is too enticing for more twitter users to resist. Simply put up a short message detailing your plan to reward the 10,000th person to follow you or come with something otherwise that's still creative. You'll be surprised at how many people add you in a short while. Be sure you live up to your promises and that'll spur even more people to follow you when the next contest comes by. If you're using a business name for your profile, this also helps advertise the business and make its name more comfortable with those who come in contact. is a great service that lets you see how many users you're adding per day. That's a great way to keep track of the progress being made as you get twitter followers to your Twitter account. Of all the methods mentioned, hiring the experienced hands of a twitter marketer still remains the more favorable and most effective method to get twitter followers to your account.

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==== ==== Amazing Tool that DOES NOT USE THE API and compatible with the #newtwitter! "This is really great stuff. If you are a Twitter user, you really need to look at this software." ==== ====

What You Need To Know About Getting Twitter Followers And Why