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Plantwise: Beyond implementation of Plant Clinics to Sustainably Strengthen Plant Health Systems in Africa

Washington Otieno et al. Regional Plantwise Coordinator for Africa CABI Africa

The vision National PHSD Improved vigilance on emerging threats to PH Support farmers to reduce pest related crop losses Improve food security Reduce poverty Adapt to climate change

Plant Clinics Part of extension service Free at the point of use Set up at local meeting places Regularly run Samples brought by farmers Diagnosis & advise by ‘prescription’ Plant clinic, DR Congo

Relevant: “Prescription”

Example: Plant Clinics in Kenya >35 clinics >80 extension staff trained plant doctors Positive response from: farmers, plant doctors, partners Demand-driven

MoA developing strategy for scale up

Knowledge Bank Comprehensive on-line resource Country and Region homepage

> 10,000 Pest fact sheets Diagnostic search tool Pest management guides Pest mapping and forecasts Supporting literature Translating tool for many different languages

Diagnosis, support, advice

smallholder farmers

Dialogue with farmer

Plantwise ‘plant doctors’ extension workers

Improved, evidence-based extension materials; recommendation guides, monitoring & evaluation tools

knowledge bank

Content Partner materials/data

Scientific information and expertise

Clinic information: What pests are problems for farmers? Where? Who is coming to clinics?

Clinic data management Clinics


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11 / 01 / 2012


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Tomato Banana

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Crops brought in to clinic over SAVE SAVE past 6 months

Data from Clinics Potential value to many users Extension Research Policy makers Agro-input suppliers Regulators NPPOs Stimulates links between actors

Strengthening Plant Health System of Countries Farmers


Input supply Plant clinics



Plantwise in 2013

Caribbean & Central America Nicaragua Honduras Barbados Grenada Trinidad & Tobago Suriname

South America Bolivia Peru

Africa Burkina Faso DR Congo Ethiopia Ghana Kenya Malawi Mozambique Rwanda Sierra Leone Tanzania Uganda Zambia

SE & East Asia China Cambodia Vietnam

S, W, Central Asia Pakistan Afghanistan Bangladesh India Nepal Sri Lanka

Net income for potato farmers in Bolivia after adopting clinic advice

Key income investments of farmers in Bangladesh resulting from PW approach Kind of investment Buying land Children's education

Buying a cow Planting

Home improvement Growing a crop

% gain 9 25

13 9 21 7

Next Steps in Africa Which countries next

Gain experience, learn Review, plan for scale out

PHSD Incorporation as part of public funded agriculture extension systems Integration of modules in curricula of learning institutions

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Plantwise for Fara Science week 2013