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Thinking Viral

Advertisers vs Consumers • advertising overload • media fragmentation, tech, aversion • more difficult to break through clutter • more difficult to be effective

Consumer in charge • New technology and platforms has allowed everyone to connect, create and share

• Digital camera’s, blogs, social networks and wiki’s

• Tools of a new generation • Has put the consumer in charge of your brand

Consumer Virals • VW Polo ad • Created by 2 guys in the UK for 400 pounds

• VW denied any knowledge and may prosecute

• Mastercard - how many have you seen?

Media landscape • No newspaper, perhaps no magazine • No land-line, perhaps no watch: who needs them when we have mobile phones

• Phantom vibrate, on silent next to bed • TiVo, iTunes store and BitTorrent • Everything is aggregated and skimmed • Yesterdays news is old news

Youth stats • Majority are 19 - 22 • Vega school in Cape Town • 50% are on Mxit more than once a day

Becoming relevant • • • • • • •

Rethink the model It’s less about what you say More about what you do Most about what other people say about you Have an opinion and want to share it They are creative or at least they think they are Demand participation


35% of P&G new product and service ideas from Connect & Develop

• • •

Aim to be 50% by 2010

Almost identical except for interior and exterior fittings

• •

Want to learn from one another

Olay Regenerist Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota joint factory in Czech Republic

Now also Peugeot and Mitsubish

Collaborate • Market with people rather than to them • Involve them • ZoopedUp unlocked content • Idols phenomena - feedback from players

Collaborate • Peugeot and rugby not natural fit • One thing in common - passion • Site where they could express their passion • Allowed people to define what passion meant to them

• Involved local rugby leagues and online communities

Be relevant • 6 video cameras, 24 hours a day, 5 days in a row

• Direct interaction with the online audience • 500 000 views on Youtube, Top 10 viewed • 30 000 Google hits • Mentions on thousands of blogs, websites and news reports

• Cannes Grand Prix 2007

Connect • 6.5 million views on Youtube • 2 Cannes Grand Prix 2007 • Massive engagement and penetration • Relevance to target audience but also connected with them because it was honest

• Consumer Fortified Media • And of course the spoofs....

Recognition • • • • •

8% of all people online are uploaders

Now we target the uploaders and innovators who use their channels to talk to a much larger audience

• •

Remember, unknown online peers are trusted

Having knowledge nobody else has is it! Being able to share that is like a drug Uplifts their status in their community Classic model of mass marketing is brand uses channel to talk to masses

We cannot control the message, but we can influence it

Recognition • Nike is very much into building communities

• Nike+ - personalised and exclusive for me • Recognition of my achievements • Achievements that I can share with others • Comparing runs, virtual races, celebrity

runners (Lance Armstrong, Paula Radcliffe)

Exclusivity and Recognition • 500 000 views on Youtube • Thinking viral - the outcome decided their actions

• Linked to • 12 000 names suggested • BoingBoing asked to name a plane

Participation / Let-go • Basic participation in a forum, even when negative, is positive

• Gives the brand a chance to respond directly

• Reason people participae on your site • Negative participation on other sites much harder to manage

Participation / Let-go • Basic participation in a forum, even when negative, is positive

• Share on Youtube • 30 000 ads created in 4 weeks, 6 million site visits, 600 000 unique visitors, 10 minutes on site

• Negative response.... • Chevy GM entered into discussion

Intrigue/Entertain • Dominos Anything goes deal - $9.99 • eBay offering premium items for $9.99 • $250,000 in total

Intrigue/Inspire • 4 million dollars worth of media exposure through news and publicity

• brand recognition up 30% to 85%

Entertain • “What the hell was that” factor • Awareness of Quiksilver as innovator • seeded to surf community • 95% of all web sites within 4 days • Viewed an estimated 20 million times online

Thinking Viral  

A Presentation

Thinking Viral  

A Presentation