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Valio Tchenkov (b. 1966, Bulgaria) Lives and works in Munich Martina Vacheva (b. 1988, Bulgaria) Lives and works in Plovdiv

Rada Boukova Luchezar Boyadjiev Pravdoliub Ivanov Vikenti Komitski Lubri Stefan Nikolaev Nedko Solakov Kamen Stoyanov Voin de Voin

Sariev Contemporary presents a dialogue between two emerging talents of the international art scene who have achieved significant success in the past three years in their work with curators, museums and biennials, as well as attracting collectors’ interest. What Valio Tchenkov and Martina Vacheva have in common is that, in a bright and professional artistic style, they look for casual but profound contemporary reading of the myths and cultural cliches that form the starting point for the development of our civilisation.

Plovdiv www.sariev-gallery.com/ Director: Vesselina Sarieva


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Art Brussels Contemporary Art Fair 2019 Catalogue  

Art Brussels Contemporary Art Fair 2019 Catalogue  

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