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ArtBeats Belfius Lounge

For more than 50 years dedicated to promoting and collecting Belgian art, the Belfius Art Collection has brought together works representing the most diverse artistic movements: from the established artists of yesterday to the promising talents of tomorrow, via the avant-garde artists of today. With nearly 4,300 pieces, covering five centuries of art history, the Belfius Art Collection is the largest private collection of Belgian art in the country. It is a heritage which Belfius has always been eager to share with other art lovers. For its third time as main partner of Art Brussels, Belfius Wealth Management presents ArtBeats, a series of works especially selected by as many Belgian personalities, who have for the occasion chosen their favourites among the works in the collection. Through their choices, these passionate and committed personalities, writers, artists, iconic figures from the worlds of fashion, gastronomy, culture and the performing arts, reveal their inner feelings. They


share the works which make their hearts beat faster, which thrill, move or fascinate them. They also reveal the art that nourishes their own creation. It is a journey through their emotions and passions, supported by an original scenography in the exceptional setting of the Belfius Lounge. In a journey combining works by, among others, LĂŠon Spilliaert, Constant Permeke, Jacob Jordaens, Thierry De Cordier or MichaĂŤl Borremans and Koen Van den Broek, with written and filmed testimonies, ArtBeats appeals to visitors, art lovers and collectors. What feelings does art awaken in us? Why does art move us so much? Between reason and passion, intellect and emotion, how can an attraction to a work of art be explained? Belfius invites you to discover these major works from its collection and what they reveal about the personalities who have chosen them. Let yourself be carried away by the emotions they evoke in you and find the one that will make your heart beat faster!

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Art Brussels Contemporary Art Fair 2019 Catalogue  

Art Brussels Contemporary Art Fair 2019 Catalogue  

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