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Avtex Accessories Avtex are renowned in the mobile leisure industry for the high standard of their specialist low voltage TV sets. Avtex don’t stop there however, they also design and produce a variety of accessories to enhance your viewing experience and comfort even further. To help protect your TV whilst in transit, or whilst you are carrying from location to location or even stowing ready to set off, Avtex produce a series of hard carry-cases that are available in a range of sizes. A model is available for 15/16�sets like the W165DRS and its predecessor the W164DR and W164DRS, also the L186DRS and the slightly larger L216DRS also have model available. Each carry case boasts separate compartments to help you manage all your leads, accessories and even some DVDs. They also come complete with a shoulder strap to ensure ease of use. The Avtex ELT-70KC is a newly developed and patented LED / LCD screen cleaning kit available from most good accessory retailers. The ELT-70KC uses a soft microfiber applicator to clean screens quickly and easily, without scratching or damaging them in any way. Its ergonomic design also ensures that you can maintain a secure, comfortable grip. Avtex also offer a range of mounting solutions to help you secure your television(s) easily and safely. Some smaller brackets like the AK564 and the AK565 are designed for specific televisions (in these cases the W103D), but the SV range can be used to mount just about anything. You can tailor your purchase according to the weight you plan to support, with SV mounting solutions capable of holding anything between 8 and 25kg. All come with an easy release feature and most allow you to adjust your viewing position via flexible swivel and tilt functions. To discover more about Avtex televisions such as the L216DRS and L236DRS, browse through any of the aforementioned accessories and much more, visit the Avtex website. Alternatively, you can call the sales team direct on 08448 80 60 60.

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