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U.S. Culture War Brewing As Backlash Grows Against Socialism, Gun Control And Attacks On American Values By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger May 06, 2013 As the Obama administration continues its attempted cultural purge of conservativism, gun owners and anyone who practices religion, there is a massive underground backlash that's building up steam and may be nearing the stage of revolt. This article is a tour of several astonishing recent poll results and statistics that paint a picture of an armed cultural backlash taking shape in America. It's off the radar of the mainstream media because the media doesn't want to acknowledge the reality of what's happening. But beneath the surface, a cultural backlash is seething, fed up with the criminal occupation of America by anti-freedom socialists and Marxists who are quite literally working to destroy the U.S. economy and cultural conservatism. Regardless of where you stand on the Obama Administration or even being "progressive" vs. "conservative," this cultural backlash needs to be on your radar because it leads to a boiling point that may bring America to the brink of civil war.

Consider these facts of what's really happening:

29% of U.S. voters believe an armed revolt is necessary to restore America's liberties A Public Mind poll of 863 registered U.S. voters found that nearly 30% believe an "armed revolution" may be necessary to "protect our liberties" (from the government). This survey shows that millions of Americans are waking up the reality that America is an occupied nation being systematically destroyed by Marxist / Communist leaning political operatives -- and that the only way to stop the occupation is by force. While only 18 percent of democrats (who tend to trust big government) believed an armed revolution might be necessary, that number was much larger -- 44% -- among republicans (who tend to distrust big government).

46,455 background checks every day in America during the Obama administration Another huge sign of what's really happening is that over 46,000 guns are being purchased every single day during the Obama administration. That's 16.8 million guns each year, or 134 million guns during Obama's two terms. Who is purchasing these guns? Primarily people who don't trust Obama or big government. These are not people who are buying guns just to turn them in to a corrupt, criminal government that repeatedly stages false flag events to try to blame gun owners. These are people who are arming for war against an illegal domestic army (DHS) run by a criminal government that's stockpiling billions of rounds of ammo to be used domestically, against the American people.

Pentagon to court martial soldiers who say they are Christians Another huge sign of the growing backlash is the simple fact (which no one seems to have noticed) that the No. 1 most widely shared news story in the history of the internet is this recent story by Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith.That story has been shared on Facebook an astonishing 1.39 million times. Again, the number is 1,396K shares, making it the single most shared news story of all time. Its shares continue to rise, by the way, and it will probably exceed 1.5 million shares within a few more days. As the story explains, the Pentagon has now announced it will court martial any soldier who professes belief in God or Christianity. This is not a typo or a joke. The Pentagon is now attempting to eliminate all Christians from its ranks, probably because it wants to get rid of anyone with a moral code that won't follow orders when it comes time to fire on civilians.

Growing anger over government handing out food stamps to illegals There's also tremendous anger seething among taxpayers about the recent revelations that the federal government is aggressively marketing federal food stamps to illegal aliens (i.e. "undocumented citizens" for all the PC whiners who can't handle real words). When Judicial Watch recently uncovered documented proof that the USDA was marketing food stamps to illegal aliens, the topic exploded across the internet. Big government worshippers loved the idea, of course, because they have no understanding of economics and think that utopia can best be achieved by making everyone dependent on the government. But those with economic sense are appalled by this freebie handout of U.S. taxpayer dollars to non-citizens, enabling them to buy lobster, steaks and other luxury food items, all paid for by taxpayers.

Unstoppable passion at NRA and among gun owners Another important sign in this culture war is that the passion of gun owners and the NRA in protecting the Second Amendment rights of all Americans is unstoppable. Over the weekend, 70,000+ Americans met in Houston, TX in support of gun rights at the annual NRA meeting. Ted Nugent, a board member of the NRA, best describes the attitude and passion of NRA members with this opinion piece published in the Houston Chronicle: What Ted Nugent explains -- and what other gun owners feel all across the country -- is that they will NEVER give up their firearms to any government and that they will, if it comes down to it, shoot tyrants dead rather than surrender to tyranny. You can't defeat that kind of courage and determination with police state theater and news propaganda. Gun grabbers think they can win this by passing new laws, but all laws are null and void when the civil war starts. A corrupt, criminal government can write all the unconstitutional laws it wants. None of them will matter once the lead starts flying, American gun owners now realize. "We will never surrender our guns, never," said outgoing NRA president Wayne LaPierre at the NRA meeting in Houston this past weekend.

How a culture war becomes a civil war

When a large segment of the population suffers "a long train of abuses" under a criminal government that respects no law, no liberties and no rights, the range of choices for taking action to restore balance quickly narrows. Right now, the culture war against Americans with conservative or traditional values is in full force... and it seems to be accelerating by the week. The government is right now attempting to criminalize all private gun owners and take away the individual right to own gun. It is criminalizing those in the military who believe in God. It is about to grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens who are apparently "above the law" and need not follow the same rules everybody else has to follow. Although I never condone the use of violence for resolving societal differences, I cannot help but see where this is headed: a possible shooting war between conservatives and the government. A civil war, in other words. Already, an armed march on Washington is being planned for July 4th. This march is ratcheting up the risk of an all-out shooting war between a corrupt, criminal government and those Americans who still believe in liberty and who absolutely will not give up their Second Amendment rights, no matter what.

It's not difficult to imagine how a series of national armed marches could turn violent thanks to some trigger-happy person. And then a march could turn into a slaughter -- most likely the slaughter of those in the march by government agents. At that point, once the images and videos of that get circulated across the 'net, all hell breaks loose and we enter a phase of all-out war between gun owners and the illegitimate occupying forces of the U.S. Government. That's the point where DHS rolls out its 1.6 billion bullets, portable roadway checkpoints and armored assault vehicles. Suddenly America exists under military occupation and the "war of resistance" kicks into full gear. (Which is what the offshore globalists really want...)

Restorationists are not anti-government It is important to understand that the current occupying agents of the government are NOT "America" and are not a legitimate government. They are agents working for globalist banks who are acting on a strategic mission to systematically destroy America's economy and liberties. They are criminals. They run false flag operations such as smuggling guns into Mexico to cause gun violence, then blaming that gun violence on law-abiding gun owners. To resist the efforts of criminals is not "anti-government" as they like to portray. It is merely "anti criminal occupation." Nearly everyone who opposes the criminality of the Obama administration is actually "pro government" because they wish to restore the proper constitutional government to run things. They are not seeking anarchy. They are only seeking the restoration of legal and lawful government as described in the Constitution. Those who attempt to attack these people as being "antigovernment" are completely wrong (and being intentionally deceptive). For example, if hijackers took over an airplane, and a group of people in the airplane were attempting to remove the hijackers and restore the original pilot, you wouldn't call them, "anti-airplane." They aren't against airplanes... they're against the hijackers! In the same way, today's activists who are criticizing corrupt, criminal government are not "antigovernment." They are anti criminals in government. The bottom line in all this? Armed conflict with the criminal occupying forces in positions of government now looks inevitable. Unless something drastically changes in terms of restoring law in America and removing the outright psychopathic criminals from the highest levels of government, this outcome now seems unavoidable. I pray this analysis is wrong and that bloodshed can be avoided. But history has shown me that such optimism is unjustified given present conditions.

U.S. Culture War Brewing As Backlash Grows Against Socialism, Gun Control And Attacks On American Va  
U.S. Culture War Brewing As Backlash Grows Against Socialism, Gun Control And Attacks On American Va  

As the Obama administration continues its attempted cultural purge of conservativism, gun owners and anyone who practices religion, there is...