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Two Door Cinema Club Come Back Home The first video I’ve chosen to analyse is Come Back Home which the camera and lyrics follow the three members of the band and watch as the identical disasters occur to each of them. Goodwin identified 7 characteristics of a music video.

Relationship between lyrics and visuals The first of which occurs in this particular video would be ‘there is a good relationship between the lyrics and the visuals’ this is shown throughout the video as the song describes hitting your target (metaphorically), the driver hits a person, also there’s a lot of repetition in the chorus of “find another way” which is what’s going on in the video, they’re trying to find away to stop the accident from happening. It also connects with the lyrics in a contradicting way because the song is most likely to really be about a relationship; instead it’s about a line of disasters ending in a car crash, like many relationships… I think this is clear to the audience when they watch it. The song is also strongly about opportunities and chances and this is clearly shown throughout the video .Instead of the video being in a plain, white screen studio it creates a story and absorbs the audience, encouraging them to watch and understand what’s going on and how the video will end. There also aren’t a great deal of shots of only the main vocalist singing, instead it shows all the band members in turn and equally to show off their overall image, this could be because the band aren’t very popular at the moment or it could be just because this fits in with the storyline.

Relationship between music and the video, and iconography Another characteristic this video has is ‘there is a relationship between the music and the video’ which is shown by the continuous beat and the man playing drums in the supermarket, it’s only a small feature but it adds effect.

To some degree, this also consists of the third characteristic ‘particular music genres have their own music video style and iconography’. This particular band most commonly falls under the genre of electro pop/indie rock. Most bands who are of a similar genre will usual consisting of the same style of video, for example; this type of fashion, quirky layouts and effects. Two Door Cinema Club have three other music videos out and all include a similar theme to this one. They all use quite bright colours, clear and shiny photography, show their personal fashion sense off and some sense of wit and humour throughout which is presented in the little details such as in the Undercover Martyr video (with their feet moving).

Close-ups on the main vocalist and conclusion The video is wholly based around the band and they are almost the only people featured, this may be because ‘there is a demand on the part of the record company for lots of close-ups of the main vocalist’. The band is signed under the record label Kitsuné and although I previously said the main vocalist isn’t the main centre of attention, you clearly know he is the singer by the way he is positioned in the video and how he is the only one of the men to sing along accuratley.

So although this video may only include 4 out of the 7 characteristics Goodwin identified, I think it still projects a strong image and lots of artistic flair. The split screen layout, whip pans and transfers from scene to scene are smooth and flow throughout along with the great high definition images. The quick movements set a tone and pace to the video, making it easier to watch and follow. There isn’t a large amount of futuristic effects used because it doesn’t match the genre of music, which is mostly likely to appear in Hip Hop videos. The mise-en-scene is quite difficult to define in this video because most of it is edited in a three-split screen, although there are motifs and reoccurring images which create flow, for example the use of clothes (three same outfits are used which the band members take turn in wearing), the car and it crashing is also a strong image used throughout and the use of the street in which all band members are linked to either through their house, supermarket or with their bike and suitcase.

two door cinema club  

two door cinema club