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To Obama And Congress: America Does Not Trust or Respect You And That’s Your Own Fault by Freelance Anonymous September 4, 2013 Obama, the reason the American people don’t have your back on anything is because of all the disrespect you have towards the American people and the things you've been doing to America. The secrets and the scandals, why should we have your back when you don't have ours? Why should we respect your new laws? When you don't respect the constitution, which is our law. Your abuse and other abuses by other administrations are monumental, but combined all previous administrations you are the worst by far. You have shoved legislation and executive orders down the throats of the American people by blackmailing, intimidating congress and by throwing money and perks in their faces. Now you and your handlers are crying like spoiled brats because you can't get your way. Now you want to bomb Syria with no proof the Syrian government released gas and creating a (blowback) situation creating new enemies for future wars. Oh you say you have proof, but is classified, bull. Insane McCain says a vote down on war would undermine the U.S. and the office of president. Obama you have already undermined the U.S. and its' citizens and the office of president. Wanting to bomb Syria would undermine the U.S. and the will of the people. Let us not forget other examples of your treachery and followers of your administration Benghazi Gate, IRS Gate, NSA Gate, The NDAA, OBAMACARE, and Libya etc... This is political theater and not about what the government wants. It's about what the people want and the people don't want war, period. Boehner, if you can't do your job, step down!!! and we'll find somebody with a backbone that can. Doesn't anybody in congress realize that Obama is not and will not be popular? It's not that hard to see that anything the president wants to do you should be against. You are sacrificing your political career for an unpopular president that uses people for the agenda of the N.W.O. An agenda which goes contrary to American laws. Americans don't trust you or congress because of what you yourself have done with the tyrannical behavior you are moving forward with. You can only blame yourself. For the negativity towards you and your policy during your first and now second term. Congress deserves more of the blame because they were complicit in it. Your policy is what is destroying the office of president and the

U.S. The people are trying to restore the office of president by pushing back on your agenda. We the people know whats going on. We are waking up. That means you and all your buddy globalists are going to jail for your crimes against the world. You have kept us in a state of fear which makes us easy to control. We are not falling for it any more. Your power is slowly slipping away and returning back to the people to whom it properly belongs. It's over, stop the nonsense! Everything you do back fires because the system is trying to regain its' balance. Its' called natural law and you will pay for your crimes. Whether it's by humanity or by the almighty. You will pay for your deception, poisoning of the food supply, and the murders you've committed for your handlers agenda. You've been screwing around with all of humanity. Your punishment will be swift and historical. The more you do, the more people wake up. Obama, you don't care about the honor of the office of president. You and your handlers only care about the power of that office. If congress approves the bombing and if you bomb Syria against the wishes of the people not only should you be impeached, but you should be thrown in prison for these and other treasonous acts against Americans and the world. Drawing your red line to attack if Syria uses chemical weapons is what will destroy the credibility of the United States and the presidency in the eyes of the world. Your administration claims you're trying to protect the world from tyrants and bullies when the military industrial complex is the biggest bully in the world. Our foreign policy makes money out of murder and suffering of innocent people. Those innocent people have nothing to do with what the dictator of their country does with whatever weapons they have and what they do with those weapons they are just as much in the dark as Americans are with our own blood thirsty warmongers. You as president are not a leader you are a follower. You follow the orders of the bankers and the corporations that have you in there pockets. You are no leader of the free world you are a warden of the mentally and physically enslaved world. You are helping destroy the future of current and future generations of humanity. Do you even care or realize the magnitude if that? You have a position of power you can change things for the better. Instead you choose to use that power for evil. When is it going to stop? The last thing I want to impart is don't blame the American people for your failed policies, blame your self because your policies are unfair and disrespect Americans and violate Americans laws.


To Obama And Congress: America Does Not Trust or Respect You And That’s Your Own Fault  
To Obama And Congress: America Does Not Trust or Respect You And That’s Your Own Fault  

Obama, the reason the American people don’t have your back on anything is because of all the disrespect you have towards the American people...