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Summer calls for fun in the sun, without the hectic trips to the office.

Time Off For Good Behavior Whether you head to the office or the

company’s site, and keep current and

lake, keep it business as usual. This

future clients connected to your val-

issue of Business Focus will guide you

ued business mind. Find out more on

straight to your worry-free vacation,

page 3.

without making any reservations. (We Time for a little R&R? Not all business

leave the fun stuff to you).

owners have the luxury of a 100% Here’s a peak at what’s inside: Can’t find that important email due to a flooded inbox? Try our 7 Steps to Better Email Management on page 2. The next time you go searching, it will be just a click away. What is a blog, and why should your business have one? Following this trend could lead serious traffic to your

work-free vacation. Sound like you? Find out how you can get away from the office, yet still have access to your corporate files, wherever you are, with SonicWALL SSL-VPN solutions on page 4. To learn more about products or solutions featured in this issue, call Kyvon 314.416.1490.


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7 Steps to Better E-Mail Management

SonicWALL Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite The SonicWALL Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) combines security, productivity, reporting and support in a single, low-cost solution. Available on all SonicWALL TZ and PRO Series appliances, the Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite is the perfect solution for turning your SonicWALL into a total security and productivity platform.

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It's easy to get overwhelmed by your in-box, but these simple strategies can help you keep it all under control. These days, e-mail is probably the most impor-

In order to keep things organized, it's critical to

tant communication tool for businesses. And

set up folders to archive your messages. You

while it's easy to get overwhelmed by your in-

might organize e-mail along projects, clients,

box, there are some easy strategies you can

business processes, persons or other variables

implement to keep it all under control. These

that reflect how you operate on a daily basis. For

seven tips will help you better manage your e-

instance, if you handle all your company's mar-

mail use:

keting tasks, you might setup e-mail folders for each project, and sub-folders for each mode of

1.Get Rid of Consumer E-Mail Solutions Using one of the free e-mail services, such as Hotmail, Yahoo or MSN, is OK for e-mails to friends and family. For serious business use, however, it's best to use a professional e-mail program hosted by an e-mail provider, your ISP or on a server in your business. Consumer e-mail services don't have the advanced features that more robust and “professional” e-mail programs have. And if you don't have your own domain name, you should--it's much more professional.

advertising. You might also create a folder for each type of outsourcing you do, such as printing, design, website design and so on. 5. Automate Your E-Mail With Filters Technology should work for you, and e-mail is no exception. If you frequently receive e-mail with a lot of the same subject lines or from the same people, you can set up your e-mail program to automatically route these messages to an appropriate folder or auto-reply to certain messages. For instance, if your friend Sally only sends you

2. Learn How to Really Use Your E-Mail

jokes, why not route all her e-mails to a “Joke”

Program Whether you use Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Pegasus, Netscape e-mail or some other e-mail program having a few hours of training in its use will only help. Probably the best way to get the training you need is to visit the manufacturer's website and search for tutorials for the program you're using. If you're unable to find something there, a simple Google search should turn up a tutorial for the program you're using.

folder for review later on. Or if you frequently get e-mails asking for directions to your company, set up an auto-reply that will automatically attach a map, link to an online mapping system, and supply basic train and taxi information. 6. Be Secure No advice on e-mail management would be complete without stressing the importance of secure e-mail use. Be careful of attachments, embedded graphics and links leading to phishing websites as

Dynamic Support 24x7

Content Filtering Service

3. Keep Your In-Box Manageable If you use your in-box to store all your e-mail messages, you’ll find that after a short amount of time, especially if you get a lot of e-mail, your inbox will be one big mess, with everything from spam and jokes to business contracts and more. Instead of letting it all just sit there, quickly act on incoming messages so your in-box only holds a minimal amount of e-mail at any given time. I know people who have hundreds and even thousands of messages in their in-box, which is inefficient, to say the least.

you e-mail. If you get an e-mail saying "Your PayPal account needs to be verified" or there's a problem with your mortgage, don’t just click on the e-mail link provided. Go directly to PayPal’s website or that of your financial institution, and log on that way. Or call them directly to find out whether there is indeed a problem. 7. Back Up Your E-Mail A critical part of a secure e-mail experience is ensuring that when your computer program crashes, you have an e-mail backup you can turn to for help. Imagine losing a month's worth of

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4. Maximize the Use of Folders

new customer information that's stored in your e-

Imagine what would happen if you kept all your

mail. Back up the e-mail on your computer, and

client information in the same file folder--you'd

if you host your own e-mail, be sure you back up

never be able to find the information you were

your e-mail server as well. (Ramon Ray , Entre-

looking for. E-mail messages work the same way.

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To Blog or Not to Blog? There are some 9 million blogs out there, with 40,000 new ones popping up each day. Let's assume that 99.9% are about poetry, dating, movies, music, etc. So what? That leaves some 40 new blogs every day that could be talking about your business, engaging your employees, or leaking those merger discussions you thought were hush-hush.

Clearly, a pro-blogging stance is a good fit for a

moms mentions the product to her 300 daily

company such as Microsoft, which reaps the

readers. Meanwhile, back at your corporate

benefits of increased traffic, product support,

blog, the conversation continues.

and product and brand exposure through its blog postings. And it’s certainly not alone. Sun

The scenario seems plausible and illustrates two

always in your marketing department. You don’t

Microsystems counts more than 1,200 members

of the requirements for a successful business-

want a blog to sound like a press release. You

among its blogging community.

oriented blog: a point of differentiation that

want to pull people in by their passion.”

generates interest and the right person to tell Yet, for a small business, blogging might not

the story. But you’ll notice there’s no quote

You may find that you’ve got several voices just

always make good business sense. If you’re

from the CEO or other corporate bigwigs.

waiting to be heard. It’s common to use a

considering taking the plunge, ask yourself

shared blog and have multiple contributors. But

whether you’re niche-enough to benefit, genu-

Herein lies another lesson Microsoft learned:

the traditional struggle for one common voice,

inely have a unique voice that will help position

Steve Ballmer can talk all day in press releases,

tone and style can definitely cause problems.

your company in a way that grows the business

but it’s the voices from the front line that lend a

Try to avoid draconian editorial controls and let

and have a mechanism for dealing with unflat-

blog the most credibility. The secret ingredients

individual voices ring out.

tering posts.

are in-depth knowledge in niche areas and a general passion for the subject.

Marketing a Niche

Grow a Thick Skin If someone says something negative about your

Say you’re promoting a new soap that promises

Something to Talk About

to get clothes cleaner. To demonstrate authority

Delivering the right message is, of course, an-

building trust is to show up. If customers are

in this area, you recruit an enthusiastic technical

other critical component of a blogging strategy.

saying things about your product and you don’t

engineer to blog about how he discovered the

Some implementation details also will determine

answer them or act like they don’t exist, then

new formula or the scientific research behind

whether your blog is loved, loathed or just plain

that foments distrust. There are some shock-

the formula. The blog invites readers to post

ignored. Figure out whether you truly want and

ingly candid voices out there that are unafraid

questions — to which the engineer promptly

can convey meaningful commentary in the form

to let you have it. It can be daunting at first,

responds online. The blog links out to Consumer

of a blog. If you don’t have an individual or a

but remember that if you do things right, you’ll

Reports and other studies and news reports,

team that’s willing to pen and feed your blog,

find 50 supportive readers for every critic.

promoting the soap’s environment-friendly in-

don’t start one.

brand or product online, link to it. The trick to

“If you’re not open to criticism, you shouldn’t be


“You really want to find people who are passion-


After a short time, the blog acquires some links

ate, and they will be the advocates of your com-


and gets referral traffic from Google. It turns

pany,” says Jory Des Jardins, a popular blogger

have a thick skin, you better have your employ-



and founding member of BlogHer (,

ees berate you first or something. Because


a community of women bloggers with 7,500

when you’re out there, you don’t have any pro-

grows, and one reader’s blog for stay-at-home

active members. “The first place to look is not






untapped soap.”

market The




says. “If you don’t

Are your employees’ personal blogs hurting your bottom line?

3PM Conference Call

How can an employee's personal blog affect the employer? An employee's blog could contain information about the employer or the employer's business that may hurt the employer's reputation, employees may complain about their employer online, or post inappropriate pictures or comments involving their personal lives that reflect poorly on the employer. Or, the blog could contain confidential information about the employer's organization that might expose the employer to business or legal risks. Also, an employee's blog could ruin the reputation of other employees of the employer or violate company harassment and discrimination policies. This could cause problems in terms of enforcement of company policy or bullying issues. What to do? Develop a “Blogging Policy.” Detail what company-related content can or cannot be posted online by employees. Or, simply ask them to use common sense and resolve any issues in-house.

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Work From Anywhere As a business owner, you log hours upon hours and need to be ready for anything, anywhere, anytime. Secure remote access to your office keeps you a step ahead of the rest. Today’s mobile computing environment has expanded beyond employees using corporate laptops to include telecommuters, contractors, partners and customers. The dependency on mobile workers has increased and so has the

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need to provide secure remote access to corporate data. SonicWALL SSL-VPN Solutions can be configured to provide users with easy-

Curb the Countdown

to-use secure and clientless remote access to a broad range of resources on the corporate network. Using only a standard Web browser, users have access to:

Kyvon 11141 South Towne Center Suite C St. Louis, MO 63123 314.544.0011 877.710.7993 (toll free) 314.631.5163 (fax)

 Files and file systems (support for FTP and Windows Network File Sharing)  Web-based applications  Microsoft® Outlook Web Access and other Web-enabled applications  Http and HTTPS intranets  Full remote control of desktop or server machines Secure remote access to your office also enables you to take that much needed vacation, but still only be a click away from your office.

Flexibility and mobility are key in today’s business environment. Providing another route to company files and information, rather than locked away at the office, leaves employees (the possibility) of being more productive than ever.

Take advantage of technology, today, and tomorrow, you too will be “Ready for anything.”

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