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Egyptian Photographer Captures His Own Death On Camera Jill Riley Daily Mail July 10, 2013

Shocking footage has captured the moment an Egyptian photographer filmed his own death through his lenses. The grainy footage shows an Egyptian solider aiming and shooting at Ahmed Samir Assem, before the film goes black. The 26-year-old photojournalist was shot dead on Monday as he took photos outside the Republican Guard building in Cairo, where some believe the ousted president Mohamed Morsi is being held. Egyptian Photographer Films His Own Death - 18+ VIDEO Army Sniper Shot Him VIDEO BELOW Read More

Obama-Backed Rebels Starve Syrians, Kill Protesters Paul Joseph Watson July 10, 2013 Extremists threaten one year in jail for food during Ramadan Obama administration-backed FSA rebels are starving Syrians by imposing food blockades and shooting at protesters in the city of Aleppo. Even opposition activists who normally reserve their criticism for the Assad regime have condemned the action, noting that it has caused food prices to spike to more than ten times normal levels. “This is a crime … Some of our rebel forces, God reform them, are participating in this blockade. Prices are soaring at an unimaginable rate. There is now horrible scarcity,” one of the activists told Reuters. Rebel fighters dubiously blamed government forces for the blockade, despite the fact that it is being imposed by FSA militants, who are blocking roads and preventing food, medical provisions and even baby milk formula from reaching the city, which is split between FSA and Syrian Army control. In addition, Aleppo residents who attended protests against the food blockade were shot at and killed by FSA rebels. Activist Edward Dark, who works to help displaced families in Aleppo, tweeted out the following photo of two victims killed by FSA militants.

Despite allegations that the Egyptian military shot at Muslim Brotherhood protesters following last week’s coup receiving widespread media attention, reports that FSA rebels are now doing the same thing to Syrian citizens have attracted virtually no press coverage. Reports are also emerging that 20 prisoners have already starved to death in an Aleppo prison due to the food shortages. According to residents, FSA fighters are threatening them with starvation unless they join up with the rebels, who are being led by Al-Qaeda terrorists. According to a letter printed in Arabic, rebel fighters are also threatening anyone caught with food during Ramadan with one month in prison. edward dark @edwardedark Object 1

rebel courts in Aleppo: any one caught eating in public in Ramadan will be imprisoned for a year fbid=546621088736238&set=a.393575914040757.89955.393119440753071&type=1 … #Syria 4:34 PM - 9 Jul 2013 The Obama administration last month signaled its intention to arm FSA rebels despite a plethora of evidence confirming they have joined forces with Al-Qaeda terrorists and are committing atrocities on a routine basis. Some fighters have even threatened to commit more war crimes if heavy weaponry is not immediately sent by western powers, while others have vowed to attack the US and Europe once they are finished in Syria. Watch an interview below with an Aleppo resident in addition to a separate clip which shows Syrians protesting against food blockades being intimidated and shot at by FSA militants. FSA Place Food Embargo on West Aleppo - Interview with an Aleppen VIDEO BELOW VIDEO BELOW The document below explains how the blockade is a joint order by FSA rebels and Jabhat Al-Nusra militants. “To all managers and owners of mills, grain silos and merchants: It is prohibited to transport flour and other types of grain to the non liberated areas wherever they come from. All violators will be punished

by law,� states the document.

Read more tweets about the situation in Aleppo below.

Dylan @ProSyriana At least 20 prisoners died of hunger in #Aleppo Central Prison, it's been besieged by #FSA since April. No food/medicine allowed in. #Syria Object 2

9:14 AM - 10 Jul 2013 Omar @omarsyria Object 3

Mercenary opp brigades shoot at activists in Bustan Al-Qasr trying to get food into the besieged parts of Aleppo. … Tamara ‫_@ تمارا‬Syriana_ Object 4

Aleppo is besieged by #Obama's best buds and people are barely surviving and many are starving. #Syria Tamara ‫_@ تمارا‬Syriana_ Object 5

The media seems to ignore Aleppo's crisis deliberately. Thousands of people besieged by islamist terrorists are not important I guess #pt edward dark @edwardedark Object 6

the only revolution in human history where rebels deliberately starve & shell the citizens they're supposed to be liberating; Aleppo #Syria Amal Hanano @AmalHanano Object 7

On the 1st day of Ramadan, #Aleppo is starving. Dollar is up to 300 Syrian Pounds. No food or medicine to be found. #Syria BECAUSE THERE'S A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND

Egyptian Photographer Captures His Own Death On Camera  
Egyptian Photographer Captures His Own Death On Camera  

Shocking footage has captured the moment an Egyptian photographer filmed his own death through his lenses.