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Aisha Christison (b. 1989, United Kingdom) Lives and works in Brussels Margarita Maximova (b. 1990, Russia) Lives and works in Berlin Jasmin Werner (b. 1987, Germany) Lives and works in Cologne

Christiane Blattmann Jannis Marwitz George Rippon Sharon Van Overmeiren

Christison’s paintings are as much an abstract portrait of colour as they are a figurative still life. The imagery she employs are interwoven fragments of her personal history, portrayed in a way that is saccharine and obscured by memory using a visual language made possible by digital technology yet also shows its roots in European postexpressionism. Margarita Maximova’s video practice incorporates modes of thought about language, the collective memory and digital as well as geographic displacement. Maximova analyses psychological and emotional concepts and investigates how the difference between the personal and the public becomes blurred and constantly needs to be redefined in the present-day. Jasmin Werner perceives skilled work and craft as a reference system, alluding to traditions and stories that are connected to the objects and their making. A collective memory is being addressed through a knowledge which is shared. The space designed by Parasite 2.0 for this occasion will be a reflection on alienating spaces.

Brussels www.damienandtheloveguru.com Director: Priya Shetty



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Art Brussels Contemporary Art Fair 2019 Catalogue  

Art Brussels Contemporary Art Fair 2019 Catalogue  

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