Page 1 Petition: We Demand Surveillance Technology in Congress and White House January 29, 2013 It’s no secret the federal government is engaged in large-scale surveillance of the American people under the fallacious pretext of protecting us from al-Qaeda and other official enemies. From buses and street lights to police drones and facial recognition, the government has installed “homeland security applications” in cities from New York to California in wanton violation of privacy and the Fourth Amendment. In response to this disturbing and audacious trend and its final outcome – turning the entire country into a huge panopticon prison system – Alex Jones and have posted a petition on the White House website calling for the tables to be turned: we demand that an elaborate high-tech video and audio surveillance system be installed immediately in the Oval Office and all congressional offices where professional criminals connive and plot their treason in secret. “The Department of Homeland Security is currently providing tax-payer funded grants to install microphones and cameras in public buses and is also funding the use of facial recognition technology in airports and bus and train stations to surveil the American people without probable cause,” our petition reads. “Due to rampant and well-documented corruption at all levels of the federal government, we demand that this ubiquitous surveillance technology be placed in the White House and all congressional offices and a live-feed of the video be made available at the Library of Congress and its website. Alex Jones and are making this demand because the government is listening and watching the American people at a time when we need to watch the government and keep its tyranny in check.” “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force,” George Washington so eloquently stated. “Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Government must be kept on a short leash and watched closely – and that’s why we are calling for the modern wonder of digital technology to be used to watch the beast that is government before it moves as it invariably does to enslave its host. Sign the petition here.

Why Are American Voters So Uninformed? January 29, 2013 The sad fact is that it appears completely rational to be ignorant about politics. The cost of being an ‘informed’ voter – as opposed to a bigotted closedminded ignoramus – is high, from the time spent following (and interpreting) the news in the paper, online, and on the television. As the following clip notes, “becoming an informed voter is competing with a lot of other needs in your life,” from American Idol watching to eating Cheetos in the bath. Of course, the sad truth is that it has never been more important to be ‘informed’ and so the ‘bread-and-circuses’ will continue lest we stumble upon the truth – but perhaps this brief clip will sway a few more to the dark side of ‘the informed’ – though just because ‘you’ are better-informed does not mean politicians will do a better job – as the probability of your vote changing the outcome of an election is for all practical purposes, zero! Why Are Voters So Uninformed? VIDEO BELOW

Ron Paul: U.S. Action in Mali is Another Undeclared War Ron Paul January 29, 2013 President Obama last week began his second term by promising that “a decade of war is now ending.” As he spoke, the US military was rapidly working its way into another war, this time in the impoverished African country of Mali. As far as we know, the US is only providing transport and intelligence assistance to France, which initiated the intervention then immediately called Washington for back-up and funding. However, even if US involvement is limited,

and, as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said, US boots on the ground are not being considered “at this time,” this clearly is developing into another war. As usual, the mission is creeping. Within the first week of French military action in Mali, the promise that it would be a quick operation to put down an Islamic rebel advance toward the capitol was broken. France announced that it would be forced to send in thousands of troops and would need to remain far longer than the few weeks it initially claimed would be necessary. Media questions as to whether the US has Special Operations forces, drones, or CIA paramilitary units active in Mali are unanswered by the Administration. Congress has asked few questions and demanded few answers from the president. As usual, it was not even consulted. But where does the president get the authority to become a co-combatant in French operations in Mali, even if US troops are not yet overtly involved in the attack? How did we get to Mali? Blowback and unintended consequences played key roles. When the president decided to use the US military to attack Libya in 2011, Congress was not consulted. The president claimed that UN and NATO authority for the use of US military force were sufficient and even superior to any kind of Congressional declaration. Congress once again relinquished its authority, but also its oversight power, by remaining silent. That meant the difficult questions such as why is the action necessary, what would it entail, and what kind of unintended consequences might we see if the operation does not go exactly as planned, were neither asked nor answered. When Gaddafi was overthrown in Libya, many fighters from Mali who had lived in Libya and been trained by Gaddafi’s military returned to their home country with sophisticated weapons and a new determination to continue their fight for independence for northern Mali. Thus the France-initiated action against Libya in 2011 led to new violence and instability in Mali that France decided it must also address. Shortly after the French attack on Mali, rebels in Algeria attacked a BP gas facility in retaliation for their government’s decision to allow foreign military to fly over Algerian territory en route to Mali. Thus the action in Mali to solve the crisis created by the prior action in Libya is turning into a new crisis in Algeria. This is the danger of interventionism and, as we saw in Vietnam more than four decades ago, it threatens to drag the US further into the conflict. And Congress is AWOL. There is a reason why the framers of our Constitution placed the authority to declare war strictly with the Legislative Branch of government. They knew well that kings were all too willing to go to war without the consent of those who would do the killing and dying — and funding. By placing that authority in Congress, the people’s branch of government, they intended to blunt the executive branch’s enthusiasm toward overseas adventurism. The consequences of this steady erosion of our system toward the unitary executive are dire. Former Congressman Paul’s temporary home for his weekly column is Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/28/13: US Action in Mali is Another Undeclared War VIDEO BELOW Petition: We Demand Surveillance Technology in Congress and White House  

It’s no secret the federal government is engaged in large-scale surveillance of the American people under the fallacious pretext of protecti...

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