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JFK Assassination: Majority Of Americans Are “Conspiracy Theorists� Steve Watson Nov 21, 2013

Multiple polls on 50th anniversary show only around a third believe the lone gunman theory Several polls released this week to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy reveal that the majority of Americans still do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, and that there was a wider conspiracy that was covered up. In a Rasmussen poll, only 36 percent of Americans surveyed said that they believe Kennedy was targeted by a lone gunman on this day, November 22, in 1963. The survey found that just as many, 37 percent, believe JFK was murdered in a larger plot involving other actors. Another large portion of respondents, 27 percent, said they are not sure, emphasizing the mystery that still surrounds the fateful event. The Rasmussen poll also revealed that those who were alive at the time of the shooting are more likely to believe in a conspiracy than younger respondents, indicating that the questioning of the official story as described by The Warren Commission may be waning as generations pass. In a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, a large majority of 62 percent believe that Oswald did not act alone, with only 29 percent buying the official line.

The same percentage also believe that a government cover up was perpetrated to prevent the public learning the truth on the assassination. A Gallup poll found almost the exact same numbers believe in a conspiracy, with 61 percent saying they believe JFK was not killed by a lone gunman and only 30 percent believing that Oswald was the sole assassin.

The latter figures are almost identical to ones from a poll conducted one year after the assassination, in November 1963, when just 29 percent said they believed the lone gunman theory. In the 50 years since JFK’s death, a majority of Americans have ALWAYS believed that their was a

wider conspiracy being played out. In 1979, the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations even concluded that the assassination was “probably” the result of a conspiracy. This caused public perception of a conspiracy to skyrocket to over 80 percent. The newest Gallup poll also indicates that most Americans who believe the conspiracy theory suggest that the federal government and/or the CIA assassinated Kennedy.

In a Marist poll, 58 percent of Americans believe Oswald did not act alone, with 28 percent believing he did, and 14 percent unsure. Unlike the findings of the Rasmussen poll, the Marist survey notes that Americans under the age of 30 are more likely than any other age group to say that Kennedy’s assassination was a conspiracy, with 67 percent giving this opinion. Of those aged 30 to 44, 54 percent believe in a conspiracy, with 57 percent of Americans 45 to 59, and 59 percent of those 60 and older believing there was a larger nefarious plot to kill the president. After the assassination, 40 witnesses claimed to have seen gunshots or smoke from the infamous grassy knoll in the northwest corner of Dealey Plaza. As detailed in Richard Belzar’s book Hit List, it is also the case that 15 witnesses died prematurely between the years 1963 & 1967 at odds of one hundred thousand trillion to one.

Fifty years later, thousands of JFK assassination documents are still sealed, with many due to be unclassified in 2017, unless the federal government once again deems it a potential security risk to do so. JFK Conspiracy: Did Secret Service Stand Down? VIDEO BELOW

Jesse Ventura: I Still Get Emotional About The JFK Assassination 50 Years Later Jesse Ventura November 22, 2013

JFK knew how to handle a crisis. We should take inspiration and take back our country from the people who've wrecked it What does it matter? It was 50 years ago! What difference does it make now? A lot of young people – who didn't live through the 60s, or even the 70s – actually have every right to ask those questions. And they deserve some real answers, too. To put it bluntly, the assassination of President Kennedy makes all the difference in the world. That tragic day in our history was a determining factor in the type of world we have today. The founders of this country had a vision of freedom and liberty that they tried to ensure for generations to come. They tried to design a democracy so full of checks and balances that it was bulletproof. So that no matter how many crooks managed to get themselves elected, the republic still prevailed. There have even been a few brief shining moments when the real potential of that original vision took hold. One such moment was Franklin Roosevelt's presidency. A decimated work force that was shellshocked from the Great Depression was struggling for its very survival. FDR came to the rescue with

the New Deal, a program that redistributed wealth from Wall Street to workers who'd lost their jobs as a result of corporate greed and government corruption – does that sound like a problem you might be familiar with? Another great moment was the presidency of John F Kennedy in the early 1960s. This time the world was reeling from the Cold War, and a military gone so mad with power and war-like policies (again, sound familiar?) created a very real threat of nuclear annihilation. But JFK brought us away from the brink of death and destruction by standing up to the war mongers and allowing sanity to prevail. For a moment, we truly seemed to be moving away from the horrors of war and toward a new world where peace between all countries was possible. Then JFK was murdered, eliminated by the same madness he had been fighting against; and it was like the dream suddenly died. We were left with a horrible void and a profound sense of hopelessness. Grown men cried, and with good reason. So I hope that young people can forgive me for still getting emotional about the JFK assassination 50 years later. We haven't even had full disclosure, let alone closure. What we have had is unbelievable amounts of lies and obfuscation, something that affects every single American citizen. I have written about and refuted the incredible government lies, lies that are supported throughout Tom Hank's movie Parkland. If you read what those doctors at Parkland Hospital actually said and believed, you'll understand how our government lied to us and is still lying to cover up that crime. In fact, through my research, I discovered there are hundreds if not thousands of documents that the government won't release to the American people concerning the assassination of our president. If Oswald really did it, if the Warren Commission's findings were 100% accurate, what purpose does it serve to conceal these documents? What are our elected officials hiding, 50 years later? Perhaps what they're afraid of is that we'll figure it out: they've successfully destroyed our nation. They've looted the treasury, pulled the rug out from under the working middle class, and re-routed our country's resources back to the war machine and the wealthiest 1%. On top of that, they've destroyed our Fourth Amendment rights, the Bill of Rights, and our basic civil liberties by spying on us. They continue to stand in the way of offering us one form of government-run health care while our tax dollars pay for their four separate options. Today, we face a crisis almost everywhere we look. Our Congress is an international joke. As Will Rogers said: We have the best politicians that money can buy. Now, more than ever, we need real change – and that won't come from either Democrats or Republicans when both parties are bought by the same lobbyists, corporations, and banks. We are being told by our so-called leaders that conflicts are unavoidable, that we must live in a state of perpetual war, and that we must surrender our rights to survive. I'd like to remind you of the words of Ben Franklin: Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither. 22 November marks a crucial moment in American history. Americans have always had the resources to put our country back on track, now we need the resolve. Let's give the 1% the big wake-up call that they truly deserve. There's a time for observing history and there's a time for making it. We can take back our country. And if we don't do it, nobody else will.

The Video That Proves A Conspiracy To Kill JFK? Paul Joseph Watson November 22, 2013 Were Secret Service agents told to stand down? While many are familiar with the Zapruder film, the footage below is less well known. It shows the Secret Service agent nearest to JFK apparently being told to stand down moments before Kennedy’s assassination in Dealey Plaza 50 years ago today. As the narrator describes, the clip appears to show Secret Service agent Emory Roberts standing up and ordering Donald Lawton and Clint Hill, the two Secret Service bodyguards on either side of the presidential vehicle, to stand down, therefore preventing them from doing their job as human shields to the president. The instruction appears to cause confusion inside the follow up car and most noticeably with Lawton himself, who seems perplexed that he has been called off the vehicle. The narrator makes the point that the behavior seems slapdash and bizarre for an agency that sends an advance team a month prior to any location in order to iron out security procedures. Analysis suggests that the absence of the bodyguards ensured that whoever was firing at Kennedy was not obstructed and had a clear shot. During a visit to Tampa four days earlier, Lawton was pictured riding on the right rear bumper of the limousine. During an October 2013 C-Span interview (28:50), Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent seen on the left hand side of JFK’s car (and the one who subsequently ran after the car and reached out to Jackie Kennedy), claimed that Donald Lawton was actually just going off-duty to eat his lunch, and that he told the other agents, “OK you guys, I am going to lunch, have a good trip.” This explanation hardly seems plausible given the nature of the situation in addition to Lawton’s body language. He clearly shrugs his shoulders and outstretches his arms three times as if baffled at something and asking for answers. Secret Service agents claimed that it was Kennedy himself who had given an order four days earlier to call off the bodyguards because he wanted to be more accessible to the people, describing the Secret Service agents as “Ivy League Charlatans”. However, Congressman Sam Gibbons, who often rode alongside Kennedy, stated, “I rode with Kennedy every time he rode. I heard no such order.”

What do you think? Does this video represent proof that at least one Secret Service member was in on the plot to kill JFK and ordered a stand down? For more analysis, see Gerald Blaine and the Kennedy Detail – Was the Secret Service ‘Stood Down’ in Dallas? Must Watch Video JFK Motorcade and Odd Secret Service Behavior VIDEO BELOW

The Kennedy Assassination (November 22, 1963) 50 Years Later Paul Craig Roberts November 22, 2013

November 22, 2013, is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The true story of JFK’s murder has never been officially admitted, although the conclusion that JFK was murdered by a plot involving the Secret Service, the CIA, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff has been well established by years of research, such as that provided by James W. Douglass in his book, JFK And The Unspeakable, published by Simon & Schuster in 2008. Ignore Douglass’ interest in the Trappist monk Thomas Merton and Merton’s prediction and focus on the heavily documented research that Douglass provides. Or just turn to the contemporary films, taken by tourists watching JFK’s motorcade that are available on YouTube, which show clearly the Secret Service pulled from President Kennedy’s limo just prior to his assassination, and the Zapruder film that shows the killing shot to have come from President Kennedy’s right front, blowing off the back of his head, not from the rear as postulated in the Warren Commission Report, which would have pushed his head forward, not rearward. I am not going to write about the assassination to the extent that the massive information permits. Those who want to know already know. Those who cannot face the music will never be able to confront the facts regardless of what I or anyone else writes or reveals. To briefly review, the facts are conclusive that JFK was on terrible terms with the CIA and the Joint

Chiefs. He had refused to support the CIA organized Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. He had rejected the Joint Chiefs’ “Operation Northwoods,” a plan to commit real and faked acts of violence against Americans, blame Castro and use the false flag events to bring regime change to Cuba. He had rejected the Joint Chiefs case that the Soviet Union should be attacked while the US held the advantage and before the Soviets could develop delivery systems for nuclear weapons. He had indicated that after his reelection he was going to pull US troops out of Vietnam and that he was going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. He had aroused suspicion by working behind the scenes with Khrushchev to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis, leading to claims that he was “soft on communism.” The CIA and Joint Chiefs’ belief that JFK was an unreliable ally in the war against communism spread into the Secret Service. It has been established that the original autopsy of JFK’s fatal head wound was discarded and a faked one substituted in order to support the official story that Oswald shot JFK from behind. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and President Johnson knew that Oswald was the CIA’s patsy, but they also understood, as did members of the Warren Commission, that to let the true story out would cause Americans to lose confidence in their own government at the height of the Cold War. Robert Kennedy knew what had happened. He was on his way to being elected president and to holding the plotters accountable for the murder of his brother when the CIA assassinated him. A distinguished journalist, who was standing behind Robert Kennedy at the time of his assassination, told me that the killing shots came from behind past his ear. He submitted his report to the FBI and was never contacted. Acoustic experts have conclusively demonstrated that more shots were fired than can be accounted for by Sirhan Sirhan’s pistol and that the sounds indicate two different calibers of firearms. I never cease to be amazed by the gullibility of Americans, who know nothing about either event, but who confidently dismiss the factual evidence provided by experts and historians on the basis of their naive belief that “the government wouldn’t lie about such important events” or “someone would have talked.” What good would it do if someone talked when the gullible won’t believe hard evidence? Secret Service pulled from JFK’s limo Zapruder film James W. Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable, Simon & Schuster, 2008 Operation Northwoods: Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is now available.


JFK Assassination: Majority Of Americans Are “Conspiracy Theorists”  

Multiple polls on 50th anniversary show only around a third believe the lone gunman theory Several polls released this week to mark the 50th...