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Standing Up To Government Is Now Domestic Terrorism by Bob Livingston April 21, 2014

The political class is now demonstrating a level of hubris rarely, if ever, seen in the American system. Within just a few hours, three of the top four most post powerful politicians in the country unabashedly revealed the low opinion they have of liberty and the American people and a willingness to persecute, prosecute and lie to those who advocate and fight for Constitutional government. And by their silence, the rest of the political class nodded their agreement. First, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Bunkerville, Nev., rancher Cliven Bundy and the hundreds of Americans who rallied to Bundy’s defense domestic terrorists. Then, President Barack Obama brazenly lied to the American people in claiming that 8 million people had signed up for Obamacare and that the program was a success, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And early Friday morning, we learned Speaker of the House John Boehner has proclaimed once again to big money donors and crony capitalists that an immigration bill would be passed this year over the wishes of the majority of Americans. Within hours of reports circulating in alternative media of Reid’s use of the Bureau of Land Management in his land grab on behalf of a Chinese solar energy firm, BLM pulled its goon squad of

armed enforcers out of the area. It also scrambled to delete evidence from its own website that the area the Bundy family has used to graze their cattle is needed for “utility-scale solar power generation facilities on public lands” and that need was hindered by “trespass grazing” cattle. Reid and his son Rory have worked in lockstep with the BLM and transnational green energy firms to wrestle land and use rights from American ranchers for years. Bundy is the last rancher standing in an area that once saw dozens of them. What few reports on the standoff between Bundy and BLM that have made it into the mainstream media speciously claim the Bundy ranch is some 200 miles from the proposed site of the ENN Energy Group’s solar farm and panel building plant, and that the ENN project was shelved last year. Even the supposedly reliable “right wing” websites and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze have carried the Federal government’s water on this dispute. The two-faced Beck — who has called for a pitchfork revolution and sells shirts calling for one — even went so far as to call Bundy supporters “frightening” and compared them with Occupy Wall Street, which was a CIA-funded operation designed to foment unrest in America. Claims have also been made that the Federal government owns the land in question. But the Constitution specifically describes in Article I, Section 8 what land the Federal government can possess, and there are subsequent Supreme Court decisions that lay out the legal framework. (Hint: It does not include protecting tortoises or building solar plants.) A BLM document discusses the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone and specifically mentions the Gold Butte area (which includes Bunkerville) and “cattle trespass grazing” as being part of critical concern to future utility-scale solar energy development. In short, Reid is using the BLM (headed by his lackey and former adviser Neil Kornze) to turn all Nevada “Federal lands” into a green energy zone for his and his son’s personal gain and Bundy’s cattle are hindering this effort. This is proven by information on the BLM website (since removed) that states grazing by Bundy’s cattle “impacts” solar development and the construction of solar development on public lands. Understand the implications of Reid’s claim that those who bravely stood with Bundy, stared into the barrels of heavily armed oppressors who were threatening to shoot them and faced down the BLM’s armed goons are “domestic terrorists.” Thanks to the National Defense Authorization Act, the government can simply designate Americans as terrorists and they can then be disappeared into gulags never to be charged, tried or heard from again. Habeas corpus, in the cases deemed “domestic terrorism,” is now nonexistent. Obama has already ordered drone strikes to kill Americans in foreign lands without due process. The step from

indiscriminate extrajudicial killings of American “terrorists” overseas to indiscriminate extrajudicial killings of “domestic terrorists” in America has just been shortened considerably. This is common knowledge in circles of people who depend upon the alternative media and understand the truth about the Federal police state. Don’t think that Reid is not aware of this. And he understands that those who sided with the Bundys recognize this as well. Reid is too savvy and too skilled a politician to make a slip of the tongue statement accusing Americans of domestic terrorism. Obama’s claim that 8 million people have now signed up for Obamacare and the law is working as intended is an incredible stretch even for a man who is such a consummate liar that more than half of Americans know he lies on important issues. The law is working “so well” that even in the face of monetary penalties, tens of millions of people who are eligible to sign up for Obamacare insurance have avoided doing so. Boehner is said to be “hell-bent” on passing an amnesty bill this year. This has been an important issue for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for some time and is, therefore, an important issue for the Republican establishment. Understand that, for the Republican elite, amnesty is not about trying to win over Hispanics in order to bolster chances for carrying national elections. It’s about providing cheap labor for big corporations. The plight of millions of unemployed Americans does not concern the establishment. I have been writing for many years that the U.S. government is democracy in name only. In truth, it is fascist and ruled by one party with two names under the control of the globalists. The only goal of the globalists and their psychopathic political class stooges is to loot and pillage. They have done so to the point that America is now a giant rock rolling downhill toward collapse. As regimes get closer to collapse, they inflict increasingly greater pain and controls on their people. It is now evident in America for those who would see it. The domestic terrorists in question are not the American people. They are Reid, Obama, Boehner and the rest of the political and bureaucratic class who ignore the rule of law and oppress the American people.

MSNBC Smears Bundy Supporters as “Insurgents,” Attacks Infowars, Drudge Paul Joseph Watson April 22, 2014

Host Chris Hayes laments “Alex Jones-ification of the GOP” In a 15 minute-long ideological crusade, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes smeared Cliven Bundy supporters as ‘insurgents’ while lamenting the threat posed to the establishment by an Alex Jones-Drudge-Fox NewsRand Paul “axis” that threatens to rock the 2016 presidential race. Implicitly siding with Harry Reid’s widely derided claim that Cliven Bundy and his supporters are “domestic terrorists,” Hayes linked Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller’s labeling of Bundy ranch advocates as “patriots” to Alex Jones and Infowars, which he sophomorically described as “a paranoid online haven”. Similar to other White House fronts like Media Matters, Hayes then whines about the fact that Infowars stories, in particular relating to the Bundy siege, are routinely linked by powerhouse news aggregator the Drudge Report and find their way “into the mainstream GOP establishment” and Fox News, terming this effect the “Alex Jones-ification of the GOP”. To a cheesy Twilight Zone-style backing soundtrack, Hayes then attempts guilt by association by linking “paranoid conspiracy theorist” Jones to Republican candidates like Greg Brannon who are running against establishment GOP figures. From this we can only infer that Chris Hayes and MSNBC are attempting to demonize such candidates in an attempt to bolster the chances of establishment Republican candidates, a bizarre concept for the supposedly left-leaning network. Hayes implies that Brannon’s skepticism of the 9/11 Commission report is a kooky “fringe” conspiracy theory, failing to mention that six of the ten 9/11 commissioners have all publicly questioned the report, including co-chair Lee Hamilton, who said the Commission was “set up to fail”.

Hayes goes on to imply that Agenda 21, a public United Nations “sustainable development” program is another “Jones backed conspiracy” and doesn’t exist, despite the fact that it appears on the UN’s own official website. Hayes moves on to target Senator Rand Paul, labeling him a “fan” of Alex Jones before describing the Bilderberg Group as a “fringe obsession” which represents nothing more than a “yearly meeting of people.” Hayes asserts that describing Bilderberg as a cabal that “secretly runs the world” is a baseless conspiracy despite the fact that Bilderberg clearly does openly run the world given that it consists of the most powerful people on the planet from titans of industry, banking and politics to power brokers in media, academia and international relations. Hayes moves on to interview Senator Harry Reid’s son Rory Reid, taking the opportunity to describe Bundy supporters as an “insurgency” in the same context as the Nevada Senator’s “domestic terrorist” slur, while Rory Reid refuses to comment on his father’s remark but insists that Americans can’t point guns at government agents. The fact that BLM agents pointed sniper rifles and other weapons at unarmed Americans during last weekend’s standoff (after tasing a Bundy family member the previous week for exercising his first amendment right) is not addressed. Hayes then welcomes leftist author Michelle Goldberg, who wastes little time in describing Bundy supporters as “right wing insurgents” while doling out clichéd pejorative terms such as “black helicopters,” presumably under the delusion that child-like taunts actually constitute an argument. Ignoring the difficult fact that the federal government itself, via FBI provocateuring of patsies, has been behind virtually every major recent domestic terror plot (as the New York Times documented), Goldberg then puts Bundy supporters in the same league as Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and ludicrously asserts that Bundy ranch advocates are plotting to “overthrow the United States government”. Last time I checked, they just wanted the feds to return Bundy’s cattle.

Hayes then proceeds to smear Bundy supporters as violent, obfuscating the fact that it was BLM agents who threatened to shoot protesters during the standoff, as our own David Knight and many others on the front line of the dispute personally heard and witnessed. Hayes and Goldberg only manage to embarrass themselves further, implying that the Second Amendment should only be about Americans protecting themselves from common criminals, an assertion with which the founding fathers vehemently disagreed. Hayes ends by citing the “Alex Jones-DrudgeFox News-Rand Paul axis” as being responsible for “moving these ideas quite to the center of the Republican Party and the Republican presidential campaign,” a notion that patently terrifies the Democratic hierarchy for which MSNBC fronts given that it would represent a genuine alternative to America either being under the control of establishment Democrats or establishment Republicans, between which there is little real difference. Apparently, Chris Hayes, Rory Reid, Michelle Goldberg and their ilk think that if they blithely regurgitate pejorative buzzwords like “conspiracy theory,” “black helicopters” and “fringe” that this somehow wins the debate and legitimizes the characterization of Bundy supporters as domestic insurgents. Perhaps Hayes didn’t get the memo, but by continuing to pursue such divisive and lazy rhetoric, MSNBC is hemorrhaging viewers. A recent Pew Research study shows that MSNBC has recently lost a quarter of its viewers. The new figures followed on from reports in November last year that both CNN and MSNBC had lost nearly half their audience over the previous 12 months, with the two networks losing 59% and 52% respectively in the crucial demographic of viewers aged 25 to 54. A recent Gallup poll also found that trust in television news was at an all time low. This is by no means the first time that the flailing network has resorted to extremist and deceptive rhetoric in an effort to smear its ideological adversaries. Last year, MSNBC host Alex Wagner and guests all but blamed Alex Jones for the Boston bombings, claiming with no evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers were inspired to carry out the attack by the “deeply racist” Jones and his website. Wagner and her guests couldn’t present a single example of Alex Jones being “racist,” a shred of evidence that he was “getting paid to be racist,” nor was any proof offered that the Tsarnaev brothers were fans of MSNBC Attacks Alex Jones, Rand Paul, Drudge, VIDEO BELOW


Standing Up To Government Is Now Domestic Terrorism  

The political class is now demonstrating a level of hubris rarely, if ever, seen in the American system.

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