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CABI is a not-for-profit development-led organization with a solid scientific research base and a world class publishing service. All around the world hundreds of researchers, lecturers, governmental bodies and corporations have found a faster, more reliable way of bringing complex, timely information about the life sciences to their fingertips. These are the CABI Compendia.

“A wonderful and revolutionary innovation” John David Kabasa, Makerere University, Uganda KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE

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CABI Compendia are powerful tools for faster and more effective teaching, researching, reporting and problem solving CABI Compendia are encyclopedic, mixed-media tools created in partnership with key organisations in each field, expertly produced, and packed with scientific validated information, images, maps and diagnostic and decision support tools Crucially, they are designed to make your work more effective Each CABI Compendium brings together a vast amount of specialized information in linked relational databases CABI’s Compendium technology provides the means to search, display, augment and report data easily and quickly:

Datasheets At the heart of each Compendium, there is a searchable and browsable database of datasheets These datasheets pull information from a wide range of sources (text, images, maps, databases) into one place

“We normally use it on a daily basis and do not know how we would cope without it.” E Kimani, P Njoroge, R Onamu, I Macharia, E Lang’at, AC Koech, EM Mavogo, Plant Inspectors, Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service, Nairobi

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interactive encyclopedias Advanced search and simple navigation Electronic library A large archive of electronic documents and tools supplement the Compendia, including electronic books, book chapters, reports, self-learning and presentation slide series, expert systems and classified and indexed internet links

Demographic, economic and statistical data An authoritative and comprehensive glossary Distribution maps Visual representation of global distributions and GIS data for export to external mapping

Bibliography Each Compendium includes a section of CAB Abstracts which can be searched as a single database or easily used to provide full details of references cited in datasheet texts, including abstracts and full text articles when available

A large image collection Comprising nearly 20,000 validated images …all in one mixed media tool

“…it makes a significant contribution to (the) compilation of lecture notes for undergraduate students.” Lecturer, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa Publishing Products - Compendia Insert.indd 3

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the CABI Compendia have been designed to support all those working within the life sciences • Lecturers are benefiting from the extensive species coverage and detailed descriptions based on internationally respected sources to supplement course material • Researchers benefit from the simplicity of access and in-depth reference tools provided by the Compendia. With the touch of a button, the Compendia report function generates specialized information from the datasheets tailored to the user’s needs • Research organizations have benefited from making the Compendia available to their staff. ACIAR (The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) conducted an independent report on behalf of the Australian government to establish the value of the Crop Protection Compendium to applied research scientists. Their results showed that the Compendium was unique and superior to any other product on the market, and also saved Australian researchers up to AUS$1.3 million per year

so how did these incredible sources of knowledge come about? Each Compendium is a major global initiative driven by and initially financed by members of the Compendium Programme Consortia – all committed to furthering knowledge in order to reduce poverty, increase sustainability, and promote good practice. Therefore when your organization subscribes to one of the CABI Compendia your work will benefit from this intensive programme of data compilation and innovative display and search technologies.

what is the Compendium Programme? The purpose of the Compendium Programme is: • T o develop the means to provide better access to knowledge, and advice on how to apply that knowledge to make sound decisions • T o coordinate the compilation of a wealth of data from world experts into databases and present the data through innovative, user-friendly technology • To deliver problem solving know-how to meet needs in developed and developing countries

who benefits? The Compendia have an important application as a basis for poverty-reduction programmes in Africa, Asia and Latin America, especially through sustainable development programmes with an environmental component. They are equally important in contributing to productivity and good practice in industrialized economies.




contact our Sales team for more information and to request a free trial: CABI, Nosworthy Way, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 8DE, UK. T: +44 (0)1491 829313, F: +44 (0)1491 829292, E:

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