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Prologue Eden Venus. The Morning Star. Our sister planet. It all started because of her. The First Baptism, as the event was called, occurred during the transit of Venus. The time when Venus crossed the face of the sun. After that day, humanity was never the same. The powerful gamma rays of this planet caused by solar radiation have unlocked powerful abilities in humans, they were reborn as super humans. At first when these humans with fantastic super powers were discovered, humans were afraid. As with anything that is not understood, it is feared. Early on, some wanted to restrict the super humans. Some, like Saul Ferisee, wanted to lock them up or remove them. But others, like Paul Demascus, wanted to show the world how they could help the planet. And he did. Several of the supers rose up to face this fear by showing the humans how they could help. Powerful super humans started using their abilities to help in natural disasters, to stop droughts, to overcome plagues. After the world saw what a powerful change these people could make, they began to rally behind for the super humans. In time, they were even given a title. The Gifted. The Gifted men and women all around the world stood up in times of need. Much like Maria Torzado, the hero who stopped a massive tornado. Or Dji Mota, who helped bring an end to world hunger. As well as, Shinji Kenichi, the protector of Yokohama, Japan. These Gifted became shining symbols for others to follow. For young boys and girls, they were heroes. They were models. All of these people had one thing in common: they each helped make the world a safer place. These super humans, these heroes, these protectors made the world a much better place. Because of Gifted like these, people who had once feared them began to realize that they could help the world. They could save the world. And in time, they did. The world had become a much safer and better place. World hunger was all but ended. Droughts were almost completely quenched. Famine was a thing only read about in books. The world was a growing, prosperous place. All thanks to the Gifted. However, how would humanity maintain this peace and prosperity? How would they continue to keep the world safe if no one was prepared to protect it? And how would they protect it unless they were trained? So an idea was hatched in order to train Gifted youths. At first it was only a few campuses over the whole world, but in recent years more and more have sprung up across the face of the world. The first and one of the most well known of these colleges was the Sabbath Institute. Students from around the world entered the school to pursue a degree in Super Human Relations, a degree in which they would learn all of the applications for their abilities in the real world. Their goal was to make the world a better place. However, the Golden Age of peace and prosperity was coming to an end. Eden could not last forever.

File #1 Recruit On a cool morning in early spring, a young man stirred in his sleep. His right eye opened and looked to his alarm; however, he could not find his alarm clock. He looked up towards the ceiling and there was his night table with the alarm clock beeping. The night stand floated in the air five feet over head. He held out his hand and with a thought, the dresser began to descend. In just a few seconds, it was back on the floor where it belonged. He sat up and swung his legs down to reach the floor. But something was wrong. He didn’t feel the floor. He looked down. The bed was also levitating. Unlike the night stand, the bed was just a few inches from the floor. “Glad I didn’t move it up toward the ceiling in my sleep again,” the young boy said to himself with a huff. He closed his eyes and thought. Then he felt the cold wood floor under his feet. A sigh. Now to get ready for the big day. He stood up and let out a tremendous yawn. With a stretch to the left and a turn to the right, he felt ready to begin the day. He passed a dresser with a football cased in glass on it. Then he stepped over a soccer ball on his way to the bathroom. In the bathroom he looked into the mirror. His gray eyes peered at his reflection. His wild, spiky brown hair was a mess. He quickly began getting ready and then left to get dressed. He had to look “presentable” as his mother said. Today was an important day. In his closet, he grabbed his favorite white button-down shirt with a blue striped pattern. Once dressed, the young man ran downstairs for a quick breakfast. His football coaches always told him to eat as healthy as possible for breakfast. So as usual, he made a bowl of an organic cereal, pouring 2% milk overtop of it. Afterwards, he sat on his living room couch rocking back and forth, waiting for the recruiter to arrive. His parents were in the kitchen preparing lunch for them and their guest. Despite the tranquil mood in his house, he couldn’t fight the anxious torrent inside of him. He played a good part, pretending to be calm. However, he felt like a storm was raging inside his mind. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Outside the house, a man sat in his car. He was about to get out of the car when his phone went off. He answered his device and instantly his tension was raised. “Morning, sir,” he answered. The voice over the phone spoke for a moment. “Yes, I am very concerned over these events. I feel that someone inside our organization is causing some problems.” Once again the voice on the other end spoke. “Yes, yes sir. I understand the situation we are in.” A voice over the phone asked him a question.

“Well, I am about to go into a meeting with a young man that I feel has great potential for our organization. He’s shown amazing potential on our tests and he has a very rare and powerful ability.” The voice on the other line asked another question. “Well, it’s telekinesis.” He waited for a moment for the voice to speak. “Well sir, you understand my ability. I just have a feeling, an instinctive feeling that this boy is special. That he will be very important one day.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Back inside, Gabriel found himself daydreaming. Then a knock at the door and he snapped back to reality. He stood up, straightened out his shirt and then walked over to the door. When he opened it, the light beamed in behind the man at the front door. A middle-age man stood there. But Gabriel could barely see him as the sunshine was so bright. “Hello, is Gabriel Green home?” he asked. The boy nods his head and says, “Yes, that is me, sir.” “I see you have gray eyes,” stated the man, wearing a baseball cap over his head with a school logo upon it. It was pulled tightly down, covering his forehead, with his salt and peppered color hair sticking out of the sides. The front of the navy blue hat were the letters S.I.A emboldened in red. He had a briefcase in one hand and a large file in the other. “Yes, sir,” replied Gabriel. “Do you know why?” pause.

“Well, because I was born with them,” answered Gabriel. “Sir,” he adds after a slight

The man smirked and let out a chuckle. Then he said, “Well, I supposed that isn’t the wrong answer now is it?” Gabriel had never realized that before. He had never noticed how unique his eyes were. No one he knew had eyes that were gray like his. Out of all of his friends, Gabe was the only one with this unique quality. With that, the man stepped inside. Then they made their way to the living room and sat silently for a few seconds. The man introduced himself as Coach V. He began by asking the boy about himself and what his personal interests were. Gabriel mentioned he would be trying out for the football team now that he was in high school. After some time the man realized he need to get to his personal information. Coach V looked at Gabriel and asked him, “So tell me young man, can you show me your ability?” Gabriel glanced at the floor and then at the dining room attached to the living room. Coach V looked in the direction of the living room as well and he saw the table was floating. Then Gabriel made each of the chairs around the table hover in the air one-at-a-time. Each chair shook unsteadily. Coach looked intently. “Is it hard to control?” he asked.


“Yes. Sometimes I even wake up and my bed is levitating. My power just gets out of

Then Coach V handed Gabriel a business card. Gabriel felt the thin card stock edges. Then he looked down and read: Coach V SIA Athletic Director and Sparring Team Coach Office Hours Monday- Friday 3pm through 6pm Then at the bottom it had a phone number. Coach V pointed his finger on the number. “This is my school number. I am available between those hours. Call me anytime you feel you need advice or help with your ability.” Gabe nodded and said, “Thank you! I will!” The Coach stood up. He walked around the room and looked at the pictures of Gabriel and his family on the wall. His baby pictures, his school photos. His eyes saw a class photo with Gabriel from fourth grade. Gabe stood in the very center of the photo. A thought crossed Coach’s mind. “Do you feel unusual at school, Gabriel?” asked Coach V. “Well, sometimes. Most of the kids in my school are pretty nice about it. There are a few bullies that make a point of teasing me about my differences.” “That is to be expected,” Coach replied. “Don’t let that get you down, Gabriel. You have a lot to be proud of and don’t let anyone tell you differently.” “Thank you,” answered Gabriel. Coach looked down at his files. “With the rarity of your ability and your good grades, we would likely be able to get you a full scholarship to our school.” “The school with people with eyes like mine you mean?” asked Gabriel. Gabriel smiled, thinking his comment was humorous. However, Coach V smirked briefly and then returned to his files. Coach didn't seem to be the sort to joke around at all. But the Coach replied, “Yes, in a matter of speaking. The students in our school are being trained to use their abilities with control and precision. They will be able to leave the school with a gift no other student in the world has. And our hope is that they will use their gifts to help make the world safer, stronger, and better.” Instantly, Gabriel felt an intense draw to the school. The idea that he would be with students that can do amazing things is alone enough to make him want to join. Not only that, but he would be able to learn how to better control his telekinesis. No more waking up to a floating bed or accidentally making the things around him levitate when he is upset. “So, Gabe, would you like that?” asked the coach. “Yes, sir, I would very much,” Gabe answered. “When can I start?” Coach V sat back down and pulled up his briefcase. He set it down on the coffee table in between he and Gabriel. He placed it flat against the espresso colored wood. Coach V stated, “Well, you need to finish high school first.”

He continued to undo the straps on his briefcase. He reached his hand inside and pulled out a stack of documents. Placing them on the coffee table between Gabe and himself, Coach V grabbed a pen from his pocket and clicked it open. “But after finishing at S.I.A, you can go to any other school you want if you want to get your degree in something else. Some students want to pursue more advanced degrees to future their contributions to the world.” “Ready to sign up?” asked Coach V. Gabriel eagerly held out his hand. Coach V grabbed his hand and shook it firmly confirming their agreement. Then Coach V’s facial expression became very different. His expression turned much more serious and his eyes became very steady. Gabriel looked at him and noticed the somber expression on his face. “Sir? What’s wrong?” asked Gabriel. “Before you sign that. I have something I want to ask you,” stated Coach V. “Can you answer this question for me?” “Yes, I mean I will do my best.” “Thank you,” answered Coach V. “Most people don’t know that the world is in a very fragile state right now. Gifted are seen in a positive light right now. But there are forces that are moving against us. We need more Gifted such as yourself. Ones that are willing to help make this world a better place.” As the Coach spoke, his eyes became filled with what Gabriel could only explain as fire. As he spoke, Gabriel nods his head in agreement. “Can you be someone who will stand up against adversity and fight for truth?” asked Coach V with a look filled with determination. The young man sat across the table, his hands folded in his lap. His heart was racing from the words spoken by V. Never had he heard a speech that had caused everything inside of him to be so set on fire. He felt as if something in his bones was sparking. It was as if electricity had shot through his entire body. Gabe’s head looked up from the wooden coffee table where the forms were laying. Just before Gabriel could answer, his mother walked in with a tray of food in her hands. Gabriel’s father walked in behind her. They were both all smiles. His mother nodded her head and said, “Lunch is ready gentlemen. Come on in.” Coach V stood up from his seat and Gabriel did likewise. Their eyes were locked for a moment. Coach turned to walk into the dining room, but Gabe stopped him say, “Yes, sir.” Coach looked back at Gabriel. “I want to be that kind of person,” he answered.

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The Gabriel Green FIles: The Gifted Complex  

Here is a sample of my upcoming children's chapter book series. Enjoy.

The Gabriel Green FIles: The Gifted Complex  

Here is a sample of my upcoming children's chapter book series. Enjoy.