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Wolfman ft. Pete Doherty For Lovers The second video I’ve chosen to analyse is For Lovers which follow the vocalist as he sings the love-story song.

Relationship between lyric and the visuals The first characteristics that occurs in this video is the ‘relationship between the lyrics and the visuals’ which is shown through the emotions he is singing about and the way it’s shown through the video, such as the slow pace of movements and the romantic settings as it’s easy to tell this song is wholly based on love. A sense of loneliness is also given through the lyrics and this is shown in the video where he walks the streets alone, tries to call the person in telephone box and how the streets are deserted in certain places.

This video also has a ‘relationship between the music and the visuals’ because the video almost follows what he’s singing and the tone and pace of the video is slow moving in the slow singing parts and quite fast paced when the rhythm gets louder and quicker.

Style and Iconography Because this is a classic love song, the characteristics usually tend to b the same throughout if the lyrics and theme is genuine. This video is a perfect example of that, because the settings are all stereotypical, old fashioned romantic places but instead the artist is on his own. However, this is a common style for Pete Doherty, throughout his music videos including Babyshambles, Libertines and where he’s singing solo, they all consist of a similar style.

The artists actual style is also kept the same throughout all videos and appearances which shows us Doherty has his own say it what he wears and how he is represented to the public, making his style iconic.

Main vocalist and conclusion Another one of Goodwin’s characteristics is ‘there is a demand of the record company for lots of close-ups of the main vocalist’, this is true in the For Lovers music video. Doherty is shown throughout whether it’s in a extreme close up, long shot or anything in between, however Peter Wolf (Wolfman) was not shown at all. This is likely to be because the song is sung by Doherty therefore he is the face promoting it, Wolf just wrote it.

In conclusion, although this video doesn’t have a story to it like Kids or Come Back Home, it is filled with pretty images and flows throughout which makes it appealing to me. The mise-enscene has been carefully selected to match the genre and style of song, the photography is also of very high quality and uses a range of different types to make it interesting. The light is quite low however, to add to the dark and dull tone, and the sense of loneliness and loss. Also through the middle of the song a flash of images is shown to match the rising beat of the track and add confusion.

For Lovers  

For lovers pete doherty

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