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Kyvon introduces AktiveSolutions™ to improve the way you do business.

Aktivate™ Your Business AktiveSolutions™ keep you connected

exchange of company information? Do

to customers and clients from any loca-

you want attacks stopped before they

tion, secure your company data, and

can enter your network?

enable task, public folder, and calendar Flip through this issue of Business Focus

sharing between users.

to learn more about the features and Want more? Do you need a disaster

benefits of Kyvon’s AktiveSolutions™.

recovery plan, off-site email and data, remote desktop access, or a complete

For pricing and information about

security solution?

products or solutions featured in this

Do you wish to eliminate your commu-






nication challenges and streamline the

Tech WATCH Bring your company’s communications up-to-date with ActivateTele™. ActivateTele™ is an intelligent communications solution specially designed to meet the communications challenges facing small and midsized businesses. For more information, visit page 2.

« Alexander Graham Bell makes the first telephone call from New York City to Chicago in 1892. Business Focus

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Pro-Active vs. Reactive Network Management With its robust notification system, Aktive-

Kyvon introduces AktiveNet™, a proactive solution to network management. Implement AktiveNet™ on your company network and you may never see a Kyvon technician again.

Net™ will alert Kyvon to warnings or failures that occur on your network. Technicians can then make changes on the system without interrupting the user, interact with the user in chat mode, or take over the machine with remote control. One of the biggest challenges business owners face is seeing the value in their IT support. By utilizing the desktop management tools, Kyvon is able to work “behind-thescenes” and keep networks running with little or no visibility. The better job Kyvon does, the less you see them. So, how do you, the business owner, see the

If you're building a more complex corporate or e-commerce site or a site requiring extra security, you'll need your own space - a web server dedicated to your business, the equivalent of an entire office building. Kyvon’s AktiveHost™ solution provides this as well as the peace of mind that site security and maintenance are provided for, and that the otherwise prohibitive costs of setting up a server, staffing, and Internet connection are completely minimized. By utilizing AktiveHost™, companies acquire the option of running a server in our facilities without the security risks of operating the server on their own network. Companies also maintain root access to their servers and the ability to control what is on the server.

value in the services provided? How about By utilizing AktiveNet™ on your company

reports on a monthly basis that demonstrate

network, Kyvon will not only reduce the

the performance of your IT infrastructure?

monetary costs of PC and server management, but also reduce company downtime by working pro-actively with the IT Infrastructure.

A recent IDC study found the savings from moving to a centrally managed PC Settings and configurations best practice resulted in an average savings of $190 per PC*. This

AktiveNet™ significantly reduces the total

amounts to a potential savings of almost

cost of desktop and application management

$4000 per year for a 20 seat customer instal-

by enabling Kyvon to proactively and securely

lation. To find out more about AktiveNet™,

centralize and standardize desktop manage-

please contact Kyvon (314) 416-1490.

ment. Automating and centralizing desktop configuration tasks reduces the overall costs

*(IDC: Optimizing Infrastructure: The Relationship Between IT Labor

of PC support.


Costs and Best Practices for Managing the Windows Desktop, October

Intelligent Communication Based on Avaya IP Office, ActivateTele™ is an intelligent communications solution specially designed to meet the communications challenges facing small and midsized businesses. Intelligent Communications for small and midsized businesses addresses basic telephony needs, leverages built-in convergence capabilities, and capitalizes on the robust unified applications to deliver intelligence to users and customers. ActivateTele™ provides solutions that simplify

To find out more about AktiveHost™, please contact Kyvon (314) 416-1490.





within systems to create simple and prosperous experiences for all. To find out more about ActivateTele™, please contact Kyvon (314) 416-1490.

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Client focus

Introducing: SteadyRain, Inc.

Founded in 1999, SteadyRain has extensive experience delivering Internet technology strategies and solutions for a diverse client base consisting of a wide range of successful businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations.

“We cater to our individual client’s Internet and online marketing needs in every way,” says Thompson Knox, Jr., Vice President of Internet




SteadyRain’s Sales and Marketing department. “We offer our clients a wide range of capabilities, but most importantly we

In addition to these essential services,

SteadyRain works closely with each client

SteadyRain offers additional products and

to develop unique and profitable Internet

services such as email marketing manage-

strategies by leveraging today's leading

ment and campaigns, search engine mar-

technologies. Providing best-in-class tech-

keting (SEM) and search engine optimiza-

nology services that increase sales, reduce

tion (SEO) strategies, online surveys, web

costs, improve productivity and/or create

site redevelopment and interactive multi-

strategic advantages in the client’s mar-

media development to enhance the value

ketplace is a key part of SteadyRain's mis-

of an Internet project or web site.


SteadyRain enjoys a strong business alli-

SteadyRain, Inc.

ance with Kyvon, and relies on Kyvon as its co-location facility to provide web host-

716 Geyer Ave., Suite 400

ing services for its clients and technology

St. Louis, MO 63104

services internally. This has been a mutu-

Phone 314.446.0733

ally beneficial, ongoing relationship for

Fax 314.446.0734

more than five years.

are their trusted resource for strategically planning and integrating multiple online

SteadyRain has a developed a track record

initiatives or projects that meet or exceed

of excellence, and has developed many

our client’s goals.”

award-winning web sites.

Check out the

portfolio of sites highlighted online at SteadyRain’s expertise extends through the entire life cycle of Internet project development including strategy planning and conceptualization, graphic and content design,




intranets), database architecture, application development, ongoing maintenance of web sites and web-based applications. Mon – Fri

8am – 5pm

Or by Appointment

Last year,

SteadyRain was honored with a W3 Award from the International Academy of the

If your company would like to be

Visual Arts, four Davey Awards also from

featured in the Client Focus

the International Academy of the Visual

column, please contact :

Arts, and three TAM (Targeted Advertising

Courtney Watson

and Marketing) awards from the Business Marketing Association of St. Louis.

(314) 416-1490

AktiveConnect™ Based on the SonicWALL SSL-VPN Series, AktiveConnect™ provides organizations of all sizes with an affordable, simple and secure clientless remote network and application access solution . Utilizing only a standard Web browser, users can easily and securely access e-mail, files, intranets, remote desktops (includes both full desktop and individual application access) and other resources on the corporate LAN from any location. To find out more about AktiveConnect™, please contact Kyvon (314) 416-1490.

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Work Smarter With AktiveOffice™


AktiveOffice™ will enable you to connect with your customers like never before. Based on Microsoft’s® Windows® Small Business Server, Kyvon’s AktiveOffice™ is an advanced solution for productivity

Business focus

and security that helps your business work smarter and more competitively. It protects your business data, simplifies your business activities, and helps you connect with customers like never before.

Kyvon 11141 South Towne Square Suite C St. Louis, MO 63123 314.544.0011 877.710.7993 (toll free) 314.631.5163 (fax)

Windows Small Business Server is server technology that provides a powerful advantage for your business. It will protect your data and help your network run dependably. It will release new productivity from your desktops while empowering your employees to do more. AktiveOffice™ provides many of the features used by large companies—e-mail, an Internet connection, internal Web sites, remote access, support for mobile devices, file and printer sharing, and backup and restore—all in one, integrated product and without the complexity typically associated with server technology.

Based on the SonicWALL TotalSecure Solution, AktiveProtect™ removes the complexity associated with choosing between a host of point products and add-on services by integrating everything you need in a convenient and affordable package. Even before new threats are identified, AktiveProtect™ is automatically updated with signatures that stop attacks before they can enter your network, ensuring you have around-the-clock protection. For more information, contact

For more information, contact Kyvon today (314) 416.1490

Kyvon today (314) 416.1490

11141 South Towne Square  Suite C  St. Louis, MO 63123 

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Business Focus - Issue 5  

Business Focus Issue 5, Volume 2, 2007

Business Focus - Issue 5  

Business Focus Issue 5, Volume 2, 2007

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