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Call for works : L.ART en Loire issue 5 (april 2014) Rules of the call for works Rule 1L.ART en Loire is a free webrevue of art and literature which calls on voluntary artists to contribute to it.You can discover the previous issues : Rule 2 The fact to offer texts/poems/articles/photos/etc… or to accept to write/produce it/them means acceptance of this present rules and permission to publish. Rule 3 To be published you need to be French/English/Spanish speaker or bilingual (French+ another language) Francophonia section is only for French speaker or bilingual. L.ART section is only for Brittany/ Loire Atlantique artists or artists exhibiting in these areas. The other sections are opened to all. Rule 4 You need to be the creator of the work(s) you offer to L.ART en Loire. Submitting work(s) means you recognize to be the creator or the owner of the rights pertaining to this work(s). If your creation (poem/text/other) was first published in a book, PLEASE specify it (title, author, book house), and check you have the right to republish it in a magazine. Even if your work is published in L.ART en Loire (mag+ website+ distribution on the web [tumblr, twitter,…] with your name/ etc…), you stay the owner of your work, and keep the rights on it. Rule 5 You can offer several works, but be kind to precise each section you want your work to be published in. Rule 6 Please send your work(s) by Email (word format, .jpeg, or photos in High Definition format) attached to your Email and before march 15th 2014. Send it to (lowercase L + full stop+artmagazine…). if you have some difficulties to send the message don’t hesitate to join Teklal Neguib (CHIEF EDITOR) on facebook or on twitter Rule 7 Please include a mini-autobiography in your Email, even if you have contributed before (for the CONTRIBUTORS page).

Rule 8 The different calls of works Section L.ART -short text (maximum : 10 pages) / or 1 to 3 poems from a writer living/born in Brittany/Loire Atlantique (land around Nantes and Saint Nazaire) -An article about cultural action/exhibit in Loire Atlantique or Brittany (5 pages maximum) Section poesia -3 poems, free subject Section : special file : Fighter bodies (“Corps Combattants”) body facing illness, war, rape, fear, political action (torture), but its construction/reconstruction too (tattoos, transition of transgender people, bodmod,…) -1 to 3 poems -a short text (5 pages maximum) -article about an exhibit/artist who studies this topics -photos (6 to 10) and /or paintings about this subject Section philosophia -article of philosophy on a philosophical topic (5 pages maximum) Section les Urbanités (the cities) A short text (10 pages maximum), free topic : an urban environment being the only constraint. 1 to 3 poems about town -a portfolio (6 to 10) of photos on city Section Francophonia (bilingual possible) A short text (10 pages maximum), free subject 1 to 3 poems , free topic Section Discovery (découverte) An article to review/introduce a book/film/artist french or non French speaker you like

Call for works : L.ART en Loire issue 5  
Call for works : L.ART en Loire issue 5  

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