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Government Shut Down: Pentagon Spends Over $5 Billion On Military And Spy Equipment Kit Daniels October 2, 2013 Defense Dept. doesn’t slow down spending for surveillance The U.S. Department of Defense awarded 94 contracts worth over $5 billion, including purchases for spy satellites, body armor and drones, on Sept. 30, the day before the government shutdown and at the end of the federal fiscal year. The contracts include an extreme range of weapon, infrastructure and equipment to various military branches including (with prices in front): - $48,600,000: Operation support for spy satellites - $49,813,377: MQ-9 Reaper drones for France - $40,000,000: scalable hand grenades which allows users to choose the level of the blast “needed for the situation.” - $25,693,160: Construction of a Weapons Surveillance and Test Laboratory - $18,132,000: Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System The Air Force contracts in particular focused on sophisticated surveillance tech, including the aforementioned drones, spy satellite support, and logistics for a fleet of spy planes. One Army contract, worth $246,699,217, procured “Interceptor Body Armor Outer Tactical Vests for various foreign military sales customers.” Eventually this kind of body armor will be found in the inventory of small town police departments if they don’t have them already. The Defense Dept. made these enormous purchases regardless of the government shutdown. “Despite the threat of sequestration, we note that defense players like Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Corp., Raytheon Co. and The Boeing Co. have continued to receive small as well as sizable contracts,” reads a press release by Zacks Equity Research. “Indeed, the latest handout from the DoD worth $10.92 billion is approximately equal to two weeks’ worth of contracts at any other time of the year.” The Pentagon did cut funding in some areas, however, as a result of the budget impasse in Congress: Army, Navy and Air Force college football games and other sport competitions have been suspended.

Symbols Of Government Power To Stay Illuminated During Supposed Shut Down Kurt Nimmo October 2, 2013 The supposed government shutdown that has grabbed national headlines over the last few days remains in effect as Democrats and Republicans bicker over who is at fault for delaying veteran benefits and closing down government parks and monuments. On Tuesday, the corporate media had a field day covering aged veterans in wheelchairs denied access to the World War 2 Memorial in Washington. Democrats and Republicans came together long enough to scrape up enough dollars expropriated at gunpoint to reopen the monument and save face. “One faction of one party in one house of Congress in one branch of government shut down major parts of the government all because they didn’t like one law,” said Obama on October 1 as he worked to politically exploit the situation. “This Republican shut down did not have to happen, but I want every American to understand why it did happen.” After excoriating so-called Tea Party Republicans in the House, Obama went on to defend the vastly unpopular Unaffordable Care Act, legislation crafted by insurance corporations empowering the IRS to steal even more money from the American people for the crime of not purchasing goods and services from transnational corporations masquerading as health care providers. Wars in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa – performed at the behest of Wall Street and the financial elite under the aegis of national security and the discredited war on manufactured terror – will continue uninterrupted, of course, even as the Pentagon’s sports competition at service academies is put on hold. The State Department and USAID, the government operation responsible for conducting various color revolutions and other geostrategic subversions, will naturally remain open as Democrats and Republicans slug it out. The Federal Reserve, described as “a self-funded agency” by National Propaganda Radio, will “remain completely functional” during the staged crisis because, of course, it is not a government agency although it is invariably described as such by the establishment media. In other words, the misdescribed shutdown will largely effect so-called domestic services as around 800,000 government employees are furloughed without pay, but the critical functions of the state will continue uninterrupted. The IRS will still be in business. It will, however, stop auditing citizens for the moment because its agents and clerks are furloughed without pay. Finally, the shutdown that is not really a shutdown will not darken the symbols of government power. “While you won’t be able to walk up to the Washington Monument, it will still be illuminated at night, according to National Park Service spokeswoman Carol Johnson,” who will be furloughed. “This also applies to the other shuttered monuments,” writes Sarah Anne Hughes, who writes for a website that chronicles happenings in the district of criminals.

Ventura: ‘If You Don’t Work, We Shouldn’t Have to Pay Taxes’ Steve Watson Oct 2, 2013 Former Governor slams political ‘gangs’ Dems, GOP over shutdown Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura smacked down members of Congress in a CNN appearance Tuesday, saying that the two parties are nothing more than political gangs feeding off the American people. Appearing on Piers Morgan’s show, Ventura declared that Democrats and Republicans have essentially “legalized bribery” in the American legislature, and that the only way to fix the system would be to elect independents to office. Commenting on the government shutdown, Ventura said “That should mean we shouldn’t have to pay any taxes, right?” “I think it’s time for a revolt in this country. I’ve been advocating a revolution for years now.” Ventura said, adding “revolutions don’t have to be violent, but we need one, and I would tell everyone here, vote them all out of office and don’t vote in a new Democrat or Republican, vote for anyone BUT Democrats and Republicans.” Ventura, himself an independent governor, recently announced that he is considering running for president as an independent in 2016. “A couple of things need to happen first,” Ventura said on CNN.”My simple campaign would be this; I would give you the opportunity to elect the first president of the United States that does not belong to any political party since George Washington.” “This is gang warfare here.” Ventura added. “The gangs put themselves first, the gang’s money comes first, and we, the country, become second or third in line.” Commenting on the issue of healthcare, Ventura simply stated “If we get out of all these damn wars, we’d have more money to pay for healthcare than we could shake a stick at.” “Finally you’re all waking up that we’ve been at perennial war for sixty years – enough of this war crap.” Ventura said turning to the studio audience and referring to recent resistance to military action in Syria amongst Americans. Following the appearance, Ventura was tracked down in the street by celeb gossip site TMZ. Echoing the comments regarding paying income taxes Ventura asserted “for every day they don’t work we shouldn’t have to pay taxes.” Ventura also said that he will soon be working on his own internet broadcast noting “I have to broadcast from Mexico to tell the truth to America,” adding that “no one [in America] will hire me”. Jesse Ventura "ENOUGH OF THIS WAR CRAP!" VIDEO BELOW


Government Shut Down: Pentagon Spends Over $5 Billion On Military And Spy Equipment  

Defense Dept. doesn’t slow down spending for surveillance The U.S. Department of Defense awarded 94 contracts worth over $5 billion,

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