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Understood Multiple Computer Languages •

Kyu Hwan Yeo is skilled in computer and computer languages.

He is CompTIA A+ certified and skilled in -C, C++, Perl, and SQL computer languages.

He uses his skills as a computer technician to maintain and support computers and web development.

He provides and supports a number of administrative operations.

Kyu Hwan Yeo's abilities with computers developed through his work in a chiropractic office, Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc., to Eddy's International Co. where he is an Administrative Manager today.

Kyu Hwan Yeo - Administrative Manager

Kyu Hwan Yeo worked hard to become qualified as an administrative manager.

After working on the computer systems and performing various tasks with two prior companies, he felt qualified to work the administrative position at Eddy's International Co.

Graduating in 2006, from college with a full scholarship, Kyu Hwan Yeo could write in multiple computer languages.

Currently, Kyu Hwan Yeo can work and program in four computer languages and is CompTIA A+ certified.

Kyu Hwan Yeo Believes in a Good Education •

Kyu Hwan Yeo believes all children and young adults should take their education seriously.

He understands the level of education you receive effects the type and level of job you are eligible to perform.

He graduated from college with a full scholarship in 2006.

A testament to how seriously he studied as a college student.

In addition to a college degree, Kyu Hwan Yeo possesses two certifications and is knowledgeable in multiple computer languages.

Contact Kyu Hwan Yeo

Address: 115 Canfield Hill Drive Gaithersburg Maryland USA 20877

Kyu Hwan Yeo  
Kyu Hwan Yeo  

Kyu Hwan Yeo has worked in a medical office, for a pharmaceutical company, and an international trading company. He knows each company has c...