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Twitter is no longer just one of your run-of-the-mill social media services. Twitter has in fact revolutionized social media services to such an extent that Twitter followers no longer just tweet about what they ate for lunch or what time their plane will touch down the airport. Twitter followers are corporate giants, high-profile celebrities, and all the rest of the planet altogether who use this grand daddy of social media services for information, socializing, and huge incomegeneration through web marketing. How to use Twitter's social media services to your business' best advantage?  A large following of course. The more  followers your business have, the wider is your potential customer base, the greater is the possibility of sales conversion.  To increase your Twitter followers, here's some neat tips: 1. Choose the best Twitter ID Use a Twitter name that is relevant to your business, such as your business name or your business' official website or blog. Some popular niche experts even use their real names to attract more followers. A stand out logo or Twitter avatar completes your Twitter identity.  2. Follow and be followed Social media services are all about relationships. From a zero following at the start, increase your followers by following them first in Twitter. Many of the follows that you created will almost always follow you back in a give-and-take relationship.  3. Learn from the experts Twitter is one of those social media services that makes it easy to connect with niche leaders and experts. Follow these experts and learn how they tweet. And, if you answer or ask them questions, it seems you actually "know" these experts, and that makes you interesting enough for others to follow. 4. Tweet interestingly Twitter followers perk up at attention-grabbing stories and images. Social media services often churn out a lot of trivial information, which is why links to interesting stories are always appreciated. When  followers are interested, they re-tweet this interest to others,

giving your original tweet increased exposure. 5. Be recognized as a niche expert Social media services like Twitter allow for experts to rise in the Twittersphere, if you have something relevant to say, that is. So if your business offers a service or an expertise, tweeting about these services in a way that's useful to Twitter followers will earn you their respect (and re-tweets), and will raise you to the rank of niche expert steadily for added exposure. 6. Use Twitter tools Tweet Later is very useful as an auto-responder and for automatically sending direct messages to new Twitter followers. And, to increase the people you are following, Humming Bird is a very intelligent tool that automatically follows Twitter users based on search keywords. Twitter is one of the social media services wherein you can follow as much as 5000 people daily, using Humming Bird.  7. Recommend others The golden rule applies in social media services like Twitter. If you find a tweet interesting or useful, recommend the tweet to your Twitter followers and encourage them to follow. There's a big chance that you will get the same treatment -- your tweets being retweeted and recommended to other  followers. 8. Three-peat important tweets As one of the most popular social media services, Twitter gets 24x7 daily user logins. For your important tweets, try posting them three times within the day to get maximum exposure from Twitter followers, who may belong to varied time zones.

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==== ==== Amazing Tool to Build THOUSANDS of TARGETED FOLLOWERS in few days! "This is hands down, the most natural Twitter automation tool I have seen to date" ==== ====

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