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Stonehollow & Gracy Farms Retention Pond Volume Analysis

Austin, TX

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This analysis supports the construction permit application that allows the increase of the impervious cover in the office park facility located at Stonehollow Drive and Gracy Farms Lane. The TIN model of the detention pond was created with a LiDAR bare earth elevation data and supplementing features that shape and

determine the tendency of drainage. The reference surface plane of an elevation of 735 feet models the drainage pond at capacity. Based on the 3D model of the drainage pond and the reference surface plane, the detention capacity of the pond when full was calculated as 56388 cubic feet, greater than 50,000 cubic

1 Austin Community College


Detention Pond Volume: 56,425 Cubif Feet

Elevation in Feet 740 - 742.4 738 - 740 736 - 738 734 - 736 732 - 734 730 - 732 3D Model with Elevation

728.8 - 730

3D Model with Filled Pond Looking North

Projection: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Texas_Central_FIPS_4203_Feet

Source: Austin Community College GIS Department, City of Austin

Map Created by Kyungah Lim for GEOG 2471 on 7/20/2012