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Music DVD Digipak Research Digipaks usually consist of a CD, booklet, DVD and exclusive insights to the band and making of the songs and videos. They’re usually in a gatefold structure made from either paperboard or card which makes them appear more different and special as opposed to regular CD’s. Digipaks are sold and bought for a number of reasons: Add sentimental value to the buyers collection Something to keep and look back on when/if you move on from this phase Exclusive content people want to see Chance for the band to show of their true colours, fight off stereotypes and rumours All real fans want to buy everything from their favourite band (as a way of merchandising as supporting)

Many artists have produced Digipaks but they’re most likely to be made once the artists have become popular and quite mainstream, the band obviously needs a big fan base because the actual Digipaks are more expensive to buy and the artists need quite a large budget because they’re also more expensive to make. Digipaks range in retail price from £4.99 to £29.99 and are sold in big music/electrical retailers and on the artist’s website/ record labels website. Some examples of artists that have made Digipaks are; Coldplay, Killers, Pearl Jam, Weezer, Eurhythmics, Kiss, Lady Gaga, Jimi Hendrix, Morrissey, Kasabian and many more.

These two Digipaks are most inspiring for when designing my own. I like the idea of have a landscape picture across the whole spread.

Digipak Research  

reasearch in music DVD digipaks

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