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Unconstitutional Super Committee Proposes $1.3 Trillion in New Taxes Kurt Nimmo October 27, 2011 Super Committee Democrats have released details on their so-called deficit reduction plan… and it ain’t pretty. In order to pay back the bankers for money created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve and then loaned to Congress so it can continue to wage mass murder campaigns and pay for old ones, the Democrats want – surprise, surprise – to significantly raise taxes. “Democrats have proposed a framework for the Super Committee that multiple aides confirm is around $3 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade through a cocktail of cuts to entitlements, including Medicare, and as much as $1.3 trillion in new tax revenues,” ABC reported yesterday. In order to sell a massive tax increase, Democrats will oppose cuts to Medicaid and Medicare and demand taxes on the so-called rich (now defined as a person who makes $250,00 a year). “The people of this country are looking for fairness. They are sitting in and sitting down to protest the unwillingness of government to legislate with their best interests in mind. These proposals rob from the poor, the sick and the elderly, the very least among us,” said Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga. During the super committee dog and pony show, an OWS protester found her way to the floor and interrupted testimony. She called for taxing the rich and ending the wars (as if the two proposals are inseparable).Any call for taxing the rich (an idea fronted by billionaire Warren Buffett and adopted by grateful Democrats) will naturally result in further eroding the middle class. Most of the “rich” who will fall under the gun (literally) are millionaires who own businesses that provide most of the jobs in this country. Billionaires and the mega-rich like the Rockefellers and the Gates don’t pay taxes – they sock their wealth into foundations. After the $250,000 and above “rich” (up to the untouchable multi-billionaires who never pay taxes, as Buffett admitted) are taxed out of existence, the federal leviathan beast will turn on the middle class to raise revenue to pay for manufactured deficits (and a truly unplayable national debt) it insists we owe the bankers.

Of course, when the corporate media reports about such things, they never talk about the process of deficit spending. Here’s how it works, as explained by Ron Paul: Both the public and most members of Congress do not understand the mechanics of how the Fed and the Treasury Department work together to create new money and new debt. It’s a circular process, but one that affects all Americans perhaps even more than the actions of their elected Congress. In order to borrow money the Treasury department creates new debt securities, which it sells at auction to banks. However, banks generally do not maintain excess liquidity for the purchase of additional assets, but rather loan out funds up to the limit of their reserve requirements. In order to facilitate the purchase of new Treasury debt, the Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air to purchase old Treasury debt from the dealers in the market. Banks then find themselves holding excess reserves, which they wish to get rid of by purchasing new assets– in this case newly issued Treasury debt. These new excess reserves have an expansionary effect on the banking system. Given a reserve requirement of 5% and thus a money multiplier of 20, $1 billion of asset purchases by the Fed can result in $20 billion of new credit creation, as the initial $1 billion is loaned out through the banking system. This entire system is purely inflationary and causes prices to rise and the purchasing power of the dollar to fall. If we continue playing the deficit game designed to enrich the bankers who own the Federal Reserve we will ultimately end up homeless on the continent that our fathers conquered, as Thomas Jefferson warned. The so-called super committee is a grossly unconstitutional creation designed to run roughshod over the will of the American people. “Where in the world did that come from?” Ron Paul demanded after the idea was floated. “And where is that going to lead to? That is monstrous. I keep looking and I can’t find any place in the Constitution where we have the authority to create such a creature as the super Congress.”

The US Is Fast Becoming a Third World Police State The Dollar Vigilante Thursday, October 27, 2011 As a P.T. (often referred to as perpetual traveller, permanent tourist or prior taxpayer), I have travelled to nearly 100 countries. During those travels there has always been one defining moment, upon entry into a country, which shows that the country is what is generally thought of as a “third world country”.It is the moment when, upon arrival, you are charged a fee to enter the country. The reason generally being that the government of the country has so destroyed the economy and/or they have so little understanding of what creates wealth that they think that the way to make their country prosperous is to charge a fee upon entry rather than allowing people to enter freely and transact, trade and spend their money in the economy. Either that or the government is so desperate for money that it uses this as a significant source of revenue. They have this in Cambodia, Indonesia, Bolivia and numerous other similar countries. And now, they have it in the US. The US has long-used “visa application fees” to bilk money from people in countries like Thailand as a way to raise money but now the US has announced that they are going to charge a $5.50 fee to Canadians upon entering the US. The fee is ludicrous and counterproductive for many reasons. Not least of which is making it five dollars and fifty cents, ensuring that payment of the transaction will take twice as long as normal to make the extra change. Canadians who are one of the only large groups of people still bringing some economic activity into the US will both be turned off by having to pay to enter the US but also by the extra long lines to enter as they make change for this fee.

Not to mention the hilarity of calling it an “inspection fee”. Does this mean that if we would not like to be inspected then we don’t have to pay? CHECKPOINTS POPPING UP EVERYWHERE IN THE US Checkpoints have recently gone up in Flint, Michigan and TSA VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) teams have spread our across Tennessee to stop drivers and “check their documents”. As well, at the recent Libertopia conference I attended in San Diego I met three young freedom-lovers who told me that on their drive from Phoenix to San Diego they encountered three different checkpoints. HARD TO GET IN – EVEN HARDER TO GET OUT I have just returned from the US and, as usual, I had to make it through a plethora of government people to get out. Luckily, I didn’t try to leave via one of the airports, like Boston Logan where the TSA has begun to conduct “chat-downs” where TSA goons will slime their way through crowds in the airport and chat with you! Should you refuse to chat with them you will be taken away for extra-screening! However, I did go for my standard TSA patdown and, as is becoming more and more common, when you walk down the gangplank to the airplane there are a number of other government people hiding around the corner who stop you and ask if you are taking more than $10,000 with you. I snapped a photo of them on my way down. As I walked down the runway, one of the men with guns told me, “go to the third man down, he can take care of you there.” Oh, is that what they are doing, taking care of us? It doesn’t feel that way. CHRONIC NERVOUS SYSTEM DISORDER INJECTIONS ALSO NOW AVAILABLE Things in the US just get more and more bizarre. As though all the government harassing isn’t enough, as I was about to leave the San Diego airport I spotted this “H1N1 vaccination station”. H1N1 (remember the Swine Flu hoax?) has

been shown to be nearly harmless yet still to this day, in the USA, there are places offering to give you H1N1 vaccinations. Those vaccinations, by the way, have been proven to cause chronic nervous system disorders. I, tragically, had this hit very close to home last year when my mother, unbeknownst to me, got talked into taking a Swine Flu vaccine shot. A few days later and she couldn’t walk anymore. She still, to this day, cannot walk. THE POLICE STATE CONTINUES The photos coming out of the US continue to look like something you’d see in a country like North Korea or in the old Soviet Bloc. This photo, from a small gathering of Occupy Wall Street protesters in Phoenix, shows that not only the police outnumbered the protesters but showed the level of intimidation and force used against just a few people sitting in a park. Their crime? They were there after “curfew”. I’ve been searching my copy of the US Constitution for any reference to curfew but have yet to find anything. MY DAYS VISITING THE US ARE NUMBERED I have already stated that I will never bring my family to the US until I see major changes and the TSA stop their radiation baths and groping. However, it is now getting very close to the point where I will stop going altogether.

For anyone who has their eyes open and are paying attention, the writing is on the wall as to what is going to happen in the US. All it will take is another 9/11 event or for the US Government to default on its debts or for the dollar to enter hyperinflation and the US will be locked down like a prison. In many ways, it already is. For those who live in the US, it is imperative to begin making moves now to protect yourself. Action items like attaining a foreign passport, moving your assets outside of the country and owning precious metals are just some of the things that all rational people in the US should be doing now.

Unconstitutional Super Committee Proposes $1.3 Trillion in New Taxes  

Super Committee Democrats have released details on their so-called deficit reduction plan… and it ain’t pretty.