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kyra price graphic design portfolio

table of contents 01 off-black 02 unclassicfied 03 luna land 04 score 05 salt. 06 glass to wax 07 sent

off-black Brief: Streetwear company brand identity Concept: Highlight the bold yet effortlessly stylish nature of streetwear obsessives through a simple color palette and crochet typography.

unclassicfied Brief: Campaign event - ballet dance convention Concept: Use a collage of colors, visual elements, and illustrations to celebrate the diversity in classical ballet.

luna land Brief: Corporate report Concept: Use gradients and dots to take the reader on a fun journey through this amusement park’s annual report.

score Brief: Music app Concept: Provide users with split screen navigation using a dynamic diagonal visual element throughout.



salt. Brief: Handmade typeface and book cover Concept: Form minimal salt typography on white poster to reflect Nayyirah Waheed’s short yet powerful and textured poems. Letters were cut and aligned by hand, traced in glue, and salted.

glass to wax Brief: Candle packaging Concept: Candles made with ingredients of classic cocktails with a twist. Packaging is inspired by traditional liquor bottles through illustrations, bold serif font, and hand written elements.

sent Brief: Parcel delivery company brand identity Concept: Develop a friendly, reliable, and personalized package and shipping experience for small businesses and individuals selling made to order products online through bright colors, repetition of visual elements, and varying icons.

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Kyra Price - Graphic Design Portfolio  
Kyra Price - Graphic Design Portfolio