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Newsletter No 101 May 2014


EDITOR’S NOTE Many thanks to those members who gave us feedback on the new format of the newsletter. We hope that most of the teething problems have been ironed out and that each of you can now open the newsletter, read it and print the parts you choose from the website. Remember that you can phone ever-willing-to-help LeighAnne about newsletter computer-related stuff on 031-7624688 /084 7999969. Many thanks for the photos with the guild reports. However, a request to the Guild scribes: Please: send the reports and photos on separate emails; send the photos as jpeg; and continue sending the reports as Word documents, not as PDF files. I hope this makes sense! There is a wealth of local quilt shows in our area in the next two months—see quilting calendar. It would be great to see you there. Be well and sew well. Editor

Cover Quilt:

What can you do for our Festival?

to the Bloemfontein Festival challenge

Every festival needs to be financed – please speak to your families and friends that are involved in business. Would they like the opportunity to sponsor us in some way?

(July 2013).

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“Blue and White Plus One” This beautiful quilt was Phil Fisher’s entry


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FROM THE HOT SEAT At long last the cooler days have arrived and we can get quilting with gusto again! We have many exciting shows all over KZN this year, so there will be loads of inspiration for us all. See the list of events elsewhere in this newsletter or on our website. I have recently been reading some of Gwen Marston's books. She is a quilter of long standing in the USA, and her book 'Quilting with Style' [co-authored with Joe Cunningham] is one of my most useful books and one I refer to regularly. It is published by the American Quilters' Society 1993. In a newer book '37 Sketches' she has some thoughts which I think are worth sharing. It is published by Six Mile Creek Press 2011. Gwen Marston lives on Beaver Island, northern Michigan, the most remote populated island in the Great Lakes. The ferry ride runs 9 months of the year and takes 2 hours! There are only 2 small private airports. For us city folk, we can't even imagine what that must be like. But it works for her - she has lived there for many years, and goes back to her home base in between teaching and lecturing. We can learn some things from her, even if we don't live in a place like that.

Being surrounded by woods and water, nature is one of her main influences. We need to make sure we MAKE TIME to spend outdoors, whether in a garden, on the beach, in the mountains or in any of the many wonderful places available to us here on our doorstep in KZN. There is something about the quiet stillness and fresh air that is very healing. And we become aware of much that is outside of ourselves. We NEED time for contemplation and reflection in our busy lives today. And somehow, ideas begin to grow in our heads for new quilts. Gwen has spent a lot of time looking at the work of good artists, folk artists, and antique quilts. There is much to learn from others and it is easier than it's ever been before. Granny Google is a mine of information available at the end of our fingertips now! There are also many wonderful books if like me you still like paper. But even I am learning to consult GG as above! We also have much folk art right here, with local beadwork, pottery and basket work all around us. The best quote in the book is: ' As with many things in life, the hardest part is getting started.' [page 13] Boy, do I identify with THAT! Gwen suggests that you try to block out some time and work uninterrupted, free of distractions. We all know how hard that is but she also says: 'We all make choices about how we want to live, what's important to us, and how we want to spend our time' [page 14]


Yes, we will find all sorts of reasons why we can't do that. [I know all of them!] But we need to be more protective of our time for quilt making and simplify our lives. It takes discipline too. The world will not come to a standstill if you switch off your cellphone / computer / iPad / TV and pull out the plug of your landline for a few hours! Less fiddling and more about making room for things highest on your priority list. So here goes - switch off time! Happy quilting! Pauline PS. My daughter and family are moving to Ann Arbour, Michigan in July this year. There are quilting retreats on Lake Michigan......... I'm dreaming......

A Guide to Successful Quilt Design By Roma Dunn + Aneen Brockett This is a recently published book by two south Africans and covers ,in a very readable ,and understandable manner, the elements and principles of design. It explains them and discusses how they affect quilt design. They also explore subjects such as layout, fabric, the design wall and where to find inspiration. The authors are doing the distributing themselves, so the books are not available in shops at this stage. R250 per copy :ON SALE at our Next Meeting:

Have you started making your quilt?

This festival has a number of new categories and there is one for every quilt. There is even a category to make a bag of your choice – so plenty of opportunity for everyone to submit an entry. Deadline dates: Quilt entry to be submitted by: 15 March 2015 (open from 1 Jan 2015) Quilt to be delivered by: LATEST 4 May 2015


SAQG REPORT by Marline Turner—KZNQG representative to SAQG SAQG Teachers Accreditation Course There are 99 students enrolled and all is going well. The first assignments are coming in and are being marked by the 6 Tutors. The successful Students will get their Accreditation at the completion of the course.

Hot off the Press: At the recent DUBAI QUILT SHOW Marline Turner won 1st prize in the Traditional section and BEST ON SHOW for “The Passion Lives On” (see right). We are very proud of her as she continues to spread the name of South African quilting far and wide.

The winner of the Bernina I LOVE RHINO competition is Jane Zietsman



FROM OUR LAST MEETING Phil Fisher gave us an interesting and informative talk on “Borders and Finishing Touches”.

“Fireworks in Sydney Harbour” by Marline Turner.

“Blue and White” by Marla

Gail Leeuw “All Things Bright & Beautiful” made in a class by Thalia Griffin and Mary Chapman at Izotsha

Collaborative, accordion, bound artwork book, involving 60 SA fibre textile artists. Assembled by Jeanette Gilks 10

More quilts from our last meeting “Kaleidoscope”

by Beverley Ann Fink

“Octopus Garden” by Beth Barkus

Mari Klaase’s page from the collaborative book assembled by Jeanette Gilks

Part of “Helmaveri Blooms” by Marline Turner



VENUE: Durban Girls’ High School, Glenwood

Corner Manning (Lena Arense Rd)/Penzance Rd 9-12 Quilt Exhibition Quilts by: Underberg Guild; Members of KZNQG Committee. Demos: Anne Oberholzer and Bev Essers Launch of IZOTSHA—September 2014 (see details below) 12h00 General: Pauline Law: Chairlady Speakers: Mandy Kirk: Psychology of Colour Twig—Categories of Festival: Power Point presentation

DISCOUNT for KZNQG MEMBERS DO you remember that as a member of KZNQG you are eligible for a 5% discount ? It is on all purchases over R200 from the following stores: BERNINA KLOOF,



+ SEW MANY THINGS (Hillcrest). There are now another TWO stores offering discounts: *FABRIX@PARKLANE, in Pietermaritzburg. 10% (yes TEN%) off all purchases over R200 ; Open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9am till 6pm (081 270 1299).

*BERNINA DOLPHIN COAST, Ballito: unit 10, Gregory Park, Garlicke Drive: 5% discount. Remember that for all discounts you need to present your KZNQG membership card; no card, no discount!


Kaffe Fasset — King of Colour “When in doubt— add 20 more colours”. “If it is worth doing, it’s worth overdoing!” So says Kaffe Fasset who will be lecturing and teaching at our Festival in July 2015. There can be few KZNQG members who have not heard of him, this man who is now worldfamous for his original use of both colour and design. He is known for his innovative knitting, needlepoint tapestry, and textiles. His fabrics are primarily for the patchwork quilting market. Patchwork is reportedly his current favourite textile work. Even if his work is not your cup of tea, you cannot but agree that he is uniquely creative. He has millions of followers across the world. He now spends much of each year travelling with his partner—Brandon Mably—to give lectures and workshops on the design and colour aspects of craft. Throughout the more than 30 books he has written (seven of which are shown in this article) we observe his design journey as well as admire his numerous stunning fabrics. His autobiography DREAMING IN COLOUR (2012) (see above) has many photographs from his life and work and is most interesting to read. It relates how his artistic aspects were fostered in his family and his early life in California. Once he moved to the UK, he rapidly became well-known and was soon commissioned by famous people and organizations for large needlepoint tapestries. Kaffe has also been commissioned to design a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, as well as to design costumes and sets for ballet and for Shakespearian plays.

Quilt made Twig using Kaffe Fassett fabrics 13

While most of his earlier work was in Britain, he gradually became internationally well-known and much sought-after for his lectures, exhibitions and workshops. He has had exhibitions in countries such as Sweden and Belgium and has given lectures and workshops in Australia, New Zealand and many others. He has been invited by Oxfam to work with the weavers in poverty-stricken villages in India and Guatemala—to help with designs and the production of woven materials that would sell sucessfully in the West, thereby generating income for the weavers. He has also been to South Africa, essentially for charity work, and was impressed by the colour in our country, not least in indigenous crafts—beading, weaving, Ndebele murals and more. If you will be in the UK between now and 2 November this year, consider visiting the American Museum in Bath in England, where his current exhibition: The Colourful World of Kaffe Fasset is drawing the crowds. But if not, hopefully you will be one of those who manages to attend one of his lectures and/or courses in July 2015 at the KZNQG Festival. As you can imagine, his fans in South Africa are highly excited that he will be here soon.

Quilt made by Hayley Martin using Kaffe Fassett fabrics


Special Quilt Show 10 May 2014

Please remember that Grassroots Quilters Guild, Village Quilters and Kloof Country Quilters will be hosting a quilt show very soon. 

Quilts displayed have been made by members and there will also be INVITATIONAL quilts from well-known quilters from all over our country.

Bring your bucks for the Tea garden, and merchants/shops will be selling their quilting and related goods.

Of note is the AMERICAN AUCTION where members of the public can bid for the quilts on auction (made by members).

Demos throughout the day.

All proceeds will go towards the QUILT FESTIVAL in 2015. See you there!

Be creative!! Would you like to make something? Groups and guilds around KZN are making items for goody bags (a highlight of any festival!) If you are not involved with one of these groups, but would like to help, contact us and we will put you in touch with a group near you:


THE GREAT IZOTSHA CHRISTIAN ESCAPE 12-14 SEPTEMBER 2014 LAUNCH: 31 MAY 2014 at the KZNQG meeting You may DIRECT DEPOSIT into our bank before the meeting so as not to be carrying cash on the day. PLEASE NOTE: 1. Bookings for classes will only be accepted at the KZNQG meeting or afterwards. 2. No booking will be accepted unless accompanied by a copy of your deposit slip or proof of EFT transfer. 3. Please clearly mark YOUR FULL NAME on the deposit slip 4. You early deposit will confirm your accommodation BUT WILL NOT guarantee your place in the class—the class will still be on a first come, first serve basis. COSTS: 1.

Class + accommodation + Registration = R1090

2. Day Delegates + Class + Registration = R600 3. Machine Room + Accom + Registration = R990

4. Own Handwork + Accom + Registration = R890 Account Details: COTTAGE PATCH QUILTERS GUILD ABSA BANK AMANZIMTOTI A/C NO: 026524865 NB: Make sure your name is clearly marked on the deposit slip Looking forward to seeing you at the KZNGQ meeting. Vereker, Thalia and Mary.

Are you intending to attend classes at our Festival? Be on the lookout for the launch of the teachers and classes! This will happen towards the end of this year – watch this spot for details!! Book early to avoid disappointment!! We are opening booking before the Festive Season so you can ask loved ones for Festival class Christmas presents!


Source: pin/36802921929728340/?

Let the fun begin!! Would you like to be involved? The 2015: Creative Energy Festival needs many hands to join in the fun. If you are interested in assisting in any aspect, please let us know:



by Tiiu Excell

There are so many ways the Web (Internet) can be helpful when looking up information or quick “how to’s” but I want to share one of my favourite learning sites with you. is an American site where you can attend a quilting class in the comfort of your own sewing room. There are many sites that offer a similar kind of tuition but, in this article, I am going to focus on this one. At you will find courses by well-known and not so well-known teachers on any quilt-making topic. Examples are: Paper-Based Piecing by Carol Doak, Landscapes by Gloria Loughman and Free Motion Quilting with Leah Day to name just a few. Most of the courses have a cost of up to $40 (approx. R400) but they often have special discounts and I have never paid more than $20 for the courses I have done. There is a block-of-the-month course which runs for the year and is free. Last year Amy Gibson did a modern / improvisational sampler quilt which is ideal for beginners. This year’s BOM is about Colour Theory with Janine Burke and Amy Walsh and is also free. The classes consist of 5 or 6 on-line video lessons of about half an hour each. The classes can be taken at any time of day or night that suits you. Each class can be watched as many times as you like and your subscription to that class never expires. It is just like having the teacher in the room with you. You can pause and restart if you are sewing along with the teacher and you can post questions which will be answered by the teacher or other students enrolled in the same class. You can also post pictures of your work with your queries. Class requirements and some written instructions can be downloaded in PDF format and printed as well. You work at your own pace. To find out more, type in your browser and register for free to explore all the lovely courses you can do. And no, is not paying me to advertise their service, I really think this is a good product and want you to have the benefit of it too. Happy surfing and learning! Tiiu



FESTIVAL NEWS BY Twig (Chairlady) Creative Energy: 2015

A quilt can be compared to a holiday. Not only is there a journey involved, but there is also a destination. Some of the holidays we go on are comfortable and familiar. We go to the same place, with the same people and do the same kinds of things on each occasion. There is comfort in the familiarity, the routine and the tradition - yet each one is different to all the others. As quilters, we enjoy the familiarity and subtlety that we get from the more traditional quilts. We enjoy the nuances and the expectation created by that tradition: The warm embrace of family and friends. On the other side of the holiday spectrum, there are those wild adventures into unchartered territory where the experience is completely different. It does not matter how much preparation is done, the unexpected happens, takes our breath away and forces us to re-evaluate. Sometimes these experiences turn us into adrenaline junkies wanting more – and sometimes they make us realise how much we enjoy that which is familiar to us; and how important our traditions are to us. These holidays are akin to the art quilts where boundaries are being pushed to the extreme and new techniques and materials forge new roads in our craft.

Should you be entering a traditional quilt or an art quilt – or anything in between, there is a competition category for you. If you are still thinking about your quilt for festival, or better still have started making one already (if only in your head..) please check the festival website for the Competition Categories: http:// Please read them carefully and ensure your quilt is entered in the correct one. Remember that the categories are new for Creative Energy 2015. The Quilt Rules will help you to check that you have done everything that you possibly can to ensure that your quilt is ready for submission. For your convenience, the quilt entry form is to be completed online and reference details will be sent through to you promptly.

Enjoy your quilting adventure and we look forward to seeing you at Creative Energy 2015 with all those beautiful quilts and bags!


Quilters’ Calendar May 10

Quilt Show Kloof Civic Hall (Grassroots, Village Quilters & Kloof Country)

May 23 – 28

Royal Show

May 24

Quilt Academy: FREE CIRCLES QUILTtaught by Pauline Law

May 31

KZNQG –Open Day

June 14

SISTERS Quilt Show, PMBG Quilts hung outdoors, run by St Matthews Guild; decidedly worth a visit

June 28

Tollgate Quilt Show: GO GREEN Presbyterian Church Hall, Frere Rd, Glenwood

July 24-26

IQC- Gauteng

July 26

Quilt Academy

Sept 6

KZNQG Open Day (launched at our next meeting)

Sept 12- 14



GUILD NEWS Grassroots Quilters Guild Well we are all busy quilting away at our Group quilt which we will be entering into the Quilt Festival next year. Ginny Koumantarakis heads up this project and she has been amazing. February – We had Helga Beaumont give us a talk about her work. It was wonderful and truly inspirational. In March, we had Rosalie Dace take us on a tour of America with her talk and photographs. April, we had Marline Turner talk to us about “keeping your hands busy”, something we all need to remember how to do. Our hamper of baked goods and baking tools was won by Joey Dixon and we raised R1000.00 with this raffle. The raffle which will be drawn at the May meeting is a hamper of baby products – lots of beautifully knitted garments and blankets, toiletries and so on. We are all busy making our A3 size quilts for our Quilt Show which will be held on Saturday 10 May at the Kloof Civic Hall, corner Old main and Village roads. These A3s will be auctioned off in an American Auction, and we are hoping to raise some serious money for the festival. We have all the guild members of Grassroots, Village Quilters and Kloof Country making quilts, as well as invitational quilts from well-known quilters from around the country (Rosalie Dace, Odette Tolksdorf, Marline Turner, to mention a few) – just to whet your appetite!! Hoping to see you and your non-quilting friends there. All members of GR are involved in Jane’s magical mystery challenge, and we are all busy beavering away at this challenge. We have a busy year ahead of us, but where has the time gone? We’re already in May – can you believe it – halfway through the year already.

Our next class is on 24 May 2014, 9am-3pm Make “FREE CIRCLES QUILT” ,taught by Pauline Law *Few places left: book on


Kloof Country Happy new year from us to you as we start 2014. This year, as with every year, the Guild is issued with a Chairlady’s Challenge. The challenge for the year is for everyone to make a table runner – a minimum width of 10 inches and a minimum length of 30 inches. They also have to use their Initial to decide on a colour or block – so this should be very exciting. I cannot wait for Show and Tell in August. It seems like a challenge year. When Jacqui Robertson moved back to Dubai she left me with a HUGE bag of scrap fabrics. After many days of sorting fabric and cutting out all the 5 inch squares for Festival, I divided the remaining scraps into two bags – 3kgs each – and we will get two groups of ladies to make scrap/strip quilts. One will be donated to Festival to raise funds and the other will be given to a charity of our choice at the end of the year, so they too can raise funds for their organisation. Wonderful what can be done with all our scraps.



Quilters by the Sea What’s wrong with showing off? Well, what IS wrong with showing off? Nothing I have concluded. At our meeting this month we had a mini quilt exhibition where members were invited to display their “labours of love” for all to see, and we all had the opportunity of voting, in two different categories for the ones we liked most. There were over 30 beautiful quilts of many different styles and sizes, showing off a vast range of techniques and quilting styles. There were 2 categories, for which we gave cash prizes, “Best on Show”, won by Taheera Hassan, and “most unusual”, won by Shirley Goodall.

You can see some of them in the pics and also the girls getting ready, with their machines for a superb workshop on paper –piecing, making a tulip, given by Giselle McLean. Her preparation and instructions were superb, and we all went away with sewn samples and notes for future reference. Giselle had to spread herself quite thin to get round to everyone, but fortunately there were a few experienced folk on hand, who jumped into the breach and helped the greenhorns.

Our guild has formed “Buddy Groups” consisting of 4 or 5 members, including at least one experienced quilter and a couple of novices. So, we have “The Ballito Babes”, “The Optimists”, “The Mixed Bags”, “The Needle Nellies” amongst others. Each month, it will be the responsibility of a buddy group to organize and coordinate either a demo or a workshop. Well, Giselle’s buddy group was the first and was a howling success. So now we look forward to the next one. I say “bring it on!!!!!” Sandy Wood


Underberg Quilters Guild We are a group of about two dozen ladies, headed up by Anita Turton, who meet once a month for inspiration, Show and Tell, learning of new things, working together on projects [a quilt for a member who’s just left the area, or, perhaps a comfort quilt or three for the Nursing services in our area], planning for what’s ahead, chatting, and always tea and eats. [Ladies should always have tea and eats when they get together, don’t you think?!] It is truly inspirational to see the amount of creativity displayed when we have our Show and Tell each month. We learn an immense amount from each other’s endeavours, struggles, triumphs, and even colour choices, don’t we? During February we had the Chair of the National Quilt Festival, Twig Hartwig, and Ruth Archer, who is in charge of Fundraising for the Festival, join us for one of our meetings. We were inspired, challenged, enlightened, entertained, and even cajoled into parting with our money for wonderful materials and raffle tickets. The gift of a fat quarter each just made the cherry on the top of a full, delightful morning. In March a group of us travelled down to be part of the KZNQG’s meeting, and it was fun to be part of a very big guild for the day, and take advantage of the stalls and demonstrations too. In early April we had two one-day courses run by Marline Turner which were so interesting to take part in. The first day we learnt about the Japanese art of Sashiko quilting. Very exciting to be learning something totally new. The ladies took to it like ducks to water, and soon there were many squares finished and lying in little piles next to each machine. The following day the girls gathered to learn how to make pineapple squares. They were taught the ‘quick’ method of making a pineapple square, and given several suggestions on how to use them. Of course, with Marline, there are always little extras that she teaches, just by the way, which makes it an all-round enriching experience! In June we hope to have Pauline Law come up for a meeting to show us, and talk about, amongst others, her spectacular knitted quilt. We look forward to that immensely! In-between the visitors we enjoy each other’s company and quilts, And there’s always lots to talk about and do! You are most welcome to come and join us for a meeting, and be assured, that there will always be a guest bed that can be made up especially for you.


TOLLGATE QUILTERS GUILD I can’t believe that we are now in April – a quarter of the year has passed and Tollgate quilters have been busy little bee’s making quilts. We always have a wonderful display of quilts at each meeting. This means we will have a hall full of quilts at our Open Day. Our Open Day is on the 29 June in the Presbyterian Church, Esther Roberts Road, (Frere Rd) Glenwood. We are hard at work preparing for this. Our theme is “Go Green”. There will be short classes and demonstrations throughout the morning. Tea, coffee and eats as well. And, of course, a hall full of lovely quilts to view. Tollgate will be running the Tombola Stall at the Festival in 2015 and we are busy collecting and putting photo’s of the LLL’s on the Luscious Little Layerings website Please have a look at all the lovely work that is up there.

Erica Freese was our Speaker in February. She gave us a very interesting and informative talk on Seminole Piecing where narrow strips of plain fabrics are sewn together, re-cut and sewn together into elaborate designs. At our March meeting Gori demonstrated to us the Brother Scan & Cut machine that cuts paper patterns and fabrics. It looked very interesting and Gori sells and has the full back-up for these fascinating machines. Rosalie Dace gave us an amusing talk and slide show – On the Road Again – on her travels around the USA whilst she teaches there. What inspiration for all of us! At our last meeting Dawn Owen spoke of her love for “All things Japanese”. She brought beautiful examples of her lovely Japanese inspired patchwork and quilting. Our quilting group is a friendly organization and it is active and inspiring: a place where we learn and grow as quilters.


Cottage Patch Quilters Guild The beginning of a year is a very busy time for our members as we hold our A.G.M. and our Annual Prize-Giving in March. This year, with the exception of 3 members, we have a brand new committee. We hope that they enjoy their time on the committee. It is also a very exciting time as we know that Mary, Thalia and Vereker are busy organizing the courses for the annual Izotsha Getaway which is due to be launched for us in May. We are looking forward to seeing what they have planned for us, and each of us hopes to be the lucky one to win the raffle which sponsors a member. Our guests in February were Linda and Mags from Singer in Scottburgh who showed us their user friendly, home-made quilting frame and in April Phil Fisher demonstrated her ingenious strip quilt triangles. She always gives us plenty of ideas and I’m sure we’ll soon some interesting ideas popping up in future quilts. Vereker has been facilitating the monthly workshops where she is taking us through the various methods of appliqué to prepare us for the challenge set us by Marline Turner which is to make an appliquéd floral quilt. Our members are very busy creating lots of ‘Luscious Little Layerings’ for the Festival’s tombola stall. We hope that we can meet Vereker’s challenge which was to make at least three each. Of course some of our members have already exceeded that number. Our Community Quilters are hard at work trying to provide each of the orphans housed at Mother of Peace with their very own quilt. This is a mammoth task. Once again Vereker has stepped in and produced an amazing collection of quilts with the help of her students. We’d like to thank each person who worked hard at creating those beautiful ‘animal- themed’ quilts and Vereker for her enthusiasm and generosity. We’d also like to thank Penny and Vanessa of “Sew Many Things” for their recent donation of fabric and pieced tops which will help to speed up our efforts. So far we have completed 49 Quilts and only have 22 more to make for this project. We look forward to another creative year of quilting.

Hazel Nunes.

Brother and Empisal Machines cc Your friendly store with creative ideas


Trading Hours:

(Queen St) Durban

Monday & Tuesday 9 - 5

Tel/fax: 031 301 2053

Thursday & Friday 9 - 5

Cell:072 424 1407 (Gori)

Sat 9 - 1


Closed on Wednesdays


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Midlands Quilters Guild The Midlands is a magical place to be at this time of the year and we at The Midlands Quilters Guild, relish every moment of this magic. The colours and textures are inspirational! We’ve had a stimulating start to the year, incredible speakers have graced us with their presence – Hazel Blomkamp, Rosalie Dace & Phil Fisher over the last three months & Pauline Law at our April meeting. What a talented line-up! We have begun working on our Raffle Quilt, tickets for which will be raffled at The Garden Show, the proceeds going to The Chyrsalis Foundation. Our monthly quilting Bee’s are a wonderful opportunity to get this quilt made and for friendship amongst our members. The theme for The Garden Show this year is “Into the Future” – we have all received our “challenge envelopes” containing two paint colour swatches from the local hardware shop and we now have to use these colours in our Garden Show quilt! Quite a challenge! We can choose the size of the quilt to be made, so there is sure to be a wide range:) We are excited about the upcoming Festival in 2015 and are hard at work raising funds within our Guild, inspired by Sandy Walters, who convenes a Sales Table at each meeting, loaded with bargains and amazing finds! The pile of Luscious Little Layerings is slowly growing – we’ve had lots of ideas and inspiration - so no excuses. As the Autumn chill and shorter days take hold, our “Quilting Juices” flow more strongly, so watch this space – amazing things are happening in The Midlands!


VILLAGE QUILTERS, KLOOF Our January meeting took place quite early on in the month – we wondered if members would still be on leave/overseas/too busy to come, but the meeting was very well attended with members (and visitors) raring to go! To whet our appetites, Bev Essers talked to us about some of the books on sale at Cotton Tales, while our main speaker was well known local craftsperson, Wendy MacLeod. She had a trestle table piled high with beautiful examples of Tunisian crochet items, knitting and scrap quilts – what a treat. So our new year got off to a very good start with loads of inspiration on tap! February saw Colleen Roberts giving us another of her interesting ‘critique talks’, this time on the little quilts from the Korea/Japan/SA exhibition that has been doing the rounds. You always learn something new! And as it was Valentine’s month, we had a competition where members had to identify who was who in wedding pictures pinned up on the board. What a laugh – some people were instantly recognisable while others were not . . . In keeping with the theme, the show and tell called for ‘love-related’ quilts, some made for babies who are now in middle age! During the course of the month we also had a ‘leaf-pounding’ workshop morning at Colleen’s house, where we pounded all sorts of leaves and flowers into submission onto fabrics, resulting in some lovely – and sometimes surprising – results. Maybe some of these will appear in future quilts? One example has already appeared in Jane Zietsman’s winning “Rhino T-shirt” entry in the recent Bernina competition. And well done to Jane on her lovely prize – a top-of-the-range Bernina sewing machine. March saw the continuation of these workshops, this time one on stencilling and stamping one week, then dyeing the next. Both took place at Helga Beaumont’s super studio where we messed to our hearts’ content. Our March meeting featured Jennifer Ogilvie, ‘the bag lady’, who showed us the amazing range of bags that she teaches at local quilting shops. This was followed by member Sue Cameron, another prolific quilter, who wow’ed us with the variety and number of beautiful quilts she has produced. How does she find the time, we kept asking! Two more prolific quilters are Pauline Law and Helen Burnett, who were our star turn at the April meeting. Pauline told us all about the making of her knitted quilt, which most of us have seen and which has won second prize in the Innovative section at the Stellenbosch festival and Judge’s choice in her category at the Birmingham quilt show. Then Helen showed us a host of beautiful quilts, quite a number of which were made for her granddaughter, Bella (Helen has two grandchildren and wishes she had lots more!). She’s also made her the cutest little smocked dresses. Helen also had an assortment of gadgets which she showed us – rulers for cutting every shape under the sun, rules for making flying geese with ease, rulers for cutting out wonky squares . . . She also demonstrated a liquid that you apply to pencil and ink lines that you want out of your fabric, and was delighted to see that it worked!


Hibiscus Quilters Guild It was great to get back to normality in January after a hectic December, February was short, March a bit too long and now it is April and Easter nearly upon us.Time goes by so fast, blink and another month has gone by! Our Guild has been busy, with a new committee and some bright ideas. In January we had a demonstration by our own Ann Oberholzer on Chenille work, she is a mine of information and whipped up interest in this form of sewing. IN February Joan Budde one of our new committee members showed us how to make pretty heart coasters, especially for Valentine’s day.A quick and easy project to run up for a present. In March we had a talk all about printing photos on fabric, to make a wonderful memory quilt, this created much interest and we hope to see some quilted masterpieces on our Show and Tell wall. Our Guild made a commitment to Twigg when she paid us a visit last year .We said that our Guild would make 1200 Scissors Keepers for the festival.Wow what a commitment I don't think we realized what a lot of scissors keepers that was.! Our members have been wonderful and they are pouring in. We have had one workshop and are having another one in April, just to make them.It is a fun morning getting together, chatting and sewing. We have now put every member into teams and the competition is on, who will make the most and who will make the most bling scissors keeper, small prizes will be presented. We are all looking forward to the cooler weather, this summer has been so hot and humid, you cant get too much done, so roll on winter. Cool hands and warm heart can do so much. Looking forward to the next few months. Althea Fairlie. Scribe


Queensburgh Quilters Quild

We had our 2014 AGM at our February meeting held at my house and our committee members have agreed to stay on for one more year. Joy Juckes is the Secretary, Annette Lee is our Treasurer and I am doing my last stint as the Chairlady. It will be a busy year as we get ready for our Festival! The highlight of our year so far has been our wonderful April meeting which was held at Priscilla Maartens’ new home at Amber Valley in Howick. A few of us drove up early so that we could make a stop at the Karkloof Farmers’ Market which was fabulous! We all gathered at Priscilla’s home and admired the rolling green lawns and well-manicured gardens! Priscilla had arranged for us all to amble on over to the home of Moira Ryder who gave us an informal presentation of a number of her many beautiful quilts. Her work is so inspirational and we thoroughly enjoyed the display. We all then wandered back for our short meeting followed by a fabulous lunch at Priscilla’s home. It was a great way to spend a Saturday!




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