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FAA Designates Bundy Ranch A No-Fly Zone Kit Daniels April 12, 2014

BLM attempts a media blackout with FAA flight restrictions targeting news helicopters Yesterday afternoon the Federal Aviation Administration designated the airspace above Bundy Ranch near Bunkerville, Nevada a “no-fly zone” with altitude restrictions that effectively ban news helicopters. The “temporary flight restrictions,” revealed by a contributor to the Free Republic, bans all air traffic under an altitude of 3,000 feet in the vicinity of the ranch except for aircraft operating under the direction of the Bureau of Land Management. The restrictions in full: FDC 4/1687 ZLA NV..AIRSPACE MESQUITE, NV..TEMPORARY FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS WITHIN AREA DEFINED AS 3NM RADIUS OF 364624N/1141113W (MMM71 RADIAL AT 4.3NM) SFC-3000FT AGL LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION. PURSUANT TO 14 CFR SECTION 91.137(A)(1) TEMPORARY FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS ARE IN EFFECT. ONLY RELIEF AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS UNDER DIRECTION OF BLM ARE AUTHORIZED IN THE AIRSPACE. BLM TELEPHONE 702-335-3191 IS IN CHARGE OF ON SCENE EMERGENCY RESPONSE ACTIVITY. LOS ANGELES /ZLA/ ARTCC TELEPHONE 661-265-8205 IS THE FAA COORDINATION FACILITY. 1404112140-1405111434 A map of the no-fly zone is available here. Undoubtedly these flight restrictions are in response to the intense media presence now surrounding Bundy Ranch. “Keeps the media choppers away so the BLM can do what it wants,” a contributor named SkyDancer pointed out on the Free Republic.

It’s quite obvious that this is the case considering that news helicopters routinely fly at an altitude under 3,000 feet in order to capture the best footage. Recently, cowboys who are supportive of Cliven Bundy have been successful at rounding up Bundy’s cattle before the BLM could impound them, so it certainly appears that the agency is using the flight restrictions as a cover to target these cowboys without any fear of potential brutality being leaked to the media. BLM agents have already assaulted several protestors, including a pregnant woman and a cancer victim, which was fortunately caught on tape. The feds are attempting to regain control of the narrative surrounding the standoff, especially since it is now known that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is behind the land grab for the future development of solar farms with Chinese energy companies. It is also concerning that by interpreting the no-fly zone to the letter, the BLM could even delay medical helicopters from flying into the area to evacuate individuals who are severely injured. Although air ambulances are typically exempt from temporary flight restrictions, pilots are still supposed to gain clearance before taking off, which in the past has kept medical pilots grounded until permission was granted. This scenario is especially frightening considering Clark Co. Commissioner Tom Collins’ recent statement that those traveling to Bunkerville to support Bundy in his standoff against the feds “better have funeral plans.”

Report Claims Cell Towers In Bundy Ranch Area Shut Down Joe Newby April 12, 2014 Static Media Hub posted a tweet that said cell towers in the Bundy ranch area were shut down. According to the message, only radio communications were possible. "Alert: On the ground reports ~ cell towers shut down, comms thru radio only," the tweet said. Earlier in the day, a Facebook page supporting the Bundy family said some people were having difficulty using their cell phones. The tweet asked supporters to bring satellite phones if possible. "Folks, there is a possibility the cell towers have been shut down. People are having trouble calling out,

and I cannot get a hold of my people on the ground. I will update as soon as I know more," the tweet said. "If you are headed to #BundyRanch and can get satalite (sic) phones, they are very much needed," the page said later. We performed a search of cell towers in the region and discovered 4 towers and 45 antenna locations in the area of Bunkerville, Nev. Drilling deeper, we discovered who owns and operates the towers and attempted to contact the owners. Unfortunately, we were not able to contact the listed owners of three towers. We were, however, able to contact Rio Virgin Telephone Company in Mesquite, Nevada. Harold Oster, area manager for Reliance Connect in Mesquite, told Examiner that as far as he knows, everything is working. "I don't have any alarms on the links," he said. "And telephone systems are up." Oster also said he has several employees who live in the Bunkerville area, and none of them have reported any problems. He said that cell reception may be spotty in some areas, but otherwise, everything appears to be working. Infowar's Paul Joseph Watson, however, said in a tweet that according to the family, cell towers in the area are down. "Bundy family reports cell towers near ranch have been shut down, preventing communication & video uploads," he tweeted. An article posted at Before it's News said in an update that phones in the area are working again, "like magic." The article said it is unknown if the outage was intentional or not. The article went on to say that if the report had turned out to be true, it could signal further, and perhaps, deadly, action by government agents. Without any means of communication, the article added, the government could take any action against the Bundys while controlling what information gets out. We reached out to the Bundy family for confirmation but have not received a response as of this writing, but others have said the family never lost service.

BLM Won’t Say If They’ve Euthanized Cows In Ranch Standoff Elizabeth Harrington Washington Free Beacon April 12, 2014

‘We do have a protocol in terms of when we would euthanize animals’ The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will not say if they have euthanized any cows in the roundup of Cliven Bundy’s cattle on public land in Nevada. Amy Lueders, the Nevada state director for the BLM, said in a conference call Thursday evening that the agency does have a “protocol,” but would not release any numbers for animals they have found dead or that they have euthanized. A reporter asked about heavy construction equipment that was seen coming in and out of the blockade, and whether cattle have been found dead, injured, or euthanized during the operation. “In terms of the number that we’ve found, animals who are, I think, deceased on the range, or if we’ve had to euthanize an animal, we don’t have an answer to that question at this time,” Lueders said. “We will euthanize an animal during the impoundment if they exhibit dangerous characteristics, threaten the health and safety of the employees, display a hopeless prognosis for life.” “So, we do have a protocol in terms of when we would euthanize animals,” she said. “But we don’t have any answers at this time in terms of the numbers.” Lueders said she understood that the heavy equipment was being used to “restore land that has been affected by the trespass cattle.”

The Bundy family has expressed concerns that the cattle are being mistreated. Stetsy Bundy Cox, Cliven Bundy’s daughter, told the Washington Free Beacon that she believes calves are being left behind. “I watched them gather a herd off the river with helicopters, and they had rounded them for miles and by the time I saw them they were pushing them up the wash,” she said. “Most of them were mamas with babies because it’s calving season, and they’re just little. And I watched the calves, they couldn’t keep up very good and they kept slowing down and the helicopter would swoop down and you could hear them honking at them. And he kept swooping down and honking at them.” Cox said that calves will hide under brush, and it is likely that employees removing the cattle would not see them. “I also know my dad’s cows, because a few of those cows out there are my own personal cows,” she said. “When you push them too hard, or if you rope them they sulk. They’re kind of stubborn. And if they don’t want to go they’ll sulk. And if they get down and sulk they’ll sulk so long they won’t even get up, they’ll just die. So if you stress those cows out too much, they’ll do that.” “Do I think they are leaving baby calves out there? I do,” Cox said. “Do I think that cows are dying? I do.” The BLM refused to estimate how much it is costing to remove the cattle, though some estimates have risen to $3 million. “Mr. Bundy currently owes the taxpayers over $1 million and if Mr. Bundy had chosen to comply with the law, and chosen to comply with two court orders, we would not be undertaking this operation,” Lueders said. “The cost will be a matter of public record once the operation concludes, we are not providing estimates at this time, because there are certainly a number of factors, including the duration that will determine the ultimate cost.” As of Wednesday, 352 cattle have been removed from the public land ranched by the Bundy family for more than a century. An estimated 200 armed officials have surrounded the ranch, the culmination of a dispute dating back 20 years over “grazing fees” and the protection of the “desert tortoise.” The majority of public land in Clark County, Nev. was set aside for the tortoise in 1998. Only three grazing permits are currently held on public land in Southern Nevada, the BLM said on Thursday.

Gov. Brian Sandoval (R.) had expressed concern over the tactics used by the BLM, including the use of so-called “First Amendment Areas,” designated locations set up by the BLM where citizens can protest the removal. The BLM said on Thursday they are now “allowing the public to congregate on public lands,” but safety remains their number one priority. “We certainly have heard the Governor’s concerns, and we welcome his input,” Lueders said. “Hearing his concerns, we have made some adjustments, and we are allowing [the] public to congregate on public lands, as long as they do not impede the operation.” Sandoval urged everyone to act with restraint in a statement Friday, following a heated confrontation between protesters and BLM rangers, in which one of the Bundy sons was tasered. “Earlier this week, I advised the BLM not to limit or hinder the constitutional rights of Nevadans and be mindful of its conduct,” Sandoval said. “The ability to speak out against government actions is one of the freedoms we all cherish as Americans.” “Today I am asking all individuals who are near the situation to act with restraint. Although tensions remain high, escalation of current events could have negative, long lasting consequences that can be avoided,” he said. Reps. Matt Salmon (R., Ariz.) and Steve Pearce (R., N.M.) sent a letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Friday expressing their concern about the “escalation of force” used by the federal government. “This escalation of force reportedly includes the deployment of roughly two hundred heavily armed personnel, including snipers, along with the deployment of Tasers, the use of K-9 units, and brutal physical force against members of the Bundy family and their neighbors who had come to support them,” Salmon and Pearce wrote. “One of the victims of this aggression is reported to have included Margaret Houston, a 57-year-old mother of eleven children and a recovering cancer victim.” “Unfortunately, we know all too well that in situations like these, if tensions continue to escalate the consequences can be devastating,” the lawmakers said. “We ask that the BLM allow ‘cooler heads to prevail’ and to pursue a non-violent resolution to this disagreement.”


FAA Designates Bundy Ranch A No-Fly Zone  

BLM attempts a media blackout with FAA flight restrictions targeting news helicopters Yesterday afternoon the Federal Aviation Administratio...

FAA Designates Bundy Ranch A No-Fly Zone  

BLM attempts a media blackout with FAA flight restrictions targeting news helicopters Yesterday afternoon the Federal Aviation Administratio...