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The hottest new game in town, so to speak, is anything related to Twitter and Twitter marketing. With literally millions of relatively new followers joining Twitter everyday, you'd be crazy to listen to the few nay-sayers who will try to convince you that Twitter is just a fad. So now you're hot to trot right into a major campaign to drive Twitter followers into your Twitter account while banking major dollars every week. Make no mistake; gaining Twitter Followers is not like Rocket Science. Rocket Science is easier! But, we can crack the code for how to gain 1000s of Twitter followers for your Twitter account. It's all about quantity and quality. Let's look at the top 8 most highly ranked ways to tap into the secret to building a very big family of Twitter followers. 1. Hide Nothing About Yourself You may be the biggest smart guy in town or have a reputation for being the biggest dummy in your neighborhood. In either case, make sure you lay it out there in the public eye when you post your tweets. Twitter is a community with nearly insatiable tastes. There is a representative of every type of like and dislike you can imagine. No shame in being simple or having simple taste. And there's no gain if you keep it too yourself. You'll make a ton of friends if you'll just be who you are in the quiet places in your life. Don't try to imitate the so-called gurus or the superstars like Punked-boy. Keep it real and you will sell yourself to Twitter followers big time. 2. Don't Be Afraid To Be Outspoken My best friend is a tree hugging, no red meat eating vegetarian who clears the room at every party she enters. However, her Twitter account grabbed up 10,000 followers in less than 30 days. Go figure. Speak your mind and you'll probably anger 50,000 people enough to force them to be your Twitter followers so they can keep disagreeing with you for the next 10 years. 3. Walk On The Wild Side Some famous guy said words to the effect, "Society moves faster on the heels of its misfits than its scholars." Now I'm making a point here and definitely not saying that you and I are misfits just because we walk a different path than the masses. People like Donald Trump and Bill Gates or Famous Amos are not followers nor are they average thinkers. Their ideas were at one time thought to be abnormal. So, be zany or kooky enough to speak your mind and let the chips fall where they may. You're not running for office, you're placing

yourself in front of a few million potential Twitter followers who are anxious to follow someone who doesn't bore them to tears. 4. I Am Legend I don't know about you but I am a movie nut and I share this passion with about 100 million or so people in this world also have the fever. Do you think a few hundred thousand people might be interested in movie quotes or chatting about their favorite punch lines from Caddy Shack? If you're getting the hint about the direction I'm heading you understand the power of the movie niche. Naturally, there are literally millions of other niches that people find interesting. Pick one or a dozen and keep tweeting your way to 100,000 Twitter followers over the next 12 or so months. 5. Don't Be A Product Pusher Just like a 100 million other Internet visitors, your Twitter followers do not want to have your latest dicer and slicer gismo pushed into their face every other tweet you send. They're looking for cool, crazy, zany stuff that takes them away from the infomercial crazy world we all live in these days. Make it fun and different and interesting and even controversial, and you'll attract a ton of Twitter followers into your account and wonder why everyone says it's hard to do. The best approach is 3 to 1 or 4 to 1. What this means is send at least 3 or 4 non-marketing Tweets for every 1 marketing Tweet. That builds loyalty and your Twitter followers will appreciate the respect. 6. Questions Are The Answer Twitter fans love to read snappy cool quotes. It's probably the second favorite thing about their experience. In first place is responding to questions. If you want to draw Twitter followers into your account you'll want to become comfortable asking for things. For example, ask for opinions like, why the moon never hides behind the sun but once in a lifetime. Or, why is an airplane called an airplane but a bus is not called a roadplane? Think out of the box...and why not ask, why has thinking out of the box become more popular than thinking out of the norm? Just go for it. 7. Pay It Forward In today's harsh economic times there are millions of people trying to make ends meet. There are kids in the streets that need a mentor or big sister or brother. Interestingly enough, there are millions of people who would volunteer their time to help, if someone would just ask them! So, in between your quotes and jokes and well timed promotional Tweets, Tweet a message for a local or national non-profit and charitable organization with a purpose you believe in. Not only will you feel good, but your Twitter follower list will explode. Try it for 30 days and watch what happens. 8. Always Remember, Sex Sells First and foremost, I am definitely not talking about porn or anything even close. Twitter is a PG community and the other stuff, while becoming more prevalent, does not sell well on Twitter. You'll make a ton of money and attract a million Twitter followers by keeping it sexy cool and clean at the same time. Toss in a few snappy jokes with your Tweets. Let your mix of affiliate or other promotions be just a little spicy rather than bland. Don't be afraid to mix it up a little, just don't go overboard.

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==== ==== Amazing Tool to Build THOUSANDS of TARGETED FOLLOWERS in few days! "This is hands down, the most natural Twitter automation tool I have seen to date" ==== ====

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