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One More Reason The Banking System Is A Criminal Scam by Richard Moyer January 8 2014

Pro-Tip: If you find yourself using a Nazi method for destroying an economy on your own people, you need to check your math. It seems almost impossible to believe that the exact strategy being employed by the US Federal Reserve to ostensibly help the economy was also employed by Nazi Germany to dismantle the British economy. But it is absolutely true. Operation Bernhard, named for it's mastermind, Bernhard Kr端ger, was a Nazi program to print millions of British Pounds and send them to Britain. The forgeries were so perfect that no one could tell the difference, and it was their plan that this "quantitative easing" would unhinge the economy through inflation, causing people to do all kinds of stupid things with their money and quit producing things of value. This is the general effect of inflation, and having lived through the Weimar inflation where wheelbarrows of trillions of Marks wouldn't buy a loaf of bread, Kr端ger was exceptionally aware of this. Unbelievably, economists and central bankers will spout off nonsense about how the strategy of devaluing money will somehow help the economy at large. This is, of course, self-evidently untrue, as the printing of trillions of dollars has failed to do anything but push up the price of everything we need to live (and Twitter stock). Norman Dodd - The Hidden Agenda For World Government VIDEO BELOW


One More Reason The Banking System Is A Criminal Scam