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Leo Cooper


Address: Mob: 0421211637 Email: Walkerville, South Australia

Leo Cooper is a fresh, up and coming, enthusiastic graduate Architect. Born in South Africa, he has proudly made Australia and Adelaide home.

Masters of Architecture in 2012, finishing in the top percent of his year. The University of Adelaide’s strong academic focus has shaped Leo’s architectural imagination and design thinking, giving him a strong grasp of design history and theory, grounded in a firm understanding of construction techniques and materials.

The son of a graphic designer, Leo developed a deep respect and appreciation for design at a young age. His interest in art and design matured later into a fascination for the bend of function and aesthetic architectural design offers. Leo’s work reveals an understanding of architectural design’s history and An alternative High schooling an eagerness to participate in its focused on a holistic education strong future. Leo is preoccupied by furthered expanded his interests finding new ways of strengthening feed Leo’s taste for art, design and the role of architectural design architecture. Leo’s natural curiosity within South Australia for himself fostered by an alternative education and the profession. His vision is a provided a steppingstone into the more interesting design rich future bachelor of Design Studies at the for South Australia’s urban centres. University of Adelaide. At the University of Adelaide Leo completed his Bachelor of Design Studies in 2010 and a


Mt barker High Steiner school


B.A Design University of Adelaide


M. Architecture University of Adelaide

Skills 4 years 3 years 2 years 4 years

6 years 4 years 1 year

Cad Skills

AutoCAD Autodesk Revit Architecture Autodesk 3ds Max Sketchup 8

Graphic skills

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign


To work in an environment that pushes the current limits of my abilities and allows me the opportunities to gain the respect of my peers.

Professional References Damien Chwalisz | Ph: 04 1468 9574

Troy Owen | (08) 8332 5655

Dr. Amit Srivastava

Professional Experience

Design Interests


Film and TV is my favourite guilty pleasure, though I have dabbled in making a couple of short films, requiring that I become proficient in a range of multimedia skill. This includes poster design, visual effects, project pitching, graphic design and project management.


2009-2010 2010 2010


Volunteer Child Care Worker Mt Barker Community Centre; Mt Barker, South Australia Construction Worker Eco friendly Straw bale home construction; Hindmarsh island, South Australia Volunteer Beverage Distribution Personnel Womadelaide; Adelaide, South Australia Voluntary open day Architectural Display Assistant Adelaide University; Adelaide, South Australia Adelaide University mentor Adelaide University; Adelaide, South Australia Volunteer Exhibit Guide Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide, South Australia

Interests > > > > >

Sport Sailing Volleyball Indoor soccer Tennis Golf While I am proficient and this fine game, experience in somewhat lacking.


Design A BA in Design has polished my graphic design skill to a shiny golden yellow. My appreciation for good graphic design has grown over this time and I still look forward to the moment when everything clicks perfectly into place, leaving a breathtaking finished product. Art Art history and art culture excites me and motivates me. I believe art is a culture building public endeavour which can be used to enliven people’s lives. For me discovering an unexpected public installations hidden in my cities rich urban fabric excites me as much as viewing a classic painting in a museum.

Achievements 2011

Published -Place Magazine, August


Published -Place Magazine, February

University of Adelaide | M. Architecture | August 2012 University of Adelaide | BA Architectural Design | September 2010

Leo Cooper

Architecture Portfolio

Skeleton House | Alberton The Skeleton house takes precident form the indigenous peoples shelters. Internally the spaces merge into each other, level changes subtly differenciate private and public spaces whilst maintaining a open plan design intent.



Islington Future Living | Kilburn Conceptually the design can be understood as a transient being, always changing, growing and shrinking, pulsating with life. The life of the city is it’s people who inhabit modules which plug into the Islington Angles framework and enjoy the freedom of being part of a national network which is accessible by hooking the module onto a interstate train and riding it to the new site Node.

Place Magazine 2011



Hindley Street Mixed Use | Adelaide Retail opportunities on street level maintains the Hindley street urban atmosphere and a commercial and residential response above street level take into account the urban fabrics of the pricinct. The project aims to improve pedestrian accessibility through the precinct and promote pedestrian links to public transport, educational facilities and entertainment.

Hart's Mill


Hart’s Mill Media Institute | Port Adelaide This project began with a gathering of site impressions and the essence of its identity and the translation of this information into a three dimensional ink blot. This process allowed for a rigorous investigation of the formal analogies and identities present in the ink and an eventual layering of these identities on top of each other to produce multiple readings of the buildings ‘Identity’. The ambiguity of the reading of the building allows is meant as a reflection of the multicultural identity of South Australian culture.

Leo Cooper Sample Architecture Design Portfolio  

A sample of my architectural design portfolio.