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History Repeats World War I All Over Again Paul Craig Roberts March 15, 2014

“If you reduce the lie to a scientific system put it on thick and heavy, and with great effort and sufficient finances scatter it all over the world as the pure truth, you can deceive whole nations for a long time and drive them to slaughter for causes in which they have not the slightest interest.” — Chief French Editor,Behind the Scenes in French Journalism, describing the organization of World War 1 propaganda in France. Did US Secretary of State John Kerry ask you before he delivered an all or nothing ultimatum to Russia? Did he ask Congress? Did he ask the countries of western and eastern Europe–NATO members who Kerry has committed to whatever the consequences will be of Washington’s inflexible, arrogant, aggressive provocation of Russia, a well-armed nuclear power? Did Kerry ask Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, China, Central Asia, all of whom would be adversely affected by a world war provoked by the crazed criminals in Washington? No. He did not. The exceptional, indispensable, arrogant, self-righteous United States government does not need to ask anyone. Washington speaks not merely for itself. Washington represents the country chosen by history (and the neoconservatives) to speak not merely for itself, but for the entire world. Whatever Washington says is truth. Whatever Washington does is legal, in accordance with both domestic and international law. When Washington invades countries and destroys them, sends in drones and missiles, blows up people attending weddings, funerals and children’s soccer games, Washington is practicing human rights and bringing democracy to the people. Whenever a country tries to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, the country is engaging in terrorism, al-Qaeda connections, human rights violations, and suppressing democracy.

We are watching this audacity play out now in the confrontation with Russia that Washington’s coup in Ukraine has provoked. Obama and Kerry have been advised by the idiots that comprise the US government that Russia will surrender and accept Washington’s will if Washington is sufficiently insistent. Apparently, no one has asked the advisors what happens if ultimatums are given, and the Russians do not submit.

U.S. Rushing Headlong Into War With Russia Kurt Nimmo March 14, 2014

Corporate media plays its part by disseminating war propaganda So, let’s get this straight. The United States is all for democracy and democracy is about voting and making sure the majority rules. If a majority in Crimea votes to align itself with Russia because most Crimeans have an affinity for Russia, the United States and the United Nations, the latter sitting on the

lap of the former, will decide democracy is illegal.

Earlier today Estonian Defense Minister Urmas Reinsalu said he’s sure Russia plans to invade Ukraine. This was carried uncritically and sans any objective examination by the corporatist establishment media in the United States:

Estonia saying Russia will invade is like Germany or for that matter Secretary of State John Kerry saying Russia will invade Ukraine. Estonia is a member of the European Union. It is a Nordic country favored by the World Bank and the IMF. It takes its talking points from apparatchiks in Brussels. Urmas Reinsalu is the leader of the Union of Pro Patria and Res Publica. Pro Patria has interesting partners. For instance, the International Republican Institute. IRI is infamous. It specializes in color revolution. This is well-known just about everywhere except the United States where the corporate propaganda media holds an inexplicable voodoo trance over the boobeoise. Even The Guardian reported it. Reinsalu and Pro Patria are also hooked up with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a political organization out of Germany that is aligned with transatlantic interests, in other words with neocons over on the other side of the pond. They also rubs elbows with the European People’s Party. The EPP describes itself as “center-right” and is the largest party in the European Parliament and the European Commission. The so-called “founding fathers” (sic) of the European Union hail from the EPP, so you get an idea of Mr. Reinsalu’s mindset and who he answers to. Incidentally, the fathers of the founding fathers of the EU were Nazis. Maybe that’s why the EU is using Hitler’s Big Lie to its fullest potential now. Despite the obvious bias of Reinsalu’s comment – and the ignored fact Ukraine has admitted there are no Russian troops on the border poised to strike – the media in the United States is now running around like Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling, Russia will invade Ukraine, and the world demands we do something. We, of course, means the establishment because, as polls show, the American people want nothing to do with the whole sordid affair.


History Repeats World War I All Over Again  

“If you reduce the lie to a scientific system put it on thick and heavy, and with great effort and sufficient finances scatter it all over t...