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Priscila Fernandes (b. 1981, Portugal) Lives and works in Rotterdam Indrikis Gelzis (b. 1988, Latvia) Lives and works in Antwerp and Riga Lilian Kreutzberger (b. 1984, Netherlands) Lives and works in The Hague

CINNNAMON: Jakup Auce by John Gillis Frido Evers Johanne Hestvold Sarah-Jane Hoffmann Lars Morell Just Quist Robert Roest Theis Wendt Yannick Val Gesto Filip Vervaet * Sarah & Charles

* participating in the exhibition MONUMENTAL SCULPTURES, see p. 48

The notions of the modern, modernity, and modernism defined the 20th century and still cast a shadow over the present. How does a young generation of artists, born in the 1980s, deal with this (artistic) legacy? In our presentation at Art Brussels, we bring together three artists who incorporate the legacy of ‘the historical modern’. CINNNAMON was established in Rotterdam, in 2015. Central to the programme are positions that critically reflect on the contemporary human condition. The artists of the gallery express their ideas as functioning within broader – philosophical and historical – contexts, while maintaining a strong visual output. Division of Labour, founded in 2012, is located in Manchester. The main focus of the gallery is to work with artists who follow themes concerned with production, labour, and collaboration and who are interested in ideas formed from the social, political and economic structures that surround them.

Rotterdam  Salford (Manchester) www.cinnnamon.com www.divisionoflabour.co.uk Directors: Pieter Dobbelsteen, Nathaniel Pitt



Division of Labour: Matthew Cornford Yelena Popova Jasleen Kaur Salius Leonavicius The Artist Taxi Driver Tom Russotti Gavin Wade Celine Berger Sam Curtis Andrew Lacon Cornford & Cross

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Art Brussels Contemporary Art Fair 2019 Catalogue  

Art Brussels Contemporary Art Fair 2019 Catalogue  

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