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About Hungary About Budapest Getting to Budapest Transportation during LSS Price range Useful Hungarian phrases Accomodation Schedule Social programme What to bring Contacts

about hungary Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is situated in the Carpathian Basin and it is bordered by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine and Romania to the east, Serbia and Croatia to the south, Slovenia to the southwest and Austria to the west. Hungary is divided in two by its main river, the Danube (Duna); other large rivers include the Tisza and Dráva, while Transdanubia contains Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe.

Brief history The foundation of Hungary was laid in the late 9th century by the Hungarian ruler Árpád, whose great-grandson Saint Stephen I. was crowned with a crown sent from Rome by the pope in 1001 AD. The Kingdom of Hungary lasted for 946 years, and at various points was regarded as one of the cultural centers of the Western world. After about 150 years of partial Ottoman occupation (1541–1699), Hungary was integrated into the Habsburg Monarchy, and later constituted half of the Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy (1867– 1918). A great power until the end of World War I, Hungary lost over 70% of its territory, along with one third of its population of Hungarian ethnicity, and all sea ports under the Treaty of Versailles, the terms of which have been considered excessively harsh by many in Hungary. The kingdom was succeeded by a Communist era (1947–1989) during which Hungary gained widespread international attention regarding the Revolution of 1956 and the seminal move of opening its border with Austria in 1989, thus accelerating the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. The present form of government is a parliamentary republic, which was established in 1989.


About budapest Budapest, Budapest, you beautiful Budapest is the capital of Hungary. As the largest city of Hungary, it is the country’s principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation centre. In 2010, Budapest had 1,721,556 inhabitants, down from its 1989 peak of 2,113,645 because of the mass suburbanization. The Budapest Commuter Area is home to 3,271,110 people. The city covers an area of 525 square kilometers within the city limits. Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube with an unification on 17 November 1873 of west-bank Buda and Óbuda with east-bank Pest. Cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, its extensive World Heritage Site includes the banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Underground Railway, the second oldest in the world. Other highlights include a total of 80 geothermal springs, the world’s largest thermal water cave system, second largest synagogue, and third largest Parliament building.

is budapest a safe city? The answer is a definite YES with the footnote that Budapest with its two million people is a big city so make sure you have the precautions you would have in any big city: e.g. guard your wallet or purse, don’t flash thick stacks of banknotes or expensive jewelry and of course don’t leave your bag unguarded. General precaution does not harm: avoid suspicious groups and people, and walk in the light.


getting to budapest By plane


Budapest is easily accessible by plane, as it has its own airport. You can get cheap flights just as to any other capital if you book early (Ryanair, Wizzair).

Budapest is located in a central position in Europe. However, in Hungary the local customs do not encourage taking hitchhikers, so we do not recommend this mean of travelling. If you still choose hitchhiking, we suggest you to prepare with backup plans and leave some buffer time.

By train It’s a comfortable and fast way to access Hungary but it may turn out as the most expensive way to get here, especially without a student ID. Most international trains arrive to “Keleti pályaudvar”, a train station located in the city, easily accessible by underground and many other ways of travel.

Public transport in budapest

by car

pm. After that, you can take night buses, and there is also a tram that you can travel with all night.

As Budapest is located in the middle (-North) part of the country and all the highways run from there, it is a fast and easy to get there by car if you own one. In other words we could say “all roads lead to Budapest”. As the address of the dorm is already given, you should be able to find your way without problems. You can find any information here regarding the road network, traffic situation and payable fees if you choose this way of transportation: An overview of the roads and the traffic situation can be seen here:

Budapest has a developed public transport system. You can get almost anywhere, any time, and mostly quite fast. There are three underground lines, meeting at “Deák tér” underground station, you can use them until 11:30

Tickets can be purchased at any busy stops. All the ticket options can be found here: Consider how much/how long you will use the transportation and based on that you can find the one which fits you most.


Transportation during LSS During LSS we will visit the beautiful city centre of Budapest several times for some parties and for the ‘day off’. We cover the costs of transportation during the event, (arriving and departing are not included) but for most of you it would be much more comfortable to buy a travelcard and move freely before, during and after the event as well. So we thought we offer you the opportunity if you buy a travelcard or arrange your travelling for yourself in any other way, we reduce your participation fee by 10 euros. This is how much it would cost for us to cover your travelling expenses during the event.

Here are the possiblities for you to travel in Budapest: • • • •

student travelcard for 1 month 3 850HUF = 13,5 euros (for students studying in EU countries with local or international student ID) travelcard for 2 weeks 6 500 HUF= 23 euros (one passport photo is needed)

• • • •

travelcard for 1 week 4 600 HUF= 16 euros travelcard for 72 hours 3 850 HUF= 13,5 euros travelcard for 24 hours 1 550 HUF= 5,4 euros single ticket 320 HUF= 1,1 euro

So during the registartion when paying the second part of the participation fee you should inform us that you have arranged your own travel and pay 10 euros less. (If you have already payed the whole participation fee, we can give you 10 euros back.) For those who decide not to use this opportunity we will provide the travelling for free during the event by giving you travelcards that are valid for 24 hours and for 5 persons, meaning 5 of you will have to travel together.


Price range, useful phrases Price range

useful hungarian phrases

The currency in Hungary is Hungarian Forint (HUF or Ft). The Hungarian Forint has no change, Euro is accepted at several places though (e.g. Spar supermarket), but your safe bet would be to find an Exchange Bureau and change some of your currency into Hungarian Forints. Even better, you can safely rely on your credit card as most major credit cards are accepted anywhere (from stores to restaurants), like Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. However, you usually have to pay in cash if you go to a pub or club.

The knowledge of English is not the most significant characteristic of Hungarians, but young people are generally able to communicate in English. Nevertheless, a little knowledge of Hungarian phrases might by useful.

One Euro is about 290(-300) Forints. Approximate prices: Small bottle of mineral water (in supermarket) Half liter of Coke Cup of coffee Large beer (in a bar) Pizza Loaf of bread Metro ticket Cinema

90 – 150 Ft

0,30-0,50 Eur

250 Ft 200 – 400 Ft 300 - 500 Ft 1000 - 1400 Ft 200 – 300 Ft 320 Ft 1000 – 1500 Ft

1 Eur 1-1,50 Eur 1-2 Eur 4-6 Eur 1 Eur 1,20 Eur 4-6 Eur









Thank you.


('VE-sont-LAAH-taashro) ('KEHR-ser-nerm)







How much?









I don’t understand.

Nem értem

(NEM ayr-tem)

I don’t remember.

Nem emlékszem

(NEM EM-lake-sem)

Where is the bathroom? Do you speak English?

Hol van a mosdó?

('HOLE von o MOSHdoh) ('BEH-sayl 'ON-gohlool)

Beszél angolul?


accomodation LSS 2012 “ELTE Nagytétényi úti Kollégium” Address: Nagytétényi út 162-164. Budapest 1225 Hungary

From “Népliget” bus station

How to get there

From the airport

(At every bus stop you can read the timetable and the list of bus stops.)

From the train station From “Keleti pályaudvar” • take the bus 7E (or bus 907 after 11 pm) to the 5th stop “Szent Imre Kórház” • switch to bus 213 and get off at Lépcsős utca After 11 p.m. • take bus 973 and get off at Lépcsős utca

• take the bus 103 to the 7th stop “Kelenföldi erőmű” From here, take the bus 33 (or 33E) and get off at Lépcsős utca

• take the bus 200E from the Airport to Kőbánya-Kispest (final station) • take the M3 line of the underground from Kőbánya-Kispest to Népliget station • switch to bus 103 and get off at the 8th stop “Kelenföldi Erőmű” • lastly take bus 33 and get off at Lépcsős utca (After 10:50 pm there is no public transport directly from the airport.)

From the city center

From “Nyugati pályaudvar” • take the tram 4 or 6 to the 11th stop “Budafoki út (Karinthy Frigyes út)” From here, take the bus 33 (or 33E) and get off at Lépcsős utca

If you’d like to go back to the accommodation from the inner city, find “Móricz Zsigmond körtér”. It can be reached with almost any bus that has 7 among its numbers, or the tram 6, which is working non-stop. From here take the bus 33 (or 33E).

From “Déli pályaudvar” • take the tram 18 to the 16th stop “Fonyód utca” From here, take the bus 214 and get off at Lépcsős utca

Or go to “Kosztolányi Dezső tér” and from there take any of the following buses: 114, 213, 214.


accomodation LSS 2012 General info about the accommodation The dorm is located in an outer district of Budapest, far from the noise of the city. In this way, at night you may even sleep with your windows open. It consists of two buildings where dormitory students live. The maximum number of residents is near one thousand. The rooms are for 4 people, furnished averagely. There is a table, a chair, a shelf and a lamp for each resident. It is possible to use the internet via cable or wireless connection. There are a couple of PCs that will be free to use. On every floor there is also a kitchen, two common rooms, showers and toilets for both genders. In the building you can also find a canteen, serving food, coffe and drinks, and four halls we will use for the trainings. Also, there is a mall just in front of the dormitory, there you can buy anything at TESCO, exchange money, or even watch a movie. I would also recommend visiting the Tropicarium in the mall as a leisure activity. If you’ve got some free time, there is also an opportunity to play table tennis, football, or kicker. The dormitory has nonstop reception in case you are arriving late. It also has a garden, a football field and a parking lot. The sheets will be provided but please bring your own towels.


Using the dormitory Registration You will get two different cards at the registration. One is for identification and has a bar code on it, and the other one is used to enter the dormitory building (this will be a MIFARE card). We hope this problem issue can be avoided, but if you lose your card, you will have to pay for it to the dormitory.

Infrastructure The trainings and meals will also take place at the dormitory, so we have everything in the same building. On the ground floor, there’s a restaurant. It also has a bar, so you can have a drink there (it is not so expensive, don’t worry). There is a common room right next to the training rooms, so you can use it when you have free time.

Key for the room There will be four participants staying in each room. Every room has a key that you should leave at the reception when you leave the dormitory. If you would like to go inside your room and you know that everybody is out, you can use your card with the barcode to get the key at the reception.

Washing machines The washing machines are on the ground floor. If you would like to use them, you should go to the reception and ask for the key to the washroom. They

will identify you with the card (the one with the bar code), so you have to leave it there until you finish the finish washing your clothes. There is a fee for using the machines, it is 150 HUF (approx. 0.5 Euro).

Internet There are 8 PCs on the ground floor, you can use them free of charge one a first come, first served basis. Wi-Fi is also available in the dormitory. You will get a password, so that you can use your other devices as well.

Restaurant We will have our meals at dormitory which allows us to save time, and use this for the trainings. We will eat in three shifts with around 30 people in each one. After those in the first shift have finished their soups, the people in the second shift sit down in the restaurant, and so on. The vegetarians will have a special place where they get their meal.

Coffee There are long trainings that require a high level of concentration, so we can imagine that some of you will need coffee. In the morning everyone (those who drink coffee) get a coffee-coupon which you can use to get a coffee in the restaurant. In addition to this, instant coffee will be available during the coffee breaks. There is also a vending machine for coffee in the dorm, or you can buy your second coffee at the restaurant.


schedule of lss 7:30 8:00


MON - 1

TUE - 2

WED - 3

THU - 4

FRI - 5

SAT - 6

SUN - 7

MON - 8




















Conflict management

Emotional intelligence

Parallel optional sessions

Case Study





9:00 10:00 Leadership


Communication Public Speaking

12:00 13:00







Case Study

16:00 Leadership

17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 21:00

Opening cermony Dinner Teambuilding Social programme

Reflection Groups


Reflection Groups


Free time

Reflection Groups




Unreasonable time Social programme

Unreasonable time Social programme

Unreasonable time International night



Group Dynamics


Parallel optional sessions Inspirational session

Reflection Groups

Reflection Groups

Reflection Groups






Unreasonable time Social programme

Unreasonable time Social programme

Unreasonable time LSS 5th anniversary

Unreasonable time Social programme

Closing ceremony & Award giving


Social programme, free time 8th July, Sunday Opening Ceremony and welcome party We welcome you in Hungary, on the 5th Leadership Summer School in Budapest. After a little ceremony in the nearby cultural center we are going to spice the mood up and surprise you with some interesting games and programmes to get to know each other - and of course you can even party with your new friends! Note: Bring something elegant. The ceremony starts at 18:00, so please be ready by 17:30.

9th July, Monday Night out in Budapest After your first day spent with tiring trainings, we take you into the heart of Budapest . One of the biggest virtues of Budapest is that even on Mondays, you can find a lot of cool places if you want to go out, especially during summer. The noted ‘ruin pubs’, like the one ‘Instant’ and ‘BarO’ will welcome you anytime to drink a pint of beer, a wine-spritzer (made of very good Hungarian wines and sparkling water - the best combination ever!) or lemonade. You can explore a part of the city a bit and have some good chats with your new friends. Note: The drinks are all on you during the night, but it’s not as bad as it sounds - you can get a pint of beer for 1-1,5 euros, a big wine spritzer for about 1,5 euros or a funky cocktail for 2-4 euros.


Social programme, free time 10th July, tuesday Non-training afternoon and night out at A38 party-boat On a free afternoon without trainings, maybe you can discover some nearby places. And for the night: did you know that we have a place on the top of the world-famous Lonely Planet’s bars guide? Tropicarium Entry - Individual: 2 300 Ft; group (min. 15 people): 1 900 Ft/person Arriving to Budapest: check. Getting to know the best trainers and organizers: check. Making international friends from various countries: check. Visiting a tropicarium to see some sharks, crocodiles and palm-sized cockroaches: che...wait WHAAT? :) Funny, but the local tropicarium is just a short walk away from your accommodation, so if you want to find Nemo for real, then take your time and pay them a visit! Memento park Entry fee: 1 000 / 1 500 Ft Are you a big fan of history? Does the word ‘communism’ makes you curious? Do you know who ‘soviets’ are? The communist-themed Memento park preserved the time and the statues for you. Enter the world of the ‘lost times’ and discover the forgotten icons of (luckily) the past. Note: If you would like to read more about the venue for the evening, click here.


Social programme, free time 11th July, wednesday international night and party Now you can taste the flavours of other countries and show them what you got! This night is about the national flavours without any discrimination: whether it’s edible or drinkable, you can try the specialities of each participant’s country! Bring us something from your country, offer it to others and get as many compliments as you can, and of course give them back too! Afterwards, you can dance this international night away... ;) Note: Do not forget to bring something from home to offer! And you will also have the chance to taste some very good Hungarian ‘Tokaji’ wine, provided by one of the best wine producers in Hungary.


Social programme, free time 12th July thursday Day Out and LSSx Get go know Budapest a little better during the day and enjoy the mind blowing LSSx. City tour #1

Have You ever heard the name ‘Gerbaud’? Would You like to see the famous ‘Váci street’ and ‘Fashion street’ in Budapest? Maybe do some shopping there? After you discovered all of the places you can relax on the grass of the well-known ‘Gödör’ with a bunch of other youngsters or take a look at the big stairs of the Basalica or go visit the ‘Central Market Hall’ and get some decent Hungarian paprika. Or garlic, to keep the vampires away at night!

City tour #2 Climb up to the Gellért hill or to the Buda castle to discover the beautiful view that Budapest provides - something that you’ll never forget if you see it live. After that you can take a walk on the small island located on the river Danube, have a nice drink at one of the lovely places there or simply relax on the grass of the island. If you’re hardcore, you can take your running shoes and go jogging - pavement all around the island is waiting for you. Are you hungry? Remember, the day out means that we can’t provide you lunch as usual - you should cover it for yourself. You can grab a special Hungarian hamburger stuffed with pickles on the ‘Szél Kálmán square’, hop into the nearby ‘Mammut plaza’ for a sub sandwich or eat a very good quesadilla or burrito at the ‘Arriba Taqueria’ close to the square.

Are you hungry? Remember, the day out means that we can’t provide you lunch as usual - you should cover it for yourself. We highly recommend to try out the ‘Cserpes tejivó’ - a milk bar, where you can get a good glass of caramel or simple milk and a sandwich for only 2 or 3 euros. If it’s not ‘your cup of milk’, than you can visit the Italian Vapiano, find a gyros/kebab buffet, fast Chinese food or McDonalds on every corner. Or grab a traditional ‘lángos’ with sour cream, cheese and lots of garlic at the Central Market, simple but heavenly!


Social programme, free time Museum of Modern Art

Gellért Bath

Are you a fan of contemporary art? Want to spend your day out with admiring the pieces of modern art? The Luwdig museum is the place for you! Located in the Palace of Arts (which is worth a look too), the museum offers a wide range of out-of-mind segments of arts. For further information and actual exhibitions, browse the website of the museum. Are you hungry? Remember, the day out means that we can’t provide you lunch as usual - you should cover it for yourself. A great buffet is waiting for you at the museum with a great terrace.

Want to take a break and have some fun in one of the most beautiful baths of Budapest? Than the Gellért bath is here to pamper you. With beautiful decors, various pools and the all additional services it’s a perfect place to get away from the hot summer days. A bit pricy though, but I guess it’s worth every forint! Take a look at their site for a peek. Are you hungry? Remember, the day out means that we can’t provide you lunch as usual - you should cover it for yourself. Bring something with you or enjoy the offerings of the local buffet! Note: Please read carefully all of our daily offerings for you, pick one on the day before we go out, and mark your name on the assigned list.

LSSx LSSx - inspire and be inspired! That’s the main point of all TEDx-style events. After the event, if you have enough energy, you can throw yourself into Thursday night and visit some places like the trendy club called ‘Doboz’, or go to a casual outdoor place - we can find both on the same street.


Social programme, free time 13th July, Friday T.G.I.F. - Night out in Budapest

15th July, Sunday Hawaiian Karaoke Night Are you a hidden talent or just a regular ‘shower singer’? Show us what you’ve got, I swear nobody will judge you...we’ll rather join you instead!

It’s Friday! I’m sure you’re going to love the buzzing city of Budapest - it’s literally overhelmed with youngsters! We take you to the center of the city - Deák square - and with a little walk from there, you can discover fun places and music - there will be more venues where you will find one of us from the organisers team, so you can discover a lot of them! You can go to ‘Aquarium’, ‘Anker’ or ‘Ötkert’ maybe. Please take care of your friends and don’t get lost!

14th July, saturday 5th Anniversary and party Did You know that this is the 5th LSS? We are going to celebrate it with style!

Just a regular karaoke night with a little twist - Hawaiian theme! Bring those flowery necklaces, flip flops and your summer tan, but forget the ukulele, you won’t need it! We all have a favourite song somewhere in our hearts, that we once want to sing on a stage, in front of the crowd...just close your eyes and sing...”first I was afraid”...”we all live in a yellow submarine”...”please don’t stop the music”...”I will survive”...let the Luau begin!

16th July, Monday Closing Ceremony and Night out Every good thing comes to an end once, so does LSS. It’s the last day to enjoy with your new friends, let’s make it a night to remember! If the weather will be as good as the forecasts say, we will visit a very cool outdoor place called ‘Park’ or ‘Zöld Pardon’ - it’s almost like a nonstop summer festival! You can dance or just chill with your new friends for the last time. Note: The entry to the ‘Park’ or ‘ZP’ is 500 Ft/2 euro, please bring it with you.

There will be a small celebration at the local cultural center and a mind blowing party after that. Suit up a bit, but you can get sleazy afterwards!


what to bring, contacts what to bring: checklist


Second half of the participation fee (in EUR or HUF)

Máté Budai

Formal clothes for the opening and closing ceremony

Ádam Kovács-Veres 0036-20-523-55-77

(business casual / cocktail dress)

Márk Tirják

0036-20-411-42-11 0036-30-603-59-62

Foods, drinks, typical dress etc. for international night Student ID (if you have one) NGO promotional materials Towel Swimsuit for the thematic party or the day off Musical instrument (if possible)

See you soon! The LSS Team


LSS 2012 - Extended Survival Guide  

Extended Survival Guide for Leadership Summer School 2012 in Budapest

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